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th 08-29-48COMMON SENSE: Yesterday’s ruling by the Supreme Court, affirming 9-0 that President Trump has the authority to impose a travel ban, is being heralded as a great victory for the administration. Reversing the 9th District, even the most liberal judges on the Supreme Court recognized that it is the President’s responsibility to do what he thinks best to keep us safe.
This was a victory for our Constitution, and the separation of powers, more than it was for Trump. To allow activist jurists to determine foreign policy is absurd and dangerous, which the Nutty Ninth should have recognized, but they didn’t. The decision by SCOTUS will not only helps Trump, but it will also help every future President.
Jack Watts

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th-4COMMN SENSE: Having taught government in high school and at Emory University, one of the things I like about the Comey/Trump conflict is how we are all learning a thing or two about Constitutional Law. The Left is accusing President Trump of Obstruction of Justice, but Harvard law Professor Alan Dershowitz says that simply is not true.
On CNN, Dershowitz, who is no Conservative said: “Trump could have told Comey, ‘You are commanded, you are directed, to drop the prosecution against Flynn.’ . . . He could’ve said to Comey, ‘Stop this investigation, I am now pardoning Flynn. That’s what President Bush did.” Dershowitz then cited the case of Caspar Weinberger, who was pardoned by George H.W. Bush before he could be tried in connection to the Iran-Contra scandal.
I understand that emotions are running high about this, but we must remember the Rule of Law is what will determine the outcome, not who can shout the loudest.

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Father, Lord God Almighty:

We come before You today on bended knee,

Because our hearts are troubled and sorrowful.

We are apprehensive about our nation’s future.

In Your goodness to us, six months ago,

As our nation was about to go over the cliff,

You spared us from certain destruction,

By foiling the ambitions of America’s Jezebel,

And her equally nefarious and detestable partner, Ahab.


Hearing our prayers, which were legion,

You honored us by stopping the cold-hearted schemes

Of those who mock Your Name and ridicule Your children.

In Your benevolence, You gave us another chance

To change our wicked ways that are so dishonoring to You.

Thank You for Your benevolence and for Your mercy to us,

Which we do not deserve, but which You have granted graciously.

Believing restitution of all that is good was within our grasp,

We, Your children, were overjoyed with the prospects for the future.


But now, our joy and our enthusiasm have been short-lived,

As a dark shadow has come over our the United States,

And ominous clouds threaten to undo our legitimate victory.

The forces of darkness, led by damnable men and women,

Loathsome creatures who hate Your name—those who

Champion corruption and depravity, have joined forces

With Jezebel and Ahab to alter the will of the American people

And abrogate our voice, which produced an electoral landslide.

Do not allow their scheming and plotting to succeed, Father.

Foil their plots and refute their lies so that the entire world can see.

Refuse to grant the desires of the arrogant, those who believe

Their godless voices should exercise dominion over the righteous.

Defeat them, Father—not because we are justifiably deserving—

But because You have been merciful to America for centuries.

We ask this in the Name of Jesus Christ, our Lord, and Your Son,


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COMMON SENSE: Senator McConnell, go nuclear. Put an end to Senator Shumer’s petty obstructionism. Elections have consequences, according to Obama, and he was right. Trump won, and he gets his choice.

More than any other factor, Trump’s promise to appoint Constitutional Conservatives to the Supreme Court is what made millions of Americans vote for him. By naming Judge Gorsuch, President Trump has kept his promise to the American people in an outstanding way. Now, the Senate must confirm Gorsuch.
I don’t care what Chuck Shumer wants. Confirm Gorsuch this week—period. After that, someone needs to check Justice Ginsberg’s blood alcohol levels when she is sitting on the bench. Being an active out-of-control alcoholic, she needs to retire. When that happens, it will really hit the fan.
Jack Watts

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search-1.jpgCOMMON SENSE: Many of the current issues, like repealing and replacing ObamaCare, are complex and not easy to understand. Other issues, like confirming Judge Neil Gorsuch, are easily comprehended. You have seen him and listened to how fair-minded and articulate he is. Brilliant, he is the epitome of what a judge should be.
Yet, Minority Leader Chuck Shumer intends to filibuster Gorsuch’s nomination—not because he isn’t qualified, but because the Democrats do not want President Trump to have a judge on the Supreme Court. Schumer’s strategy is simple to understand, and it demonstrates the Democrats’ singular purpose—to impede and obstruct anything and everything President Trump does. It doesn’t seem like they will do anything to move this country forward.
So be it. Millions of people made their decision to vote for Trump because they wanted him to appoint Conservative Justices, and he has kept his promise. Gorsuch must be confirmed, and we must all remember how vicious and mean-spirited the Democrats have been. In 2018, there are many Democrats up for reelection from Red States. We need to oppose every one of them.
Jack Watts

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neil-gorsuch-donald-trump-supreme-court-nominee-09COMMON SENSE: Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has stated he will not vote for Judge Gorsuch’s confirmation to the Supreme Court. Instead, Schumer has threatened to filibuster the nomination, even though Gorsuch is definitely qualified to serve.
Perhaps this is just payback for Obama’s appointee, Merritt Garland, never having been given an up-or-down vote. Nevertheless, Schumer’s actions are a clear indication that the Senate Democrats intend to obstruct everything President Trump intends to do.
So be it. We will just have to move forward without any Democrats supporting Gorsuch. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell needs to act accordingly. Change the rules so that Gorsuch only needs 51 votes, not a super majority of 60. By nominating Gorsuch, Trump has kept his promise to the American people to appoint a Conservative, and we need to make sure Gorsuch is confirmed. According to Obama, “Elections have consequences.” Obama was right.
Jack Watts

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ice-raidCOMMON SENSE: In his campaign, President Trump promised to arrest and deport criminal illegal aliens, and that is exactly what he is doing. Nevertheless, the Progressives and Radical Left are collectively wringing their hands at Trump’s “outrageous behavior.” That anybody is offended by what he is doing is mind boggling to me.
How can anybody in his or her right mind defend allowing illegal criminals to remain free and unchecked? How can anyone make a legal or moral case for allowing people like this to undermine our society by continuing to pursue their criminal behavior? Why bother to have laws, if we don’t plan to enforce them?
What truly amazes me is this: How can the Left make a legitimate case that they are serving the needs of the American people by opposing President Trump’s decision to get rid of these criminal illegals? Don’t we have enough criminals of our own to deal with? Why should we be responsible for the criminals of other nations as well? If anybody has an answer to my questions, please feel free to illuminate us.
Jack Watts

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PRESIDENT TRUMP: Since it is the strategy of the Progressives to challenge everything you do in court, hoping to derail your agenda, I think you need to be proactive to counter their efforts. If you don’t, they will be far more successful than they should be at tying you up in court and dominating the news cycle. There is a way to hold them in check tough. Here it is.
Hire Alan Dershowitz and Jonathan Turley, perhaps the two best liberal Constitutional lawyers in America, who are also patriots. Have them review each of your Executive Orders and policy papers from the viewpoint of a Progressive adversary. Let them point out all of your weaknesses or vulnerabilities. All them to suggest modifications when appropriate. Even if you reject their ideas, at least you will be forewarned about where your adversaries will strike.
Have these two men argue the case of your opponents before Progressive lawyers have a chance to see what you are doing. This might add a week to the process, but by making your Executive Orders “bullet proof,” you will be much more effective in implementing your agenda. As an added bonus, doing this would make it far more difficult for the media to criticize you unfairly.
—Jack Watts

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14650498_1006273869498312_617675958428653508_n.jpgCOMMON SENSE: I am amazed, perplexed and astounded—all at the same time. The bitterness of the Progressives and the pure hate they harbor in their heart’s toward the President, and people who believe in him, is absolutely irrational. Just to make certain he doesn’t win, they are willing to put every American at risk, including themselves. It’s madness.
They will not change, nor will they accept change, not even if it is in their best interest. So be it. We will have to defend the Homeland, while simultaneously battling the forces of Darkness from within. With Almighty God on our side, we can do it. Remember, greater is He who is with you, than the god of the Children of Darkness. The battle is on!
Jack Watts

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neil-gorsuch-donald-trump-supreme-court-nominee-09COMMON SENSE: It makes no difference that Judge Neil Gorsuch is a fine man and definitely qualified to be a Supreme Court Justice. He will be vilified by the Democrats because that’s what they do. Bearing false witness is their specialty. Being smart is ours.
Judge Gorsuch needs sixty votes for confirmation, which means eight Democrats will need to vote for him. Obtaining these votes may seem like an insurmountable task, but it isn’t. In 2018, there will be ten Democrats up for reelection from states Trump won—some quite handily.
These men and women cannot be reelected if they are obstructionists to the Trump agenda. They will vote to confirm Judge Gorsuch, if we put pressure on them. Here is the list of Democrats who are at risk:
—Bill Nelson, FL
—Joe Donnelley, IN
—Debbie Stebenow, MI
—Claire McCaskill, MO
—Joe Tester, MT
—Heidi Heitcamp, ND
—Sherrod Brown, OH
—Bob Casey, Jr,. PA
—Joe Manchin, WV
—Tammy Baldwin, WI
Controlling the Supreme Court is essential to Make America Great Again, so it’s up to us to make certain these susceptible Democrats see the wisdom in voting to sustain Judge Gorsuch. Start putting pressure on them now. Find ways to do it.
Jack Watts

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