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COMMON SENSE: In American history, nearly every generation has faced a significant challenge—a moment in time, when good men and women have been asked to make a stand. This is our moment. For such a time as this, God has prepared many of us. It’s now up to us to answer the call.
The future of our great nation is at stake and, depending on what we do or do not do, our destiny will depend. I know what I am going to do.
I am fully aware that my choice for President is deeply flawed, but his goals are righteous; and he is willing to accept godly counsel. That’s enough for me. Rather than curse the darkness like others, I intend to shine a light, knowing that the alternative is a devious woman who has a reprobate mind. Corrupt to the bone, under her leadership, the America we know and love will cease to exist.
The forces of darkness threaten to extinguish our light, but we do not need to allow this to happen. I know the Source of my strength, and I firmly believe that He is greater than anything that opposes us.
Now, the question is this: who will be strong and stand with me? Who will refuse to bow his or her knee to the god of this world? Who is willing to pay the price to retake this great nation from the barbarians, the Progressives, and everyone else who is accursed?
—Jack Watts

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COMMON SENSE: Four years ago, my first choice for President was Newt Gingrich. He was clearly the most capable man, but Mitt spent a small fortune to destroy Newt in FL and take the nomination. In the general election, knowing how disastrous Obama had been, I supported Mitt, even though he was a very weak candidate.
Now, four years later, Mitt will not reciprocate and support the will of the Republican electorate. Although I voted for Cruz, I have no problem transferring my allegiance to Trump, knowing how disastrous Hillary would be as President. Why can’t Romney do the same thing? Is his arrogance and self-importance so great that he cannot condescend to accept the will of the people? His behavior is appalling, as is Eric Ericsson’s, and that little twerp from the “Weekly Standard.” I’m truly disappointed with them and will never support anything they ever do again.
—Jack Watts

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COMMON SENSE: Mr. President, for 7.5 years you have not spoken up about how Barack Obama has been systematically trying to destroy the United States of America. Now, after remaining silent for so long, you choose to be vocal—not about Obama’s disastrous policies or Hillary’s corruption—but about Donald Trump and your inability to support his nomination for President.
Maybe you were wise to not criticize Obama. If that’s true, then you would have been equally wise to continue remaining silent. You haven’t snubbed Trump as much as you have snubbed those who voted for you twice but are fed up with electing Campaign Conservatives—those who do not keep their promises to the American people once they have been elected.
Respectfully, Sir, I am very disappointed with you. Because of his age, I give your dad a pass.

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For six years, like most Americans, I have tried to make sense of President Obama’s Middle Eastern policy, which has seemed more like abandonment of responsibility than anything else. Seemingly, our foreign policy has been chaotic, without longterm purpose, and reactive, rather than a clear articulation of American interests in the region, which is precisely what it should be.

Now, with the elections in Israel less than a month away, Obama’s purpose has become clear. He wants to defeat Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and elect the left-center candidates, Herzog-Livni, who Obama can control—something he could never do with Bibi. If Obama is successful, his end game is to break off Jerusalem from Israel, and have it be the Capitol of Palestine. This would produce the two state solution Progressives have desired since Jimmy Carter.

As Progressives like Obama, Kerry, and Hillary see things, this is their best opportunity to accomplish their elusive goal. Because of his help in ousting Netanyahu, the Herzog-Livni duo would be in Obama’s pocket. Israel’s power would effectively be neutralized, and they would be unable to thwart Obama’s tepid response to Iran becoming nuclear.

By inviting Netanyahu to address a joint session of Congress, Speaker Boehner has done his best to undermine Obama’s plans, which is why Obama is so furious about Netanyahu’s speech. It gives Netanyahu incredible influence, which is something Obama has been trying to undermine since taking office in 2009. To say this is a high-stakes game would be a massive understatement.

For Obama, the apocalyptic goals of ISIS are unimportant, but the undermining of Israeli sovereignty is. It’s the key to everything Obama has done in the Middle East since taking office. So, in one sense, Obama has apocalyptic goals of his own.

For people of faith, this should be troubling. I don’t know about you, but I stand with Netanyahu and pray for his reelection—literally pray. In our generation, he is the Winston Churchill we need—a man of conviction who is unafraid to speak the truth with power. Obama, by way of comparison, is Chamberlain at best; perhaps he is even Quisling.

—Jack Watts


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Just before the mid-term elections, we were told repeatedly how close each race would be, but that wasn’t the case, was it? It was an anti-Obama landslide. We rid our nation of Senators and others who refused to govern Constitutionally and listen to the will of the people. The reason we did this so convincingly is because there are still millions of men and women in America who believe in honor, integrity, and the freedom to pursue an honest living.

You may have forgotten, but in order to “save the Senate for the Democrats,” President Obama deferred the adverse financial impact of ObamaCare until 2015. Unfortunately for him, he still lost the Senate, but there will be a new wave of anti-Obama sentiment, making him even less popular. When people discover how much they will be paying for healthcare, the outrage will be overwhelming.

This means the Republicans will win the White House in 2016, regardless of who the candidate happens to be, despite what the political pundits may tell you.

With that in mind, we have a wonderful opportunity to elect a man or woman of character, rather than a lukewarm candidate who lacks conviction. We do not need to settle for anyone who is little better than the next Progressive the Democrats nominate.

The pundits will continue their handwringing, telling us only a moderate can win, but that’s not true. They were wrong a month ago, and they will continue to be wrong. Don’t believe them.

It’s time to champion a true conservative—someone we can trust—someone who will never usurp power the way Obama has. There are people like this—quite a few in fact. We have a unique opportunity to see who has the best ideas and who has strength of character.

At this time in 1978, Ronald Reagan was a dark horse, but he proved himself and achieved an overwhelming victory. The same thing should happen in 2016. So, remain strong and fervent in your belief that America is still the greatest nation on the earth. Together, we can recapture what has been lost, reestablish trust throughout the world, and deal with the corruption of Obama’s failed Presidency.

Jack Watts

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Usually, when a President loses in a mid-term election, he becomes reflective. He tries to change course to come in line with the will of the American people, but that’s not what has happened with Barack Obama. I knew it wouldn’t.

Because of his narcissistic personality disorder, any rebuff is taken as a personal affront—like his mid-term defeats—but the problem is never his. It’s the voters who are wrong—not him.

To get even with us, he is punishing us by doing the exact thing we do not want.

This is how he thinks, and he surrounds himself with sycophants who tell him he is right. They also provide validation by telling Obama how wrong the American people are.

To bolster himself against the crescendo of rage coming his way, he has deluded himself into thinking he represents the will of those who didn’t vote. He is their champion, and they constitute the majority.

Of even greater concern than his unconstitutional Executive Order concerning amnesty will be his unilateral treaty with Iran, allowing nuclear weapons to be built by a regime who is committed to destroying Israel first and then the Great Satan—us, the USA.

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Like so many other things in our society, in an effort to provide clarity about political events, the media has effectively confused things, especially the political commentators. So, in an effort to elucidate, let me explain the meaning behind this year’s mid-term elections.

The American people sent a message to President Obama, Harry Reid and his cronies, and the Democratic Party, stating that we don’t want Progressives running our lives. We don’t want their policies, their deceitfulness, their hyper regulations, or their corruption. We don’t want amnesty for illegals or our borders to be pourious. We want terrorism to be called what it is, and we want terrorists dealt with swiftly. To do this, we want a strong military. As much as anything, we don’t want Islam crammed down our throats, or Obama and his surrogates telling us it’s a religion of peace, when it obviously isn’t. One more thing, we don’t want ObamaCare, which has been forced upon us through deception, manipulation, and outright fraud.

We do want the scandals of the Obama administration investigated, and we want the guilty to be exposed and held accountable. In fact, we will not be satisfied until this happens. If Obama pardons them, which I suspect he has promised to do, then 2016 will be equally as devastating as 2014 was for the Democrats. We are fed up with “Chicago style politics” and demand that integrity be restored to government.

Can this election be seen as a vote of confidence for the Republicans? No, it can’t. What it is is a repudiation of Obama, his destructive policies, and most of all his deceptive way of governing. He’s not a serial liar like Hillary Clinton; he’s a pathological liar who is incapable of seeing reality for what it is. Even worse, his personality disorder will not allow him to change course. Driven by his flawed ideological worldview, he will double down on his goals, which were soundly repudiated on Tuesday. We are forced to endure him for two more years, which we will do, but make no mistake about it, being called racists by fools from the Left will no longer keep us quiet about the most incompetent President in American history. We made our will known on Tuesday, and this is just the beginning. Count on it.

Jack Watts

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