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 People wonder, “Can Conservatives and Progressives get along?” Of course they can. We can all be civil and should be, but the ideological conflict between both sides is real and substantive with the outcome, which focuses on governmental leadership, in doubt.
Take gun ownership and the 2nd Amendment for instance. For a Conservative, the right to bear arms is an inalienable right, which means it cannot be taken away. Moreover, this right does not come from the government. Instead, it has been bestowed on Americans by our Creator, making it a God given right.
To the Progressive mind, God does not exist, or if he does exist, he is irrelevant. Since there is no divine being involved, the right to own a gun can be regulated or stopped by the government, which is exactly what they want. For them, the 2nd Amendment is archaic. It pertained to a militia two centuries ago, and it has no relevance to the twenty-first century. This means gun ownership is something that can and should be outlawed. Along with climate change, this belief is sacred to Progressives—an essential belief and core value in their societal religion.
As you can see, the belief systems of both viewpoints is at odds with the other, and they are fundamentally irreconcilable. To a Progressive, a Constitutional Conservative is ignorant, uneducated, and incapable of deep thinking. Consequently, Conservatives should never be taken seriously, making it perfectly acceptable to mock and ridicule these people for their beliefs.
For a Conservative, a Progressive lacks common sense. Their beliefs are founded on fanciful thinking and hocus-pocus science. Even worse, most of them hate America. To mock and ridicule Progressives, while never taking them seriously, is perfectly acceptable.
To make matters worse, both sides “feel good” about what they know, but neither side really know much about what they believe. If they did, they wouldn’t be threatened and feel the need to lash out as viciously as they do.
—Jack Watts

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