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COMMON SENSE: During the 2016 Presidential Election, as I discussed in “Creating Trump Nation,” there were several times when it was very difficult to continue supporting Donald J. Trump—especially after the crude tape surfaced. I was constantly and repeatedly scolded for not abandoning Trump. People would chide me by writing; “How can you call yourself a Christian and support such a horrible, crude, and vulgar man?”
At times, I was shaken, but my misgivings were always outweighed by the knowledge that Hillary Clinton was far worse. I also knew that our nation would cease to be the America I loved, if Hillary was allowed to nominate Justices for the Supreme Court. With President Obama having already placed two militant Progressives on the High Court, I knew that all would be lost, if Hillary had the power to select two or three more to stack the Court with Leftists.
Despite Trump’s faux pas, I liked the list of Conservative judges from which he intended to select. They were all Constitutionalists who would honor the Rule of Law and not legislate from the bench. This, more than any other factor, including Hillary’s corrupt nature, kept me from jumping ship. So, I stuck with Trump.
Now, nearly two years later, with the economy exploding with growth, millions of jobs created, our prestige throughout the world restored, and the future looking bright for America, I know I made the right decision, despite the disapprobation of the “Never Trumpers.” President Trump now has the opportunity to reshape the Court for the next generation. This is deeply gratifying, and it provides me with all the incentive I need to vote for those who intend to support his agenda moving forward.
Jack Watts

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COMMON SENSE: By the narrowest of margins, five to four, in “Trump, President of the United States vs. Hawaii,” the President prevailed in the Supreme Court.
This was a victory for American sovereignty, for the right of the Commander-in-Chief, regardless of who he or she may be, to do the job that that person has been elected to do, for the rule of law, and for America to determine who has the privilege to come to our nation and who does not.
This ruling should have been 9-0, but it wasn’t. More than anything that has happened since President Trump won the White House, this ruling demonstrates in spades the wisdom of the American people to have repudiated Hillary Clinton’s candidacy. Had she been elected, with the appointment she would have made to fill the seat of Justice Scalia, the decision would have been the exact opposite, and our borders would have been just as open to hostile aliens as they are to our allies in Western Europe. As President Obama said, “Elections have consequences,” and you have just witnesses the profound validity of his statement.
Article II of the Constitution enumerates the powers of the President, and conducting our nation’s foreign policy is chief among them. Currently, it is Trump’s responsibility to keep us safe, which he is now better able to do with the Court affirming his right to keep people out who cannot be vetted properly.
That the Progressive Left is apoplectic about this ruling is a perfect example of why their candidates should be voted down each and every time. Remember this in the coming elections this November. If being safe is a concern to you, then vote for the candidates who will keep fools like Justice Sotomayor from being able to determine our future.
Jack Watts

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COMMON SENSE: What do these three women have in common? They are all Conservative. Two of them are officials in the Trump administration, and all three have been publicly harassed in the past week because of their political beliefs.

Sara Sanders, Trump’s Press Secretary, and her family, including children, were refused service at the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington VA. Kirsten Nielsen, the Secretary of DHS, was screamed at while quietly eating her dinner at a restaurant near her office. Pam Bondi, Florida’s Attorney General, was accosted by three men, when she and her boyfriend tried to attend a movie about Mr. Rogers in Tampa.
What has our nation come to that it is okay to verbally assault women who are doing nothing more than going about their business peacefully? How can such behavior be cheered by the Progressive Left? What has warped the minds of the mainstream media, and even a Congressional Representative, so much that they would cheer such despicable behavior?
How can such hatred be championed by a huge section of the Democratic party? Do they foolishly believe that such behavior is a winning strategy for the midterm elections? If they do, they are in for a huge surprise. Perhaps opening the door for women has become unfashionable for many in the twenty-first century, but screaming at women in public, using extreme vulgarity to do so, has not.
To his credit, Senator Schumer condemned this kind of behavior from the Senate floor, but his disapprobation is too little and much too late. The dam has been broken, and I suspect there will be a flood of such behavior, as one fool after the other tries to make a name for himself or herself by viciously intimidating Conservative leaders. Is this a sad day for America? You bet it is, but I predict the backlash against it will be enormous. The Democrats will suffer greatly for being this dishonorable. Until November, we will see Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) in one campaign ad after the other, calling for people to harass Trump’s leadership team, telling her embittered audience that God is on their side, which He certainly is not.
Jack Watts

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COMMON SENSE: With all of the hostile rhetoric and confrontational behavior going on, it’s important to pay attention to what really matters. The Left is attempting to shift our focus away from what is happening with the Rosenstein-House of Representatives confrontation.

The reason the DOJ and FBI have not produced the documents required of them is because they show that the Obama administration illegally spied on the Trump campaign, and maybe other campaigns as well. When the secret police are weaponized against a nation’s own citizens, that undermines the foundation of a republic, and that is exactly what has happened here.
The children of illegals are important, but the Rule of Law that has been breached by the Obama administration is far greater. Remain focused.
Jack Watts

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COMMON SENSE: The following is my theory. It represents my misgivings about what has been happening in America for quite some time. It’s based on what I have come to understand about the depth of corruption that existed during the Obama administration, but perhaps long before that. What I am about to say is founded on my opinion—not facts I am capable of verifying. My supposition is definitely out-of-the-box thinking, but that is my forte.

Do you remember when President Obama would send his annual budget to the House of Representatives? When he did, the House would vote it down by as much as 434-1. He never received more than a handful of affirming votes, which always seemed odd to me. When this happened, and it was an annual event, I remember thinking that Obama’s team of economic experts must be the most incompetent buffoons in Washington D.C. They couldn’t even get Pelosi to vote for what Obama proposed.


Thinking like this was my mistake, and it was a huge one. They weren’t incompetent; they were cunning. By proposing a budget that was certain to be defeated—even by stalwart Democrats—our nation was forced to operate each year through massive Omnibus Spending Bills, rather than by line-item expenditures.


Why would this be important, you might ask. It’s because it was far easier to spend money wherever Obama wanted to spend it—without the constraints of a set budget. This meant there was much less accountability for what was being spent, and Obama also spent more than an additional trillion than was appropriated each year of his Presidency. This is what Obama wanted—massive unaccountable funds—and he was willing to have his budget voted down to obtain it. Obama wasn’t a fool, as I erroneously thought. Although evil, his scheme was ingenious.


It made it was much easier for his administration to pay off corrupt legislators, as well as strategically placed operatives within the Deep State. For example, this is why Harry Reid, who was not a man of means, could become fabulously wealthy as a Senator whose salary was just $174,000 per year. The same is true of Pelosi, but this massive corruption was not limited to the Democrats. There are a number of Republicans who are equally as guilty, as well as lobbyists, journalists, and members of the military-industrial complex.


How deep the corruption goes is anybody’s guess, but I suspect it is more pervasive than any of us can possibly imagine. I also believe that it involves other avenues of corruption, including unimaginable sexual deviancies.


When Trump became President, which was completely unexpected by these Deep State miscreants, he upset their entire operation. The payoffs dried up. Because Trump was not part of this operation, but has been in vigorous opposition to it, the Washington establishment has been antagonistic toward him ever since his inauguration. To many of us, the hatred toward Trump has appeared to be irrational and out of proportion, but it hasn’t been—not if you look at it from the perspective I’m suggesting. If you view what has happened, based on my hypothesis, everything makes perfect sense.


Given enough time, Trump will get to the bottom of all of this. Those who are corrupt understand this. It’s why they are committed to taking him out by whatever means is necessary. It’s also the reason why those of us who support him must continue to stand strong. We are not simply undergirding Trump. We are also supporting our Constitutional government, which is under relentless assault.


Although this is just my opinion, in your heart, you know I’m right about all of it, don’t you?


—Jack Watts

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SALT & LIGHT: As a child of God, out of the depth of our being, out of our renewed minds and purified hearts, we also have a duty to be good citizens. This means we must take a stand for Christ in our nation. We have no other option—not if we want to remain true to our calling. We must be light to our fellow Americans and salty seasoning for our cultural values.

Because our nation has strayed from its original purpose, which has been happening for the past half-century or more, we have ceased to be the “City on a hill” for the world to emulate. Having forgotten our foundational purpose, like the ancient Israelites, we have moved away from many of God’s blessings, and we are now wandering aimlessly.
This is why being a patriotic Christian citizen is so important. As Christians, we take the Constitution seriously. We understand that it is the foundation upon which our democracy stands. Additionally, the rule of law is fundamental to who we are as a people. Nobody is above the law, or at least nobody is supposed to be above it. For nearly all of us, these beliefs are deeply held convictions, but we maintain numerous others as well.
We firmly believe that our rights are inalienable and that Almighty God has bestowed these rights upon us. Our forefathers didn’t just conjure them up out of thin air. Because they have come from our Creator, this means the government cannot take our fundamental rights away from us, nor is any governmental entity supposed to be able to infringe upon these rights. They are ours by divine mandate—period. Being inalienable, this ensures that they cannot be revoked or nullified under any circumstances.
Despite this being absolute, our rights are constantly being assaulted, especially by the Progressive Left. Their attack is relentless.
We have numerous inalienable rights. Our ability to worship as we choose, or to not worship at all, along with freedom of speech are the cornerstones for all of our rights. Additionally, we have the right to assemble, to speak our minds, and to bear arms. These rights are intrinsic to who we are as Americans, and each is consistent with our Judeo-Christian value system.
We cherish these rights. They constitute our American way of life and are venerated as sacred beliefs. They are the essence of what makes us American and the specific reason why we are considered to be a special and unique people.
As patriotic Christians, these rights, along with numerous others, constitute the core of our identity. When we hear about American Exceptionalism, our inalienable rights are the foundation upon which our excellence was founded and upon which it has flourished for hundreds of years.
Without these rights, we would not be exceptional in any way other than being wealthy and possessing a strong military. This is how important these rights are, and this will never change—not for those of us who are patriotic Christians. For nearly all of us, we couldn’t stop believing these core values to be true and valid, even if we tried. For us, it would be difficult to imagine America being America without them.
We are called to be different, and being a Christian patriot is part of who we are supposed to be. This means we must rigorously and consistently oppose policies and beliefs that stand in contradiction to God’s truth and to our nation’s heritage.
Jack Watts

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COMMON SENSE: FBI Agent Peter Strzok believed it was his destiny and unique calling in life to prevent Donald Trump from becoming President of the United States. This conviction was consistently validated by his lover, who was also his partner in crime at the Bureau, Lisa Page.

Strzok is now willing to testify before Congress without invoking his 5th Amendment right to not incriminate himself. Why should he invoke it? In his mind, he has done nothing wrong. In fact, he is the true victim. He hasn’t been wrong about anything. He is never wrong. Just ask his adulterous lover. She will tell you—just like she routinely told him. He is always right.
Strzok’s wife probably does not share the same elevated opinion of Peter, but that’s beside the point. In Strzok’s narcissistic, delusional reality, he can never be wrong. It’s not even a possibility. Perhaps you have known someone like this in your life. Even when you can prove that person to be wrong, all they do is reinterpret reality to make themselves right.
Being validated by a faithless woman routinely accompanies narcissism, and that’s what we are dealing with concerning Peter Strzok. He has a narcissistic personality disorder.
He is a handsome man with a badge and a gun. Like James Bond, he also has had a unique mission in life—to save America from Trump. That Strzok was the number two man in counter intelligence at the FBI put him in a unique position to pursue his grandiose mission, which was so secret that it has been unchecked by others. He was not held accountable by anybody in any way.
I’m sure this delusional scenario even made the sex between Page and Strzok the best of their lives. Bread eaten in secret is always more satisfying. These are the rewards for a man with such a unique mission in life.
Unfortunately for Strzok and Page, the reality of what they have attempted to do, and nearly succeeded in doing, is now coming home to roost, and they will have to face the consequences of their misguided mission, which is a lifetime of shame, ridicule, and mocking. Will they have legal consequences for what they have done? Perhaps, but so far, nobody has even lost a paycheck, let alone be in danger of serving jail time.
Jack Watts

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COMMON SENSE: Laura Bush, in your tweet about President Trump’s immigration stance, you stated; “this zero-tolerance policy is cruel. It is immoral. And it breaks my heart.”
While you are certainly entitled to your opinion, I would respectfully say that you are not entitled to take the moral high ground on this issue or on any other. After all, your husband’s administration did nothing substantive to help our immigration crisis.
You use the word immoral in your tweet, but you have never addressed the immorality of initiating a war in Iraq that cost our nation thousands of lives and trillions of dollars—all spent chasing after weapons of mass destruction that did not exist. You have also never been willing to address the fact that your husband is responsible for nearly half of our nation’s $20 trillion debt. In my estimation, placing the economic burden of your husband’s poor stewardship of our economy on the backs of Americans is what is cruel.
What breaks my heart is this: You never used your platform as a former First Lady to criticize anything Barack Obama did, but you have been more than willing to use it to undermine President Trump. In my opinion, given how poor your husband’s record was as President, you should not interject yourself into an issue your husband did nothing to solve.
Jack Watts

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COMMON SENSE: On Friday night, Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, and the chairmen of several House committees met with Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein, and numerous officials from the FBI and the DOJ. The purpose for the meeting was for Speaker Ryan to issue an ultimatum to the DOJ for them to release relevant documents required by the House for its Constitutional oversight responsibilities.

The importance of this meeting cannot be overemphasized. It’s one thing to stonewall Chairman Nunes, Chairman Gowdy, and Chairman Goodlatte, but it is quite another to stonewall all three, especially when they have the backing of the Speaker of the House.
Rosenstein and his subordinates have refused to provide essential documents to the House committees for a year, hoping to run out the clock. Their goal has been for the House to flip to the Democrats in the November elections. If that happens, then the investigation into malfeasance and corruption by the Obama administration would stop dead in its tracks.
Unfortunately for Rosenstein, his time of non-compliance has run out. If the DOJ and FBI do not turn over the required documents this week, the entire matter will be brought to the floor of the House of Representatives for action. This is not an idle threat or a slap on the wrist. The House has real power. Rosenstein will be cited for Contempt of Congress. He might even be impeached. Either way, this will provide President Trump with the justification he has needed to get rid of Rosenstein, and perhaps even Attorney General Jeff Sessions.
But what is behind all of this, you might ask. Rosenstein’s refusal to provide the required documents is because there never has been proper documentation to launch the investigation into Donald Trump or the Trump campaign. Because there was no proper foundation—no investigative predicate other than an order from the Obama White House to do so—there has also been no legal foundation for what has transpired since, including the appointment of Special Counsel, Robert Mueller to investigate Trump’s collusion and obstruction. The Russian meddling is an entirely different issue.
Without proper legal foundation, which either does not exist or is fundamentally flawed, everything that has come since is “fruit of the poisoned tree.” Even if Trump has been guilty of colluding with the Russians, for which there has been no evidence, it would not stand up in a court of law.
Rosenstein, who is deeply complicit in the scheme to illegally have President Trump removed from office, has done everything he can to aid this cabal, but now his time has run out. He has come to the end of this plot, which has failed. His militant obstructionism has finally met its match. His name is Speaker Paul Ryan. Although it required a while for Ryan to get onboard, the power of his office will finally bring this stalemate to a conclusion. The American people will finally know what really happened—at least those who are willing to pat attention.
Jack Watts

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COMMON SENSE: According to the Horowitz Report, Hillary’s entire server “case turned on mens rea [guilty state of mind].” According to the FBI, Clinton did not have a guilty state of mind. Thus, as early as April 2016, three months before Comey addressed the nation to exonerate Hillary, the FBI was looking for a way to close the case, but there were some profound ironies occurring at the same time.
To Comey and the FBI, Hillary had no “intent” to knowingly transmit classified information on her private server, but there was a reason why they had to come to this conclusion. If they didn’t, if they followed the letter of the law instead, they would have had to admit that they were also guilty of what Hillary was accused of doing.
According to the I.G. Report, Comey used his personal computer at home to transmit official FBI business. So did Agent Strzok, Agent Page, and several others. Plus, President Obama communicated with Hillary Clinton, his Secretary of State, on her personal email server. This means the President and the White House staff were aware of what was happening and, by engaging with Hillary on her private server, were giving tacit approval to what she was doing. So, from Comey’s perspective, Hillary was no more guilty than he was, which made his decision to clear her a foregone conclusion.
The problem wasn’t Hillary specifically. It was the fact that senior leadership throughout the Obama administration did not take national security concerns as seriously as they should have. At best, they had a cavalier attitude about being spied upon that existed until it became expedient to sensationalize the issue by maintaining that candidate Trump was colluding with the Russians. At that point, national security concerns were retroactively proclaimed and became the foundation upon which to attack Trump as a traitor, but none it was true. It was just an elaborate scheme to insist that the Emperor, Obama, was not naked but wearing clothes.
Jack Watts

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