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161534_100003471255753_672416768_nCOMMON SENSE: Having to face relentless daily attacks by the bitter mainstream media is the new normal for us. This is not going to change. Regardless of how successful President Trump’s agenda is, as long as he is President, he is going to be hounded by a hostile press. This will test his resolve, and it will test ours as well.
It will help to start thinking of Trump like Nehemiah, who rebuilt the wall to Jerusalem, while simultaneously having to ward off repeated attacks by his adversaries. Trump is having to do the same thing, which means we have to redouble our efforts to undergird his Presidency with prayer and immovable support. We must stand in the breach of the wall and fight with him to protect our nation from the Progressives.
The future of America depends on it. We must not allow the constant naysaying of the Progressives in the media to wear us down. Our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren are depending on us to remain faithful.
Jack Watts

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161534_100003471255753_672416768_nCOMMON SENSE: The difference between the belief system I espouse and the beliefs of the Progressive Left have many differences, but the core difference is this. My sense of Right vs. Wrong is absolute. For a Progressive, because there is no such thing as absolute truth, there is no absolute Right & Wrong.
Founded upon the Judeo-Christian Ethic and biblical precepts, my beliefs never change, and I have a hard line about what is acceptable and what is not. For a Progressive, achieving and maintaining power is all that is important. Whatever is necessary to make this happen is acceptable—anything.
For a Progressive, the ends justify the means. For me, and for millions of others like me, how we do things is more important than achieving our goal. Doing the right thing is more important than winning. For a Progressive, such thinking is nonsense.
In this highly charged political climate, because Progressives can justify violence to achieve their ends, nearly all of the criminal acts comes from the Radical Left. They believe this strategy will work. They consider us to be weak, but they are mistaken. We are strong, and we are getting stronger by the day.

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COMMON SENSE: We must understand and accept the anti-American goals of Islam. Plain and simple, they want to destroy and subjugate the United States of America. For them, there is no middle ground. From their perspective, conquest and subjection to Allah is what America’s future must be. To be true to Allah, there can be no other result. If we refuse to become Muslim, we must die—period.
For us to be effective in thwarting this Evil, anti-American goal, we must come to understand why Islamic beliefs can never be peacefully integrated into our way of life. By nature, the Islamic worldview gravitates to extremism. Obviously not all Muslims are terrorists, but the percentage who are is alarmingly high. Thus, it is a serious mistake to believe that peaceful integration of Islam into our society can ever become a reality. To believe that it can is as foolhardy as believing you can domesticate a cobra.
Stating the objectives of Islam is not being Islamaphobic, despite what the Progressives say to the contrary. It isn’t hate speech either. It’s just being straightforward with the truth, which is something that has become offensive to the Leftists in our politically correct society.
It is only in recent years, when Progressive thinking superseded and replaced our traditional Judeo-Christian worldview, that fear of being straightforward with the truth has become a problem. Having traveled the Progressive road for awhile, to simply state the truth is now considered “hate speech” by a large portion of our society. It is not.
To survive and get back on the right road, we must embrace the values of our forefathers, which were Christian, and repudiate the globalist values of the Progressives. If we do not, the United States will be no better off than the European nations are now.
—Jack Watts

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Father, Lord God Almighty:

We come before You today on bended knee,

Because our hearts are troubled and sorrowful.

We are apprehensive about our nation’s future.

In Your goodness to us, six months ago,

As our nation was about to go over the cliff,

You spared us from certain destruction,

By foiling the ambitions of America’s Jezebel,

And her equally nefarious and detestable partner, Ahab.


Hearing our prayers, which were legion,

You honored us by stopping the cold-hearted schemes

Of those who mock Your Name and ridicule Your children.

In Your benevolence, You gave us another chance

To change our wicked ways that are so dishonoring to You.

Thank You for Your benevolence and for Your mercy to us,

Which we do not deserve, but which You have granted graciously.

Believing restitution of all that is good was within our grasp,

We, Your children, were overjoyed with the prospects for the future.


But now, our joy and our enthusiasm have been short-lived,

As a dark shadow has come over our the United States,

And ominous clouds threaten to undo our legitimate victory.

The forces of darkness, led by damnable men and women,

Loathsome creatures who hate Your name—those who

Champion corruption and depravity, have joined forces

With Jezebel and Ahab to alter the will of the American people

And abrogate our voice, which produced an electoral landslide.

Do not allow their scheming and plotting to succeed, Father.

Foil their plots and refute their lies so that the entire world can see.

Refuse to grant the desires of the arrogant, those who believe

Their godless voices should exercise dominion over the righteous.

Defeat them, Father—not because we are justifiably deserving—

But because You have been merciful to America for centuries.

We ask this in the Name of Jesus Christ, our Lord, and Your Son,


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COMMON SENSE: Why would National Security Advisor Susan Rice collect intelligence data on the Trump Campaign and Trump transition effort? What would be her motivation? This is the question people cannot figure out. I have an answer, but you have to connect the dots to understand it.
First, Rice didn’t act independently. It’s not in her nature to do so. Although her efforts have been misguided, she is definitely a team player, and Obama is the team leader.
Barack Obama does not want to Make America Great Again—at least not according to Trump’s definition of what makes America great. Obama was highly successful at taking America down a notch or two, which was his purpose. So, everything Trump is doing—the dismantling of Obama’s vision—is counterproductive to Obama, Rice, the Democrat Obstructionists, and the mainstream media. Each successful stride Trump makes moves America further away from what America should be, according to the Progressive worldview.
So, finding out everything that could be known about Trump, in order to destroy his Presidency, became Rice’s true job. To accomplish this, she weaponized our national intelligence to discredit Trump and make every moves he made seem shady. What Rice did with Intelligence is exactly what Lois Lerner did with the IRS to thwart Obama’s opponents.
In the weeks and months to come, Americans are going to be shocked by the magnitude of spying by the Obama administration on his opponents. It’s inevitable, but here’s something else that’s interesting. Despite all of the unethical surveillance, they have never been able to come up with one concrete thing on Trump. If there was something there, Rice, Obama, and their shadow team would have used it by now.
Jack Watts

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thCOMMON SENSE: Senate Minority Leader Schumer has called for House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devon Nunes to step down. Nunes should not do this—period. To begin with, it’s none of the Senator’s business how the House of Representatives is run. Besides, what is wrong with the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee meeting with the Commander-in-Chief of the United States anyway?
Schumer, some House Democrats, and the Progressive mainstream media are calling for Nunes’ ouster because he so effective at what he does. Plus, it diverts attention away from the real issue—the illegal surveillance of President-Elect Trump by Team Obama.
All Shumer ever does is whine, complain, and obstruct. I defy anybody to point to one positive thing Shumer has done since he became Minority Leader. Can you think of anything? I sure can’t.
It’s time to stop complying with the demands of Shumer and the other Swamp Dwellers like him. Nunes needs to stay. Part of leading is standing up to the obstructionists and saying, “No!”

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170321-henry-sanchez-mn-1620_c56634478cf6722f78e27d01dabf9ee5.nbcnews-fp-1200-800.jpgCOMMON SENSE: Neither CBS, NBC, or ABC reported on the rape of a fourteen-year-old girl by her “fellow students,” who just happened to be seventeen and eighteen. These criminal illegal aliens live in a sanctuary county in Maryland. Since this is a major news story, why didn’t these networks report about it?
It’s because it doesn’t fit the Progressive narrative the mainstream media wants Americans to have about illegals. Believing in open borders, the media calls these people undocumented rather than what they really are, illegals. Enough is enough! Why would an eighteen-year-old be in a class with a fourteen-year-old anyway?
Knowing how bad some of these illegals are, their countries of origin are refusing to take them back, which is entirely unacceptable. Unless they do so willingly and immediately, the USA should cut off any aid to them, limit trade, and refuse to grant travel Visas to their citizens. It’s time to play hardball and fix this problem.
Jack Watts

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