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In 1835, Alexis de Tocqueville penned Democracy in America. In it, he wrote, “Liberty cannot be established without morality, nor morality without faith.” This is an accurate statement and provides a clue about why Barack Obama’s vision for America is destined to fail. The reason is simple: Obama’s Progressive foundation is built on sand.

There is no moral foundation for Progressivism other than a general idea that everything should be fair and equal. Nor are there any firm guidelines about how to determine what is fair and equal.

Progressivism is a worldview that permits its adherents to use deception to achieve its goal. Corruption is acceptable, if it helps achieve Progressivism’s utopian mandate. How elected leaders achieve their ends is unimportant—just as long as society moves steadily along the path toward the utopian ideal.

With this firmly entrenched belief system in mind, it’s perfectly acceptable for Barack Obama to disregard his sworn duty to uphold and defend the Constitution. Progressives consider the Constitution to be a flawed, archaic document that’s more of a nuisance than anything else. To ensure Progressives stay in power, stuffing the ballot boxes is also acceptable. Because their goals are higher than those of others, Progressives don’t have to abide by the same rules of conduct. With a higher calling, why should they? Abiding by the Rule of Law is for their opponents—not for them.

On the other side are millions who hold the Constitution in high esteem—almost like it is a sacred document. Basing their morality on biblical truth, which has a firm foundation in American history, they view this administration’s hypocrisy, deceit, corruption, and open contempt for the Rule of Law as grounds for disqualifying everything that President Obama has done.

The gap between the two sides is not a strong disdain for one another. It is a political cleavage. The stakes are high in this zero-sum game. One side will win; the other will lose. The Progressives consider themselves to be smarter than people of faith, openly ridiculing their opponents for obscurantism. People of faith, on the other hand, view Progressives as scoffers of righteousness who have reprobate minds. Because they ridicule God’s Word and God’s people, people of faith have virtually no respect for Progressives, including President Obama. Nevertheless, most people of faith consider the victory of Progressivism to be inevitable, partly because of Christian chiliasm.

Progressives also believe their victory is inevitable, partly because of their recent accomplishments. I don’t believe this is an accurate assessment, and here’s the reason why.

Recently, I attended a Wednesday evening church service in North Georgia, close to where Deliverance was filmed years ago. I was at an Assembly of God church, which has an entirely different tradition than my own. As I observed the congregants, I had an epiphany. I could see strength in them that is far greater than anything I have observed among Progressives. Because the foundation for people of faith is solid—built on rock and not on sand—those who have a moral foundation are destined to prevail. Lacking moral rectitude is also the reason why the Progressive movement is destined to fail. Nothing built on sand ever succeeds for long. Although not many realize it yet, the tide is changing.

At first, the Children of Darkness seem to have an advantage. Because they are willing to be ruthless, mean-spirited, and verbally abusive, they bully people of faith, cawing them into submission by making them feel guilty. This strategy has worked for quite a while, but things are changing. The Children of Light have become increasingly unwilling to remain silent in the face of change they consider to be godless and abhorrent.

In American history, we have had many interesting periods, including the Civil War, the Vietnam War era, and now this one. Before the issue is resolved, there will be numerous intense episodes of conflict. Progressives are never gracious losers, but the outcome is certain. I assure you that it is.

Jack Watts

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Can you hear it? Can you feel it? Does it make you tremble? It should, because there’s a stirring in America that is palpable. It’s the rumbling of disquietude among people of faith—among those who long for righteousness. We are the producers of plenty in this great nation, and we are fed up with your deceit and corruption. We have been forced to accept your deceptive version of reality as normal, which it certainly is not. Even worse, we have been bullied by the leaders of Progressivism in our nation’s capitol. They are an odious lot of Cretans.

With one unresolved scandal after another, we have been manipulated and deceived, never getting close to the truth, as the spin-doctors deflect from factual accuracy to create a new reality, which we the people are expected to accept as true. These leaders of Progressivism smile at their mischief, certain the mainstream media will turn a blind eye to protect their deceptions and America’s first black President—the most deceitful and incompetent man to ever hold the office. Because he is black, the press and spin-doctors expect us to refrain from any criticism of his behavior, his leadership, or his anti-American policies. At first, this strategy was successful, but it will not work any longer.

Being obedient to the Holy Spirit of God, we will not sit by any longer and witness the demise of our great nation. We are going to rid ourselves of the damnable corruption that threatens to destroy us. We will not tolerate your ways any longer.

Instead, we will stand for God’s way and not for the perverted worldview we have been force-fed by you for years. We are tired of your corruption—sick of it. We are tired of your deceit, tired of your manipulation, tired of having our values discarded in favor of perversion.

We are not just tired of President Obama. We are equally tired of most of our self-serving legislators—both Democrats and Republicans—who have sworn to uphold our Constitution but do the exact opposite. We are tired of right being called wrong and wrong being called right.

In your arrogance, you have mocked Almighty God and His people, thinking we are powerless to stop your encroachment upon our inalienable rights, but you are wrong. We are not weak, and we are not powerless. We are stronger than you can possibly imagine, and we are resolute in our convictions. We will prevail—if not now, soon. You can count on it.

—Jack Watts

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Almighty God,

We are few, but we are strong and resilient.

Empowered by You, we will not fear the wrath

Of the Prince of Darkness or those who rule on his behalf.

You are Almighty, but the Prince of this world is not.

We have nothing to fear. Our victory is assured.

You are the one true God, and we are Your people—

Those who have not bowed our knees to the false gods

Of Progressivism or of the all-inclusive Pantheism

That dominates our American culture.


Our lives, and the fate our nation, are in Your hands.

Multiplied millions have strayed from You,

Bowing their knees to vain beliefs and false gods,

Abandoning the ways of our forefathers,

Squandering the accumulated wealth of generations,

All to pursue the false beliefs of Political Correctness.

Their precepts repudiate Your will and Your Word,

Unwisely believing their way is enlightened and superior.

Their foolishness, which they believe is enlightened and superior,

Is obvious, but they refuse to admit it, choosing instead

To revise reality to suit their fanciful beliefs.


Using the machinery of the federal government,

They erroneously believe they can subjugate us,

Keeping us under their thumb, but they are wrong.

Because we are so few, they view us are weak, misguided

And without direction, but they are mistaken.

They believe we are easy to intimidate by insulting

Our intelligence, saying we are obscurants, but we are not.

They are convinced they can overpower us with false beliefs,

Championing fairness over righteousness, but they are wrong.

We are stronger than they can possibly imagine,

Because our power and the source of our strength comes from You.

We will not be intimidated, nor will we ever capitulate.

Surrendering to their false gods is not an option for us, and it

Will never be one, regardless of the consequences—never.

Almighty God, we are Your people, strong, resilient, and unafraid.

Jack Watts

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