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COMMON SENSE: Stefan Halper may not look as dashing in his tuxedo as James Bond did, but Halper has certainly been paid better than 007. The Obama administration paid Halper more than $1 million to spy on the Trump campaign. That Obama would weaponize the FBI and DOJ against his political enemies only surprises those who have not been paying attention, as well as those who have willfully chosen to believe Obama was an honorable President, which he certainly was not.

From the time Obama weaponized the IRS to use against his Tea Party opposition in 2010, our 44th President, with the tacit consent of the fawning media, consistently used the federal bureaucracy to squelch his political opponents. That this is just now becoming widely known is because the press refused to do its job when candidate Trump initially raised the issue. Choosing instead to mock him for being paranoid and deceitful, the media refused to take Trump’s charge seriously. Now, cleaning up the mess Team Obama made has become monumental, especially since so many Americans refuse to believe what he actually did.

Multiplied millions continue to maintain that Obama and his sycophantic underlings have done no wrong. Choosing instead to reinterpret issues like Halper’s spying as somehow being benevolent and benign, they continue to maintain their nonsensical perspective. When Howowitz’s I.G. report is released, which is imminent, it will be no different. Obama minions will continue to deny reality, steadfastly refusing to admit that their Emperor wasn’t wearing any clothes.

—Jack Watts​

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Heavenly Father,
As an indebted nation, we come before You
On this Memorial Day weekend, to honor those
Who paid the ultimate sacrifice for us to remain free.
We want to express our gratitude in a reverent way
That doesn’t seem trite or without proper deference.
Despite our desire, there are no words that are adequate—
No expression of appreciation that equals what
These mighty men of valor have done for us,
Since our nation’s inception in the eighteenth century,
But we understand it is our duty and our privilege to try.
Therefore, with profound respect and a full heart,
Along with misty eyes, we bow our heads in reverence
And thank You for raising up so many warriors over the years—
From the time of the Revolution to our destructive Civil War,
From the two World Wars to the Middle Eastern conflicts.
Let our warrior’s sacrifice be a perpetual reminder,
Etched indelibly in our hearts, that the price of freedom
Will always remain high in our dark, depraved, and fallen world.
From the beginning, You put it into the hearts of our forefathers
For America to be a “City on a Hill” for the entire world to emulate.
So, let us pause on this special weekend when summer begins
To remember those who died, that we, the living, might continue
To answer the perpetual call to fight for freedom and righteousness
For the American people. In Your graciousness, Father,
You have allowed our generation to remain free and prosperous,
And we thank You for each of our numerous blessings.
We owe every bit of the abundance we enjoy to You and to those
Who gave their lives that we might continue to champion
Our forefather’s vision for what America’s future would be.
Thank You for Your continued blessings upon our great nation.
As we reflect upon the sacrifice of others, let us never forget
Everything that has been required to make the United States
The greatest nation in the history of the world,
Jack Watts

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COMMON SENSE: The attempts by former Obama administrations officials to undermine the Trump campaign and his subsequent Presidency continue to unravel. Within the FBI, there is mounting pressure for current agents to be able to come forward and testify about everything they know about corruption and malfeasance during James Comey’s tenure as FBI Director. Evidently, many of them have quite a story to tell.

At the same time, Deputy Attorney Rosenstein is finally being forced to divulge the underlying documents that precipitated the initial probe that led to the Mueller investigation. Rosenstein may be withholding them because they do not exist. In other words, there was no legitimate basis to predicate the investigation, other than operatives in the Deep State not wanting Trump to win the election. When he did, their purpose changed. Since then, they have tried to force him out of office.
To stop Trump’s Presidency, the Deep State has attempted to create what amounts to a bloodless coup, and they have almost gotten away with it. Like a sports event, however, the momentum has changed, and those who masterminded Spygate are now being unmasked. How do I know this? Most of them are lawyering up. That’s a pretty good indication about what they expect the future to hold for them.
What we want and demand, as the American people, is nothing less than complete transparency about everything. Let the chips fall where they may. Let all of the deeds of darkness be exposed to the light, and prosecute every person who has participated in this. Spare no one—not for any reason.
Jack Watts

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COMMON SENSE: Why would anyone be surprised that President Obama would have an FBI spy inserted into the Presidential campaign of candidate Donald J. Trump? This is behavior that was predictable for those in the Obama administration.
As early as 2010, when Obama weaponized the I.R.S. against his Tea Party opponents, Obama made his intentions clear. He would use any and all means available to stifle his political opponents. Over the entire course of his Presidency, he weaponized one agency after the other—all in an attempt to impose his Progressive agenda of transforming the United States into a Socialist nation.
Beginning with Lois Lerner and her attempt to refuse 501c4 status for Tea Party political opponents, Obama demonstrated a willingness to use his office of trust to punish those who opposed him. He also weaponized the DOJ, EPA, Veterans Administration, and numerous other agencies to crush his political opponents.
That he was willing to use the FBI to destroy Donald Trump makes perfect sense, if you connect the dots to his behavior over the course of his eight years in office. None of what he did is legal or Constitutional, of course, but what difference would that make to Obama and his corrupt cronies?
None, of course, but that was then, and this is now. His deed, done in darkness, are now being exposed to the light of day, and those who aided him will have to pay a heavy price for their crimes. To weaponize the FBI, DOJ, and other intelligence agencies to tip the scale in favor of Hillary Clinton is a crime of unimaginable proportions, and the criminals involved must be held accountable.
Sadly, for Obama, this is what will be known as his legacy. His name, like Nixon’s, will be ridiculed and mocked, not venerated and respected. Does this bother me? No, it does not. He deserves every bit of the disrespect that is headed his way.
Jack Watts

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COMMON SENSE: Conservatives across America are cheering, expressing collective sighs of relief, that Rudy Giuliani has been able to get Special Counsel Robert Mueller to admit President Trump can not be indicted by him. Somehow, friends of the President consider this admission by Mueller to be a victory, but it is not. I wish it was, but it isn’t.

No sitting President can be indicted. Mueller knows this, and so does his team. Indicting the President has never been their end-game strategy. They want him out of office. There is no doubt about that, but there is only one Constitutional way to force Trump out of office—impeachment.
Since the Republicans are in power in the House of Representatives, impeachment is out of the question. This is specifically the reason why the Mueller investigation has continued to drag on, despite having obtained no evidence of Trump colluding with the Russians.
Confident that the House of Representatives will flip in November and make Nancy Pelosi the Speaker again, team Mueller is waiting for the midterm elections. If the Democrats win, everything that the Mueller team has been able to assemble can be transferred to the House Intelligence Committee, which will be chaired by Adam Schiff—not Devon Nunes.
If this happens, let me assure you that Schiff and the Democrats will vote to impeach Trump. Because it would take sixty-seven senators to sustain the impeachment, Trump would not be removed from office, but his ability to govern would cease. This is their goal—make no mistake about it. It’s also the reason why the midterms are so important. For the Trump agenda to continue, the Republicans must retain control of the House of Representatives.
It’s irrelevant that there are no legitimate grounds to impeach Trump; they will do it anyway. Their hatred for Trump is greater than their love for our country. I wish I was wrong about all of this, but I’m not. In your heart, you know I’m not wrong, don’t you?
Jack Watts

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COMMON SENSE: The Mullahs in Tehran are furious with President Trump for withdrawing from the Iranian Nuclear Deal (JCPOA). They are so angry that they are threatening European leaders with being outed for being paid off, unless these leaders can somehow talk Trump back into the deal. The Iranian leaders are dead serious about this. They plan to publish a list of western diplomatic leaders who have been paid off for supporting the JCPOA.
By even making this threat, the cat is out of the bag about the Iranian Nuclear Deal. It is a fraud and always has been a fraud. Now, we also know that official in the participating countries knew it was a fraud, when they signed the deal.
According to Tehran, many of these western diplomats were paid off to look the other way about what was really happening.
This is beyond disturbing. It’s a level of corruption that is unimaginable but, in my heart, I know it’s true. I am all for the Mullahs exposing this massive corruption, and they are bitter enough to do it, even though it’s in their best interests to keep quiet about the corrupt leaders.
I wonder how many Americans participated in this pay-to-play scheme, don’t you? To me, it’s unimaginable that anybody, regardless of how large the bribe was, would risk nuclear annihilation of their countrymen for filthy lucre. How could anyone be that treacherous?
Trump left the JCPOA because it was a flawed deal, and because Iran must never be allowed to have nuclear weapons. When they chant, “Death to Israel; death to America,” they mean it. That the Obama administration would ever make such a bad deal has always been perplexing, but now we may have our answer about why they did it.
My prayer is that the Iranian leaders follow through with their threat to expose those who received bribes. I want to know exactly who they are; don’t you? My second prayer is one of gratitude that President Trump had the courage to withdraw from this massive con job by the Iranians. His wisdom in doing so may have saved the lives of millions in Israel and the United States. Better than anyone, he understood the evil intentions of the Radical Muslims in Iran.
Jack Watts

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Today, by keeping his word, when his three predecessors refused to keep theirs, President Donald J. Trump has done something historic for Israel. By simply relocating our embassy from Tel Aviv, Trump did something monumental, but it was also legal. In 1995, the United States Congress passed the Jerusalem Embassy Act. This legislation mandated that the United States’ Israel Embassy be moved from Tel Aviv to Israel’s ancient capitol—the city of King David.


Despite this being the law, for the previous twenty-three years, all three American Presidents—Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama—signed repeated waivers, delaying implementation of the Jerusalem Embassy Act. Essentially, they lied to the American people by promising us to do something they had no intention of doing.


Why would Clinton, Bush 43, and Obama do this? They did it because they wanted the votes of Jews and Evangelical Christians, so they misled us. Trump made a similar promise, but he has kept his word. Our Embassy opened today in Jerusalem, on the 70th anniversary of Israel’s independence. What a cause for celebration!


Although there is fighting in Gaza because of our strategic move, with many Palestinians opposed to the move being shot, it was the right thing for the United States to do. By upholding the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995, Trump has fulfilled the law, and he has put the United States in good position for divine blessing. The Scriptures and history are very clear about this. For example:

  1. The Lord gave the land of Israel to Abraham and his offspring in an everlasting covenant (Psalm 89:28-37).
  2. In Genesis 12:2, God spoke to Abraham, saying, “I will make you into a great nation, and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing.”
  3. Israel is the birthplace of Christianity.
  4. Judaism people gave birth to our Holy Scriptures, to the Old Testament prophets, and to the New Testament Apostles.
  5. In Genesis 12:3, our God, who never changes, promised this.I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you” (Genesis 12:3, NAS).


Because of what President Trump has done, there will be a blessing in store for the United States of America. You can count on it.


Today is a day for jubilation—both for Israel and for America, and it’s all because we have been true to our word. Nevertheless, the Middle East remains a hotbed of conflict, with Israel surrounded by millions of militant Muslims, who want to drive every Jew into the Mediterranean Sea.


Because of our fidelity, however, we have strengthened Israel’s position in the world considerably. What happened today is an answer to prayer that millions of Christian people have uttered repeatedly for years—all in an effort to protect Israel and the Israeli people. It is very humbling and gratifying to report this momentous victory today. Thank You, Lord.

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