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COMMON SENSE: On Monday evening in Jerusalem, Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, said that “Iran’s leaders repeatedly deny ever pursuing nuclear weapons.” He added, “Tonight I’m here to tell you one thing: Iran lied.”
Netanyahu continued. “After signing the nuclear deal in 2015, Iran intensified its efforts to hide its secret files.” He explained, “In 2017, Iran moved its nuclear weapons files to a highly secret location in Tehran.”
Using graphs and images, Netanyahu established the fact that Iran has definitely been deceiving the world ever since they signed the nuclear deal with President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry. Adding insult to injury, the Iranians have been financing their deception with cash sent to them in the middle of the night by Obama.
This deal was to be Obama’s legacy in foreign policy. Now, it will prove to be his albatross. Trump has been right all along.
Jack Watts

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COMMON SENSE: Did James Comey leak classified information or not? Since this is foundational to the entire Mueller investigation, and people have differing opinions, the answer is important. Here is how I see it:
1. While Director of the FBI, within the memo itself, Comey states that he is classifying it as “Secret.” This, by nature, makes the documents Classified. By the way, all conversations with the President, any President, are by nature Classified, which Comey knows.
2. When Comey was fired by Trump, which the President had Constitutional authority to do, Comey’s security clearance stopped upon termination. Comey no longer had a right to even look at Classified material, let alone take them from the FBI. The ones that remained in his possession should have been surrendered immediately, but they weren’t, were they?
3. The memos, being work product, belonged to the government and not to James Comey, even though he was the one who created them. This principle has been held by the DOJ for decades.
4. Being the property of the government, Comey had no right to give them to anyone. That he did, which he admits, makes him a leaker, and he is subject to prosecution.
5. Additionally, since these illegally leaked documents were foundational to the entire Mueller investigation, everything Mueller has obtained is “Fruit of the poisonous tree” and should be inadmissible in a court of law. This makes the entire Mueller investigation fatally flawed.
This is how I see it and how the American people see it. It’s time to terminate this destructive investigation that should never have been launched in the first place.
Jack Watts

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COMMON SENSE: I am glad the Washington press corps was rude, crude, and vulgar to Sara Huckabee Sanders at their annual dinner last night—Kellyanne Conway too. I was thrilled actually. Let me explain why.
For President Trump’s entire Presidency, the media has attempted to take the moral high ground, where this administration has been concerned, but they can no longer do this. You cannot be simultaneously high-minded, while at the same time being crass, mean-spirited, and viscous. By attacking Sanders, who was the representative of the President of the United States, the media has shown its true colors.
Trump has called them out repeatedly for being patently unfair, but he wasn’t even there last night. While Sanders sat defenseless, she was ripped a new one by the media’s comic, but the woman’s routine wasn’t even funny. If I were Trump, I would encourage the entire White House staff to avoid next year’s event.
Jack Watts

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At the core of a Christian’s soul is the belief that real freedom comes from living in harmony with God’s truth. We stand on Jesus’ promise. “You shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (John 8:32, NAS).

This principle is one to be taken seriously and at face value, as God intended. It is a core life principle for Christ’s followers. Banking on the trustworthiness of this promise is as comforting as it is often challenging.

Its power and authority have become foundational to who we are and all that we believe. Without this Scriptural guarantee and many others, there would be no reason to believe any of God’s Word. Instead, we would be adrift—tossed about by a conflicted value system. Sadly, we would be just like many of our fellow American citizens.

In addition to Scriptural promises like the one above, other truths are also self-apparent, including one from a noted eighteenth-century Irish Parliamentarian, Edmund Burke. He stated, “The only thing necessary for Evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

Although Burke’s truism is certainly not a biblical text, which means it lacks Scriptural authority, it is true nonetheless. History has proven the accuracy of Burke’s admonition, which is why we accept its message to be correct.

These two truths propel us to action. With the midterm elections nearing, as part of our Christian commitment, we must gird ourselves for action. Our battle is for the heart and soul of America, but it is also spiritual warfare.

This is why we are asking Christian warriors like you to be in continuous prayer for the future of this country we love so dearly. Together, just like in the last election, we can make a difference. We simply cannot allow evil to triumph by doing nothing.

—Jack Watts & Don Black

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COMMON SENSE: In the media, the emphasis of the Pompeo—Kim Jong Un meeting was that it actually happened without anybody knowing about it. That’s because the CIA is finally acting like it should again, but there is a far more important story here.
The North Koreans knew that Mike Pompeo was going to be the next Secretary of State. More importantly, they knew he represented President Trump. Thus, the North Koreans studied everything about Pompeo—his style, his character, his grit, and his demeanor.
They wanted to discern if Trump would blink or not. In the past, the North Koreans have accurately discerned the weaknesses of the Clinton, Bush 43, and Obama administrations, and they have played each of these tepid Presidents like a drum, knowing they were all bluster and no bite. After meeting with Pompeo, and even before, they have come to realize that Trump means exactly what he says.
This is why Kim Jong Un is ready to deal with us—nothing else. Based on his meeting with Pompeo, he knows Trump means business. This is also why I do not believe the North Koreans are trying to pull a fast one, but if they are, Trump and Pompeo are ready for them. Despite this, fools that they are, 42 Senators voted against Pompeo.
Jack Watts

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COMMON SENSE: Concerning the dossier, it was initiated by the “Washington Free Beacon,” a never-Trump Conservative Republican publication. When Trump won the nomination, the newspaper dropped the opposition research. At that time, Christopher Steele had noting to do with it, which Comey knew, despite denying it on “Special Report.”
When the opposition research project terminated, Glenn Simpson, the owner of Fusion GPS, took what he had and brought it to Hillary and the DNC. This was the true genius of what transpired. At the point when it was picked up, everything in it was true, but that quickly changed.
This is when Christopher Steele was brought in, and out-and-out lies were added to credible information to make a semi-plausible dossier that accused Trump of all kinds of deviancy, corruption, and collusion. Nevertheless, it was the figment of the imaginations of Russian operatives hired by Steele to defame Trump.
I wrote about all of this numerous times in “Creating Trump Nation,” which is still a useful book to understand everything that went on back then.
Jack Watts

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COMMON SENSE: When the Russian Collusion story began, we were repeatedly told that “all seventeen intelligence agencies” of the United States were in unison about the fact that this had happened. It was repeated so often that it became unquestioned truth—the Left’s mantra. To doubt this assertion was to question factual reality. Only the ignorant would do so.
But that was then, and this is now. With the original documentation for the FISA warrants finally having been released, it has been discovered by Devon Nunes (R-CA), Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, that there was “no intelligence” used concerning the Russian Collusion accusation—none whatsoever.
This is a huge discovery. If there had been any intelligence, it would have been documented through our “Five Eyes” network of nations, which is the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the USA. That there is is no documentation, which released documents verify, is a clear indication that the entire investigation was initiated by political operatives and not by legitimate intelligence sources. In other words, the entire Russian Collusion accusation against Trump was nothing more than an elaborate con job on the American people.
This discovery explains why it has been so difficult for Congress to obtain the information they need to provide Constitutional oversight of the DOJ, FBI, and State Department. The role of the DOJ and FBI in this hoax has been clear for a while—but not the role of the State Department.
Apparently, Sydney Blumenthal and Cody Sheerer, both longtime Clinton loyalists and hacks, were feeding the State Department information that was used to corroborate the Steele Dossier. The material was then fed to the DOJ by the State Department, but it was opposition research and not legitimate intelligence.
The bottom line is this: There was no legitimate intelligence used to obtain the FISA warrant to spy on Americans. It was made up by Trump’s opponents in an effort to keep him from winning. When that failed, it was used to delegitimize his Presidency. In the days and weeks to come, there will be much more revealed about this scheme. This true story is better than any fiction I have ever written in my novels. Stay tuned.
Jack Watts

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