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I feel so grieved and disheartened,

As I see how far America has strayed

From the nation we once were—

From the people You called us to be.

As our narcissistic leader seeks to enhance his power,

Betraying the public trust repeatedly,

He points a blaming finger at others,

Repeatedly condemning them for his failures.

As I watch him abandon candor and forthrightness,

I long for the honorable leaders we once produced—

Men and women who did what was right,

Regardless of personal consequences;

Whether it was in their best interests or not.

We have elected a spineless man—

An empty suit who refers to himself as “Eye Candy.”

He has appointed regulators who look good but are not—

Czars with impressive resumes but who lack character—

Men and women who speak mellifluously of noble things,

While camouflaging their self-serving intentions

With layer upon layer of deception,

Tickling the ears of the ignorant and uninformed,

Which most of us have become.

As modern day Sophists, these unelected miscreants

Regulate our lives, mandating wrong while calling it right,

As they repudiate what is honorable repeatedly,

Castigating it contemptuously as being politically incorrect.

Willfully and consistently they mislead us,

While scoundrels benefit from their duplicity.

Licking their lips greedily, these malefactors reap

Ill-gotten gains at the expense of our great nation,

Increasing our debt as another piece

Of our cherished heritage is destroyed by their mischief.

Lord, spare us from the calamity that is upon us.

If we bow our knee and humble ourselves before you,

Will You restore us to what we once were?

If You do, others will see that

You still have a purpose for us—for the

Land of the free and the home of the brave.

Jack Watts   We Believe

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