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COMMON SENSE: I find it interesting that Hillary Clinton is saying that her experience makes her more fit to be Commander-in-Chief, while simultaneously doing everything she can do to hide and mislead voters about her tenure at the State Department. Everything she put her hand to, while being our Secretary of State, failed. Nevertheless, because she held the job for four years, she must be a better choice for President than Donald Trump, right?
This convoluted logic just doesn’t make sense. It’s like asking Elizabeth Taylor to give marital advise. Having been married nine times, she must be an expert. Touting Hillary’s experience uses the same logic, but it is flawed. Hillary failed at being Secretary of State, but she was successful at using her position of authority to make a fortune.
That it was accomplished at the expense of you, and every other American, is not her problem. Now, she is asking you to buy her deception and make her dream of becoming President a reality.
You should help her out, right? After all, it is a woman’s turn to be President, isn’t it?
—Jack Watts

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COMMON SENSE: Hillary will not be the Democratic nominee, but not because of opposition from Conservatives like me. It’s because of the Left. Championing her, they took her at her word about the email server. Now, based in the Inspector General’s report, which came from Obama’s State Department, she has been lying to her base all along. Obviously, I am not surprised by this, knowing Hillary lies, when the truth would serve her better.
Hillary’s core supporters are just learning this though. Now that a hole has been punched into the dike, more—much more—will inevitably follow. She will lose California. Soon afterward—if not before—some of the Super Delegates will abandon ship. When this happens, like lemming, the rest will follow.
The beneficiary of this should be Bernie, but I doubt this will happen. Instead, the Democrats will want Biden/Warren to step in and save the day. If that happens, and I believe it will, the Democratic National Convention in Chicago will resemble the one held in Chicago in 1968—where all hell broke loose. Watching the circular firing squad should be more entertaining than the Olympics.
If Trump is wise, he will let the Democrats implode unimpeded, but I doubt he will be able to contain himself. I probably wouldn’t e able to either.

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COMMON SENSE: I voted for Cruz, but he lost. Eventually, he couldn’t even compete. Now, I support Trump. In fact, I champion him. He may not be the Constitutionalist I desired, but he is a fearless advocate for the American people, and I’m tired of being led by a man who feels it is his duty to apologize for us.
I would rather have 75 percent of what I want than another four years of something I know I do not want. If Donald Trump secures our borders, rebuilds the military, and makes us energy independent, we will once again be a great nation, and he intends to do a lot more than that.
I exhort my fellow Conservatives to choose pragmatism over petulance and embrace the Trump candidacy. A seat at the table of power is being offered by this patriot, and we would be foolish to reject it, in favor of some misguided sense of self-righteous purity. To choose the way of a fool, as Mitt Romney has done, will do nothing more than ensure Obama’s legacy is preserved by the most corrupt woman in American history. Let’s help make history rather than be a victim of it.
—Jack Watts

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COMMON SENSE: A new Quinnipiac Poll shows Trump winning Ohio and just 1% behind Hillary Clinton in two other battleground states—Pennsylvania and Florida. In 2012, Obama beat Romney in the Electoral College by a decisive margin, 332 to 206. In 2016, if these three states that voted for Obama are flipped, the total would be—Trump 273, Clinton 265.
Since it takes 270 Electoral votes to win the White House, if every other state remains the same and these three key states are flipped, which is going to happen, Trump will be the next President of the United States.
As President, he will choose the judges for the Supreme Court and not Hillary Clinton. He will also be responsible for our economy and for ferreting out political corruption, including Hillary Clinton’s.
—Jack Watts

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In America, this is a great time to be a patriot. Because Progressives and the Radical Left do not consider the Constitution and the Rule of Law to be sacred, we must. Their disdain for traditional values has provided us with the opportunity to take a strong stand for what we believe. To oppose them effectively, however, we must be steadfast and immovable. It’s the only way to restore our nation to greatness, but being determined isn’t enough.

Equally important, we must have the knowledge necessary to express ourselves confidently and convincingly. This is something many are unable to do. It’s a problem that must be addressed and resolved.

I recognized how serious this issue was, when I walking around the indoor track at the YMCA recently. A young man, who had been jogging, finished his run and cooled down by walking beside me. As we started to chat, I pointed out a much older man ahead of us who was walking slowly. I said to the jogger, “Do you see that man in front of us?”

Looking ahead, he replied, “Yeah.”

“He fought in the Battle of the Bulge,” I said, in an obvious effort to pay tribute of one of the few remaining heroes of World War II.

Without missing a beat, the young man responded, “How much did he lose?”

Instantly, I was aware that my young acquaintance had no idea what the Battle of the Bulge was. He thought the older man had been a TV-show contestant. the Battle of the Bulge was. He thought the older man had been a TV-show contestant.

As I thought about the incident later, I became quite concerned about how Americans—especially millennials—have lost their sense of history. My experience had a surreal aspect to it. It revealed a deep-seated problem in our culture. It became crystal clear to me there are millions of Americans drifting through life unaware of what we, as a nation, believe—unaware of what America is all about. Others have repudiated our heritage all together.

As the days passed, my concern increased, and I began to wonder how this problem could be remedied. A few weeks later, when I was in Nashville, I had a cup of coffee with my friend, David Dunham. Relating the story to him, we began a serious dialog about the huge gap in understanding, which exists among many, concerning what our forefathers believed.

Our conversation turned to how dangerous it is for our republic to have citizens who have such limited awareness of the core values upon which America was established. David turned the conversation to specific ways in which we could make a positive impact upon people like the jogger. We wanted to make fellow patriots aware of our country’s rich heritage—based on our Constitution and other significant documents.

From that initial meeting, we developed a plan to publish We Believe: 30 Days to Understanding Our Heritage. Our goal was to provide a quick, easy way for interested Americans to learn what our Founding Fathers believed. To round it out, we added important documents from subsequent generations—insights that provide texture and value to the Founders’ ideas.

As we developed our concept, we made a commitment to abstain from partisan politics, allowing the documents to speak for themselves. We thought that editorializing would detract from the power and integrity of the Founder’s words. We have allowed the voices of our great leaders to speak for themselves. All we have done is couch what they had to say in historical context.

We Believe is packed with core documents from our heritage, but it can be read quickly and easily. By taking ten minutes a day for thirty days, anybody can understand the values upon which America was founded. More importantly, every reader will learn why these values are critical to our future, which is under attack by those whose beliefs would have been soundly repudiated by our Founders. In the twenty-first century, the United States faces new challenges and new dangers, which once again require an informed citizenry to take a stand for what is right.

To remain strong, we must remain resolute. To remain resolute, we must have convictions. To have convictions, we must know what we believe. To know what we believe, we must return to the original documents. There is no other way. In the nineteenth century, Lord Acton pointed out, “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” His words seem more appropriate today than when he first spoke them. We live in perilous times—times which require good men and women to stand firmly against those who hate our way of life and plot our destruction.

We also face dangers from within—from those who no longer accept America’s traditional values as their own. There have always been people like them among us; but their numbers have grown. Now, they threaten to overwhelm us. For decades I’ve heard people warn of impending doom; and like most, I’ve dismissed what they have had to say as ludicrous, conspiratorial nonsense. Now, their warnings of impending disaster don’t seem as far fetched as they once did.

Being ignorant about our heritage is no longer an option. Remaining unaware and complacent carries a heavy price tag. We must be prepared, and We Believe will prime you to stand your ground.

In Holland, before World War II, there were 120,000 Jews. By the end of the war, more than 100,000 had been exterminated. As one young Jewish girl wrote:

On the last day of school, I failed geography.
A week later I found out exactly where Treblinka was.
But only for a week.

America has weathered many storms. We will need to weather many more, but we cannot do so without being vigilant—without being informed. With perils from without and from within, understanding our great tradition is more important than ever. Keeping this in mind, we have created We Believe: 30 days to Understanding Your Heritage. We are certain it will help you become a better-prepared American.

Jack Watts


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There is a Scripture that says, “Without a vision, the people perish.” This can also mean, “The people are unrestrained.” In America, I believe the second interpretation is the most accurate. We have become unrestrained. We champion wrong, calling it right, while legitimizing Evil and calling it Good. Everyone does what is right in his or her own eyes—all at the expense of our nation’s corporate soul.

Those who speak out against the New Morality, which is nothing more than the old immorality, are vilified, shouted down, and called “haters.” Because of this, few are willing to speak out in opposition to the politically correct beliefs of Progressivism. To maintain the traditional values of earlier generations is no longer viewed as archaic. Instead, it has become vilified and even criminalized, marginalizing those who adhere to its tenets, affording them the status of second-class citizens.

Corporately, we have done this to ourselves, foolishly believing there would be no negative outcome to our behavior, but this is not the case. There are numerous consequences. Over time, none of them are positive. While squandering the accumulated wealth of generations, enslaving millennials with an unbearable burden of debt, we have also deprived them of what has held us together and made us strong for so long—the conviction that we are a noble people with a divine destiny.

As our generation, which is being led by fools who assure themselves they are wise, heads relentlessly toward destruction, there may not be enough men and women of wisdom remaining to prevent calamity. The jury is still out about this. Nevertheless, our mandate remains the same. We must stand for our beliefs—for what we know to be true and right. We have no alternative.

Although we are few—just as our noble forefathers were—we have right on our side. We also have Almighty God, who is able to do what we cannot. So, gird yourself for what lies ahead, knowing that, whether we are successful or not, we have done our duty and been faithful to the God we serve.

Jack Watts

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In America, this is a time when corruption rules the day. People, whose consciences are seared, lead us, telling us one thing, while doing another. They are aided by the sycophantic media. Our laws, which were once based upon our Constitution, have come to reflect a distorted worldview our forefathers fought valiantly to oppose.

At the same time, as people of faith, who willingly bow our knees to Almighty God, our purpose and responsibility never change. We are called to remain strong and faithful, consistently opposing the godlessness of our leaders. This is exactly what we must continue to do.

So, stop whining and gird yourself for the battle that lies ahead. You’ve been saved for a purpose. It is for such a time as this that we have been chosen by Him to remain strong. Earlier generations remained faithful; so can we.

Jack Watts

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