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COMMON SENSE: Many believe it is beneath the dignity of the President of the United States to get involved in matters as trivial as kneeling during the National Anthem at NFL games or instances of disrespecting the American flag, but I am not one of them. I believe it is one of the most important roles President Trump has. It has profound significance, and he is doing magnificently at it.
The flag and our anthem are powerful symbols of what makes Americans American. They bind us together as a people. They are the superglue that distinguishes us from others. As such, they have transcendent importance that produces patriotism, national loyalty, and American Exceptionalism. Without these symbols, our national identity would cease to exist.
That we now have a President who recognizes this and defends it, rather than apologizes for it, is one of the most important things President Trump does, and he is loved for taking such a strong stand.
Progressives do not see things the same way. Because they are globalists, patriotism is mocked and scorned. They champion a New World Order and not American nationalism, but their days are numbered. I guarantee it. We are taking our nation back, and nothing is going to stop us from doing so.
Jack Watts

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COMMON SENSE: Being a Christian, which is my primary identity, racism has no place in my world. Since Christ loved all of Mankind and died for the sins of everybody, we are all equal in the eyes of God. Thus, racism, in any form, is a sinful mindset—period.
That being said, taking down the memorial to Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville seems like the epitome of hypocrisy. If you are going to do this, if this is required because of Lee’s role in the Civil War, then shouldn’t the entire University of Virginia be dismantled, stone by stone? After all, it was founded by Thomas Jefferson, our 3rd President, founder of the Democratic Party, and lifelong slave owner.
If Lee’s statue comes down, then to be consistent, the University of Virginia should also cease to exist. Going one step further, the Commonwealth of Virginia, founded by slave owners, should be dissolved, as should the Carolinas, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and several other states. Or, as an alternative, we could choose to respect our history, while not agreeing with all aspects of it.
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Jack Watts

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161534_100003471255753_672416768_nCOMMON SENSE: Barack Obama’s policy of “Strategic Patience,” which should have been more appropriately called “Fearful Incompetence,” was a colossal failure on the Korean peninsula, but Obama is not alone in his ineptitude. Neither George W. Bush nor Bill Clinton did anything to solve the North Korean problem, when it was more easily solvable.
Now, we are faced with a rogue nation willing to use its nuclear arsenal against the USA and our allies, South Korea and Japan. This is a problem Donald Trump has been given. He didn’t create it.
Trump is being criticized for using the phrase, “Fire and Fury,” by Diane Feinstein, Chuck Shumer, John McCain, and others, but this was not an offhanded remark by the President. It was a planned, measured statement of the intent of the United States. For a quarter of a century, the North Koreans have counted on indecisiveness and weakness form the USA to build their nuclear arsenal, but those days are over. Trump may seem reckless to some, but this will work to our favor with the North Koreans.
Kim Jong Un is taking the world to the brink of nuclear war, hoping to get the USA to back down, just like we have done for the past three administrations, but Un does not know who he is dealing with, which makes this situation more serious and more unpredictable. Trump will not back down, and Un is unwilling to lose face internationally and with his terrified people.
Additionally, to truly understand the situation, you have to add Iran to the mix. Their nuclear program is in lockstep with the North Korea’s, forming a new Axis of Evil. The Iranians, who are desirous of annihilating Israel and the Great Satan, the USA, are doing everything they can to promote war in the Far East. Their reason for doing this is to distract the USA with the Iranians goal of recreating the Persian Empire, a caliphate called The Western Crescent, which has been funded by Barack Obama with your tax dollars.
The chances of this resolving peacefully with North Korea now, and with Iran in the future, are practically nil, but this is exactly what we are praying will happen. I wish I had better news for you, but I don’t.
Jack Watts

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COMMON SENSE: If there was ever a time for Christians, and other people of faith, to come together and pray for the safety of our great nation, it is now. Please join me.

Father, Lord God, Almighty,
It is with a heavy heart that we come before you today,
Praying for the continued safety of the American people.
As the threat of the unthinkable looms before us,
And fear of a nuclear holocaust grips our heart,
We bow our collective knees before You and
Ask that You spare our great nation from this catastrophe.
Father, we know who we are. We have been willful,
Arrogant, stubborn, and self-righteous, by disregarding
Your way, Your will, and Your leading, but we are also
Your sons and daughters—children of the great
Men and women of old, who knew You well,
Proclaiming Your name throughout the earth.
As the offspring of those who championed Christ
For centuries, spare us from this impending destruction,
Despite how wayward our generation has become and how far
We have strayed from Your ways for so many decades.
The North Koreans, have been captivated by a madman—a fool
Who loathes Your children and the nation we have established.
Even as we pray, Kim Jong Un is racing headlong to war with us,
As he leads his suffering people toward the abyss of annihilation.
He fully intends to bring catastrophe to his people and to ours,
Just to save face and to “Slap the United States” with a
Nuclear weapon that he now has the capability of firing at us.
Father, foil this madman’s plans. Let all of his evil machinations
Come back on his head, and do not allow his threat to become real.
For the sake of Your children, let us continue to enjoy peace.
We know how undeserving we are, but we ask this nevertheless,
In the name of Your Son and our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ,
—Jack Watts

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COMMON SENSE: On his staff, Special Investigator Robert Mueller has sixteen full time prosecutors. He has impanelled two separate grand juries, but there is no underlying crime for him to investigate. For one year, despite all of the clamoring of President Trump’s critics, there hasn’t been even one documentable crime. Nevertheless, in their bitterness, Trump’s enemies are determined to drive him out of office, even if it destroys the most stable democracy in the history of the world.
Just as bad, the Special Investigator was appointed because the President fired a corrupt Director of the FBI. In retaliation, Comey, sleaze that he is, leaked privileged information to the “New York Times,” for the express purpose of having an Independent Investigator appointed—all in vengeful retaliation for his legitimate firing.
Meanwhile, there has been no Special Investigator appointed to seek justice for those who were unlawfully unmasked by senior Obama administration appointees, which definitely is a crime. There hasn’t been a grand jury impanelled to investigate Hillary’s uranium deal with Russia, her pay-to-play access to the State Department, or her charitable foundation that gives less than 5% of its funds to worthy causes.
Despite all of this, Trump is making America great again. The economy is booming, due to Trump’s deregulation. Once again, under his leadership, our allies trust us, and our enemies fear us, which is the exact opposite to the record of the Obama administration.
Like Nehemiah, Trump has to rebuild the walls for our nation, while constantly having to fight off his enemies, but this is exactly what Trump is doing. He is being success for the same reason Nehemiah was. Trump has the favor of Almighty God. Because the Progressives do not, all they can do is chafe, just as Sanballat did toward Nehemiah twenty-five hundred years ago.

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COMMON SENSE: Conservatives have a problem, and it’s a serious one. Instead of acting like we are the victors, we are constantly looking over our collective shoulders, wondering how the Progressive Leftwing Media and the corrupt Democrats are going to snatch our success away from us. Since we are used to losing, we are behaving like losers instead of like winners.
The Left doesn’t have the same problem, quite the contrary. Because they have won for so long, they assume they are going to win. It’s their right to win, and the only right we have is to complain about it.
For us to fulfill the agenda we fought so hard to create, we must start acting like winners and not like losers. To begin with, we need to stop whining about the media’s criticism. Let them lambast us all they want. We have the power, and our mandate is growing, not shrinking. Even with the dead weight of RINOs in Congress, deregulation is producing massive growth that will benefit all Americans, including Millennials.
As Obama’s disastrous legacy is being dismantled one piece at a time, we should be celebrating, while pushing steadily forward, rather than wondering how the Left is going to take it from us. Forget about them. Let them chafe. Bitterness is their drink, but it is not ours. Be strong and immovable. If you will do this, we will be able to solidify our gains.
Jack Watts
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COMMON SENSE: This was the last meaningful vote Senator John McCain will ever make. His brain cancer, which is very aggressive, will force him to retire from the Senate, and I doubt he will live to see another Christmas.

Instead of making a stand for the principles he and all of his Republican colleagues have steadfastly promised to the American people to repeal and replace ObamaCare, he chose to be a Quisling instead. He used his last vote to shoot a bird at his constituency and to conservatives nationwide.

While the Democrats will champion him for saving Obama’s disastrous scheme to socialize medicine in America, those of us he has betrayed will not allow his perfidy to demoralize us. We are taking America back—period.

This is just a setback—a lost battle—but it is not the end of the war. In fact, McCain’s treachery marks the beginning of the campaign of 2018, where the following Senators need to lose their jobs:

—Bill Nelson, Florida
—Joe Donnelly, Indiana
—Angus King, Maine
—Debbie Stebenow, Michigan
—Claire McCaskill, Missouri
—Joe Tester, Montana
—Sherrod Brown, Ohio
—Heidi Heitkamp, North Dakota
—Bob Casey, Pennsylvania
—Tim Kaine, Virginia
—Joe Manchin, West Virginia
—Tammy Baldwin, Wisconsin

Each of these Senators voted for ObamaCare, and they have been obstructionists to the Trump agenda. They are all vulnerable, especially the ten from state Trump carried in 2016. Let’s get rid of all of them. They may be heroes to the Beltway Progressives, but they are worthless, dead weight to the American people.

—Jack Watts​

Creating Trump Nation: mcgeeandme.net

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