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For six years, like most Americans, I have tried to make sense of President Obama’s Middle Eastern policy, which has seemed more like abandonment of responsibility than anything else. Seemingly, our foreign policy has been chaotic, without longterm purpose, and reactive, rather than a clear articulation of American interests in the region, which is precisely what it should be.

Now, with the elections in Israel less than a month away, Obama’s purpose has become clear. He wants to defeat Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and elect the left-center candidates, Herzog-Livni, who Obama can control—something he could never do with Bibi. If Obama is successful, his end game is to break off Jerusalem from Israel, and have it be the Capitol of Palestine. This would produce the two state solution Progressives have desired since Jimmy Carter.

As Progressives like Obama, Kerry, and Hillary see things, this is their best opportunity to accomplish their elusive goal. Because of his help in ousting Netanyahu, the Herzog-Livni duo would be in Obama’s pocket. Israel’s power would effectively be neutralized, and they would be unable to thwart Obama’s tepid response to Iran becoming nuclear.

By inviting Netanyahu to address a joint session of Congress, Speaker Boehner has done his best to undermine Obama’s plans, which is why Obama is so furious about Netanyahu’s speech. It gives Netanyahu incredible influence, which is something Obama has been trying to undermine since taking office in 2009. To say this is a high-stakes game would be a massive understatement.

For Obama, the apocalyptic goals of ISIS are unimportant, but the undermining of Israeli sovereignty is. It’s the key to everything Obama has done in the Middle East since taking office. So, in one sense, Obama has apocalyptic goals of his own.

For people of faith, this should be troubling. I don’t know about you, but I stand with Netanyahu and pray for his reelection—literally pray. In our generation, he is the Winston Churchill we need—a man of conviction who is unafraid to speak the truth with power. Obama, by way of comparison, is Chamberlain at best; perhaps he is even Quisling.

—Jack Watts


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According to Klein Online—a reputable news source about the Middle East—Israel may be preparing a preemptive attack on Iran’s capacity to make offensive nuclear warheads. Klein wrote, “Multiple eyewitnesses reported seeing Israeli military trucks in recent days transport and station large missiles at the periphery of Jerusalem” in locations inside the West Bank.

Although there could be other explanations for the move, the action is unprecedented, and its timing is significant. The description of the missiles was consistent with the Israel’s mid-to-long range Jericho ballistic missiles, which easily have the capacity to reach Iran with pinpoint accuracy.

Does this mean an attack on Iran is imminent? Certainly not, but it does indicate the growing level of concern in Israel over Iran’s nuclear capability.

Is an attack being contemplated by Israel? You bet.

It may be Israel’s only option, especially with the tepid support given by the Obama administration. Very little is being done to thwart Iran. The sanctions imposed by the United States are not even as great as the United Kingdom, who has historically not supported Israel as firmly as the United States. This is why Iranian protestors have assaulted the British embassy.

Obviously, an attack on Iran would have catastrophic consequences in the Middle East, which the Israelis understand, but time and options for them are running out. To allow Iran to be a nuclear power would threaten Israel’s existence, and that’s something no nation-state can accept.

Since the beginning of the nuclear age, the greatest fear has been that an irrational, rogue nation would obtain nuclear weapons and use them to settle a grudge. This is exactly what appears to be happening between Iran and Israel. The Iranian leadership, who disputes that the Holocaust was real, has stated that Israel has no right to exist. This shows how irrational the Mahmoud Ahmadinejad administration is. With an estimated arsenal of five warheads available by spring, the balance of power in the Middle East will shift, and Iran will have the capacity to obliterate Israel.

Realizing this—and with no other recourse—Israel will be forced to act soon. The Israelis simply cannot allow this to happen. Perhaps that’s why the Israel Defense Force has scheduled meetings at key Jewish synagogues throughout the United States in December. They want to explain the situation to the influential American Jewish community before striking.

Israel’s situation is desperate, and the Obama administration is doing what it does best—nothing, which is unacceptable. If you want to help, repost this article with a comment of your own. Let’s see if we can generate the support for Israel that it’s our responsibility to give.

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