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The Coronavirus is very serious but not for the reason most people think it is. Unlike Ebola, which has a mortality rate of nearly 100%, the Coronavirus has a mortality rate of less than 2%, perhaps even much less. Despite this and despite the fact that not one American has died from the virus yet, there is widespread panic among the American people. Why is this? One would think that we are experiencing a biblical plague like Egypt did in the days of Moses, but we are not.


The Coronavirus isn’t even close to being medically catastrophic; yet it is powerful enough to cause the collapse of our stock markets. Could news of the flu do this? No, it couldn’t, but the Coronavirus is being marketed like it is the Black Plague of the Middle Ages. The fear of the unknown is why our problem is so serious.


Militarily, we are not vulnerable to being attacked effectively. By any standard of measurement, including a cyberattack, our nation is very well prepared. With the introduction of the Coronavirus, however, it is obvious that we are totally vulnerable to a biological attack. Although the Coronavirus is probably not a purposeful attack by the Chinese, it demonstrates how vulnerable we are to a sightless virus. We have detection systems for ICBMs that go a long way toward making us safe, but we are ill-prepared to deal with even a small biological attack.


Our medical preparations far exceed our ability to address a pathogen like the Coronavirus effectively from a messaging perspective. Because the Left sees an advantage, their goal is to “get Trump” by hyping the dangers of the Coronavirus. Because fear and panic work to their benefit, they are willing to destroy our economy and our peace of mind just to regain power, patrons of Evil that they are.


If we were prepared, which we need to be, our stock markets would not have crashed based on fear alone. After all, not one American has died from Coronavirus but, from our national reaction, you would think that the Apocalypse was upon us. It is not and we need to stop acting like it is.



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Repeatedly in the South Carolina Debate, the Democratic candidates made reference to how President Trump must be defeated because he is “tearing the nation apart” with his divisiveness. This charge is a constant theme at each debate and all of the rallies for Democrats.


Each time they make this charge, it’s actually surprising. As committed to identity politics as the Democrats are, repeatedly asserting that women should be offended because they don’t receive equal pay, that blacks should be offended because America is by nature racist, that gays should be offended because their lifestyle is treated differently than straights, along with numerous other subcategories, the Democrats exploit divisiveness to achieve a political advantage. They do this so frequently that it has become a foundational belief of their political party.


Despite exploiting identity politics, which is divisive by nature, the democrats accuse President Trump and his supporters, people like you and me, of being the ones who are divisive. Because our beliefs are contrary to theirs, we are the ones who are tearing the country apart, not them. Our values are un-American, not theirs. Our traditions repudiate America’s heritage, not theirs. For us to be acceptable, we need to change our beliefs in the following ways:


  • We need to repudiate making America great again in favor of a globalist agenda.
  • We need to embrace open borders and support illegals being treated as our equals.
  • To demonstrate our love for illegals, we need to pay for their needs, including housing, healthcare and education.
  • We need to champion those who choose to kill their unborn babies rather than be a loving parent to them.
  • We must also accept every form of sexual perversion as being normal.


That we refuse to do any of these things makes us divisive, not them. This is what they really believe. They are as committed to their godless values as we are to the values of our God-fearing Founding Fathers.


This is why there can be no compromise between us. The gap is simply too wide to breach. It’s also why it is important for every American who believes in God to make the commitment to vote this fall. Without your faithfulness in voting, the nation we have loved our entire lives will cease to exist.



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COMMON SENSE: The Democratic Presidential Debate in South Carolina was reminiscent of a bunch of fourth graders who all raised their hands at the same time to go to the restroom. Utter chaos reigned. It was pure pandemonium, which was actually providential. It seemed like an accurate indication of what we could expect if any of the seven Democrats is ever elected President.


None comported themselves as being Presidential. Compare what they looked like with what President Trump looked like when he spoke to 125 thousand enthusiastic Indians two days earlier. Can you see any of these Democrats making the same positive impact for America that President Trump just did? Or, is it safer to say that these pathetic candidates would apologize for America rather than champion us as President Trump consistently does?


Not one of the Democrat aspirants is proud of America. Instead, they seemed to climb all over each other verbally to criticize our great nation as being nothing more than a cesspool of racism. Frankly, I’m tired of this worn out charge. How about you? If you want to make America great again, here’s how to do it. Don’t vote for any of the people on stage in Columbia, SC, or any Congressional candidates who are obstructionist Democrats. Instead, choose to be positive about America’s future.



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COMMON SENSE: Abandoning President Trump, Clint Eastwood has come out with an endorsement for Mayor Michael Bloomberg for the 2020 Presidential Election. That Eastwood has done so has upset quite a few people, but I am not one of them. It’s the actor’s right to endorse whomever he likes. That’s his business. It doesn’t mean I will stop thinking that The Good, The Bad and The Ugly is one of the best westerns of all-time either. It is. The gunfight at the end of the movie is the best one of all-time.


Let me be clear: Actors are free to think whatever they want. Their viewpoints, as skewed as they are, don’t impact me or sway my beliefs one iota. As a Conservative, patriotic Christian, my worldview cannot be rocked because of the perspective of any man, particularly an actor.


What does influence me is my immovable conviction about politics that is founded on the Word of God. Many people don’t like this about me. That’s okay. It’s their right to dismiss what I have to say, but it is also my right to believe what I do and to vote according to my convictions.


I believe in Almighty God and the eternal values He has set forth in the Bible, just like our Founding Fathers did. To the Progressives, this makes me ignorant. That’s okay. They can believe whatever they want. To me, remaining true to my convictions, despite being mocked by fools, makes me faithful to Him with whom I have to do. Being faithful is all that is important. So, Clint Eastwood is perfectly free to abandon President Trump, just as I am equally as free to stick to what he is accomplishing for the American people. Because Trump is doing what he promised to do, I am sticking with him like glue, and so are millions of others.


—Jack Watts. #GodIsAtWork

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COMMON SENSE: India has just surpassed China as the most populated nation in the world. With over 1.4 billion, India is also the world’s largest democracy. English speaking, the USA has a natural affinity to Indians that makes developing a partnership with them very important strategically.


Understanding India’s geo-political importance as being a hedge against both Chinese and Russian aggression in Asia, President Trump was very wise to make the trip to India. While there, filling a 125-thousand-person stadium with wildly enthusiastic Indians, our President and First Lady have demonstrated just how beloved they are worldwide, despite what the Progressive media says to the contrary.


With the hostile American media once again returning to their Russian collusion narrative, Trump has demonstrated by his actions that there is no possible way he is a “Russian Asset.” How many times can the Fake News Media fool Americans with this nonsense?


The last thing the Russians want is for our ties to India to become stronger. Most of India’s armaments are manufactured in Russian, but this is changing thanks to Trump. With the sale of $3 billion in hi-tech military helicopters, Trump has begun the process of replacing Russian influence in Russian with American influence. The strategic significance of this cannot be underestimated. It’s obvious the Indian people love our President and he is masterfully using this fact to our advantage.


Well played President Trump, well played.





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Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has just had a very impressive victory in the Nevada caucus, more than doubling his closest rival, former-Vice President Joe Biden. Nevertheless, Bernie’s victory is even greater than the numbers he has generated. He has demonstrated that he can do one thing none of his Democratic rivals can do . . . generate enthusiasm. Although not in the same league with what President Trump creates with his massive crowds at his rallies, what Bernie has been able to do is impressive nonetheless.


When candidate Donald Trump created his grassroots movement in 2016, the establishment Republicans, who came to be known as Never Trumpers, were beside themselves in their efforts to stop him, but no other candidate could come close to rivaling the enthusiasm Trump produced. The same thing is happening with Bernie in 2020. Like the Never Trumpers, the establishment Democrats have no candidate to counter the juggernaut Bernie is creating.


Joe Biden’s sole message is that he is the only candidate who can defeat Trump, but Quid-Pro-Joe, who repeatedly fumbles and mumbles his talking points, hasn’t demonstrated that he can win anything on his own. He never has and he never will. Democrats are finally realizing this and looking elsewhere.


In their desperation to find a candidate to stop Bernie, the Democrats are now turning to Mayor Michael Bloomberg who was a Republican for decades. He seems to be the only person capable of stopping Bernie, but can he? Although fabulously wealthy and already outspending all other candidates by hundreds of millions, Bloomberg is far from being an attractive candidate. In fact, he is very unattractive. He can definitely produce good ads, but what the ads depict doesn’t match up with who the man really is. Once exposed to the light of day, Bloomberg’s dark side will eviscerate most of his support, leaving Bernie in the driver’s seat.


Bernie may even win in South Carolina but, whether he does or not, he certainly will fare well on Super Tuesday. With an army of delusional fools at his back, for better or worse, I am now convinced that Bernie will win the Democratic nomination—that is if the process is on the up and up. With the Democrats, being straightforward with selecting a Presidential candidate isn’t their strong suit.

—Jack Watts

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President Trump’s rally in New Hampshire was noticeably shorter than his others. The reason for this has just surfaced. He left early because, as Commander-in-Chief, he wanted to meet the plane at Dover Air Force Base where the bodies of several soldiers arrived from Afghanistan.


If you wonder why we love President Trump, despite his flaws, this is it. This Bible verse says it best:


“Keep fervent in your love for one another, because love covers a multitude of sins” (I Peter 4:8, NAS).


President Trump doesn’t just say he loves the American people, he actually does love us. We know it and we respond accordingly, with our unwavering support for him. This isn’t going to change.


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COMMON SENSE: In the Democratic Presidential Debate held in Las Vegas, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) went off the reservation in her blistering attack against former New York Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, but she wasn’t the only one. The Not-Ready-for-Prime-Time Players, also known as the Democratic Presidential aspirants, joined the assault, taking down the diminutive Mini-Mike an additional inch or two. By the time he left the stage, he practically needed a walker.
The debate wasn’t pretty, but it was highly entertaining. With Bloomberg spending as much as a half billion in advertising to buy the Democratic Presidential nomination, the other contestants finally had a chance to weigh against Bloomberg, which they definitely did. The most effective by far was Pocahontas who was standing right next to Mini-Mike.
Addressing him directly, she said the field is running against somebody “who calls women fat broads and horse-faced lesbians—and no, I’m not talking about Donald Trump. I’m talking about Mayor Bloomberg.”
Stunned to be called out directly and forcefully, Mini-Mike was ill-prepared to counterpunch effectively. Instead, looking like a deer in the headlights, he just stood there stoically. Unable to defend himself effectively, he certainly did not look Presidential . . . far from it. What he did look like was a pompous, arrogant multi-billionaire who has his heart set on buying the Presidency. He looked that way because that is exactly what he is trying to do, but his poor performance may have robbed him of the prize.
The big winner last night was President Trump. Even the “Fake News” media acknowledged it.
Jack Watts

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COMMON SENSE: Nearly everybody understands what “Stolen Valor” means. Perhaps the best example of this was when Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CN) said that he was a Vietnam combat veteran to win his first election, only to have it discovered that his assertion was a complete lie. He had actually stolen the valor of those who fought. When confronted with this, Blumenthal said he had misspoken, which is what Progressives say when they are caught lying.
Now, every time Blumenthal sticks his reptilian face in front of a camera to moralize to the American people, one cannot help but remember how despicable this cretin really is, but there are other examples of how Progressives try to steal the accomplishments of others.
Take President Barack Obama’s recent assertion that he is responsible for our robust economy. Nothing could be further from the truth than Obama did this. In his repeated efforts to take America down a notch, Obama did everything in his considerable power to hold our economy in check. It was too strong to keep from growing though, despite his job-killing regulations.
President Trump is responsible for our economy’s growth not Obama. Trump, who understands business, cut regulations, cut taxes, repatriated business funds from overseas and made favorable trade deals. This is why our economy is booming.
He-who-must-not-be-blamed did nothing to make our economy stronger, but now Obama wants to take credit for what Trump has achieved. That Obama is attempting to do this, rather than congratulate Trump for a job well done, provides a glimpse into Obama’s feckless, “valor-stealing” character. What we see isn’t pretty, is it?
Jack Watts

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You’ve got to love the irony. The Democrats, the Party who assures us they are ready to lead our great nation, want to save us from the greatest economy America has ever had, save us from having reestablished the strongest military in our nation’s illustrious history, and save us from having the lowest unemployment rate in the past fifty years.


Bless their hearts, they want us to trust them to implement their nonsensical Socialist agenda without providing us with a clue about how they intend to pay for their grandiose programs. That the Green New Deal and other things doesn’t have a prayer of succeeding seems irrelevant to the Party of Curly, Larry, and Moe.


But who are the Democrats actually offering to lead us to their utopian nightmare? Their number one contender is an Independent who has never been a Democrat—not in his entire life. Their alternative to Crazy Bernie is a mega-billionaire who has been a Republican for many more years than President Trump has. So, a consummate capitalist, Mini-Mike, who pretends to be a Progressive intends to buy the nomination from the Party who vehemently hates billionaires.


You can’t make this stuff up. If the consequences of the fiasco the Democrats are cooking up wasn’t so disastrous for the American people, it would be quite comical, but what’s happening isn’t funny at all. These buffoonish Democrats are proposing programs that are certain to destroy our economy, certain to eviscerate our military superiority, and certain to take away jobs from millions of Americans, especially minorities. At this point, it seems highly doubtful that the party of confusion will even nominate a real Democrat. This brings me back to my original point. You’ve got to love the irony.

—Jack Watts

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