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1234828_641569679318885_6180570728848488510_nCOMMON SENSE: Here is my advise: Stick to your values and your determination to retake our nation back from Progressives like Obama and Hillary. They will do everything they can to thwart our efforts, especially with the sycophantic liberal media. For example, the ABC—Washington Post Poll that has Hillary ahead by 12 points is weighed heavily toward Democrats 2.5-to-1; but you never heard that, did you? The poll was purposefully skewed to shape public opinion, rather than reflect it, showing how dishonorable the media can be.
In the campaign, Hillary will spend $2 billion to paint Trump as unfit and dangerous, which he is not. She has to do this. It’s her only card. She can’t run on her record, since she has failed at everything she has ever done. Obviously, she can’t run on her character, so all she can do is attack Trump mercilessly.
To win, Trump needs to stay on message, and it should be this: If you want four more years of global retreat, Hillary is your candidate. If you want to make America great again, vote for me.
If you want to see your wages lose buying power, while increasing our national debt to fund illegals, vote for Hillary. If you want “huge” growth, vote for me.
If you are content to be lied to, and are fine with denying the global threat of Radical Islamic Terrorism, choose Hillary. If you want the military restored and ISIS destroyed, vote for me.
If you don’t mind working hard to barely make it, while the establishment elites become fabulously wealthy at your expense, vote for the most corrupt politician in American history, Hillary Rodham Clinton. If you want somebody who will work for free—just to make you better off—vote for me, Donald J. Trump.
—Jack Watts

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c2b9c0e6-e8c4-4c62-a0bd-8777944d29e4COMMON SENSE: The reemerging obsession with the O.J. Simpson case is very interesting. Like so many others, I can remember where I was, when the slow-speed chase happened and when the verdict was announced.
In many ways, that case reminds me of what is happening in our country today. When O.J. was acquitted, I was at the Varsity in Atlanta. All of the white people were stunned—shocked by such a miscarriage of justice, while the African-Americans cheered that he got off. Despite all the evidence to the contrary, they just wanted him to get off.
It’s the same thing in 2016. Our societal morality has declined so far that multiplied millions willingly support Hillary Clinton—the most corrupt politician in American history. Like O.J., they just don’t care what she has done or how badly she has violated her oath of office. They just want to see a woman win.
It’s the same with Obama. Fools by the millions excuse his deceit, his incompetence, and his loathing for the people he has sworn an oath to protect and defend. Progressives, blacks, gays, spineless Republicans, and those on the dole simply do not care that he has done everything in his considerable power to take the United States “down a notch or two.” Calling right wrong, while they champion the wisdom of foolishness, with smug, self-righteous grins on their faces, like lemming racing to their inevitable demise, they are systematically destroying the foundations of our nation that required centuries to build.
Equally at fault are many deluded Christians and Jews—those who should be able to discern this evil, but are too compromised to do so. It’s just like the Simpson trial. Just as I could not believe the verdict reached by O.J.’s jury, I cannot believe what I am seeing in America today. It’s heartbreaking. I grieve for the future of our beloved nation.
—Jack Watts

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COMMON SENSE: While murdering 50 in Orlando, Omar Mateen yelled, “Allahu Akbar”—just like all other Muslim Jihadists do, when they are killing innocent people. Yet, President Obama used his news conference as an opportunity to push his gun control agenda, rather than address the real problem, which is Muslim Terrorism. Obama didn’t say one word about Muslim terror, despite this being the worst mass murder in American history.

It’s obvious Obama is incapable of acknowledging reality or dealing with it. Neither is Obama 2.0—Hillary Clinton. How many more mass murders do we have to endure before we are willing to admit the problem is Radical Muslim Jihadism? Our President is supposed to keep us safe. It’s his #1 job, but Obama is far more concerned with furthering his Progressive agenda on gun control than abiding by the oath he took to protect us.

—Jack Watts


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COMMON SENSE: President Obama, fully intent on fulfilling his campaign promise to his Progressive base to shutdown GITMO, intends to release the mastermind behind the attack on the USS Cole. For me, his decision about this is personal, as the following passage from “Hi, My Name Is Jack” indicates.
“But it didn’t work. The video evidence against Papaw was clear and compelling. He was the pedophile, not Hugh; and the sleazy lawyer couldn’t sustain his false accusations. Hugh was spared and never really knew how close he came to disaster.
When Hugh finished high school, he went on to the Naval Academy where he played football for the Midshipmen. After graduation, he was an officer aboard the USS Cole. While in Yemen in October 2000, the ship was attacked by Osama bin Laden’s al-Quaida terrorists. Hugh’s quick actions, as reported in the press, saved several lives. None of this would have happened if Papaw and his sleazy lawyer had been successful in destroying his life before it began. And the video we took of Jordan that day was the prime evidence that Papaw could not refute.”
According to Obama and his Progressive cronies, GITMO’s continuation gives ISIS a powerful recruitment tool, and we must not do that. At the same time, Obama and Hillary are pushing the Gay & Lesbian agenda full force, which obviously offends Muslims much more than anything else would.
Obama and Hillary want it both ways. They do not care about the 17 sailors killed that day or the 39 wounded—not like they care about pleasing the Leftists in Hollywood. After all, what difference, at this point, does it make?
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COMMON SENSE: This statement, which seems comical, is actually quite poignant. It reveals why the Western Democracies, including the USA, have been unable to combat al Qaeda and ISIS effectively, but the problem isn’t just with Bernie. It goes much deeper.
Essentially, Socialists and Progressives—people like Obama, Kerry, and Hillary—have a fundamental flaw in their belief system. According to their way of thinking, which features a materialistic worldview rather than a theistic one, there is something missing in the lives of terrorists. Therefore, the way to end terrorism is to discover what the problem is, and find a way to provide a solution.
One non-theistic interpretation of the problem is this: Because of climate change, the Middle East is becoming uninhabitable. The terrorists are simply trying to fight their way out of the desert to find more suitable surroundings. So, the answer isn’t to fight them; it’s to find them a better place to live.
Leaders in our State Department, and many others in Europe, actually believe nonsense like this is true. It’s what makes us as vulnerable as we are. Our greatest enemy isn’t Jihadism; it’s the flawed thinking of Progressives and Socialists.
At its core, Radical Islamic Terrorism is a theological problem. They want a worldwide Caliphate—one ushered in by the blood of Islamic martyrs. Until Sharia Law is universally accepted worldwide, they will not be satisfied. Because their traditional enemy, Israel, will never bow their knees and accept Allah as supreme, all Jews must die. The USA, the Great Satan, is next.
In 1492, when Columbus was discovering the New World, the Spanish monarchs, Ferdinand and Isabella, expelled all Muslims from Europe. Although history has not been kind to them for this, it’s becoming increasingly easier to understand why they did it, isn’t it?
Twice before, the Islamic assault on the West has been stopped in its tracks, sending these barbarians back to where they belong. This feat was accomplished by those who understood that the problem was actually a war of belief systems—Islam versus Judeo-Christianity. That hasn’t changed. It’s still the same fight, but the Progressives and Socialists don’t have the capacity to understand it. Because they cannot conceptualize in terms like this, they are incapable of resolving the problem. With Progressives leading us, we will never be safe.
Muslims Jihadists understand brute force and nothing else. Playing nice, and trying to understand them, doesn’t work. It never has, and it never will. It’s also the reason why electing Progressives is self-defeating. If you want to be safe, you have to elect people who understand the problem, and Hillary certainly isn’t one of them.
—Jack Watts

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Like so many other things in our society, in an effort to provide clarity about political events, the media has effectively confused things, especially the political commentators. So, in an effort to elucidate, let me explain the meaning behind this year’s mid-term elections.

The American people sent a message to President Obama, Harry Reid and his cronies, and the Democratic Party, stating that we don’t want Progressives running our lives. We don’t want their policies, their deceitfulness, their hyper regulations, or their corruption. We don’t want amnesty for illegals or our borders to be pourious. We want terrorism to be called what it is, and we want terrorists dealt with swiftly. To do this, we want a strong military. As much as anything, we don’t want Islam crammed down our throats, or Obama and his surrogates telling us it’s a religion of peace, when it obviously isn’t. One more thing, we don’t want ObamaCare, which has been forced upon us through deception, manipulation, and outright fraud.

We do want the scandals of the Obama administration investigated, and we want the guilty to be exposed and held accountable. In fact, we will not be satisfied until this happens. If Obama pardons them, which I suspect he has promised to do, then 2016 will be equally as devastating as 2014 was for the Democrats. We are fed up with “Chicago style politics” and demand that integrity be restored to government.

Can this election be seen as a vote of confidence for the Republicans? No, it can’t. What it is is a repudiation of Obama, his destructive policies, and most of all his deceptive way of governing. He’s not a serial liar like Hillary Clinton; he’s a pathological liar who is incapable of seeing reality for what it is. Even worse, his personality disorder will not allow him to change course. Driven by his flawed ideological worldview, he will double down on his goals, which were soundly repudiated on Tuesday. We are forced to endure him for two more years, which we will do, but make no mistake about it, being called racists by fools from the Left will no longer keep us quiet about the most incompetent President in American history. We made our will known on Tuesday, and this is just the beginning. Count on it.

Jack Watts

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In politics, each event is linked to another. By understanding the linkage, you can discern what is happening and why. For example, people have been mystified about why President Obama did nothing to obtain the release of Sgt. Tahmooressi. I wasn’t surprised—not in the least.

Here’s the reason. Obama thought he would be championed for obtaining the release of Sgt. Bergdahl, but that didn’t happen. When Obama was criticized and ridiculed for making a bad deal, by releasing the Taliban Five for a deserter, Obama’s narcissism was deeply offended. Not helping Tahmooressi was the American public’s “just punishment” for not appreciating Obama’s great victory in obtaining Bergdahl’s release. To Obama, it wasn’t Tahmooressi that was important; it was punishing the rest of us, allowing Tahmooressi to suffer vicariously as our proxy.

Shutting down the World War II Memorial to vets in their 80s and 90s is another example. It was America’s just punishment for the Republicans not giving Obama the funds he wanted. Again, closing the Memorial was linked to Obama not getting his way. Understanding Obama’s narcissistic linkage helps us be able to predict his behavior.

When the Republicans take the Senate in the mid-term elections, it will be seen by Obama and his sycophants as a direct repudiation of the President’s policies and leadership. Obama even said so, which many consider to be a gaffe, but it wasn’t. It was a warning. When he said, “Make no mistake about it, all of my policies are on the ballot,” Obama was letting us know we had better reelect Democrats. In his twisted thinking, he was warning us that if we fail him by electing Republicans, then we deserve the punishment he will impose.

Losing the Senate isn’t something Obama is incapable of taking in stride. If we don’t head his clear warning, there will be “Hell to pay.” What that will be, I have no idea, but I’m 100 percent certain it will occur. By repudiating him personally, which is a massive affront to his fragile ego structure, I’m sure his punishment will be severe. If you think my hypothesis is ridiculous, just wait and watch. It won’t take long.

Jack Watts

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