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COMMON SENSE: Being a Christian, which is my primary identity, racism has no place in my world. Since Christ loved all of Mankind and died for the sins of everybody, we are all equal in the eyes of God. Thus, racism, in any form, is a sinful mindset—period.
That being said, taking down the memorial to Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville seems like the epitome of hypocrisy. If you are going to do this, if this is required because of Lee’s role in the Civil War, then shouldn’t the entire University of Virginia be dismantled, stone by stone? After all, it was founded by Thomas Jefferson, our 3rd President, founder of the Democratic Party, and lifelong slave owner.
If Lee’s statue comes down, then to be consistent, the University of Virginia should also cease to exist. Going one step further, the Commonwealth of Virginia, founded by slave owners, should be dissolved, as should the Carolinas, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and several other states. Or, as an alternative, we could choose to respect our history, while not agreeing with all aspects of it.
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Jack Watts

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161534_100003471255753_672416768_nCOMMON SENSE: The difference between the belief system I espouse and the beliefs of the Progressive Left have many differences, but the core difference is this. My sense of Right vs. Wrong is absolute. For a Progressive, because there is no such thing as absolute truth, there is no absolute Right & Wrong.
Founded upon the Judeo-Christian Ethic and biblical precepts, my beliefs never change, and I have a hard line about what is acceptable and what is not. For a Progressive, achieving and maintaining power is all that is important. Whatever is necessary to make this happen is acceptable—anything.
For a Progressive, the ends justify the means. For me, and for millions of others like me, how we do things is more important than achieving our goal. Doing the right thing is more important than winning. For a Progressive, such thinking is nonsense.
In this highly charged political climate, because Progressives can justify violence to achieve their ends, nearly all of the criminal acts comes from the Radical Left. They believe this strategy will work. They consider us to be weak, but they are mistaken. We are strong, and we are getting stronger by the day.

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Father, Lord God, Almighty,

As a nation, we come before You today,
On this Memorial Day weekend, to honor those
Who paid the ultimate sacrifice that we might remain free.
How can we express our gratitude to them in a way that
Doesn’t seem trite and without proper deference?
Truthfully, there are no words that are adequate—
No expression of gratitude that equals what
These mighty men of valor have done for us,
Since our nation’s inception in the eighteenth century.
Nevertheless, it is our duty and our great privilege to try.

So, with profound respect, a full heart, and misty eyes,
We bow our heads in reverence and thank You
For raising up so many warriors over the years—
From the time of the Revolution to our destructive Civil War,
From the World Wars all the way to the Middle Eastern conflicts.
Let their sacrifice be a perpetual reminder, etched in our hearts,
That the price of freedom will always remain high,
Especially in our dark world that is fallen and depraved.
From the beginning, You put it in the hearts of our forefathers
For America to be a “City on a Hill” for the entire world to see.
Let us pause on this day to remember those who died,
That we, the living, would continue to answer the perpetual call
To fight for freedom and righteousness for the American people.
In Your graciousness, Father, You have allowed our generation
To remain free and prosperous, and we thank You.
We owe every bit of the abundance we enjoy each day
To You and to those gave their lives that we might
Continue to champion their vision for America’s future.
Thank You for Your continued blessings upon us.
As we reflect today, let us never forget what was required
To make America the greatest nation in the history of Mankind,

Jack Watts​


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Father, Lord God Almighty:

We come before You today on bended knee,

Because our hearts are troubled and sorrowful.

We are apprehensive about our nation’s future.

In Your goodness to us, six months ago,

As our nation was about to go over the cliff,

You spared us from certain destruction,

By foiling the ambitions of America’s Jezebel,

And her equally nefarious and detestable partner, Ahab.


Hearing our prayers, which were legion,

You honored us by stopping the cold-hearted schemes

Of those who mock Your Name and ridicule Your children.

In Your benevolence, You gave us another chance

To change our wicked ways that are so dishonoring to You.

Thank You for Your benevolence and for Your mercy to us,

Which we do not deserve, but which You have granted graciously.

Believing restitution of all that is good was within our grasp,

We, Your children, were overjoyed with the prospects for the future.


But now, our joy and our enthusiasm have been short-lived,

As a dark shadow has come over our the United States,

And ominous clouds threaten to undo our legitimate victory.

The forces of darkness, led by damnable men and women,

Loathsome creatures who hate Your name—those who

Champion corruption and depravity, have joined forces

With Jezebel and Ahab to alter the will of the American people

And abrogate our voice, which produced an electoral landslide.

Do not allow their scheming and plotting to succeed, Father.

Foil their plots and refute their lies so that the entire world can see.

Refuse to grant the desires of the arrogant, those who believe

Their godless voices should exercise dominion over the righteous.

Defeat them, Father—not because we are justifiably deserving—

But because You have been merciful to America for centuries.

We ask this in the Name of Jesus Christ, our Lord, and Your Son,


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th-2COMMON SENSE: Attorney General Sessions has drawn a clear line in the sand. His anti illegal immigration stance is a clear statement that the Justice Department intends to keep President Trump’s campaign promise to secure our borders and return illegals to their place of origin, beginning with the criminals.
Because this is an “in-your-face” repudiation to the open border policies of the Obama administration, and the Progressive Leftists who embrace globalism by repudiating nationalism, Sessions is being pounded by the mainstream media. So be it.
Session is putting Americans first, as he should, and he is also keeping one of Trump’s most fervent campaign promises. By putting sanctuary cities and states on notice, Trump and Sessions are certain to be vilified by the Left, but Deplorables like me love them for it.
We don’t want criminal illegals in our country—period. We don’t want MS-13, Radical Islamic Jihadists, or people who come here to get on welfare. Being in debt $20 trillion dollars, we have enough problems of our own without accepting the dreck of other nations, and I couldn’t care less about the Progressives who disagree with me. As Obama said, “Elections have consequences,” and this is one of them—a good one, don’t you agree?
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—Jack Watts

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13936697_10210209248812453_1993330275_nCOMMON SENSE: Will the war between President Trump and the mainstream media ever abate, or will this be the new normal for the next four or eight years? Many people wonder. They are hopeful it will stop, but I do not believe it ever will. There are reasons why.
Both Trump and the media hold each other in mutual contempt, and they go back and forth doing their best to inflict punishing blows on each other—kind of like a couple going through a nasty divorce. But this part of the equation is easy to understand. Malice always is. So, let’s simply factor this variable out. It’s critically important, obviously, but there is a causal factor beneath it that is far more important.
Donald Trump has an entirely different worldview than those of the media. He is an unapologetic patriot who is committed to putting the interests of the United States above all others. He believes he is right, and he cannot understand or accept the validity of any other position. This is why he is loved and held in high esteem by millions. That he will never change is what makes Deplorables fiercely loyal to him, despite being rough around the edges.
The worldview for nearly all of the media is Progressivism, however, is antithetical to Nativism. Progressives do not see America as a City on a Hill for the world to emulate—far from it. They view the United States as a nation that has grown wealthy on the backs of slaves. To a Progressive, we are imperialists who have grown fat by robbing the world of its wealth, and it is high time we make amends for centuries of our criminal behavior. Progressive view reality through this prism. They consider Trump’s prism to be invalid, and via-se-versa.
So, everything President Trump does is viewed by the press as being counterproductive to establishing a New World Order, where there are no borders, and there are no deeply held patriotic views that disparage the oppressed. The god of Progressivism is the state. Those who adhere to a Judeo-Christian worldview are simpletons and fools—unfortunates who lack the intellectual capacity to evolve.
To Progressives, we are obscurants. They believe our Christian worldview is racist and must never prevail. To them, we are their intellectual inferiors and their mortal enemies. That we are in power is intolerable, and it is their duty to oppose our belief system.
Because Trump embraces our values at every turn, he must be de-legitimized and hounded out of office. The Progressives are crystal clear about their goal and their agenda. This is not going to change.
Christians, and other virtuous people, need to realize that the faith and values of our Founding Fathers is being assailed at every turn. We must stand strong, be vigilant, and continue to be high-minded. We must be fully-convinced that is is our duty to tack back our country.
So, the conflict is not just between Trump and the media, which will continue. It’s also between Progressivism and people of virtue. It’s a life-and-death conflict between the god of this world and Almighty God. It’s a moral war between Good and Evil.
Jack Watts

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161534_100003471255753_672416768_nCOMMON SENSE: Here is our new reality. Regardless of how successful President Trump becomes, he will be vilified. Making America Great Again will be reinterpreted as something evil and heinous.
Where Trump is concerned, there will never be any fair-minded-ness. Despite his best and most successful efforts, he will be mocked and ridiculed. The reason for this is simple. His view of reality is diametrically opposed to that of the Progressive narrative.
Because we embrace Trump’s vision for America, we need to brace ourselves for the onslaught, which will not abate. We need to become stronger than we have ever been before, but we can do it. We must do it. With the help of Almighty God, we will be victorious in returning our beloved nation to the roots of its greatness, and the goals of Progressivism will be thwarted.
Jack Watts

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