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Having played the role of Casper Milquetoast in America for far too long, Christians have let slide their beliefs and convictions so completely that there is little left to differentiate us from our non-believeing friends. Wanting to be popular and to keep the peace, believers have let go of little pieces of their beliefs one by one. Now, there is little left of the robust faith that sustained our forefathers when they carved the greatest nation in the history of the world out of the wilderness.

Instead, we are constantly on the defensive, fighting one assault on our faith after another, losing nearly every battle. When President Obama says we are no longer a Christian nation, with a gleeful smirk, he is correct. He believes this is a good thing, as do millions of others. I am not one of them.

Obviously, people have a right to worship any way they choose, or not to worship at all, which is what is happening. But the non-theists have no right to impose their will upon us either, and that’s exactly what this administration is doing.

Because the forces of darkness have become so strong and because we have been so passive, we must make a fundamental change. The way to start is by repudiating the false gods of American civil religion. Until we do that, the Lord will not intervene in our behalf the way we need.

So, to get this nation back on track, we must return to the source of our strength—Almighty God. Any questions?

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Based upon some of the comments I’ve received, many people equate turning back to God as being passive. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, it’s the exact opposite.

As I see it, our situation has become so alarming and so serious that there is no other acceptable alternative. Institutionalized Evil encompasses us, and nothing can spare us from future calamity other than an outpouring of God’s Spirit upon the land. We have:

  • Abandoned His ways for those of the false gods of pantheism.
  • Legislated Evil, making wrong right, and right wrong.
  • Chosen leaders who do not serve but loved to be served.
  • Allowed corruption and greed to replace altruism and service.

We talk about all that we have lost, but we do little more than whine about it. That will get us nowhere. We also talk about humbling ourselves before God, but we don’t do that either. Instead, we call non-believers names, chiding them for their inability to discern Truth, forgetting that the Natural Man is unable to do so.

We have embraced mediocrity, calling it strength, while doing little more than sitting idly by, hoping to be Raptured soon. As Christians, we can no longer live like this. It’s time to do more, and it begins by repudiating the false gods of our culture and returning to Almighty God—as He has revealed Himself in the Scriptures—not the feckless gods of American civil religion.

Such an act is not passive but, if enough men and women do so, our God can and will rally those who are His sheep for actions. It’s time to stand firm, and that’s not being passive.

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Question: Jack, President Obama is circumventing the 2nd Amendment and imposing unconstitutional restrictions on our right to bear arms. What should we do? How do we respond to that?

Answer: We repent of accepting the false gods of America’s polytheism, return to the Lord in humility, and wait for the Holy Spirit provide the leadership we need.

Question: The economy is in the tank. Our debt is nearing 17 trillion. We’re going to end up like Europe. How do we stop this train wreck from happening.

Answer: We turn our heads and our hearts back to God, affirming that we will never accept false gods again.

Question: Obama is arming militant Islamists, while abandoning Israel. Plus, Iran is close to obtaining nukes. This isn’t what American stands for. How can we stop Obama?

Answer: We repudiate the false gods of American civil religion and reaffirm our commitment to Almighty God. Nothing less . . . nothing more. Then, we wait.

Question: It’s obvious Obama sealed everything from his past because he has conned us. His birth certificate is forged; I know it is, but how do we prove it? What can we do to stop this travesty?

Answer: We can turn our hearts and our minds back to God, and wait for His leadership.

Question: Jack, you have not answered one question you’ve been asked directly. Why?

Answer: Yes, I have. The questions may vary, but the answer never changes. To rid our land of the Evil that has overwhelmed us, we must repent and return to God in purity. That’s our only option.

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When Barack Obama first ran for President in 2008, I had no difficulty seeing him for who he really was. Although I didn’t know as much about him as I do now, I certainly knew enough to realize that he was not who he purported himself to be. Millions embraced his deceptions as the truth, however, including many who have a relationship with Christ.

In 2008, they believed him when he called for transparency, thinking that he would keep his campaign promise, but he didn’t. Instead, the day after his inauguration, he signed his first executive order, which was to seal every document concerning his past. His goal was to ensure that the darkness that surrounded him would be maintained and that the light would not prevail. So far, it has worked, but it will not last forever.

Those whose deeds love the darkness and hate the light. During the last election, when there were repeated calls for Obama to unseal his records, the demands were ignored, which certainly didn’t surprise me. What did surprise me, however, was the lack of concern for the truth displayed by the millions of Christians who supported him.

That Obama loves the darkness rather than the light is one thing. That there are Christians who affirmed him in this is another. No born again child of God should ever justify the darkness, which is anathema to the nature of God.

As a nation, we deserve Obama, along with the corruption he has brought with him. We have not stood up for our beliefs, and now we are paying the price for our error. Who knows what will be left when he is done?

What I do know is this: for as long as there is breath in me, I will never turn my head from what I know is wrong and allow the darkness to smother the light.

Never again—never, never, never.

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As the decline of our nation escalates, and you watch it helplessly, do you wonder:

  • What can I do?
  • When will this ever end?
  • Is there a future for us, or is this the end of America as we have known it?

The answer is, God knows; I don’t, nor do you or anybody else—not for sure, anyway.

People want to confront this issue and then that one. As I watch, I can see that we are completely off balance, rendering any opposition to what is happening to be fruitless.

We are losing the battle because we are fighting in the power of our own strength—not the Lord’s. We cannot win this fight on our own. Almighty God has to go before us. Without His might, we are lost.

So, the answer is not to react to what we see. That is ineffective. The answer is to repudiate the false cultural beliefs we have embraced and turn to God in purity, asking Him to strengthen and embolden us. He can win the battle for us, but we must learn to stand firm in the process. Being lukewarm is no longer an option, and it’s a poor strategy as well. We talk about the Lord being all powerful; it’s time to believe it.

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There’s a stirring throughout the land. So far, it’s gentle, but it’s also unmistakable. Can you sense it? Can you feel it deep within you?

It’s the Spirit of God rousing His people. You can see it in the discontentedness that fills the social media. Long dormant, what God has been building in the hearts and minds of His people has germinated and waited long enough. It cannot be contained much longer. Things are about to change.

The Children of Darkness believe a great battle has been won—a battle that has produced a permanent change in America. Many of God’s children believe the same thing, but that’s not what is happening—not at all. Beneath the surface, deep within the hearts of God’s children, there is a simmering discontent—an anger that Evil has usurped the upper hand over what is right, noble, and good.

While the Children of Darkness smile, certain that their evil machinations have prevailed, producing a permanent change in the land, something else is happening—something they cannot understand or explain. And, it’s something they cannot contain or stop.

The Children of Light have finally begun to awaken from their slumber, and we will not be content to remain still much longer.

The Lord says, “My sheep hear My Voice,” and they do. He has begun to speak, and we are listening.

  • Are you one of His sheep?
  • If so, do you hear His voice?
  • Are you beginning to realize it’s your time to stand up and be counted?
  • Have you had enough of the Children of Darkness calling right wrong and wrong right?
  • Does your heart hunger and thirst for righteousness?
  • Do you know the time to retake our beloved nation is getting close?
  • Do you sense it deep within you?

If so, then shake the lethargy from you and seek His face. Humble yourself before Him. Confess your iniquity and that of the American people. Then, with an expectant heart, wait. Nothing else is necessary. Our Leader—the great I Am—will raise you up, and lead us to retake what is ours. This land is ours; it belongs to us—to the Children of Light, not to the Children of Darkness.

Jack Watts

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Never have so many owed so much to so few—Winston Churchill

When he spoke those words on the radio in 1940, Winston Churchill was referring to the brave men of the Royal Air Force, who fought and won the Battle of Britain, maintaining air superiority over the Germans, which meant the Wehrmacht would not be able to invade Britain successfully.

This statement is a great tribute to those men, and it’s a perfect example of what the entire theme of RENEWAL is all about. Throughout history, there have been splinter groups of Christians who have broken off from society, claimed divine revelation, and created a sub community within the larger nation. That’s not what I’m suggesting.

I’m calling for faithful men and women—those who know the Lord—to renew their minds and stand in the breaches of the walls of our collapsing society, as faithful warriors, which will allow Christ to go before us and fight our battle in power of His might, instead of us fighting it on our own. If we continue to fight as we have in the past, we will continue to have the same results—resounding defeats.

For decades, we have been fighting the forces of Evil in the strength of our earthly powers—through reasoning and arguing—never completely admitting to ourselves that the battle is spiritual. Our enemy is spiritual, and we can never defeat a spiritual enemy in our own power, despite the insistence of movies and video games that we can. It cannot be done, and we need to recognize that it cannot.

Instead, we need to look to Christ, through the power of the Holy Spirit, and fundamentally change the way we conceptualize reality. Remember, Heaven and Earth will pass away, but God’s Word never will. That’s the place t begin—knowing that God’s Word in reality and not just a philosophical truism. Start there, and start today. If you do, future generations may recognize us as the few to whom so much is owed.

Jack Watts

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We all want acceptance. We want people to hit “Like,” when we put up a Facebook post. At one level or another, all of us have some people pleasing components to our character. Human beings are just like that.

This part of each of our personalities has become a problem in our walk with the Lord, however. Wanting to be liked by our non-believing friends, we have discarded one aspect of our beliefs after another, all in an attempt to please those around us. None of us wants to seem like a narrow-minded, self-righteous bigot. Just the thought of it makes us cast aside huge chunks of our belief system in favor of whatever it takes to get along with others.

What doesn’t occur to us—or not often anyway—is that such conformity to the religion of political correctness is a repudiation of what we know to be true. By trying to be liked by non-Christians, we have turned our backs on Christ and the Truth He came to proclaim.

We have lost our saltiness—period. It isn’t there any longer. We like to pretend that it is, but it isn’t.

When we don’t like what’s happening and the direction the country is taking, we gripe about the liberals, blaming them, rather than facing the truth. We are the ones called to be salty—not them. They don’t have the Spirit of God in them. How can they be expected to see the Truth or the Light?

Now, let me ask you this: If 5 percent of the population during the Revolutionary era, which was just 150,000 people, could impact the population so profoundly at the time of the ratification of the Constitution, why don’t 80 million Christians have any impact now? Why have we become marginalized? Why aren’t we the strong force we once were and have been called by God to be?

It’s because we have watered down who we are and what we stand for so completely that there is virtually no difference between us and non-believers.

If you want to change America, the place to start is by admitting the truth about who we have become—not just corporately, but personally. This isn’t everybody else. It’s you too. Admit who you have been. Then, turn you face back to Christ and wait for His leadership, which will certainly come.

Jack Watts

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As the assault on Christendom continues in America, people of faith have been losing one battle after another for years. When we do, we hold our mouths open, gaping in amazement that our nation has repudiated another venerated pillar in our value system. Becoming resolute, we battle against the affront only to lose again. It has happened so often that many Christians have given up and withdrawn, believing that there is no hope other than for the Lord to return and Rapture the church.

Let me say this: each generation of Americans has believed it would be the last, and none has been right so far. Our problem is that we have been battling spiritual forces within the strength of our own might, and that never works. We cannot and will not prevail, fighting the forces of Darkness, using reason, logic, or any other dimension that is human.

The battle is spiritual—nothing less. Our failure isn’t in our behavior but in our beliefs. Because we have lost so much, we have ascribed power to the Forces of Darkness that do not belong to them, refusing to believe the truth of God’s Work. I John 4: 4 says, “Greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world.”

Instead of believing this is true and resting in the truth, we have done the exact opposite, accepting in a de facto way that the Forces of Darkness are more powerful than the truth of God’s word.

Our crisis is not in our behavior and effort but in our beliefs. That’s what needs to change before this nation can change. We must recognize we have been believing lies, originating from the Father of Lies. Then, we must look to God, knowing that He is greater than the Evil that seems to be all-encompassing. When we do, once again we will be able to smile at the future, knowing that the Lord will go before us to fight the battle that we have tried to wage fruitlessly in our own initiative.

Jack Watts  We Believe

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After we repent of tacitly accepting the Cultural Religion of America, which is our form of Pantheism, what do we do next? Where do we go from there? What’s our next order of business?

We wait.

“Surely, there must be something more we can do than wait,” you might ask? Of course there is. We can spin our wheels in a thousand different directions, but none of it will be productive. In fact, most of it will be counter-productive.

If our enemy is a spiritual one, and political correctness certainly is, we may choose to fight in the power of our strength, but we will continue to fail. We have been failing for years, losing the battle badly. Remember, the battle is the Lord’s, and He will fight it for us. All that is required of us is fidelity, which has not been our strong suite—not for a long time.

So, while we are waiting, continue to purge yourself of accepting the false god of Pantheism. You may not think that has anything to do with restoring our nation to its traditional values, but I can assure you it does. Accept what Christ said as true. “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father but by Me.” He meant what He said, or He wouldn’t have said it.

To be faithful to Christ means you must be willing to accept the criticism that will come your way for being ignorant, intolerant, and narrow minded—none of which are true. If we want the Lord to fight the battle, we must be willing to put on our spiritual armor and stand with Him. If you cannot do this, pray that the Lord will give you the internal strength to do so. It’s important.

For decades, we haven’t been as faithful as we have needed to be, and look what has happened. So, get busy with your one task. Then, wait for what the Lord will do as He fights our battle for us.

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