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TRUMP DOSSIER: Here is my theory of what transpired:

Bruce Ohr, the number four man at the Department of Justice met with the British spy, Christopher Steele, and the head of Fusion GPS about the Trump dossier, which was essentially opposition research funded by the Clinton Campaign and the DNC. Ohr’s wife, Nellie, was working for Fusion GPS as their Russian expert. She made the opposition research on Trump look like it was real intelligence. When she was done, she sent it over to Andrew McCabe, the number two man at the FBI.
When McCabe got it, he and Agent Peter Strzok put the Bureau’s approval on it, as if it was FBI intelligence, and got Strozok’s mistress, Lisa Page, and FBI lawyer, to present it to the FISA Court to gain unlawful surveillance on the Trump campaign. It was their “insurance policy” to destroy Trump if he was elected President.
When Trump did win, this document, which is definitely not credible intelligence, was used to legitimize the Mueller investigation, and it worked. Because none of it was true, no Russian collusion has been found. In a last ditch effort to nullify the 2016 election of Trump, these miscreants are now trying to prove that the President is guilty of Obstruction of Justice.
All of this mischief happened under the leadership of Attorney General Loretta Lynch and FBI Director James Comey, which includes Lynch’s secret meeting with Bill Clinton at the airport in Phoenix. It’s a subversive plot to have Trump impeached, tried, and thrown out of the White House.
It nearly worked, but now it is coming undone, as one revelation of misconduct by the DOJ and FBI are coming to light. Many people are complicit in this plot, and they all need to go to prison. The list includes, Lynch, Comey, McCabe, Ohr, his wife Nellie, Strzok and his adulterous whore, Lisa Page. This is just one thread of corruption among many, but it is a significant one and hard to follow. If I am wrong about any part of my theory, I will post a retraction, but I’m not wrong. I’m spot on.
—Jack Watts

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COMMON SENSE: When you can no longer trust the FBI to be fair and impartial, which we cannot, it produces a crack in the foundation of our democracy. Investigations must be fair and impartial, but some are not. What is happening with Mueller’s Special Investigation is evidence of this.
One of his chief investigators, Peter Strzok, had to be reassigned because of his bias against Trump and support of Hillary. But that’s not all. Strzok was also one of the FBI agents who interviewed Hillary just before Comey exonerated her. They didn’t even make Hillary testify under oath. The reason they didn’t is so that she couldn’t be charged with lying to a federal agent—like Flynn did. He was under oath.
But there’s still more. While working for Mueller, Strzok was screwing one of the lawyers for the Special Investigation. That’s right, Strzok was having an affair with Lisa Page. In addition to exchanging sexual favors, these detestable miscreants were also exchanging emails and text messages criticizing Trump, while praising Hillary.
And this is supposed to be an aboveboard, impartial investigation? Obviously, it is not. Lisa Page isn’t the only one getting screwed. So is President Trump . . . and the American people. Mueller, who is supposed to be seeking the truth, has gone out of his way to hide what Strzok and Page have been doing. This makes him complicit in their adultery. Shame on Mueller; Shame on Strzok; and shame on Page.
Strzok and Page should have been fired—not reassigned—and Mueller should have come forward with the truth when he discovered it. That he didn’t, especially concerning something as serious as an investigation into the President of the United States, disqualifies him from leading the investigation. He needs to resign immediately. Nothing less is acceptable. If this doesn’t infuriate you, then you need to check your pulse.

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12573733_828304790628555_5483197664783316735_nCOMMON SENSE: French is the language of diplomacy and has been for half a millennium. It’s why there are so many French words and phrases that have come into the English language concerning foreign policy—words like rapprochement, fait accompli, and de facto/de jure. The cardinal rule of diplomacy is understatement. In diplomacy, to say an act by another nation is “unfriendly” is close to declaring war.
The Progressives, especially in the media, have been very critical of President Trump for using the term, “Fire and Fury,” when speaking out about our current crisis with Kim Jung-un of North Korea. Specifically, they are enraged because Trump’s words were well outside of normal, appropriate diplomatic language.
I disagree with the media’s assessment. The language of diplomacy will work with nearly all nation-states, but it is actually counterproductive with a rogue nation like North Korea.
Before SWorld War II, Winston Churchill was criticized by appeasers to Hitler for being bombastic and crude, but Churchill was right and Neville Chamberlain was wrong. In our current crisis, all that Kim Jung-un understands is brute force, and that is what Trump has given him. Neither Presidents Clinton, George W. Bush, nor Barack Obama were willing to be confrontational. Consequently, the North Koreans have considered the USA to be weak—a paper tiger.
Trump, standing up for the American people, is calling their bluff. Kim Jong-un has two choices. Either he can attack and be destroyed, or he can backdown and lose face. Either way, his days are numbered. To be sure, this is brinkmanship diplomacy, but I do not believe it will lead to thermonuclear war. That’s the way I see it.

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COMMON SENSE: In order to understand what is really happening in America, you must link events together and not look at them as being independent. For example, although Barack Obama hated Hillary Clinton, he wanted her to win the election. He was not neutral. Despite his personal disdain, he wanted her elected for reasons other than her being a Democrat.
If Hillary had won, knowing how corrupt she was, Obama realized she would not allow any of his corruption to be investigated. Hillary would also protect Susan Rice, Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder, Samantha Powers, Ben Rhodes, and a host of others who were just as corrupt and duplicitous as anybody involved with Team Hillary. Being a statist, semi-globalist, and deeply deceitful made Hillary Obama’s perfect successor.
Then along came Trump, with his America First agenda, all of which is antithetical to everything Obama and Hillary stand for. This makes Trump their natural enemy, but it does far more than that. Neither Hillary or Obama factored in a Trump victory. Now, the Dynamic Duo of Corruption are terrified that their web of deception will be exposed, and they will have to pay a terrible penalty.
The only way for them to keep from being exposed was to go on the offensive and have Trump taken out before their sins found them out. This is what’s behind the Mueller investigation.
To counter this, the Trump administration needs to open an investigation into Obama’s corruption and Hillary’s racketeering. It’s a strategy that will win for Trump, the American people, and for the Rule of Law. This needs to happen immediately. It cannot wait.
It grieves me that our nation has come to this, but it has. For America to be Great Again, the Obama administration and Team Hillary need to be exposed to the light of day, and they need to be held accountable for their crimes.
Creating Trump Nation: mcgeeandme.net
Jack Watts

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COMMON SENSE: On his staff, Special Investigator Robert Mueller has sixteen full time prosecutors. He has impanelled two separate grand juries, but there is no underlying crime for him to investigate. For one year, despite all of the clamoring of President Trump’s critics, there hasn’t been even one documentable crime. Nevertheless, in their bitterness, Trump’s enemies are determined to drive him out of office, even if it destroys the most stable democracy in the history of the world.
Just as bad, the Special Investigator was appointed because the President fired a corrupt Director of the FBI. In retaliation, Comey, sleaze that he is, leaked privileged information to the “New York Times,” for the express purpose of having an Independent Investigator appointed—all in vengeful retaliation for his legitimate firing.
Meanwhile, there has been no Special Investigator appointed to seek justice for those who were unlawfully unmasked by senior Obama administration appointees, which definitely is a crime. There hasn’t been a grand jury impanelled to investigate Hillary’s uranium deal with Russia, her pay-to-play access to the State Department, or her charitable foundation that gives less than 5% of its funds to worthy causes.
Despite all of this, Trump is making America great again. The economy is booming, due to Trump’s deregulation. Once again, under his leadership, our allies trust us, and our enemies fear us, which is the exact opposite to the record of the Obama administration.
Like Nehemiah, Trump has to rebuild the walls for our nation, while constantly having to fight off his enemies, but this is exactly what Trump is doing. He is being success for the same reason Nehemiah was. Trump has the favor of Almighty God. Because the Progressives do not, all they can do is chafe, just as Sanballat did toward Nehemiah twenty-five hundred years ago.

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COMMON SENSE: This was the last meaningful vote Senator John McCain will ever make. His brain cancer, which is very aggressive, will force him to retire from the Senate, and I doubt he will live to see another Christmas.

Instead of making a stand for the principles he and all of his Republican colleagues have steadfastly promised to the American people to repeal and replace ObamaCare, he chose to be a Quisling instead. He used his last vote to shoot a bird at his constituency and to conservatives nationwide.

While the Democrats will champion him for saving Obama’s disastrous scheme to socialize medicine in America, those of us he has betrayed will not allow his perfidy to demoralize us. We are taking America back—period.

This is just a setback—a lost battle—but it is not the end of the war. In fact, McCain’s treachery marks the beginning of the campaign of 2018, where the following Senators need to lose their jobs:

—Bill Nelson, Florida
—Joe Donnelly, Indiana
—Angus King, Maine
—Debbie Stebenow, Michigan
—Claire McCaskill, Missouri
—Joe Tester, Montana
—Sherrod Brown, Ohio
—Heidi Heitkamp, North Dakota
—Bob Casey, Pennsylvania
—Tim Kaine, Virginia
—Joe Manchin, West Virginia
—Tammy Baldwin, Wisconsin

Each of these Senators voted for ObamaCare, and they have been obstructionists to the Trump agenda. They are all vulnerable, especially the ten from state Trump carried in 2016. Let’s get rid of all of them. They may be heroes to the Beltway Progressives, but they are worthless, dead weight to the American people.

—Jack Watts​

Creating Trump Nation: mcgeeandme.net

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COMMON SENSE: Former CIA Director John Brennan colluded with former spies to sabotage the Trump campaign, and there is hard evidence to prove it.
According to American Spectator, “An article in the Guardian last week provides more confirmation that John Brennan was the American progenitor of political espionage aimed at defeating Donald Trump. One side did collude with foreign powers to tip the election — Hillary’s.
Seeking to retain his position as CIA director under Hillary, Brennan teamed up with British spies and Estonian spies to cripple Trump’s candidacy. He used their phony intelligence as a pretext for a multi-agency investigation into Trump, which led the FBI to probe a computer server connected to Trump Tower and gave cover to Susan Rice, among other Hillary supporters, to spy on Trump and his people.
John Brennan’s CIA operated like a branch office of the Hillary campaign, leaking out mentions of this bogus investigation to the press in the hopes of inflicting maximum political damage on Trump.”
Brennan needs to do hard time at Leavenworth. This is real and the DOJ must prosecute—period.
For more, see Creating Trump Nation
—Jack Watts

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