ISRAEL—THE UNTOLD STORY: In 1957, Golda Meier, who was later to become Israel’s Prime Minister, said that peace will come in the Middle East “when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us.” In the sixty-one years since she said this, the hatred for the Jews has intensified rather than abated.
For Muslims, anti-Semitism is mandated by the Quran, which means it is pleasing to Allah for his followers to hate and kill the Jews, but that’s not all. Being the Great Satan, hatred for the United States is just as strong. Progressives have bought into this hatred for Israel and the United States. They are teaching our young people to not only be anti-Semitic but also to be anti-American. Millennials by the millions are ashamed of the United States, our values, and our role in the world.
Twenty-five tears ago, “Schindler’s List” was released. In an interview with Steven Spielberg for the rerelease of his blockbuster hit, Spielberg said that “collective hate” is far greater today than it was back then. He added, “Individual hate is a terrible thing, but when collective hate organizes and gets industrialized, then genocide follows.” Spielberg is right.
In the mini-series we are currently producing, “Israel: The Untold Story,” in the words of those who fought to create the nation of Israel in 1948, we tell the inspiring tale of those who defied all odds to take a stand and fight a battle against five Arab nations. Their only goal was to survive, and they did—but that’s not all. Their collective stories of heroism are a hundred times more compelling and inspiring than “Schindler’s List.” These determined 600,000 dispossessed Jews stood against ninety million Arabs and won. How could they do this? It’s because Almighty God was on their side, and their true stories are what we are producing right now.
Jack Watts
COMMON SENSE: When Special Counsel Robert Mueller fired FBI Agent Peter Strzok for blatant bias against Donald Trump, I championed the move. To me, it was an indication that Mueller would be fair and impartial, but subsequent events have shown that Mueller and his team have had no trouble breaking the law to get what they really want, which is having Donald Trump removed from office.
Currently, there are two issues that clearly indicate the Special Counsel has gone rogue. First, it is becoming increasingly clear that the FBI, under Director James Comey, set General Michael Flynn up for perjury by entrapping him. To this end, Disgraced former Deputy Director Andrew McCabe went so far as to call Flynn before the FBI’s infamous meeting to tell Flynn that it was “unnecessary” for him to have his lawyer present. Right!
Now that this has come to light, Judge Emmet Sullivan has given the Mueller team until 3 p.m. December 14, to produce all the records concerning Flynn. This entire episode, which has destroyed the life of a three star general, reeks of illegal entrapment by the FBI and exploitation by the Office of the Special Counsel. My hope is that Judge Sullivan will reverse Mueller’s and Comey’s miscarriage of justice and set Flynn free.
Second, Inspector General Michael Horowitz has just revealed that the missing text messages between FBI Agent Strzok and his paramour, Lisa Page, were erased by the Office of the Special Counsel, when Mueller fired Strzok. By erasing thousands of text messages, Mueller and his team has been guilty of obstruction of justice—the very charge they are trying to build against President Trump. The conduct of the Office of the Special Counsel has been disgraceful and illegal.
As the public becomes increasingly aware of just how corrupt the Mueller and his team are, the pressure for them to be held accountable will grow. This is a good thing. Mueller is not who we have been led to believe he is. He is not ethical and above reproach—quite the contrary. He is ruthless, and he has been operating lawlessly. This cannot continue. We must investigate the investigators. This must happen immediately. Our entire system of justice depends on it.
Jack Watts
COMMON SENSE: Concerning the Mueller investigation, the issue of “Russian Collusion” is dead. It was never real anyway. In any investigation, the first rule is to follow the money. The Clinton Foundation received $145 million from Russians, but Trump never received a dime. The real Russian Collusion is the Uranium One Scandal, but it has been swept under the rug. Justice has certainly not been served, and it probably never will be.
I believe Mueller has given up on the Russia probe, but he has not given up on taking down Donald Trump. This has been his goal from day one. There has never been any impartiality with the investigation, despite the assurances of the media that Mueller has been completely honorable and forthright.
Now, the focus has shifted to Trump’s proclivity to “get strange” and pay a high price for it. That this aspect of the investigation is being positioned as a campaign finance violation is a legal stretch, but the DOJ in Souther Manhattan is going with it because it’s all they have. Since none of these trysts have happened while Trump has been President, it seems irrelevant to me, but that doesn’t mean Trump isn’t vulnerable. He is.
Since the goal is to remove Trump from office, even if it destroys the country in the process, the single-minded mean-spiritedness of the Democrats will be given full reign for the next year at least. Although they are the champions of moral depravity, they will become moral purists of the first order—just to get Trump. This is who they are.
They will also rail at us for continuing to stand with the President, telling us we are not “real Christians,” but this will not dissuade us. We will stand firm because America needs us to be strong. So, fasten your seat belts. It’s going to be a wild ride and not a pleasant one.
Jack Watts
COMMON SENSE: This week, Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, announced to the world a significant discovery. Hezbollah has been digging tunnels deep into Israel. The tunnels originated in Lebanon and breached Israel’s northern border. Concerning these tunnels, Netanyahu said, “They were built with one purpose in mind—to attack and murder innocent Israeli men, women and children. This is a grave violation of Israel’s sovereignty and a gross violation of U.N. Security Council Resolution 1701.”
Hezbollah, the terrorist arm of Iran, intended to use these tunnels to invade Israel. The tunnels have no other purpose other than a military invasion, but constructing these tunnels has been a very expensive undertaking. How has Iran been able to finance this operation for Hezbollah?
I believe the funding has come from the $1.7 billion secretly flown into Tehran by the Obama administration, as a payoff for signing the nuclear arms deal with the USA. This means funds originating from the United States have been used to build tunnels deep into Israel for the purpose of waging war against our ally.
In this act of aggression against Israel, Obama has his hands dirty. So does former Secretary of State, John Kerry. In the dead of night, they spirited the $1.7 billion in cash out of the USA on four planes that arrived in Tehran Iran, hours later. Once received, these funds have been used by Iran for terrorism, including the building of a web of tunnels deep into Israel.
Will Obama and Kerry be called to account for this? No, they will not—other than what you are reading right now—but the linkage in events is clear. Without these massive funds from Obama, Iran would never have been able to afford such a grandiose enterprise.
Fortunately, Israel discovered the plot and is currently destroying the tunnels. That this level of perfidy originated from Obama and Kerry, however, is deeply troubling. Nevertheless, the media is far more interested in Trump not reciting The Apostles’ Creed at George H.W. Bush’s funeral—a creed the Progressive media certainly does not believe.
Jack Watts
COMMON SENSE: The First Lady will need prayer support in 2019, as Mueller and the Democratic House use the President’s promiscuity to try and force him from office. I, for one, intend to pray for her and for him, in support of this administration that has done so much for the American people.
—Jack Watts
COMMON SENSE: Is Trump’s Presidency in trouble? Are the walls really closing in on him, like the media would lead you to believe? Has the President committed high crimes and misdemeanors significant enough to warrant the House of Representatives to bring charges of impeachment against him?
If you accept what the Progressive media says at face value, the answer to these questions is yes, but this certainly does not mean that Trump is about to be forced out of office—quite the contrary. There is an alternative reality that is just as compelling, perhaps even more so.
To begin with, there has not been any collusion proven between Trump and Russia, which was the original reason for the Special Counsel being appointed. In the documents released yesterday, as well as what has been revealed in recent weeks, collusion has taken a backseat to potential campaign finance violations—a charge nearly ever President has to face, including Barack Obama, who had to pay a fine of about $350,000 for it.
But how vulnerable is President Trump to these charges, which are well beyond the investigatory charge of Mueller’s original jurisdiction? In my opinion, not much.
Trump hasn’t committed any crimes by paying off women to keep quiet about having sex with him. The issue is unsavory but not illegal. Trump used his own money to pay them off—not campaign funds. This makes it a non-issue legally, but that does not mean Mueller and the Democratic House will not try and remove Trump from office over this. They will.
The House is salivating over this, and so is Mueller. His purpose was never simply to investigate the issue of Trump collusion with Russia. It has been to find some way to take him down, and this is Mueller’s best shot at accomplishing his true purpose.
But will it work? No, it will not, but this will not keep them from trying to make it work. Ironically, Trump’s best defense will be that he has probably paid off numerous women, which makes his actions standard operating behavior for him. This issue, that Trump is immoral, will also be used to try and produce a wedge between Trump and his followers. Since they are primarily Evangelicals, this should drive them away, according to the Progressive media, but this will not work either. Trump’s supporters came to terms with this aspect of his character during the campaign. Being fiercely loyal, they will stick with him.
The bottom line is this: The Democrats are going to pay a huge price for placing their mean-spirited grievances above the best interests of the country, as our burgeoning prosperity will take a backseat to their desire for vengeance over losing the 2016 election. Oh, and one more thing—Trump will win again in 2020. You can take that to the bank.
Jack Watts
COMMON SENSE: For the final six years of the Obama administration, it’s clear their focus was not on the federal judiciary. They left dozens of vacancies unfilled, some of them for years. What Obama did focus on was the Department of Justice. Remaking the DOJ into an Obama attack vehicle became a high priority—just like weaponizing the IRS against his political opponents was.
When Trump became President, one way he chose to “Make America Great Again” was to dismantle everything Obama did, and Trump has been very good at doing this, except for the DOJ. Because of Trump’s disastrous appointment of Jeff Sessions to be Attorney General, the DOJ has continued to remain loyal to the Obama agenda, and Trump has been unable to get rid of Obama loyalists, which he would dearly like.
Trump has made some great cabinet appointments, but Sessions wasn’t one of them. He was weak and easily intimidated by the Progressive establishment in the DOJ. Trump realized this quickly, but his hands were tied by the Mueller investigation, so the DOJ remained at odds with its boss for the first two years of Trump’s administration.
Now, with Sessions gone, Trump can finally remake the DOJ, but who should he choose to do this? It’s obvious Trump needs a strong leader—one who will not be intimidated by career lawyers, but who could that be? Many would like to see Trey Gowdy appointed, but I doubt he would be up to the task. He’s too nice.
What Trump needs is a hard-ass like himself—a man who thrives on conflict. He needs Chris Christie. Despite being labelled a RINO—the kiss of death for Conservatives—Christie is strong enough to do the job, and he’s an excellent litigator. Plus, Christie is looking for a way to re-ingratiate himself with Trump. Cleaning house at the DOJ certainly would do this. Christie is also strong enough to reign in the excesses of the Mueller investigation, which are numerous. For this reason, I recommend that Trump appoint Christie to be our new Attorney General.
Jack Watts