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COMMON SENSE: The problem I had with Hillary at the Grammy’s, reading “Fire & Fury,” was different than others. She read a passage about President Trump being afraid that someone might poison him. My question is this: Why would Hillary read that passage? It could be interpreted as a subtle threat, especially coming from her.

When she read it, my mind went immediately to the number of suspicious deaths of those who have had the capacity to hurt her, and Trump can certainly do that. If she had read something funny, it would have been okay—but not about poisoning the President’s food. That wasn’t cool, and I think the Secret Service should pay attention to it. I’m serious.

—Jack Watts​


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COMMON SENSE: Last week, FBI Director Christopher Wray threatened to resign, if he was ordered to fire Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. Yesterday, however, after Director Wray went to the House of Representatives and read the four-page memo, his perspective changed.
Today, After meeting with Wray, McCabe was relieved of his duties. He no longer has a clearance or any access to his FBI files. McCabe had no alternative other than to resign. You connect the dots.
Jack Watts

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COMMON SENSE: Less than two years ago, President Obama, along with his illustrious team of economic advisors, was telling us that the United States was in irreversible economic decline. The best we could hope for was to manage our decline gracefully. Based on Obama’s policies, he was correct.

Our future under him, or any other Progressive, would be mediocrity at best. According to this way of thinking, we should embrace this mindset, because American Exceptionalism is a myth. We have no right to be as wealthy as we are anyway.
In the late 1970s, Jimmy Carter voiced this same message, and it resonated throughout academia. I heard it daily in my Ph.D. program at Emory. The best days for America were behind us, according to Carter. Then, out of the west, Ronald Reagan proclaimed a new message—one that said our best days were before us. With the repudiation of Carter’s incompetence, we entered into an unprecedented era of prosperity, defeating the Soviet Union in the process, without firing a shot.
Today, with the repudiation of Obama’s incompetent economic policies, along with the dismantling of his massive governmental regulations, America is once again exploding with growth. Our future looks bright, and every American will benefit from our growth.
The Progressives champion mediocrity—never American Exceptionalism. To them, we shouldn’t be prosperous in the first place. It’s morally wrong. Millions believe this nonsense, especially our idealistic young people, but it’s simply not true. We have been the global leaders since World War II, and we will continue to be. The only thing that can stop us is the defeatist worldview of the Progressives.

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COMMON SENSE: For those of us who have supported President Trump, the dramatic turnaround in our economy is all we need to know to realize we made the correct decision in supporting him, but his accomplishments have been much more significant than economic. The threat of ISIS has diminished greatly. Regulations have been significantly curtailed, and Trump’s tax bill has been a major achievement, providing enormous relief to average Americans.
Nevertheless, none of this means anything to those who hate Trump. To them, a strong economy simply means Trump has been successful at exploiting others. Since America is an imperialist nation, we do not deserve the wealth we have. People like these champion Obama’s policies of “taking the United States down a notch or two.” They believe this heart and soul and proclaim it consistently—just as long as it doesn’t adversely impact their entitled lifestyles.
These people do not want America to heal, nor do they want America to be great again. Resolving our societal problems is the last thing they want. They thrive on discord, enmity, and division. For people like us, the Deplorables, this doesn’t make any sense, but to those who nurture bitterness, grievances are absolutely necessary. They thrive on conflict.
We may want unity, but it will remain elusive. You can count on it. Progressives will not allow it—not any time soon.
Jack Watts

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COMMON SENSE: Because our nation is so badly divided, it is in the best interest of the American people for President Trump to testify before the Mueller investigation. Trump needs to do this, despite the fact that it is the purpose of this investigation to nullify the results of the 2016 Presidential election by having President Trump removed from office.

This has always been the purpose of the Mueller investigation, which was contrived by Deep State operatives within the FBI and the Department of Justice. That this is true is what the four-page memo created by the House Intelligence Committee, under the chairmanship of Representative Devon Nunes concludes. I’m sure of it.
Consequently, the race is on. Will Trump testify before the memo is released or not? This is the key question. Because the House committee is preparing all of the supporting documentation before releasing the memo, it might not be released before Trump testifies. I believe this is a serious mistake, with profound adverse consequences.
Release the memo now, and add supporting documentation as it becomes available. There is so much material to be released that it would be overwhelming to release all of it at once anyway. By releasing the memo immediately, a groundswell of indignation will follow. Then, as subsequent information becomes available, release it. This will keep the story alive, and it will force the mainstream media to report on the criminal activity of the Deep State on a regular basis.
With any luck, because the foundation of the Mueller investigation was predicated upon the fraudulent documentation of the phony Steele Dossier, it will be forced to shut down. Personally, I am not concerned that President Trump has committed a crime, but I am equally convinced that Team Mueller is fully intent on entrapping the President in an effort to force him out of office. The stakes are high, with our Constitutional republic’s future in the balance.
We must stand behind the President, and hold him up in prayer daily. He isn’t guilty of anything, but that is irrelevant to Team Mueller. They want to destroy him, and they will find a way, if allowed. The plot against him is that nefarious. Our support for Trump must be stronger than ever
Jack Watts

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COMMON SENSE: Can you discern what is happening? Can you feel it? Does it make you tremble? Does it make you quake in your tracks?

It should, because there’s a stirring in America that is palpable. It’s the rumbling of disquietude among people of faith—among those who long for righteousness. We are the producers of what has made this nation great—not you—and we are fed up with your deceit and your corruption. We will no longer accept your deceptive version of reality as normal, because it is not. We will no longer be bullied by the press, the Hollywood elites, or the leaders of Progressivism in our nation’s capitol.
You champion darkness. With one unresolved scandal after another, you have manipulated and deceived us, never allowing us to get close to the truth. Your spin-doctors deflect from factual accuracy to create a new reality—one which we are expected to accept as valid, but it never is.
Your leaders smile at their mischief, knowing that the mainstream media will turn a blind eye to protect their deceptions, but it will not work any longer. We will not sit by and witness the demise of our great nation. We are going to rid ourselves of all the corruption that threatens to destroy us, and there is nothing you can do to stop us.
We will stand for the ways of our forefathers and not for the perverted worldview we have been force-fed for years. We are tired of your corruption—sick of it. We are tired of your deceit, tired of your manipulation, and tired of having our values discarded in favor of your perverted worldview.
Although your elected leaders have sworn to uphold our Constitution, they have done the exact opposite. We are tired of them championing evil, calling right wrong, and wrong right. In your arrogance, you have mocked Christianity and God’s people, contemptuously believing we are powerless to stop your encroachment upon our inalienable rights. But you are wrong. We are not weak nor are we powerless. We are stronger than you can possibly imagine, and we are resolute in our convictions. We will prevail. You can count on it.

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COMMON SENSE: As late as 8 p.m. on the night of the 2016 Presidential Election, the Clinton Campaign, Obama administration, and the Deep State were certain Hillary Clinton would be elected the 45th President of the United States. Because they were convinced that Hillary would win, and would continue to pursue the corrupt practices established by Barack Obama, there was no need for these people to cover their tracks.
By the end of the evening, with the election of Donald Trump to be the 45th President, the need to cover their tracks became an overwhelming priority, but their window of opportunity to do so had passed. There wasn’t enough time to do everything necessary to hide their corruption—not completely.
Beginning the day after Trump’s victory, a “Secret Society” of corrupt officials from the FBI, DOJ, CIA, Team Clinton, and the Obama administration met to figure out ways to hide evidence of their wrongdoing and to plot ways to reverse the election and have Trump removed from office. In their depraved hearts, these miscreants believed they were doing the right thing and had the best interest of the United States as their goal.
Nothing could be further from the truth, though. These wrongdoers were plotting sedition, and like metastasized cancer, their anti-American plot had its tentacles firmly entrenched throughout our government’s bureaucracy, where criminality is rampant.
Because neither the American people nor their lawmakers could even conceptualize something this nefarious—not in the land of the free and the home of the brave—we have been slow to respond to this threat to our Constitutional democracy. The Progressive media still refuses to cover this story, but the exposure of this plot is so massive and pervasive, they will be forced to report about it at some point.
The bottom line is this: This plot will not succeed. It is destined to fail—thank God. When all is said and done, nearly every American will come to realize that we have dodged a bullet. Our democracy has come close to being destroyed, but we will survive and become stronger as a result of it. Because the Scripture is true that states, “Pride goes before a fall,” we know we have been spared, as well as the reason why.
Jack Watts

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