COMMON SENSE: The origin of the Electoral College is a perfect example of just how ignorant Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Corey Booker, and several other Democratic aspirants to be President are about American history. They stir up Leftists by advocating something they cannot possibly achieve, which they either know and disregard or are genuinely ignorant about. Either way, they are doing our nation a terrible disservice.
During the days of the Articles of Confederation, after the Revolutionary War, there were thirteen states or commonwealths that acted almost like thirteen different nations. Because this was unworkable, and because this made trade with European nations cumbersome and unappealing, the thirteen willingly gave up their sovereignty to be united. This created the United States of America.
Ever since, when a territory willingly gave up its independence to join the United States, like the original thirteen did, including the sovereign nation of Texas, they were promised representation in both houses of Congress, with each representative or senator having a vote in the Electoral College. This means the Electoral College is an essential ingredient in our representative democracy.
This is where our concept of representative government originated, and it cannot be abandoned simply because Pocahontas or Spartacus thinks it’s a good idea. It would require a Constitutional Amendment, which isn’t going to happen. Smaller states will never give up their voice or their clout to California, New York, or even Texas.
This is nothing more than Progressive nonsense. It would destroy our constitutional republic. Perhaps it could even dissolve our beloved country all together. I just thought you would like to know about this.
—Jack Watts
COMMON SENSE: As the Mueller investigation comes to a close, 50% of Americans now believe it was a witch hunt, while 37% do not. The poll was taken by USA Today, which is definitely a leftwing publication.
Fifty percent is a startlingly high number, considering all the oxogen the Progressive media has given in support of the Trump-Russian-collusion narrative. The reason why the number is so high is because of us—you and me. Demanding the truth, we have carefully and consistently challenged the nonsense we have been fed, refusing to believe we have been fed chicken salad when we know it has been chicken-you-know-what.
Now, as vindication is at hand, this Deep State conspiracy is about to unravel completely. When it does, and it will, those who have broken the law must be held to account. Just as we have demanded the truth throughout this farce, we now demand criminal prosecution for those who have willfully tried to subvert the 2016 Presidential election. Nothing less will suffice.
Personally, I commit to y’all that I will not let this go. I intend to speak out forcefully about it until the last miscreant is behind bars.
—Jack Watts

MY PRAYER for America

Our gracious God and loving Heavenly Father,
Our hearts are heavy and burdened with foreboding,
As the true purpose of the Special Counsel has become clear.
With the aid of the Democrats in the House of Representatives, it is
Mueller’s goal to take down the duly elected President
Of the United States of America and have him removed from office,
Nullifying the will of the American people in the process,
Rendering their votes and their voice void and meaningless.
Father, we come before You today and ask that You foil
This dastardly plot, perpetrated by these cunning, vile,
And ruthless emissaries of the depraved, godless Progressives.
In their dishonorable hearts and perverse minds, this merciless team
Of corrupt and unethical lawyers has come to believe they have
A higher calling, and the mischief they are inflicting upon this nation
Is somehow honorable and noble, but it certainly is not.
Nothing could be further from the truth.
All they have done is try to undermine the Presidency and create
A Constitutional Crisis of monumental proportions, as they rip
The fabric of America’s soul apart with their ignoble ambitions,
Which have nothing to do with truth, honor, or justice.
Because we can discern their intentions and understand
Their cunning motives that have nothing to do
With anything other than fulfilling their own agenda,
We ask that You protect President Donald J. Trump.
Foil the disgraceful plot of the Mueller investigation and continue
To expose the true motives behind this cabal to the light of day.
Illuminate the minds of American citizens, especially those
Who have a heart to trust You and seek Your will.
Father, do not allow their evil plot to succeed in any way.
Instead, spare us from the destruction of these worthless
Ambassadors of Darkness who wish to perpetrate upon us,
Jack Watts
COMMON SENSE: After being accused of hiding millions during bankruptcy proceedings, Michael Avenatti, better known as Creepy Porn Lawyer, has given up control of his law firm. It couldn’t have happened to a better guy, but that’s not all.
He and Stormy have finally broken up. Like so many other things in his life, Creepy Porn lawyer has left Stormy high and dry. Thanks to him, she has been left with a bill for legal fees of over $300,000 to pay Trump’s lawyers. That’s a lot of lap dances. She had better get busy.
Once a strong contender for the Democratic nomination for President, Avenatti has fallen on hard time, but he will be back. Count on it. He still has sleaze appeal to the Radical Left.
Jack Watts


COMMON SENSE: Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) said, “As long As I Breathe I Will Continue To Make People Uncomfortable In The Best Way Possible.” She stated this because she believes her twisted Muslim worldview is correct, and everybody else is deceived.
I disagree with her completely. She doesn’t make me uncomfortable at all. People who are as deceived as she is never do. Allah, her false god, demands servitude. My God, who is Almighty God, loved me enough to send His only Son to die for my transgressions.
The difference between the two belief systems is night and day, darkness and light, Evil and Good. Let Omar’s voice be heard. It’s the new voice of the Democratic Party, but know what the consequences of her falsehood will produce, destruction here and now and eternal damnation.
—Jack Watts
COMMON SENSE: Meet the most important Congresswoman of the Democrat Party. Move over Nancy Pelosi; Ilhan Omar has arrived, and she will not sit in the back and be quiet. Instead, she is fully intent on proclaiming her Jew-hating radical Muslim positions, while simultaneously claiming to be a victim of oppression.
Petite and pretty, with a colorful wardrobe and headdress, Omar was nearly sanctioned for her antisemitism, but her supporters, which include Senators Harris and Warren, have consistently come to her defense. Yesterday’s vote in the House, which was watered-down so much that it was meaningless, shows just how much powerful this Muslim woman really is, as she spews hatful Muslim ideology with impunity.
Neither Pelosi nor any other Democrat can control her, but this does not mean the American people embrace Omar’s twisted Muslim worldview. We do not, nor do we support her anti-Israel positions. The Democrats may not be strong enough to stand up to her, but we certainly are. If President Obama had not settled so many Somali refugees in MN, we would never have been subjected to someone like Omar, but he did—fool that Obama was.
—Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: The last time the United States was energy independent was during World War II. Now, under President Trump’s leadership, we have become the world’s greatest supplier of energy, with the benefits of Anwar and the Keystone Pipeline yet to figure into the equation. Trump is responsible for all of this—not the anti-energy buffoon, Barack Obama.

Nevertheless, the media has made it seem like this is no big deal, or it is a terrible accomplishment because of their nonsensical fixation with climate change. By being energy independent, Trump has ensured that America will remain the world’s dominant power and not be surpassed by China for at least the next generation. This is huge!
That this feat has not been given the credit it deserves is staggering, but it’s not entirely the media’s fault. The messaging from Trump’s staff should point to this accomplishment repeatedly, going so far as to create a 30-second commercial explaining what it does for us economically and for our leadership in the world. Regardless, we need to point out this accomplishment consistently and repeatedly.
Jack Watts