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Can there be anything more noble than what is happening in this photo? Can there be anything more honorable than a ministry that provides medical treatment to all and is so self-sacrificing and innovative that they would go so far as to set up a makeshift hospital of tents in Central Park?

Their purpose is to help desperate New Yorkers who are in trouble because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Serving only the most ill, the doctors from Samaritan’s Purse are risking their own health and their own lives to serve those who would have little hope without them.

I, for one, want to say thank you for these giants of faith, for these altruistic servants of Almighty God. They bring out the best in us and, by their actions, proclaim a powerful witness to their Savior and mine, Jesus Christ.

—Jack Watts

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COMMON SENSE: Chinese dictator Xi Jinping is determined to keep his country’s near monopoly on global pharmaceutical supplies. Recognizing this, we must not allow this to continue.

That he threatened to withhold antibiotics this month is a clear indication that we cannot trust the Chinese Communists with our nation’s health. With critical supplies like medicine, we must manufacture our own pharmaceuticals and not allow the USA to be leveraged by any nation, especially the Chinese Communists.

The Coronavirus demonstrates just how vulnerable we are to the Chinese. This cannot be allowed to continue. We simply must reverse this failure in globalism and manufacture our own medicine.

—Jack Watts



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COMMON SENSE: It’s wonderful to witness the Democrats being so enthusiastic over the Presidential candidacy of Joe Biden. That’s right; it’s wonderful.


It reminds me of being a little boy, when my brother and I hunted gold. When we found it, we were fully convinced it would make us rich. In actuality, what we found was iron pyrite, which looks like gold but is totally worthless. When we discovered the truth, we were shattered, just as the Democratic Party will be if Joe Biden becomes their standard-bearer in the 2020 election.


The level of self-deception necessary to believe Biden will beat President Trump in a head-to-head matchup is astounding. That the polls reflect a Biden win if the election were held today means nothing, other than to give the Democrats false hope that Biden is the real McCoy and not what he is, Fool’s Gold.


In a cynically ironic way, the current obsession by the media with the Coronavirus is aiding Biden in his Presidential bid. At least, that’s the way it appears to be, but the quarantine is really aiding President Trump. During our nation’s prolonged sequestration, with the Presidential campaigns on hold, Joe Biden’s escalating dementia can be effectively hidden. Each of his obvious mental deficiencies can be easily camouflaged and dismissed as, “That’s just Joe.”


When his campaign restarts in earnest, Joe is going to start looking like an Alzheimer’s patient, which he probably is, but this doesn’t mean the Democrats will recognize what is happening. They won’t.


Their ability to be self-deceiving is astounding. After all, they believed Hillary Clinton was a virtuous woman in the 2016 campaign and that Trump was guilty of Russian collusion, when there wasn’t an ounce of truth to either of these things. With Biden, they will continue to deny the obvious until it is far too late, which will definitely benefit Trump.


Even if the Democrats do come to grips with reality about Biden’s deteriorating mental capacity, they are certain to pass over Senator Bernie Sanders again in favor of someone more palatable to the less radical Democrats. If this happens, once the Socialist wing of the Democratic Party has been snubbed again, it will also benefit the President. So, by believing that their Fool’s Gold candidate is the true thing, the Democrats will find it very difficult to win in November. This is good news for President Trump and great news for the American people.


—Jack Watts

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COMMON SENSE: The $2 trillion stimulus package to counteract the devastation caused by the Coronavirus has just passed the Senate by a vote of 98-0. President Trump, as well as Speaker Pelosi, has applauded this. For her part, Pelosi wants to pass the Senate version in the House of Representatives as is, and President Trump has indicated that he will sign the bill just as soon as it reaches his desk. Both sides are pitching this as being truly bipartisan, but is it really?


Trump intends to sign the bill, despite the Progressive pork that has been added to it because our financial crisis is so critical and so desperate. Trump has no other viable option. Because the votes of Democrats were necessary to pass the bill, Trump has been forced to accept many unwanted demands that he would rather have not.


Essentially, to keep our nation from sliding into a 1930s type of depression, he was leveraged to capitulate to many of the demands of the Progressive Democrats. At least there will be no funding for abortions, which Pelosi wanted, good Catholic that she is.


Conservative, patriotic Christians like us may not like being strong armed, but we have nobody to blame but ourselves. By allowing the Democrats to regain control of the House of Representatives in 2018, we allowed the stage to be set for what is happening right now. We simply do not have the votes required to force the stimulus package to be a clean bill. It’s filled with Progressive pork. This is regrettable but, in my opinion, scenarios like this are the reason why the Mueller investigation took so long; that right, the Mueller investigation.


I believe it can be linked to the stimulus package. Here’s why: Everything involving the Mueller investigation was a fraud and a hoax. The real purpose for the investigation was to flip the House of Representatives from Republican control to Democratic control, and it worked.


By continuing with the investigation for more than two years, when it should never have been started in the first place, it was inevitable that we would be forced to deal with the anti-American demands of Pelosi and her hoard of sycophants that do her bidding. Thus, in this stimulus package, there is $25 million for the Kennedy Art Center—something that has absolutely nothing to do with recovering from the devastation of the Coronavirus. There are many things like this attached to the bill—things taxpayers like us will eventually have to pay for.


So, if you realize this is true, which you should, you will also recognize the need to not only reelect President Trump next November, but also to vote out every Democratic legislator that we can. We simply must retake the House of Representatives to restore sane government. As long as Pelosi is in charge, we will be forced to eat many unwanted programs from the damnable Green New Deal.


—Jack Watts


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COMMON SENSE: Privately, some Democratic lawmakers have admitted that their obstructionism over the stimulus package is because they do not want to give President Trump “a win.” As difficult as such a motivation is to believe or even comprehend with our nation’s economy suffering and our lives at stake, the hatred of these people actually outweighs both their love for the USA and their sworn duty as legislators to serve our national interest.

Instead, led by Senator Schumer (D-NY) and Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), they have been attempting to leverage their votes, which are desperately needed, to establish their Green New Deal agenda. That’s right, while Americans are dying, they are trying to extort their position to achieve policy goals that have nothing to do with the Coronavirus.

Here are ten things the Democrats demand that have nothing to do with the Coronavirus Stimulus Package:

1) Unprecedented collective bargaining powers for unions

2) Expansion of wind and solar tax credits

3) Corporate board diversity quotas

4) No ICE deportations

5) Reductions on carbon dioxide emissions by airlines

6) Restructure the debt of the Post Office

7) Voting in federal elections without ID

8) Planned Parenthood funding

9) Corporate board to be required to have racial and gender diversity

10) a $15 minimum wage.

Right now, while people are sick and dying, the power position of the Democrats allows them to make demands like this, but this will change next November. Americans have short memories but not that short. When it comes time to vote, we will not forget what they have attempted to do. They will pay a terrible price at the ballot box for this, as they should. They have forfeited their right to lead. Let’s get rid of as many of them as possible.



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COMMON SENSE: While the American people are suffering and millions are being forced to work from home, with millions of others losing their jobs, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has offered her version of the stimulus package to aid desperate Americans. In her bill, she proposes the reinstatement of the Obamaphones, a $10,000 cut for every student loan, and subsidies for wind and solar companies.


Being either callous or obtusely ignorant of the needs of American workers, she is using our national crisis for her own political agenda. This is beyond shameful. It’s the single most reprehensible act of indifference I have ever seen. Like millions of other Americans, I promise that I will not forget what she has done and what her political party, the Democrats, have tried to do to the American people. Such exploitation is unforgivable.


Between now and next November, I promise to make it my mission in life to see that as many Democrats are defeated as possible. As horrid as I have always known this despicable woman to be, this is by far the worst thing she has ever done. I will never forget it, and I hope you don’t either.


—Jack Watts

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Where the stimulus package is concerned, it has to be for American citizens only—not for illegal aliens. Not one dime can go to them. They are not our problem, and we should not have to incur further indebtedness for them.


There would be no quicker way for President Trump to lose his base of support than to legitimize illegals by including them in the checks and direct deposits that will be made in the near future. This simply cannot happen.


Nevertheless, because our nation has been founded and sustained on the Judeo-Christian ethic, in our generosity we will not allow illegals to go hungry or to be uncared for medically. It wouldn’t be the right thing to do. Therefore, perhaps the best way we can help is to allow them to be placed on food stamp program (SNAP) for the duration of the crisis. We can at least feed them. It’s the right thing to do.



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The image of Nero fiddling while Rome burned is one etched into the minds of millions of Americans who sat through world history classes in high school. It was an image of a detached leader, of a man who had responsibility for his people’s welfare but was so disengaged from what was really happening that he paid no attention to their needs, even when their city was being burned by the invading barbarian hordes.


As we witness the obstruction of Chuck Schumer (D-NY) in the Senate and Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) in the House of Representatives, all they lack to be like Nero are musical instruments and the talent to play them. While many of their Democratic colleagues have cast aside their ideological positions to come together with the Republicans in a bipartisan way to serve the American people, their odious leaders are attempting to use the Coronavirus to obtain a political advantage in a truly despicable, self-serving way.


While it is obvious by their behavior over the past three years that they hate President Trump, it has become painfully obvious that Schumer’s and Pelosi’s deep-seated animosity toward him is actually greater than their sworn duty to do what is best for the American people. Even in these desperate times, when our entire nation has been shut down to avoid the devastation from the Coronavirus, they are seeking ways to keep Trump from gaining a victory.


Can anything be more reprehensible than this? Perhaps, but it’s difficult to imagine what it would be.


Our nation is suffering. We need for the Democratic leadership to stop being obstructionists and do what is necessary to move the nation forward in this unprecedented time of crisis. Can they do this? Maybe, but maybe not. Regardless, we need to pray that they do while also speaking out against what they are doing. Just as important, we must not forget what they have done next fall during the election. They must pay for their dereliction of duty.



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COMMON SENSE: This is our time. As millions of Americans are gripped with apprehension about the Coronavirus, as patriotic, Christian Americans we have the opportunity to behave like the people

God created us to be. We can accomplish this by renewing our minds to cast aside fear, knowing that nothing—not life, nor death, nor any created thing—can separate us from God. Because we are eternally secure in Him, we need not fear anything.


It is for such a time as this that the Holy Spirit has taken you through a myriad of life-changing experiences. You need not succumb to natural emotions that will rob you of your opportunity to serve others in this crisis. Instead, you can be the exact opposite. By your behavior when the chips are down, as they are now, you will reveal who you really are.


If you have allowed yourself to get caught up with the trepidations and panic of others, stop, pause and reflect about who you have been redeemed to be. When you do this, renew your mind to reflect your true nature, which is to exhibit love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,  gentleness and self-control. Once you do this, the opportunities to serve the Lord in this national crisis will manifest themselves, and you will be busier than you have ever been. Remember, all things work together for good, even the Coronavirus, for those of us who love God, look to Him for leadership and desire to serve suffering Mankind.


—Jack Watts


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COMMON SENSE: This afternoon, there is great news out of France. After six days 100% of the patients treated with HCQ + Azithromycin were virologically cured. This is what President Trump was referring to at the Coronavirus briefing today.

It’s incredible news actually. Our prayers have been answered. We now have a weapon to fight the deadly Coronavirus. The complete report is available by clicking on the link.

—Jack Watts


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