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COMMON SENSE: Laura Bush, in your tweet about President Trump’s immigration stance, you stated; “this zero-tolerance policy is cruel. It is immoral. And it breaks my heart.”
While you are certainly entitled to your opinion, I would respectfully say that you are not entitled to take the moral high ground on this issue or on any other. After all, your husband’s administration did nothing substantive to help our immigration crisis.
You use the word immoral in your tweet, but you have never addressed the immorality of initiating a war in Iraq that cost our nation thousands of lives and trillions of dollars—all spent chasing after weapons of mass destruction that did not exist. You have also never been willing to address the fact that your husband is responsible for nearly half of our nation’s $20 trillion debt. In my estimation, placing the economic burden of your husband’s poor stewardship of our economy on the backs of Americans is what is cruel.
What breaks my heart is this: You never used your platform as a former First Lady to criticize anything Barack Obama did, but you have been more than willing to use it to undermine President Trump. In my opinion, given how poor your husband’s record was as President, you should not interject yourself into an issue your husband did nothing to solve.
Jack Watts

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COMMON SENSE: On Friday night, Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, and the chairmen of several House committees met with Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein, and numerous officials from the FBI and the DOJ. The purpose for the meeting was for Speaker Ryan to issue an ultimatum to the DOJ for them to release relevant documents required by the House for its Constitutional oversight responsibilities.

The importance of this meeting cannot be overemphasized. It’s one thing to stonewall Chairman Nunes, Chairman Gowdy, and Chairman Goodlatte, but it is quite another to stonewall all three, especially when they have the backing of the Speaker of the House.
Rosenstein and his subordinates have refused to provide essential documents to the House committees for a year, hoping to run out the clock. Their goal has been for the House to flip to the Democrats in the November elections. If that happens, then the investigation into malfeasance and corruption by the Obama administration would stop dead in its tracks.
Unfortunately for Rosenstein, his time of non-compliance has run out. If the DOJ and FBI do not turn over the required documents this week, the entire matter will be brought to the floor of the House of Representatives for action. This is not an idle threat or a slap on the wrist. The House has real power. Rosenstein will be cited for Contempt of Congress. He might even be impeached. Either way, this will provide President Trump with the justification he has needed to get rid of Rosenstein, and perhaps even Attorney General Jeff Sessions.
But what is behind all of this, you might ask. Rosenstein’s refusal to provide the required documents is because there never has been proper documentation to launch the investigation into Donald Trump or the Trump campaign. Because there was no proper foundation—no investigative predicate other than an order from the Obama White House to do so—there has also been no legal foundation for what has transpired since, including the appointment of Special Counsel, Robert Mueller to investigate Trump’s collusion and obstruction. The Russian meddling is an entirely different issue.
Without proper legal foundation, which either does not exist or is fundamentally flawed, everything that has come since is “fruit of the poisoned tree.” Even if Trump has been guilty of colluding with the Russians, for which there has been no evidence, it would not stand up in a court of law.
Rosenstein, who is deeply complicit in the scheme to illegally have President Trump removed from office, has done everything he can to aid this cabal, but now his time has run out. He has come to the end of this plot, which has failed. His militant obstructionism has finally met its match. His name is Speaker Paul Ryan. Although it required a while for Ryan to get onboard, the power of his office will finally bring this stalemate to a conclusion. The American people will finally know what really happened—at least those who are willing to pat attention.
Jack Watts

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COMMON SENSE: According to the Horowitz Report, Hillary’s entire server “case turned on mens rea [guilty state of mind].” According to the FBI, Clinton did not have a guilty state of mind. Thus, as early as April 2016, three months before Comey addressed the nation to exonerate Hillary, the FBI was looking for a way to close the case, but there were some profound ironies occurring at the same time.
To Comey and the FBI, Hillary had no “intent” to knowingly transmit classified information on her private server, but there was a reason why they had to come to this conclusion. If they didn’t, if they followed the letter of the law instead, they would have had to admit that they were also guilty of what Hillary was accused of doing.
According to the I.G. Report, Comey used his personal computer at home to transmit official FBI business. So did Agent Strzok, Agent Page, and several others. Plus, President Obama communicated with Hillary Clinton, his Secretary of State, on her personal email server. This means the President and the White House staff were aware of what was happening and, by engaging with Hillary on her private server, were giving tacit approval to what she was doing. So, from Comey’s perspective, Hillary was no more guilty than he was, which made his decision to clear her a foregone conclusion.
The problem wasn’t Hillary specifically. It was the fact that senior leadership throughout the Obama administration did not take national security concerns as seriously as they should have. At best, they had a cavalier attitude about being spied upon that existed until it became expedient to sensationalize the issue by maintaining that candidate Trump was colluding with the Russians. At that point, national security concerns were retroactively proclaimed and became the foundation upon which to attack Trump as a traitor, but none it was true. It was just an elaborate scheme to insist that the Emperor, Obama, was not naked but wearing clothes.
Jack Watts

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We come before You today with heavy hearts.
Our spirits are grieved and our countenances
Are so diminished that it is obvious that we, Your children,
Have been dealt a heavy dose of unexpected bad news.
Until the I.G’s report was revealed, we were hopeful,
Believing that truth, justice, and accountability would be
The order of the day, but that was not be—not even close.
Instead, those whom we have entrusted to restore justice
Used the opportunity to whitewash the continued malfeasance
That exists within the FBI and the Department of Justice.
In the foolishness of their hearts, and to their shame, they
Actually believe there is wisdom in calling what is right wrong,
And what is wrong right, but all they have really accomplished
Is to compound their grievous errors by a factor of ten.
Refusing to call out the corrupt by name, to be transparent,
Or to be candid and straightforward with the American people,
About exactly how nefarious and twisted the leadership of the FBI
Has been, they have fed us with a heavy dose of convoluted nonsense
That continues to shield the corrupt from being held accountable
For their wrongdoing. These corrupt agents did everything in their
Considerable power to abrogate the will of the American people,
While simultaneously trying to impose a leader upon us who was
As evil, deceitful, and disgraceful as Jezebel herself.
In the depravity of their hearts, the twisted leaders of the Deep State
Believe they have won again, and we will slink back into the shadows,
While they relentlessly destroy our great nation from within,
But they are wrong. Instead of cowering, accepting what they have said
As being true, which is exactly what these bureaucrats expect from us,
We will not be intimidated into silence. Instead of being compliant,
We come before You today and ask that You strengthen each of us
In the inner Man or the inner Woman to become bolder than ever,
As we make an irreversible commitment to reclaim our wonderful
Nation from the corrupt, the deviant, the depraved, and the dishonorable.
Father, raise up leaders whose integrity is unassailable, and embolden
Your righteous warriors to stand strong, as each of us works diligently
This fall to elect those who are willing to defy the Deep State bureaucracy—
That fleeces us of our Constitutional rights, as we drive them out of power.
We ask all of this in Christ’s Name, amen.
—Jack Watts

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COMMON SENSE: As we begin the 2018 Midterm Election cycle, there are millions of disgruntled Americans who want our country to fail—just so they can say they were right about President Trump. They would rather have North Korean nuclear weapons pointed at our West Coast cities than for Trump to get credit for having created a workable bargain that will bring lasting peace to a troublesome situation that has plagued America for sixty-five years.

These embittered Progressives also do not like how well the economy is doing in the United States. They hate 4.8% growth in our GDP and would prefer it to be an anemic 1% like President Obama consistently produced.
They want massive regulation—not deregulation. They want to return to the Good Ole Days of America apologizing for being who we are. They also want a weakened military, open borders, increased welfare, and the return of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to power.
If you are a liberal elitist, a deceived college student, an actor, or a complete fool, this is what you want as well. For the rest of us, we are thrilled with what is happening in America, as American Exceptionalism makes a profound resurgence under the leadership of President Trump.
Jack Watts

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COMMON SENSE: Our second quarter GDP is predicted to be 4.8%. We haven’t had growth like this since World War II, and that was because our survival depended on it. Currently, all of our economic indicators predict strong, sustained growth. This should be wonderful news for all Americans, but it is not.

Despite prosperity returning to the USA, there are multiplied millions who do not care how well we are doing. In fact, these Americans prefer for us to muddle through with 1% growth, believing that economic ennui is our just penance for being prosperous in the first place.

To the Progressive Left, fools that they are, we do not deserve to thrive—quite the contrary. There have always been Americans who believe this, but there have never been as many of them as there are now. Their numbers are large because Progressives dominate academic. Each year, our colleges spew out left-wingers by the thousands. Having been taught that the problems in the world were caused by the United States, these impressionable kids have come to loathe America rather than love it.

Graduating with useless degrees in women’s studies, transgender studies, and other non-marketable majors, these Progressive misfits cannot find meaningful work. This increases their bitterness toward America. This hatred is encouraged and nurtured by the Progressive media, as well as the world of entertainment.

What we recognize as legitimate progress and the blessing of God, they see as continued exploitation of others. That the economy is working well for blacks, Hispanics, and women is irrelevant. America must be taken down and punished. As irrational as this may seem, this is what the Progressives intend to do. It is also why they gravitate to the most militant leftists of the Democratic Party. Those who we used to consider very liberal are now moderates. The pendulum has swung that far leftward.

Nevertheless, the Conservative movement is expanding significantly. With a true businessman in the White House, Trump has returned prosperity to America, creating unimaginable wealth is just 500 days. He has done this because he knows what he is doing—totally unlike his recent predecessors. Also, unlike recent Presidents, Trump has kept his campaign promises, which has endeared him to America’s working class and middle class.

Despite Trump’s success, his opponents want to remove him from office. His success, which is America’s success, means nothing to them. Fueled by self-defeating bitterness, they would prefer to return to stagnant growth, open borders, and a dramatically weakened America. As shortsighted as this is, it is what the militant, Progressive Left wants for America.

—Jack Watts

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COMMON SENSE: The plot has just thickened appreciably. It has just been discovered that the FBI, as early as 12/28/2015, months before the first Presidential primary, while there were still twelve Republican candidates in the race, launched a counter intelligence operation against the candidate, Donald Trump. Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if there were spies placed in other campaigns as well.

In a text message to his lover, Lisa Page, Peter Strzok, the discredited FBI agent, said that you get “all our oconus lures approved.” Although couched with a question mark, it also had a smiley face attached, which shows how much these two adulterous lovers wanted this to happen.
Oconus is an acronym that means outside of the United States. Lures, which is plural, means spies in the nomenclature of the FBI. What this exchange means, although initially redacted, is that there was an offensive counter-intelligence operation that was being put in place against Trump before the first primary vote was even cast.
There was nothing defensive about this. Bluntly, it was the Obama administration attempting to put its foot on the scale to interfere in the 2016 Presidential election. The goal was to keep Trump from being elected President. Nothing could be more serious than this, and it is no longer speculation. FBI Agent Peter Strzok confirmed it with his own words.
It is time for this entire effort to subvert our 2016 Presidential election to be unmasked. No more stalling. No more redactions. No more refusal to produce relevant documents. No more attempts to cover up the crimes of senior members of the previous administration, perhaps including Obama himself. We, the American people, demand answers, and we demand them right now.
Jack Watts

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