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Here is a message for all of my Facebook Friends. There is no need to be so pessimistic about our nation’s future. The pendulum is swinging in our direction, and it’s moving fast. Do you know why? I do.

It’s because of people like us. We have stood strong, and will continue to stand strong, repudiating those who would destroy us from within.

We know who Obama is, and we also know who the Clintons are. Their days of control are dwindling, and they have nothing to offer for the future, other than a continuation of their fraudulent, deceitful, and corrupt ways.

We hold the future—not them. The future belongs to those of us who choose to bow our knees to Almighty God. It does not belong to those who boo God, dishonoring Him, like the Democrats did three times at their last National Convention.

So stop whining, sniveling, and believing that their evil agenda will triumph. It won’t. Instead, hold your heads high and continue pursuing the truth. Be strong. We will prevail; it’s inevitable. It’s because we have genuine hope and an honorable vision. They have nothing but false promises, coupled with their hatred for the home of the brave and the land of the free.

If my words stir your heart, good. Dwell on the truth of this message—it’s the true report.

Jack Watts


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The Democrats, who booed Almighty God at their last National Convention three times, are about to coronate Hillary Clinton as their standard-bearer in 2016. Although she has had significant experience, she hasn’t done anything very well, other than become the most corrupt politician in American history. Shrill, ill-tempered, and duplicitous, she makes President Obama look principled by comparison. For him to remain quiet about how she betrayed his trust can only mean one thing. If he criticizes her, she will take him down with her.

The Republicans have too many good choices, which is the exact opposite problem for the Democrats. They have no choice at all. They are being force-fed chicken you-know-what and told to pretend it’s chicken salad. It’s sad to see the party of Jefferson, FDR, and JFK like this. They are reaping what they have sown, and God will not be mocked. Progressivism, the American version of Socialism, is a dead-end street for everybody other than the criminals leading the way.

As we celebrate Memorial Day, and the brave soldiers who died for our freedoms, ask yourself this: Do you want a four-year steady diet of scandal just to say we have had a woman President? Because if you vote for Hillary, you will be putting Bonnie and Clyde in charge of the nation’s treasury, and there will never be a day when her non-existent ethics are not questioned.

Jack Watts

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To remain strong, we must remain resolute. To remain resolute, we must have convictions. To have convictions, we must know what we believe. To know what we believe, we must return to the original documents. There is no other way. In the nineteenth century, Lord Acton pointed out, “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” His words seem more appropriate today than when he first spoke them. We live in perilous times—times which require good men and women to stand firmly against those who hate our way of life and plot our destruction.

We also face dangers from within—from those who no longer accept America’s traditional values as their own. There have always been people like them among us; but their numbers have grown. Now, they threaten to overwhelm us. For decades I’ve heard people warn of impending doom; and like most, I’ve dismissed what they have had to say as ludicrous, conspiratorial nonsense. Now, their warnings of impending disaster don’t seem as far fetched as they once did.

Jack Watts

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According to The Times of Israel, “Former US president Jimmy Carter called Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal a strong proponent of the peace process Saturday, and said he wasn’t meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu because it would be ‘a waste of time.’”

It is becoming increasingly apparent that it is not just President Obama who doesn’t recognize a terrorist when he sees one. Carter, whose ineptitude in office was legendary, clearly favors Hamas over Israel—just like Secretary of State Kerry, Hillary Clinton, and President Obama. I’m beginning to wonder if being anti-Israel has become the “Badge of Dishonor” for Leftist Democrats?

Are evangelical Christians and conservative Jews the only people in America whose support of Israel is unassailable? Unfortunately, this question is rhetorical.

Since World War II, American foreign policy has tried to create democracies worldwide with mixed results. It worked well in West Germany, Japan, South Korea, and Israel, while failing miserably in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and numerous countries in the southern hemisphere. Now, for whatever non-sensical Progressive idea that is currently in vogue, Israel—the only true democracy in the Middle East—is being abandoned by the Democrats.

So be it. The political cleavage it creates will make New York purple, and it will be much more difficult for the Democrats to win Florida, perhaps even New Jersey. Now, the task is to awaken liberal Jews, whose obtuseness is astounding, to the fact they are sleeping with Medusa.

Jack Watts

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If a Progressive cannot call a terrorist a Radical Muslims, why would it surprise you they cannot call roving gangs of rioters thugs? The problem with Progressivism isn’t their language; it’s their worldview. It’s fundamentally flawed.

Because there is no center, no moral imperative, and no sense of right and wrong, they drift from one crisis to the next, passing judgment on anybody who criticizes their wisdom. Because they are devoid of an ethical foundation, their policies may be expensive, but they never work—either domestically or internationally.

Progressives have no center, other than to criticize those who do. Lacking a firm, immovable ethical foundation, Progressives now guide the Ship of State without a rudder, clueless as to why they remain adrift and never get anywhere.

Currently, we have a President we cannot believe, a Vice President who cannot keep his hands off of women—regardless of their age—and a presumptive Presidential nominee whose corruption makes Team Obama’s look paltry by comparison.

Clearly, Progressivism doesn’t work for anyone other than those who have their hand in the pocket of the public treasury or those have a vested interest in promoting wrong over right.

Jack Watts

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