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COMMON SENSE: In American history, nearly every generation has faced a significant challenge—a moment in time, when good men and women have been asked to make a stand. This is our moment. For such a time as this, God has prepared many of us. It’s now up to us to answer the call.
The future of our great nation is at stake and, depending on what we do or do not do, our destiny will depend. I know what I am going to do.
I am fully aware that my choice for President is deeply flawed, but his goals are righteous; and he is willing to accept godly counsel. That’s enough for me. Rather than curse the darkness like others, I intend to shine a light, knowing that the alternative is a devious woman who has a reprobate mind. Corrupt to the bone, under her leadership, the America we know and love will cease to exist.
The forces of darkness threaten to extinguish our light, but we do not need to allow this to happen. I know the Source of my strength, and I firmly believe that He is greater than anything that opposes us.
Now, the question is this: who will be strong and stand with me? Who will refuse to bow his or her knee to the god of this world? Who is willing to pay the price to retake this great nation from the barbarians, the Progressives, and everyone else who is accursed?
—Jack Watts

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For six years, like most Americans, I have tried to make sense of President Obama’s Middle Eastern policy, which has seemed more like abandonment of responsibility than anything else. Seemingly, our foreign policy has been chaotic, without longterm purpose, and reactive, rather than a clear articulation of American interests in the region, which is precisely what it should be.

Now, with the elections in Israel less than a month away, Obama’s purpose has become clear. He wants to defeat Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and elect the left-center candidates, Herzog-Livni, who Obama can control—something he could never do with Bibi. If Obama is successful, his end game is to break off Jerusalem from Israel, and have it be the Capitol of Palestine. This would produce the two state solution Progressives have desired since Jimmy Carter.

As Progressives like Obama, Kerry, and Hillary see things, this is their best opportunity to accomplish their elusive goal. Because of his help in ousting Netanyahu, the Herzog-Livni duo would be in Obama’s pocket. Israel’s power would effectively be neutralized, and they would be unable to thwart Obama’s tepid response to Iran becoming nuclear.

By inviting Netanyahu to address a joint session of Congress, Speaker Boehner has done his best to undermine Obama’s plans, which is why Obama is so furious about Netanyahu’s speech. It gives Netanyahu incredible influence, which is something Obama has been trying to undermine since taking office in 2009. To say this is a high-stakes game would be a massive understatement.

For Obama, the apocalyptic goals of ISIS are unimportant, but the undermining of Israeli sovereignty is. It’s the key to everything Obama has done in the Middle East since taking office. So, in one sense, Obama has apocalyptic goals of his own.

For people of faith, this should be troubling. I don’t know about you, but I stand with Netanyahu and pray for his reelection—literally pray. In our generation, he is the Winston Churchill we need—a man of conviction who is unafraid to speak the truth with power. Obama, by way of comparison, is Chamberlain at best; perhaps he is even Quisling.

—Jack Watts


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In politics, each event is linked to another. By understanding the linkage, you can discern what is happening and why. For example, people have been mystified about why President Obama did nothing to obtain the release of Sgt. Tahmooressi. I wasn’t surprised—not in the least.

Here’s the reason. Obama thought he would be championed for obtaining the release of Sgt. Bergdahl, but that didn’t happen. When Obama was criticized and ridiculed for making a bad deal, by releasing the Taliban Five for a deserter, Obama’s narcissism was deeply offended. Not helping Tahmooressi was the American public’s “just punishment” for not appreciating Obama’s great victory in obtaining Bergdahl’s release. To Obama, it wasn’t Tahmooressi that was important; it was punishing the rest of us, allowing Tahmooressi to suffer vicariously as our proxy.

Shutting down the World War II Memorial to vets in their 80s and 90s is another example. It was America’s just punishment for the Republicans not giving Obama the funds he wanted. Again, closing the Memorial was linked to Obama not getting his way. Understanding Obama’s narcissistic linkage helps us be able to predict his behavior.

When the Republicans take the Senate in the mid-term elections, it will be seen by Obama and his sycophants as a direct repudiation of the President’s policies and leadership. Obama even said so, which many consider to be a gaffe, but it wasn’t. It was a warning. When he said, “Make no mistake about it, all of my policies are on the ballot,” Obama was letting us know we had better reelect Democrats. In his twisted thinking, he was warning us that if we fail him by electing Republicans, then we deserve the punishment he will impose.

Losing the Senate isn’t something Obama is incapable of taking in stride. If we don’t head his clear warning, there will be “Hell to pay.” What that will be, I have no idea, but I’m 100 percent certain it will occur. By repudiating him personally, which is a massive affront to his fragile ego structure, I’m sure his punishment will be severe. If you think my hypothesis is ridiculous, just wait and watch. It won’t take long.

Jack Watts

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President Obama doesn’t have a coherent foreign policy—not in the traditional sense of having a specified purpose around which every decision is measured. From the end of World war II until the dismantling of the Soviet Union, our foreign policy has been one of containment. Every President, whether Democrat or Republican, accepted containment as America’s fundamental foreign policy goal.

The theory was this: Communism was monolithic and had to be checked everywhere it raised its ugly head. This included Indochina, which is why we became involved in the Vietnam War—a decision that made no sense for any other reason. As it turned out, nationalism was far stronger than the universalism of Communism. Unfortunately, our policy of containment didn’t recognize this, understand it for what it was, or take into consideration the reality of what was actually happening in the world.

When the Soviet Union collapsed, a proliferation of nations ensued, and we have not had a foreign policy that makes sense since the early 90s. By the way, the rise of nationalism has not been limited to Eastern Europe. It’s worldwide, including the vote of the Scots today to determine whether or not they will remain in the UK. The outcome of this plebiscite, which is a sign of the times, remains in doubt.

Without the Soviet Union as our primary enemy, we have struggled to have a coherent foreign policy. Because we are so much stronger than any other nation, or group of nations, we have been able to do this without much negative consequence—until now that is.

The times are changing. So far, we have failed to recognize this, let alone address reality coherently. On the horizon, the worldwide global domination of radical Islam has reared its ugly head, replacing Nazism and Fascism before the War and Communism after the war as the primary enemy of the western democracies.

As the undisputed leaders of the free world, we have not done well in confronting this encroaching Evil. In fact, our current administration, which mirrors the worldview of Barack Obama, has refused to even recognize the enemy for who it is. Additionally, the Obama regime also refuses to accept the Islamic goal of a worldwide Caliphate as being Islam’s true purpose, despite Jihadists repeatedly telling us this is what it is. Our failure to admit this truth is putting us at a terrible disadvantage. Some compare Obama’s responses to those of Neville Chamberlain, the British Prime Minister who tried unsuccessfully to appease Adolph Hitler. Chamberlain’s failure to stop Hitler, when he could, led to World War II. Perhaps Obama’s naïveté will cost the world as much.

Similarly to the 1930s, America is filled with those who refuse to recognize the seriousness of what we are facing, including our Commander-in-Chief. He is making poorly thought out decisions and implementing policies against ISIS that cannot possibly succeed—not militarily anyway. Success on the international stage, however, is not Obama’s goal. His foreign policy is driven by his domestic agenda, which is to placate his Far Left power base, while also making a feeble effort to actually do his job. Proverbially, he is trying to serve two masters, which is a strategy that never works.

The basic problem is Obama’s flawed worldview, which refuses to accept Islam for what it is. Obama has consistently redefined Muslim atrocities in a desperate attempt to mitigate its true horror. At bare minimum, he’s sympathetic to Islam, favoring Islamic goals and ambitions that are diametrically opposed to the best interest of the United States. The results of his fecklessness and foolishness have been catastrophic. He has alienated our strongest allies, while arming our greatest foes. While pursuing his  imprudent agenda, he has been cheered by the Far Left and its sycophantic press corps.

Neither Obama nor his foreign policy will change, regardless of what happens. The reason is simple. His ideological beliefs are far stronger than his ability to see the reality of what is actually happening in the world. The best scenario we can hope for is to weather the storm for the two years he remains in power. I don’t even want to speculate about what the worst case scenario might be.

Jack Watts

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From the moment Nidal Malik Hasan, a former United States Army psychiatrist, fatally shot thirteen and injured more than thirty others in the Fort Hood mass shooting on November 5, 2009, I knew we would be in serious trouble with Barack Obama as Commander-in-Chief. His militant refusal to call this a terrorist attack, which it definitely was, made it crystal clear Obama, and his Progressive cohorts, were unable to call a spade a spade. Their flawed worldview would not permit it. So, they engaged in revisionist history to rename it workforce violence, which it has remained ever since.

The problem with this is that it isn’t true, as anybody with an ounce of sense recognizes, which disqualifies his fawning press, who act as codependent enablers to this twisted worldview. Another example of this is Obama’s assertion that Islam has always played a key role in history, which it certainly has not, but the press lets his revisionism slide. It has become their fallback position.

The problem goes far deeper than this, however. It now threatens our survival as a nation.

As his core, Obama is a Progressive more than he is a Muslim. It’s a non-theistic worldview, but it’s not necessarily atheistic. To a Progressive, God simply isn’t important, as we saw when the Democrats booed His name being included in the Democratic platform several times during their last Democratic National Convention. Government is what is important to Progressives—not God’s will.

True to his Progressive principles, Obama has governed accordingly for six years. An essential component of Progressivism is that America has been on the wrong side of history since our inception, and the Judeo-Christian worldview is wrong, archaic, and intellectually indefensible. Those who champion American exceptionalism are worthy of being mocked, and that’s precisely what Progressives do, including the press. In the Progressive repudiation of our historical roots, they have repeatedly championed Islam as a religion of peace. As President, basing his policies on his Progressive beliefs, Obama has championed the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the rebels over Khadafi in Libia, Hamas over Israel, and the swap of the Taliban Five for Bergdahl—the American deserter. Each of his ideological positions—all based on Progressive ideology—have failed. None of them have furthered American interests. Rather than admit his errors, Obama has double-downed on his ideological convictions.

The folly of Obama’s ways was broadcasted worldwide on You Tube, with the beheading of James Foley on August 20, 2014. This blatant, in-your-face attack on an American citizen graphically revealed the failure of Obama’s tepid leadership and his flawed worldview. Even worse, it reveals the Progressive worldview, where terrorism has repeatedly been redefined, is incapable of facing Evil head on. Progressives don’t believe in Evil, while those who are Evil are willing to die for their cause—just as long as it eventually brings about our destruction, Israel’s too.

You might ask, “Do we have anything that’s strong enough to withstand this Evil assault upon our nation?” The answer is simple and obvious: Of course, we do. We have our Judeo-Christian heritage that has always recognized Evil for what it is and stood up to it effectively, including World War II.

When I was pursuing my Ph.D in international politics at Emory in the late 70s, the prevailing belief of my professors—all Progressives—was that America was in irreversible decline. With Jimmy Carter as President, my heart sank, believing this was true. Then, Ronald Reagan—like the rise of the Phoenix—came out of the West and ushered in a generation of American strength and prosperity.

Now, with Obama at the helm, we are being told the same thing. America’s days are dwindling, which even evangelicals accept as the fulfillment of their Premillennial worldview, but it isn’t necessarily so. In fact, it shouldn’t be so.

Regardless of what the future holds, we must stand up to the Evil of Islam and confront their Jihadism head on. To do this, we need a leader who embraces the historical foundation of our Judeo-Christian heritage and not one who repudiates it in favor of the wishful thinking of Progressivism.

Not much is at stake—just our survival.

Jack Watts

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When Barack Obama was first elected, he was championed worldwide as the man destined to lead us into an era of global peace, with the rights of the dispossessed elevated at the expense of the very wealthy. Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for what he was going to do, rather than what he had already accomplished, the Progressives finally had the man of their choosing leading the most powerful nation on earth. The future looked bright for those who believed global peace could be established by wishful thinking.

President Obama’s foreign policy, in his own words, is this: “Don’t do stupid shit.” Unfortunately, that’s all he seems capable of doing—”stupid shit.” Vacillating and indecisive, Obama has backed the wrong horse in the Middle east repeatedly—first in Libya, then in Egypt, and finally favoring Hamas over Israel. Systematically downgrading our military, while threats from Russia, Iran, and ISIS have escalated, his strategy of leading from behind has been a colossal failure. We are in full scale retreat worldwide. American leadership, which has been present since World War II, is no longer predominant or even highly valued. Obama is neither feared nor respected, creating an enormous power vacuum destined to be filled by those intent on our destruction.

While Russian aggression threaten Ukraine and other nations in Eastern Europe, ISIS and Iran threaten the Middle East, and China grows strong, Obama and his inept advisors have focused on global warming. Now, well into the sixth year of his Presidency, not even his stalwart Kool-Aid drinkers can point to one accomplishment worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize. Even worse, as the anniversary of 9/11 looms, we are no better prepared than we were when the Jihadists struck us in Benghazi. The only good news is this: all we have to weather is another two years of his feckless leadership.

Jack Watts

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In America, this is a great time to be a patriot. Because Progressives and the Radical Left do not consider the Constitution and the Rule of Law to be sacred, we must. Their disdain for traditional values has provided us with the opportunity to take a strong stand for what we believe. To oppose them effectively, however, we must be steadfast and immovable. It’s the only way to restore our nation to greatness, but being determined isn’t enough.

Equally important, we must have the knowledge necessary to express ourselves confidently and convincingly. This is something many are unable to do. It’s a problem that must be addressed and resolved.

In the twenty-first century, the United States faces new challenges and new dangers, which once again require an informed citizenry to take a stand for what is right. To remain strong, we must remain resolute. To remain resolute, we must have convictions. To have convictions, we must know what we believe. To know what we believe, we must return to the original documents. There is no other way.

In the nineteenth century, Lord Acton pointed out, “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” His words seem more appropriate today than when he first spoke them. We live in perilous times—times which require good men and women to stand firmly against those who hate our way of life and plot our destruction.

We also face dangers from within—from those who no longer accept America’s traditional values as their own. There have always been people like them among us; but their numbers have grown. Now, they threaten to overwhelm us.

For decades I’ve heard people warn of impending doom; and like most, I’ve dismissed what they have had to say as ludicrous, conspiratorial nonsense. Now, their warnings of impending disaster don’t seem as far fetched as they once did. Being ignorant about our heritage is no longer an option. Remaining unaware and complacent carries a heavy price tag. We must be prepared.

America has weathered many storms. We will need to weather many more, but we cannot do so without being vigilant—without being informed. With perils from without and from within, understanding our great tradition is more important than ever.

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