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Like fools, we have forgotten the lesson we were taught less than a generation ago. The attack of the World Trade Towers and the Pentagon shook us, filling us with resolve for a short time. Now, we are about to fund our own demise—Israel’s too—proving how self-destructive we have become.
We have abdicated global leadership, believing climate change is a greater threat than Radical Islam. Congratulating ourselves for being so wise, we have become fools. Our enemies mock us for being so stupid, as they lay awake at night plotting our demise.
Our Forefathers, who didn’t understand the perils of nuclear weapons, were keenly aware of the nature of tyranny. They provided us with everything we have needed to weather the storm, but in our great wisdom, we have abandoned their wisdom, our Constitution, and the Rule of Law to follow an incompetent Imperial President, ascribing leadership qualities to him he has never possessed.
As we think about what happened fourteen years ago, we should do so on our knees, because this is our only hope for survival—Jack Watts

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