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My heart is heavy and deeply troubled.
I have a dreadful foreboding for the future.
After benefitting from the rewards of Your blessings
For generations, it seems like this may be the end.
Throughout our history, millions have honored You,
Acknowledging that You are the source of everything
Good and honorable that we have enjoyed,
But this is no longer true. As a people,
We no longer honor You or give thanks.
In fact, we do the exact opposite.Now, we are being led
By those who mock Your name—by those who champion
A way that is contrary to the ways of our forefathers.
In their devious hearts,these reprobates hold
Your people in contempt, calling us deplorable and irredeemable.
Championed by a modern-day Jezebel—a disgraceful, corrupt
And deceitful woman, who speaks with a serpentine tongue,
They legislate wrong and call it right, congratulating themselves
For being enlightened, but they are not. They are deceived,
Even persuading many of Your children to accept
The ways of darkness, calling them wise and beneficial.
We deserve the destruction that is about to fall upon us.
There can be no doubt about that, but in Your graciousness,
You can spare us from the reign of Jezebel. You are slow
To anger and quick to forgive. For the sake of those of us
Who have made a stand for You, please spare our nation—
Not because we deserve to be spared, which we do not,
But because of Your boundless lovingkindness,

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hillary trump_4COMMON SENSE: Hillary Clinton has contempt for the Rule of law—shame on her. The Republican Establishment has equal contempt for the will of it’s party’s voters—shame on the Republican Establishment.
My original candidate was Sen. Cruz. When he quit, I shifted to Trump. The Republican elites refuse to do this. Dan Senor, a Bush/Romney/Paul Ryan hack, is behind the audio clip aimed at derailing Donald Trump. This makes Senor a Quisling in my book. If Ryan had anything to do with this underhanded plot, he needs to resign as Speaker of the House.
When Trump went up against Hillary Sunday night, he was simultaneously fighting a coup from within his own party. Yet, he stood tall and soundly trounced the Queen of Corruption. Fighting for us, the American people, Trump was Presidential. I don’t know about you, but I will proudly vote for him in November.
Jack Watts

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COMMON SENSE: Hillary is convinced Putin has intact versions of her 33,000 Bleach-Bitted emails, which certainly could destroy her. It’s why she is doing everything in her power to tie Trump to Putin. Although this is a stretch, it’s all she can do to mitigate the damage she believes is coming her way.
Conservatives and Trump supporters love this. They are counting on Putin releasing the emails before the election, handing the White House to Trump. Thinking it’s their ace in the hole, they are counting on this.
If Putin has her 33,000 emails, which he may or may not, I doubt he will release them. The reason is simple. He’s a Russian, looking out for Russian interests—not American interests. From his perspective, he would rather see Hillary win. Once she does, then he will release the emails, which are certain to destabilize the United States. That is in Russia’s best interests—not helping Trump win.
If Putin can create a Constitutional crisis for us, by letting everybody know our President-elect is definitely a crook and maybe a traitor, he will. Whatever weakens us, like having Obama or Hillary in the White House, is in his best interest. So, don’t expect to see the email before the election—not if Putin is the one who has them. Look for them shortly thereafter.
Jack Watts

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From the moment Nidal Malik Hasan, a former United States Army psychiatrist, fatally shot thirteen and injured more than thirty others in the Fort Hood mass shooting on November 5, 2009, I knew we would be in serious trouble with Barack Obama as Commander-in-Chief. His militant refusal to call this a terrorist attack, which it definitely was, made it crystal clear Obama, and his Progressive cohorts, were unable to call a spade a spade. Their flawed worldview would not permit it. So, they engaged in revisionist history to rename it workforce violence, which it has remained ever since.

The problem with this is that it isn’t true, as anybody with an ounce of sense recognizes, which disqualifies his fawning press, who act as codependent enablers to this twisted worldview. Another example of this is Obama’s assertion that Islam has always played a key role in history, which it certainly has not, but the press lets his revisionism slide. It has become their fallback position.

The problem goes far deeper than this, however. It now threatens our survival as a nation.

As his core, Obama is a Progressive more than he is a Muslim. It’s a non-theistic worldview, but it’s not necessarily atheistic. To a Progressive, God simply isn’t important, as we saw when the Democrats booed His name being included in the Democratic platform several times during their last Democratic National Convention. Government is what is important to Progressives—not God’s will.

True to his Progressive principles, Obama has governed accordingly for six years. An essential component of Progressivism is that America has been on the wrong side of history since our inception, and the Judeo-Christian worldview is wrong, archaic, and intellectually indefensible. Those who champion American exceptionalism are worthy of being mocked, and that’s precisely what Progressives do, including the press. In the Progressive repudiation of our historical roots, they have repeatedly championed Islam as a religion of peace. As President, basing his policies on his Progressive beliefs, Obama has championed the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the rebels over Khadafi in Libia, Hamas over Israel, and the swap of the Taliban Five for Bergdahl—the American deserter. Each of his ideological positions—all based on Progressive ideology—have failed. None of them have furthered American interests. Rather than admit his errors, Obama has double-downed on his ideological convictions.

The folly of Obama’s ways was broadcasted worldwide on You Tube, with the beheading of James Foley on August 20, 2014. This blatant, in-your-face attack on an American citizen graphically revealed the failure of Obama’s tepid leadership and his flawed worldview. Even worse, it reveals the Progressive worldview, where terrorism has repeatedly been redefined, is incapable of facing Evil head on. Progressives don’t believe in Evil, while those who are Evil are willing to die for their cause—just as long as it eventually brings about our destruction, Israel’s too.

You might ask, “Do we have anything that’s strong enough to withstand this Evil assault upon our nation?” The answer is simple and obvious: Of course, we do. We have our Judeo-Christian heritage that has always recognized Evil for what it is and stood up to it effectively, including World War II.

When I was pursuing my Ph.D in international politics at Emory in the late 70s, the prevailing belief of my professors—all Progressives—was that America was in irreversible decline. With Jimmy Carter as President, my heart sank, believing this was true. Then, Ronald Reagan—like the rise of the Phoenix—came out of the West and ushered in a generation of American strength and prosperity.

Now, with Obama at the helm, we are being told the same thing. America’s days are dwindling, which even evangelicals accept as the fulfillment of their Premillennial worldview, but it isn’t necessarily so. In fact, it shouldn’t be so.

Regardless of what the future holds, we must stand up to the Evil of Islam and confront their Jihadism head on. To do this, we need a leader who embraces the historical foundation of our Judeo-Christian heritage and not one who repudiates it in favor of the wishful thinking of Progressivism.

Not much is at stake—just our survival.

Jack Watts

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Conservatives need to renew their minds. Instead of being reactive, we need to begin thinking strategically. This should begin with our assessment of Barack Obama. We were destined to have a Progressive in the White House. Al Gore nearly won in 2000.

That being said, we are lucky that Obama won. Yes, that’s exactly what I said, and I mean it. What if the Progressive who won worked hard and wasn’t lazy? What if he or she was an effective leader rather than grossly incompetent? What if that person was fundamentally honest, rather than a pathological liar? What if that person actually worked with Congress instead of holding the legislative branch in contempt? What if that Progressive actually did something that warranted a Nobel Peace Prize? Just think of the mess we would be in.

As it now stands, the results of Obama’s feckless leadership are plain for the world to see. Not only has he systematically orchestrated the decline of American influence worldwide, but he has also infected every agency of the federal government with his corrupt, Chicago-style politics. Once he had a legion of supporters. Now, he has very few, and they are dwindling daily.

He’s a charlatan at every level, and we are lucky to have him. The disillusionment he has created will make it very difficult for another Progressive to win. With Hillary in the wings, all we need to do to turn things around is stand our ground, fight for transparency, and look for a candidate who is strong in character and leadership qualities.


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I am grateful for Barack Obama; I really am. We were destined to have a Progressive for President. Al Gore nearly pulled it off in 2000. Even if Obama had lost, there would have been another Progressive who would have eventually won. Because of who Obama is and what he has done, I couldn’t be happier that he has been the Progressive who has led us from the Oval Office.


Think of it this way:

  • What if Obama had been competent, which he certainly isn’t? Just think of how much worse off we would be.
  • What if Obama had integrity? Despite his failed policies, people would continue to believe in him, which only the militants now do.
  • What if Obama had been transparent? If he had been open and honest about his mistakes, people would have forgiven him, but he hasn’t been, has he? From his first Executive Order, the day after his first inauguration, a shroud of secrecy has protected his administration from divulging the truth about who he is and what he has done.
  • What if Obama respected and honored the Rule of Law? Much of what he has done would be the law of the land for decades, but that’s not going to happen. Instead, one initiative after the other will be struck down, and Obama’s legacy will make Jimmy Carter’s failures pale in comparison.
  • What if he had been pro business? If he had strengthened our economy, rather than done everything in his power to regulate us into decline, all else would have been forgiven. But he hasn’t done that either, has he?
  • What if he behaved like the Christian he says he is? People of faith would have rallied around him, just as they have George W. Bush, despite W having made some colossal blunders. But Obama hasn’t done this either. Instead, he has chosen to do everything in his power, which is considerable, to undermine Christianity in America.
  • What if Obama supported a strong military and had enhanced our position in the world, rather than tarnished it badly. As a Nobel Peace Prize recipient, he had everything going for him, but now he is the laughing stock of the world. Can you name even one foreign leader who either respects or fears him?
  • What if his administration had not been overwhelmed by scandals? Without Fast & Furious, Benghazi, the IRS, NSA, EPA, and VA scandals—all pointing to an administration that is manipulative, lawless and corrupt—Obama might be remembered as a tragic hero. But he isn’t a tragic hero, is he? No, he’s just another corrupt politician from Chicago with criminal inclinations.

Once Obama is gone, the truth about all that he has done will come out—all of it. Count on it. When it does, the liberal media will look like the foolish sycophants they have been, rather than the fourth branch of government, ever watchful for the interests of the people. Even worse, Obama’s name will become synonymous with corruption—like Benedict Arnold’s is with treason. Once it does, and it won’t take long, it will be a long time before another Progressive puts his feet on the Commander-in-Chief’s desk in the Oval Office. All of this is why I am grateful for President Barack Hussein Obama.

Jack Watts

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