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Historically, the goal of American foreign policy has been to further our national interests. To accomplish this, Presidents seek to be respected. If a President is not respected by other nations, then being feared is the second option. Reagan was respected and feared. George W. Bush was not respected, but he was feared. Obama is neither respected or feared, which means our national interests will not be furthered under his watch.

The language of diplomacy is nuance and never “in your face” disrespectful statements. Because President Obama has no background in international politics, he doesn’t understand this game. The game he does understand is street basketball, so that’s how he operates his international diplomacy, much to our chagrin. His foreign policy is, “Don’t do stupid shit.” Literally, this is his foreign policy. Nevertheless, this is what he does repeatedly. Because he is base and crude, lacking the sophistication of a true diplomat, he has made one misstep after the other for six years, with the press giving him a pass because he is our first black President.

The rest of the world is not as forgiving as our Progressive media. Our Nobel-Peace-Prize-winning President is now the laughing stock abroad. When the Russian Foreign Secretary referred to Obama as a “monkey with a grenade,” it’s clear how disrespected President Obama has become. In fifty years, his incompetency will be a text-book example of what to avoid while leading.

Jack Watts

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The problem isn’t whether or not the Republicans will take the Senate and put an end to Sen. Harry Reid’s obstructionism. It’s that the outcome is still in question. That so many elections are uncertain reveals the underlying problem in America. We have lost our way, especially when it comes to discerning truth from deceit, Good from Evil, and right from wrong. We have press conferences with a President who is a pathological liar and continue to take his word at face value—like a codependent wife who defends her philandering alcoholic husband. This is lunacy, but few are willing to admit it.

Just as bad are those of us who recognize the problem but offer virtually no constructive alternatives. The Republicans, who are about to take control of the Senate, are timid and hesitant, fearful of making a mistake. This makes them unable to promote principled policies that will revitalize the economy, strengthen the military, and bring back a sense of pride to being an American.

The current situation has all of the elements of a perfect storm for disaster. Folks, we are in deep trouble. Historically, when we have been shaken like this, strong leaders have emerged to point us in the right direction. This is exactly what we need again. We need real leaders—men and women with a moral compass, who are not afraid to bend their knees to Almighty God and seek His guidance. Without such leadership, the future looks bleak.

Jack Watts

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When President Obama said his policies are on the ballot in this election, he was right. Yet, candidate after candidate in the Democratic party is “distancing themselves” from Obama and his unpopular policies. But what does that mean? Does it mean that candidates like Michelle Nunn, Alison Lundergan Grimes, and Kay Hagen are repudiating Obama’s Progressive ideology? No, it does not. It just means they have chosen to be devious and deceptive about what they really believe to get elected. Once in office, they will vote for the Obama agenda consistently.

In GA, Nunn has repeated shown she has few scruples. President George Herbert Walker Bush has repeated asked her not to use his name and image in her ads, but she has chosen to do so, implying that the former-President endorser her, which he does not. She won’t admit voting for Obama, even when asked straightforwardly. She uses her maiden name because it’s all she has for a resume. Even worse, she isn’t even a Georgian. She has lived in Maryland for decades. If Georgians send her to the Senate, they will live to regret their decision.

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In America, the Left insists that conservatives are engaged in a war on women, while simultaneously defending the noble and peaceful purposes of Islam. The cognitive dissonance required to justify this intellectual absurdity simply astounds me. Even worse, leftists calls us Islamaphobic for simply stating the obvious. The worldview of the Left is fundamentally flawed, but for people like me to simply point this out makes us ‘haters.” None of this would be very important, if it weren’t for the fact we were not being confronted by such a power force for Evil, but we are, which makes it very important.

Jack Watts

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A second healthcare worker at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas has tested positive for the Ebola virus. Evidently, President Obama’s assurances that it was “highly unlikely” Ebola would break out in the United States was inaccurate—kind of like “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.” Meanwhile, the Reverend Jesse Jackson, President of the Black Grievance Industry, is encouraging Patient Zero’s family to sue because the West African’s death was because he was black, while the missionaries who survived were white.

Perhaps the two healthcare workers should sue Patient Zero’s family and President Obama for putting them at risk needlessly. That is, if the two healthcare workers survive.

Obama, whose name will forever be associated with Ebola, as it should be, doesn’t know what the hell he is doing. His incompetence in dealing with this terrifying disease couldn’t be clearer. He sends the 101st Airborne to West Africa to contain the disease, while simultaneously continuing to allow flights from that region to come to the United States, further exposing Americans. His strategy also puts our troops, who have no training in how to deal with Ebola, at risk. At the same time, Obama is still putting Americans at risk by allowing flights to continue. That few recognize this contradiction amazes me.

Obama’s strategy of leading from behind doesn’t work; nor does his policy of “don’t do stupid shit”—his words, not mine. Unfortunately, that ship has already sailed. Our great Nobel-Peace-Prize-winning-President is the Emperor who is wearing no clothes.

Obama took an oath to protect and defend us, and he isn’t doing it, is he? Although it’s late in the game, he can still do something positive. Name Dr. Ben Carson the Ebola Czar. We need a strong leader with medical knowledge to take charge, and Carson can do it. Of course, that will not happen, will it? But it is an idea that has merit.

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We come before You, with our knees bent.

In humility, we beseech You to intervene on our behalf.

We ask that You heal our land, and protect Your people

From our accursed leaders—from those who plot our destruction.

Like fools, we have entrusted our great nation

To a man without character—a man who is incapable

Of understanding remorse or compassion—a man devoid of conscience.


Through stealth and deception he has deceived the people,

Including many who have given their hearts to You.

Promising to be one thing, while scheming to be another,

This deceiver has ripped apart the foundation of America.

While feigning to have an abiding relationship with You,

He bows his knee to a strange god—one our Forefathers never knew.

This Man of Deception has enlisted avaricious jackals to do his bidding.

Greedily, they have squandered the wealth of generations past.

In their hearts, they believe it is their right to abuse the public trust.

Mocking the Rule of Law, they give hearty approval to corruption.

Their insatiable thirst for wealth and power has produced

A burden of debt the American people cannot sustain.


Our leadership hates Your Name. With contempt and disdain, believers are mocked.

With cunning mouths, while saying they love Your Chosen People,

These charlatans secretly arm Israel’s enemies with weapons.

They champion those who plan a second Holocaust.

Lord, we know the man who leads us is Your enemy, so we will not be quiet.

We will not stand idly by and allow his malevolence to prevail,

But on our own, we are not strong enough to withstand his malice.

With Your active support, however, we will prevail.

As America enters its most perilous time since the Civil War,

We come before You, asking You to hear our plea for justice.

We acknowledge our faithlessness—our willful disregard for the Truth—

But we have no choice other than to beseech You for help.

Nothing is too hard for You. Rise up, Lord, and move in a mighty way.

Spare Your children from the wrath of those who curse Your name.

We ask this, in Your Precious Name, for ourselves and for future generations.



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