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COMMON SENSE: I voted for Cruz, but he lost. Eventually, he couldn’t even compete. Now, I support Trump. In fact, I champion him. He may not be the Constitutionalist I desired, but he is a fearless advocate for the American people, and I’m tired of being led by a man who feels it is his duty to apologize for us.
I would rather have 75 percent of what I want than another four years of something I know I do not want. If Donald Trump secures our borders, rebuilds the military, and makes us energy independent, we will once again be a great nation, and he intends to do a lot more than that.
I exhort my fellow Conservatives to choose pragmatism over petulance and embrace the Trump candidacy. A seat at the table of power is being offered by this patriot, and we would be foolish to reject it, in favor of some misguided sense of self-righteous purity. To choose the way of a fool, as Mitt Romney has done, will do nothing more than ensure Obama’s legacy is preserved by the most corrupt woman in American history. Let’s help make history rather than be a victim of it.
—Jack Watts

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Can you hear it? Can you feel it? Does it make you tremble? It should, because there’s a stirring in America that is palpable. It’s the rumbling of disquietude among people of faith—among those who long for righteousness. We are the producers of plenty in this great nation, and we are fed up with your deceit and corruption. We have been forced to accept your deceptive version of reality as normal, which it certainly is not. Even worse, we have been bullied by the leaders of Progressivism in our nation’s capitol. They are an odious lot of Cretans.

With one unresolved scandal after another, we have been manipulated and deceived, never getting close to the truth, as the spin-doctors deflect from factual accuracy to create a new reality, which we the people are expected to accept as true. These leaders of Progressivism smile at their mischief, certain the mainstream media will turn a blind eye to protect their deceptions and America’s first black President—the most deceitful and incompetent man to ever hold the office. Because he is black, the press and spin-doctors expect us to refrain from any criticism of his behavior, his leadership, or his anti-American policies. At first, this strategy was successful, but it will not work any longer.

Being obedient to the Holy Spirit of God, we will not sit by any longer and witness the demise of our great nation. We are going to rid ourselves of the damnable corruption that threatens to destroy us. We will not tolerate your ways any longer.

Instead, we will stand for God’s way and not for the perverted worldview we have been force-fed by you for years. We are tired of your corruption—sick of it. We are tired of your deceit, tired of your manipulation, tired of having our values discarded in favor of perversion.

We are not just tired of President Obama. We are equally tired of most of our self-serving legislators—both Democrats and Republicans—who have sworn to uphold our Constitution but do the exact opposite. We are tired of right being called wrong and wrong being called right.

In your arrogance, you have mocked Almighty God and His people, thinking we are powerless to stop your encroachment upon our inalienable rights, but you are wrong. We are not weak, and we are not powerless. We are stronger than you can possibly imagine, and we are resolute in our convictions. We will prevail—if not now, soon. You can count on it.

—Jack Watts

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Professing to be wise, they became fools.

—Romans 1:22

In the same week, there have been three instances revealing our national leadership is devoid of a moral compass. Championing themselves as enlightened, the Progressives, led by an adoring press, continue to undermine the American way of life, calling right wrong and wrong right.

First, Barack Obama became the only President to address Planned Parenthood, where he was predictably adored. Asking God to bless their endeavors, which are to provide taxpayer-funded abortions for women, Obama equated infanticide with God’s Will. While he was speaking to the abortion advocates, the trial for Kermit Gosnell was occurring simultaneously. Nevertheless, President Obama said nothing about this and has maintained an eerie silence about the ghoulish abortionist.

Second, Jason Collins, a pro basketball player, came out and announced he was gay. Delighted with the news that Collins’ sexual drive was to have anal intercourse with multiple gay partners, President Obama made a personal call to Collins, congratulating him for being so heroic. This produced massive news coverage—all congratulating Collins. As the champions of perversion, all of those who balked at this announcement have been scolded into submission because The Church of Government Cures All, along with the press, the Deacons of Damnation, tolerate no dissent.

Finally, the first whistleblower has come forward with information about the Benghazi coverup, but he would only do so if his anonymity was ensured. Stating that anyone who told the truth would be “decapitated,” which was figurative, his interview was carried by Fox News and nobody else. This shouldn’t surprise anyone. The main stream media has been unwavering in their commitment to nothing but positive coverage to their False Messiah.

Undermining Christian morality is necessary. Without doing so, the False Messiah cannot “fundamentally transform the United States of America.”

The question is this: how long will the darkness of the Progressives prevail? The answer is simple—just as long as the Children of Light allow it. For the Prince of Darkness to flourish, all that is necessary is for good men and women to do nothing. When we have had enough, the light will shine on America once again. So, if you have buried your head, thinking you can do nothing, or are sitting by, idly waiting to be Raptured, you need to renew your mind. Until the Lord returns, He wants His people busy, pursuing His purposes. There is no excuse to do otherwise.

Jack Watts

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Professing to be wise, they became fools, and exchanged the glory of the incorruptible God for an image in the form of corruptible man . . . (Ro 1:22-23a NASB)

When Barack Hussein Obama said he intended to “fundamentally transform” the United States of America, he meant what he said, and the religion of Government Cures All is the vehicle through which this transformation will occur. This religion has been effectively marketet by Obama’s Deacons of Damnation, the main stream media, who champion everything their False Messiah does, which includes consistently hiding the truth about what is happening from the American people.

The Children of Darkness flaunt their religious beliefs as the only ones having value and legitimacy. Because of this, they have seized the moral high ground—just because they say it belongs to them, based upon them championing the politically-correct doctrine of “Fairness.” If you have an alternative belief system, such as a biblical worldview, you are scoffed at as ignorant, intolerant, and on the wrong side of history. Completely intolerant themselves, the Children of Darkness defend their beliefs by attacking those who oppose them. Just like the Prince of Darkness, the champions of darkness act as the accusers of the Children of Light, grinding God’s people heartlessly into passive submission.

It’s a strategy that has worked quite well, as right has become wrong, and wrong has become right. Cowed, the Children of Light have been silent too long. It is time for those who fear the Lord to shake off our lethargy and make a stand for the glory of our incorruptible God. It is time for us to speak out against this False Messiah and his false religion.

If we do not, our ability to do so will continue to be systematically stripped away from us. It is for such a time as this that our God has created us. Who will be strong and stand for Almighty God? Will you cast aside your fear and be that person?

Jack Watts   We Believe: 30 Days to Understanding Our Heritage

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In recent years, God’s people, the Children of Light, have been at an extreme disadvantage to the Children of Darkness. We have not really understood who they are, nor have we fully grasped their agenda. This has kept us constantly off-balance. Not liking what we have seen, we have reacted against it. We have been unprepared for such a radical departure from the American way of life most of us have willing embraced since childhood. It’s like we have been participants in a 3-D movie without a pair of glasses to bring everything into focus. That is no longer the case, as the agenda of the Progressives has become crystal clear.

Now that the mainstream media has crowned Barack Obama the False Messiah of the Government Cures All religion, shrouding his agenda and his actions in darkness, the Children of Darkness are moving forward with their plan to execute Obama’s goal of “fundamentally changing the United States of America.” In opposition, we have criticized the main stream media for not doing their job of ferreting out the truth and providing accurate information, but these Deacons of Damnation have been doing exactly what they intend to do—protecting and defending their False Messiah.

Calling right wrong and wrong right, the Children of Darkness have seized the moral high ground, as they champion perversion over what is natural, calling those who oppose them names in an attempt to force their will upon the Children of Light. By not accepting perversion as normal, we have been castigated as being intolerant, which is something the religion of Government Cures All will not accept. They are extremely intolerant of dissent, repudiating those who differ through personal vilification and vicous character assassination.

Our opposition to the False Messiah has been ineffective at best. That’s because the Children of Light—Evangelicals, Catholics, Orthodox, and religious Jews—have voiced our opposition in an ad hoc manner, challenging one agenda item after the other, while never believing or accepting the magnitude of the problem. The complete establishment of the religion, Government Cures All, is at hand. All that remains is for them to silence the Children of Light.

The Scriptures say, “My sheep hear my voice.” If what is being presented here resonates with you, then you know He is calling you. Instead of opposing the False Messiah about this, that, and the other—which hasn’t worked—it’s time to turn our hearts back to God, kneel before Him, and ask for His Holy Spirit to guide our efforts. Remember, “Greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world.” This is a spiritual battle, and we cannot be victorious in the power of our own might. We need Almighty God to fight this battle for us.

Not all of God’s Children recognize or accept what is really happening. Some are simply confused, while others have allowed themselves to become willfully deceived. The former will eventually hear the Lord’s calling, but those who have embraced willful deception never will.

The False Messiah is not afraid of Americans owning guns—not really. He has the power; we do not. What does make him tremble is the power of the Children of Light, when they follow the Lord’s leading. Nothing else will be effective. Consequently, it’s time to turn our thoughts, our hearts, and our focus to the Source of our Light. If we do, Almighty God, through His own power, will rid our land of this curse and restore our nation, and He will do it quickly.

Jack Watts   We Believe: 30 Days to Understanding Our Heritage

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