COMMON SENSE: I have changed my mind about Lisa Page. Since she has been the most forthright witness so far, I think the House should offer her immunity for her complete and candid account of everything she knows.
If she is offered a “get out of jail free card,” she will jump at the chance. Besides, I do not believe she was behind any criminality. She was just along for the ride—no pun intended.
Once she has been given immunity, which should be granted immediately, she should be sworn in before cameras and asked every question we want answered. Then, and only then, will this conspiracy be unraveled.
When the American people hear what she has to say, the momentum will shift, and there will be a call for justice that has not been heard in decades. I urge Reps. Goodlatte, Gowdy, and Nunes to put this into motion today. Since she is scheduled to testify behind closed doors tomorrow, let that hearing become public. Do this; do it now! The American people deserve to know the truth.
Jack Watts
COMMON SENSE: What does Putin want? He wants Russia to be as dominant as the Soviet Union was before its collapse, when it had parity with the United States economically and militarily, but that’s a goal that is nearly impossible to achieve.
Here’s why: The GDP of the United States in about $20.4 trillion annually, while Russia’s in only $1.7 trillion, which puts them just below the economy of Canada. This means Russia’s economy is just 8% of what ours is. There is no realistic way to make up the difference, so Russia must make itself relevant in other ways—like making Europe dependent on their enormous natural gas supply that Russia has and destabilizing the USA by meddling in our elections.
When Trump meets with Putin, both of these issues will be addressed. When it comes to energy, Trump has already called out Angela Merkel, and he was right to do so. It was a stinging rebuke that was aimed at Germany, but also at other NATO nations. The pipeline from Russia will make Germany dependent on Russia, which is a huge win for Putin. It gives him leverage over Germany, the dominant economic power in Europe. This pipeline, which I have warned about for several years, is not in NATO’s best interests, as Trump pointed out forcefully.
Second, when Rosenstein announced the indictment of the dirty dozen in Russia, this strengthened Trump’s hand instead of weakening it. We now have hard evidence that Putin cannot dismiss by a simple denial. Trump know this, and he will be just as forceful about it as he was in calling out Merkel for Germany’s duplicity with the pipeline.
The Progressive Left believes Putin is stronger than Trump, but that’s not true. Trump has decisive economic leverage, and he will use it to check Putin. NATO is getting stronger, which is an effective countermeasure against Putin’s aspiration to dominate Europe. Trump has awakened our allies to Putin’s threat, even though the American media lacks the awareness to recognize what is happening, but you are now aware. When you watch what happens, you can see for yourself that what I am writing will come true.
Jack Watts
COMMON SENSE: Like so many, I was glued to the TV for hours watching Peter Strzok’s testimony. It was an extraordinarily insightful experience—but not from what we learned from the witness.
When it was over, my spirit was deeply grieved. Not only was I amazed that such an obviously troubled man could become so important at the FBI, but I was also stunned by how much others are invested in helping him perpetuate the darkness. Witnessing this firsthand repeatedly for hours was very disturbing.
The FBI and the Department of Justice are more heavily invested in keeping their secrets than they are in being candid, straightforward, and honest. That Peter Strzok presented himself as the poster boy and defender of the FBI was beyond laughable. It was disheartening. Instead of making me feel safer, it let me know exactly how vulnerable we are. When a narcissist, whose grasp of reality is tenuous at best, can be placed in charge of two of the most important investigations we have had in decades, what person in his or her right mind could have confidence that the outcome would be fair and honest?
Even worse, I simply could not believe the accolades heaped upon this adulterous villain by the Democrats, who actually clapped for him like he was a hero. All that was missing from this charade was Susan Rice to tell us that Strzok, like Bowe Bergdahl, had served his country with “honor and distinction.”
Strzok is still receiving a paycheck, and he also has a “Top Secret” clearance—even though the FBI and Department of Justice have been well aware of what we finally witnessed for at least a year. What does this say about the current leadership at the FBI and the DOJ? Not much, I’m afraid.
That such depravity continues unchecked is unacceptable. We, the American people, deserve much better than this. Normally, I am very upbeat, as most of you know, but not today. I fear for the future of our nation when it is in the hands of such miscreants. Nevertheless, because I also know that God is in charge, I am doubling my prayers for our nation, as well as my resolve to purge America from the corruption that threatens to engulf us.
Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: If you watched the announcement of President Trump picking Judge Kavanaugh, even if you disagreed with Trump’s choice, it was self-evident that the Judge was a qualified selection. Yet, without knowing one thing about who Kavanaugh really is, thousands of protesters screamed obscenities, accusing this fine jurist of having the character qualities of a career criminal.

Behavior like this is madness. Plus, it is counter-productive. When normal Americans see it, they are either angered or repulsed. It’s not attractive; nor are the political leaders who spew their venom on TV. Nevertheless, like an unwanted virus, the disease of hatred has spread across our land, infecting the hearts and minds of millions.
If you are one of these people, and you want to become whole again, there is help for you. You can #WalkAway and never look back. To help you, here is a 12 Step program that will transform your heart from bitterness to serenity. If you have a friend who needs this, feel free to forward these life-transforming steps.
1. I admitted I was powerless over my political anger—that my life had become unmanageable because of it.
2. I came to believe that a power greater than myself could restore my out-of-control thoughts and behavior to sanity.
3. I made a decision to turn my will and my life over to the care of God.
4. Focusing on everything that made me so angry, I made a searching and fearless moral inventory of myself.
5. I admitted to God, to myself, and to another human being the exact nature of my wrongdoing, holding nothing back.
6. I became entirely ready to have God remove the defects of character that caused me to be so angry.
7. In humility, I asked God to remove each of my shortcomings.
8. I made a list of all the people my political anger harmed, including those on social media, and became willing to make amends to them all.
9. I made direct amends wherever possible, or through the social media when appropriate, except when to do so would injure them or others.
10. I continued to take personal inventory of my thoughts and behavior and, when I was wrong, I promptly admitted it.
11. I sought through prayer and meditation to improve my conscious contact with God, knowing He is the source of my serenity. I made a commitment to pray daily for the knowledge of His will and asked God for the power to carry it out.
12. Having achieved a spiritual awakening as the result of working these Steps, I made a commitment to carry this message to others who are politically embittered.
Jack Watts
COMMON SENSE: A little thing is a little thing, but faithfulness in doing a little thing is a big thing. When done consistently over time, it builds trust. When you can trust a person to do the right thing, based on consistent fidelity, it established rock solid confidence.
Because President Trump has consistently kept his campaign promises, those of us who have supported him no longer hope he will do what he said he will do. We know he will. His stock with us is so high that it is practically unshakable. He is leading America in the right direction, and we know it.
In the 2016 Presidential Election, 81% of Evangelicals voted for Donald J. Trump. There were a myriad of reason why we did, but one reason was dominant—his position on appointments to the Supreme Court. Knowing how important this Presidential responsibility was, four-out-of-five born-again Christians chose Trump over Hillary Clinton. We did not want her to have the power to nominate Supreme Court Justices. That was the last thing we wanted, so we voted against her.
Now, less than two years later, President Trump has nominated two Supreme Court Justices, and both of them have been outstanding selections, despite the bitter raging by the Left. Trump’s other judicial appointments to lower courts have been equally as outstanding.
Trump has been faithful to us, and now it is our turn to step up to the plate once again and stand solidly behind him. We must actively and vigorously support candidates for the Senate and the House who support the Trump agenda. Let the Left rail against us for doing so. That is their prerogative, but it our duty to our nation, as well as to our children and grandchildren, to fight for the freedoms we have enjoyed for generations, while also standing firmly against the Progressive agenda of open borders, lawlessness, and Socialism.
Jack Watts
COMMON SENSE: Because each of Trump’s four possible picks for the Supreme Court is a Constitutionalist, it really doesn’t matter which one he chooses. All are qualified, and all are committed to rendering decisions based exclusively on the Rule of Law.
It’s only with the Liberals and Progressives that personality matters. Because none of the four Liberals are committed to adjudicating based exclusively on the Constitution, their backgrounds and personalities are far more important than with the Conservative judges. If left to their own devises, there is no telling how the Liberals will rule.
This is why there is no way to Make America Great Again without ensuring that the Constitutionalists enjoy a firm majority. The current pick will help, but what we really need is for a Constitutionalist to replace Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Until this happens, we will have only achieved partial success. Replacing Justice Suder would be icing on the cake.
Jack Watts
COMMON SENSE: During the 2016 Presidential election campaign, when I supported candidate Donald Trump, as most of you know, I received relentless attacks for maintaining my position. When the “Access Hollywood” tape surfaced, there was a cacophony of shouts from friends and foe for me to abandon my support for Trump.
Although there were times when I was shaken, I never stopped supporting Trump, and I had at least one solid reason why I remained loyal. I knew that I didn’t want Hillary Clinton to make appointments to the Supreme Court, knowing that her selections would adversely impact our nation for decades to come.
When people mockingly asked me, “How can you support a man who would say such things about women?” I always had an answer. “It’s because I don’t want Crooked Hillary packing the Court with Progressive judges who will eviscerate the Constitution.”
Now, in less than two years, my steadfast determination has paid off. To his credit, President Trump has remained true to his word—a rarity in Washington—by narrowing down his Supreme Court selection to those candidates who were on his list.
I was faithful to him, but he has also been faithful to me and to the millions of others who stuck with him, despite the unrelenting personal attacks on him from the media, academia, and Hollywood. We were right, and the “Never Trumpers,” who have remained bitter to this day, were wrong. The results speak for themselves, including two rock solid Supreme Court picks, and at least one more to come soon. At 85, Ruth Bader Ginsburg will not make it to the end of Trump’s first term. Justice Suder might not either.
Jack Watts