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Almighty God,

We are few, but we are strong and resilient.

Empowered by You, we will not fear the wrath

Of the Prince of Darkness or those who rule on his behalf.

You are Almighty, but the Prince of this world is not.

We have nothing to fear. Our victory is assured.

You are the one true God, and we are Your people—

Those who have not bowed our knees to the false gods

Of Progressivism or of the all-inclusive Pantheism

That dominates our American culture.


Our lives, and the fate our nation, are in Your hands.

Multiplied millions have strayed from You,

Bowing their knees to vain beliefs and false gods,

Abandoning the ways of our forefathers,

Squandering the accumulated wealth of generations,

All to pursue the false beliefs of Political Correctness.

Their precepts repudiate Your will and Your Word,

Unwisely believing their way is enlightened and superior.

Their foolishness, which they believe is enlightened and superior,

Is obvious, but they refuse to admit it, choosing instead

To revise reality to suit their fanciful beliefs.


Using the machinery of the federal government,

They erroneously believe they can subjugate us,

Keeping us under their thumb, but they are wrong.

Because we are so few, they view us are weak, misguided

And without direction, but they are mistaken.

They believe we are easy to intimidate by insulting

Our intelligence, saying we are obscurants, but we are not.

They are convinced they can overpower us with false beliefs,

Championing fairness over righteousness, but they are wrong.

We are stronger than they can possibly imagine,

Because our power and the source of our strength comes from You.

We will not be intimidated, nor will we ever capitulate.

Surrendering to their false gods is not an option for us, and it

Will never be one, regardless of the consequences—never.

Almighty God, we are Your people, strong, resilient, and unafraid.

Jack Watts

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Full Moon Frenzy

Here is the first chapter to my crime trilogy of fiction, which I have just completed—Jack

Full Moon Frenzy.6

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Raise up Men and Women of Character


Where are Your mighty men—Your men of old?

Those who want to serve from a willing heart—

Never for sordid gain, exploiting the helplessly weak.

Why are men like these missing from our public life?

Where are the women of rectitude and honor?

Women who would rather die than dishonor Your name?

Why do we have to settle for representation that can do

Nothing more than lead by doing what seems expedient,

Seeking wisdom from popularity polls rather than from Your will?

These miscreants smile reassuringly, always playing the role,

But in their calculating hearts they seek nothing more

Than personal fame and fortune—all at public expense.

Their duplicity is astounding, as they seek an advantage

Over those they have sworn to serve and to protect.


We are being led by the Son of Arrogance—a man who serves

A false god—a god who loves terror, debasement, and carnage.

Smiling and personable, this narcissistic miscreant never serves.

Instead, he chooses to rape the land of wealth from generations past,

Never giving, while haughtily bestowing favors upon the unworthy.

Showing no regard for You—our benefactor since our founding,

Or for the desire of women—the Son of Arrogance champions perversion,

Contemptuously calling right wrong, much to the delight of misguided fools.

Because he is a coward, cringing before all except Your children,

Our influence throughout the world has atrophied appreciably,

As his false god marches through Europe, while greedily eyeing America.


When will it be enough, Lord? When will You lift Your mighty hand

And stir Your people from the foolishness of their lethargy?

There are so few of us who are willing to stand and be counted.

Instead, there are a vast number who call on Your name but who

Are willing to endure this relentless Evil, choosing to play it safe.

Oh how I loathe the dishonor they bring upon Your name.

Choosing to be nice rather than opting to be resolute,

They make excuses for the Son of Arrogance and his wickedness—

Never standing against the false truths of Progressivism.

They willfully deceive themselves, believing all will be well

Because they sing pleasant melodies of praise to You in church.


They fool themselves, but they cannot fool You, Lord.

We do not deserve to be spared from our years of abandoning You.

We have brought about our demise and are without excuse.

We have willfully abandoning what is right for more than a generation.

Our children believe they are entitled, which makes them weak.

None are prepared for the days of bleakness that lie ahead,

Nor have they forged the character necessary to be resilient in adversity.

Without the active intervention of Your Holy Spirit, we have no hope.

But, in Your Sovereignty, You can spare us . . . if You choose to do so.

Will You, Lord? Will You spare us for the sake of the faithful few?

Jack Watts   Resources

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Lord, Expose the Deeds of Darkness



We Americans have come to expect Your blessing,

As if it is our right and destiny to do so,

Forgetting we have a responsibility

To seek justice and to honor Your ways.

Now that the hour of our nation’s decline is upon us,

The fools who govern us have not turned their eyes to You,

To seek Your will, Your wisdom, or Your leadership,

Choosing instead to follow the false god of Progressivism.

In the folly of their arrogance, they mock You, Your Word,

And the wisdom of our Founding Fathers who wisely

Bowed their knees and repeatedly sought Your Face.

This false way has become so dominant and so powerful

Few are willing to oppose godless Political Correctness,

Choosing instead to “play it safe” by remaining silent.

To openly criticize the Son of Arrogance invites the wrath

Of the federal bureaucracy to levy its full weight

Of intimidation, harassment, and economic persecution.

To trust in You and Your Word makes us targets of those

Who hate You, Lord—of those who mock You repeatedly.

I loathe the Son of Arrogance and those who defend his ways.

Labeling right wrong and wrong right, they lead us

In a way that is unjust, wrong, and economically unsustainable.

Giving lip service to Your Chosen People, they arm our enemies,

Hiding their crimes from us, telling us our apprehensions are “phony.”

Our concerns are not phony. They are real, and they are valid.

But the truth will never be known without Your intervention, Lord.

For the sake of Your people, for those still follow

And honor Your ways, intervene quickly on our behalf.

The Sons of Perdition ruthlessly spy on the godly,

Believing this gives them an insurmountable advantage.

Not knowing You, they cannot comprehend this is not true.

You are Almighty, Lord. The Son of Arrogance is not.

Despite being empowered by the Price of Darkness,

The fool who leads us is a craven coward—a little man.

Lord, expose this narcissist for who he really is

And stir Your people so that the entire world will know that

You are Almighty God and no imposter can take Your place.

Jack Watts   Resources

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