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Just before the mid-term elections, we were told repeatedly how close each race would be, but that wasn’t the case, was it? It was an anti-Obama landslide. We rid our nation of Senators and others who refused to govern Constitutionally and listen to the will of the people. The reason we did this so convincingly is because there are still millions of men and women in America who believe in honor, integrity, and the freedom to pursue an honest living.

You may have forgotten, but in order to “save the Senate for the Democrats,” President Obama deferred the adverse financial impact of ObamaCare until 2015. Unfortunately for him, he still lost the Senate, but there will be a new wave of anti-Obama sentiment, making him even less popular. When people discover how much they will be paying for healthcare, the outrage will be overwhelming.

This means the Republicans will win the White House in 2016, regardless of who the candidate happens to be, despite what the political pundits may tell you.

With that in mind, we have a wonderful opportunity to elect a man or woman of character, rather than a lukewarm candidate who lacks conviction. We do not need to settle for anyone who is little better than the next Progressive the Democrats nominate.

The pundits will continue their handwringing, telling us only a moderate can win, but that’s not true. They were wrong a month ago, and they will continue to be wrong. Don’t believe them.

It’s time to champion a true conservative—someone we can trust—someone who will never usurp power the way Obama has. There are people like this—quite a few in fact. We have a unique opportunity to see who has the best ideas and who has strength of character.

At this time in 1978, Ronald Reagan was a dark horse, but he proved himself and achieved an overwhelming victory. The same thing should happen in 2016. So, remain strong and fervent in your belief that America is still the greatest nation on the earth. Together, we can recapture what has been lost, reestablish trust throughout the world, and deal with the corruption of Obama’s failed Presidency.

Jack Watts

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Because our way of life is superior to that of the Jihadists, we must always hold fast to that which has made us great. This includes abstaining from torture, but we don’t decapitate our enemies. Sleep deprivation and water-boarding don’t cause any physical harm, but they do provide significant intelligence, which we must have to remain safe. We don’t want to be at war with Islam, but a large minority of Islam is at war with us. They want to destroy the Great Satan—the USA.

By adhering to the principles of our Progressive President for six years, we have been in full retreat, especially in the Middle East. Obama doesn’t know what he is doing. His foreign policy is to placate the Left wing of his party, while appeasing our enemies—both of which have been total disasters. We can no longer afford to do this.

Jack Watts

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