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As I see it, the problem with America is what I call PPD—Piss Poor Discernment. Take the incident in Ferguson for example. A young man, the size of an NFL lineman, strong-arm robs a convenience store, stealing a box of cigarillos, bullying the attendant to get his way. When the bully is confronted by a policeman a short time later, the bully hits the cop, trying to take his gun. When the bully is shot by the policeman—who is just doing his job—outrage, violence, and looting ensue.

Then the unthinkable happens, the bully becomes the victim, and the public servant becomes the criminal. Here’s the problem: we now have a nation of people who are so devoid of moral fiber they cannot discern Good from Evil, Right from Wrong, or a Just Cause from Devious Manipulation. Equally concerning, our leaders defend unrighteousness, while vilifying justice. Unless something dramatically changes, our future will be short and grim.

Here’s my suggestion. As you enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner, be grateful that earlier generations did not suffer from the PPD that threatens to destroy us.

Jack Watts

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When the enactment of a law is based on willful, intentional deceit and fraud, is that law a legitimate law? Is it a real law, or is it a non-law? Are the subjects of such a law—the American citizens—required to submit to the fraudulent intentions of this law, or are they within their inalienable rights to refuse to obey such a law?

Does a law like this actually break the social contract between the citizens and those who have been elected to create and enforce our laws? Is it the duty of a good citizens to refuse to obey such a law, or should we submit to the fraudulent intent? Would submitting to such a law be what our Founding Fathers considered to be tyranny?

I present each of these questions for your careful consideration. They apply to any law that is not transparent. The questions also apply to any law created craftily—to any law intended to diminish our freedoms.

Specifically, I’m referring to the Affordable Care Act, but these questions apply to any law that is intended to rob us of the freedoms we have traditionally been empowered to enjoy by the Bill of Rights.

Jack Watts

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It is easy to defeat a narcissist like Barack Obama, if you know what you are doing. Hand ringing and name calling are completely ineffective. In fact, they are counter-productive, eliciting compassion where it’s not warranted.

What does work is calling into question his inappropriate behavior, especially concerning him personally. When the next Congress convenes, here are five things that need to be addressed, and each will help expose Obama to the American people for who he really is, which will make him the most vulnerable by far.

Because we are so far in debt, being financially responsible is essential. This needs to begin with the White House. So:

  1. Defund any future elaborate vacations the Obama’s have planned.
  2. All First Ladies have had one personal assistant. Hillary Clinton had three. Michelle Obama has more than forty. Defund all but three.
  3. Challenge paying Obama’s daughters for being on the payroll at various times. If they aren’t doing any real work, which they aren’t, make Obama repay the treasury by withholding what the girls were paid.
  4. Withdraw Secret Service protection and privileges from Valerie Jarrett—an inappropriate and needless expense.
  5. Investigate the IRS giving Obama’s half-brother retroactive 501c-3 not-for-profit status, when he is fact committed numerous felonies by accepting contributions, saying he had tax exempt status. Make Barack pardon the guy, which will not sit well with anybody.

If Congress does this, it will be a frontal assault on Obama’s abusiveness, and it will work. He will lash out—just like he has over being repudiated in the mid-terms—further undermining his credibility and popularity. This is an effective strategy for dealing with someone with a narcissistic personality disorder; calling him names never will.

Jack Watts

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Usually, when a President loses in a mid-term election, he becomes reflective. He tries to change course to come in line with the will of the American people, but that’s not what has happened with Barack Obama. I knew it wouldn’t.

Because of his narcissistic personality disorder, any rebuff is taken as a personal affront—like his mid-term defeats—but the problem is never his. It’s the voters who are wrong—not him.

To get even with us, he is punishing us by doing the exact thing we do not want.

This is how he thinks, and he surrounds himself with sycophants who tell him he is right. They also provide validation by telling Obama how wrong the American people are.

To bolster himself against the crescendo of rage coming his way, he has deluded himself into thinking he represents the will of those who didn’t vote. He is their champion, and they constitute the majority.

Of even greater concern than his unconstitutional Executive Order concerning amnesty will be his unilateral treaty with Iran, allowing nuclear weapons to be built by a regime who is committed to destroying Israel first and then the Great Satan—us, the USA.

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President Obama and Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell have tried to distance themselves from economist’s Jon Gruber’s “stupid Americans” remark, but that’s becoming increasingly difficult, given Obama’s ability to lie about everything. Besides, the whole fiasco is very entertaining. With terms like Grubergate, Gruberish, Grubered, Grubermania, moneygrubering and Gruberpalooza springing up everywhere, Obama is certain to be the brunt of nearly everybody’s humor, further eroding his ability to govern. Such terms of derision are now appearing in multiple print and online reports from Time, Bloomberg, Fox News, Powerline, Lucianne.com and many others, making it increasingly difficult to take anything Obama has to say seriously. Isn’t it amazing what can happen when one person, Gruber, is actually as transparent as Obama promised he would be?


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Like so many other things in our society, in an effort to provide clarity about political events, the media has effectively confused things, especially the political commentators. So, in an effort to elucidate, let me explain the meaning behind this year’s mid-term elections.

The American people sent a message to President Obama, Harry Reid and his cronies, and the Democratic Party, stating that we don’t want Progressives running our lives. We don’t want their policies, their deceitfulness, their hyper regulations, or their corruption. We don’t want amnesty for illegals or our borders to be pourious. We want terrorism to be called what it is, and we want terrorists dealt with swiftly. To do this, we want a strong military. As much as anything, we don’t want Islam crammed down our throats, or Obama and his surrogates telling us it’s a religion of peace, when it obviously isn’t. One more thing, we don’t want ObamaCare, which has been forced upon us through deception, manipulation, and outright fraud.

We do want the scandals of the Obama administration investigated, and we want the guilty to be exposed and held accountable. In fact, we will not be satisfied until this happens. If Obama pardons them, which I suspect he has promised to do, then 2016 will be equally as devastating as 2014 was for the Democrats. We are fed up with “Chicago style politics” and demand that integrity be restored to government.

Can this election be seen as a vote of confidence for the Republicans? No, it can’t. What it is is a repudiation of Obama, his destructive policies, and most of all his deceptive way of governing. He’s not a serial liar like Hillary Clinton; he’s a pathological liar who is incapable of seeing reality for what it is. Even worse, his personality disorder will not allow him to change course. Driven by his flawed ideological worldview, he will double down on his goals, which were soundly repudiated on Tuesday. We are forced to endure him for two more years, which we will do, but make no mistake about it, being called racists by fools from the Left will no longer keep us quiet about the most incompetent President in American history. We made our will known on Tuesday, and this is just the beginning. Count on it.

Jack Watts

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The Republican Tsunami on Tuesday was possible for one reason: People of faith stood strong and resolute for the values that have traditionally made America great. Obtaining our strength from Almighty God, we dug in and did the work necessary to expose the Democrats deeds of darkness. Because greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world, we created a resounding victory for the Rule of Law and abiding by our Constitution.

But we are not even close to being done. In fact, we are just at the end of the beginning. The pundits are already saying the Democrats are certain to rebound in 2016, and Hillary Clinton may be the ultimate beneficiary of what happened on Tuesday. Once again, they do not understand what is transpiring in America.

The triumph wasn’t a Republican victory as much as it was a repudiation of deceit, corruption, regulatory abuse, and the arrogance of Barack Obama. The American people have had it with candidates who say one thing and do another. Character still counts to millions of us, and that will never change. Because deceitfulness is a fundamental component of Progressivism, we will never support candidates like Obama, Hillary, or their corrupt surrogates.

Among other things, the new Congress should appoint Independent Counsel to step up the investigations into the IRS scandal, Benghazi, Fast & Furious, and all the rest. We will not allow the criminals in the Obama administration to go unpunished. Count on it. My prediction is that Barry is going to be very busy granting pardons. When he does, those who receive them should be compelled to tell the truth under oath, which a pardoned person must do. They cannot take the 5th. If they don’t testify truthfully, they can be prosecuted for perjury. Either way, the truth will finally prevail, and the world will know exactly who Obama is.

Jack Watts

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