COMMON SENSE: Sheriff Scott Israel embodies all that is wrong with America. Cunning and devious by nature, this chameleon, who presents himself as a champion of law and order, is completely self-serving. He was perfectly willing to side with the crowd in a town hall ambush of Senator Marco Rubio and Dana Loesch, while being fully aware that four of his officers refused to enter the school to confront an active shooter. How many of the seventeen victims would still be alive if his cowardly officers had done their jobs? We will never know, will we? How many shots were fired, while they crouched behind their vehicles and did nothing to defend and protect, which is their sworn duty?
What we do know is that Sheriff Israel was perfectly willing to throw one of his officers under the bus, but Israel has been silent about the failure of the other three to do their jobs. Why is that? It’s because this calculating Cretan would have to take responsibility for this systemic problem, and there is no way Israel is capable of manning up.
Instead, he blamed others, pointing his serpentine finger at Loesch, Rubio, the NRA, the FBI, and anybody other than him—coward that he is. Not one officer under Israel’s command did his job—not one. It wasn’t until officers from Coral Springs arrived that any police entered the building. By that time, it was too late for those who might have been spared, if Israel’s officers had done their job.
Israel is a media whore—no doubt about it—but he will not like the attention he is about to receive. This devious, deceptive sleaze has to go, and he has to go now. Shame on you, Scott Israel, you miserable excuse for a human being.
Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: We don’t have to reinvent the wheel. We can learn from the experience of others, namely Israel. Because the threat of attack by extreme Muslims is so great, and children are completely defenseless, they make a perfect soft target for Muslim terrorism.

Knowing this, Israel has developed an entire protocol for kids to follow in case of attack. It does not include panic, screaming, or huddling in a corner defenseless.
To begin with each school has an armed guard. We need one as well—period. There needs to be at least one at each school. Israel has solved the problem; so can we. But we will need armed guards to do so.
Will this increase the cost of education? Yes, of course it will, but it will also act as a powerful deterrent for attack. Think of it this way. If each school had a sign that said, “WARNING: Any attempt to harm our students or our faculty will be met with deadly force;” do you think this would stop this problem? Perhaps not every attack, but most. And it would cut down on casualties dramatically.
This will work. President Trump, put Education Secretary Betsy DeVos on a plane to Israel tonight. Have her learn the Israeli Protocol backwards and forwards. Then, implement it here throughout America. Do it now.
Jack Watts
22309007_10213047781922236_6841622879705319689_nSALT & LIGHT: In the 2016 Presidential Election, 81% of Evangelicals voted for a return to the values that once made America great. These values can make America great again. There is no doubt about that.
Our values come from the Judeo-Christian Ethic. It provides us with a consistent sense of right and wrong. This is the belief system that began at the landing at Plymouth Rock and with the founding of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.
These traditional values are what made America great, and they can make us great once again. Because our values are in sharp contrast with the nihilism of Progressivism, we conflict sharply with them. What we believe repudiates the statism of Progressives, as well as their desire to have open borders, abortion on demand, massive regulation, and governmental interference into every aspect of our lives.
Unlike the Progressives, who are ashamed of being American, we are not. We are proud of our nation and believe in American Exceptionalism wholeheartedly. Although we are mocked and ridiculed for what we believe, our commitment to our values is unassailable, and we vote.
Because there are so many of us, when we are unified, in most areas of the country, we are capable of electing the men and women we desire. Nevertheless, we must remain strong and vigilant, because our adversaries, like roaring lions, relentlessly seek to elect those whose love for America has grown cold.
Instead of championing the rights of the people, in the depth of their corrupt hearts, they have undermined our future, while becoming rich at our expense. The mid-term elections are just a few months away. This means it is time for men and women of faith to band together and support those candidates that champion our values, while relentlessly repudiating those who do not.
Having narrowly averting disaster in 2016, we are at a crossroads. Will we return to the way that made us great, or will we decline and cease to be prosperous? The future of our nation is in our hands. With the help of Almighty God, we can solidify our gains and truly make America great again, but it’s time to get back to work.
Jack Watts
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COMMON SENSE: Now that Russian interference in our 2016 Presidential Election has been established, it would behoove President Trump to place sanctions on Putin’s regime. Trump can do what Obama did, which was a slap on the wrist to Russia, and be done with it; or Trump can do something far more strategic—something that will also send a message to other cyber-attacking nations. My idea would act as a real deterrent.
Russia has a GDP of about $1.5 trillion, which makes our economy more than thirteen times larger. We can punish them economically, and we should. Here’s how we can do it.
When President Trump deregulated fracking natural gas, he set in motion our ability to become an energy exporting country. The technology now exists for natural gas to be liquified, loaded onto oil tankers, and sent overseas, where it can be de-liquified to warm homes in the winter in European countries cost-effectively.
Currently, Russia’s chief export is natural gas. What I am proposing is for the Trump administration to sanction Russia by competing against them. We can cripple their natural gas exporting business, which would be a real deterrent. This is a sanction that has teeth.
Here’s how it would work. We would sell our natural gas to countries that were once part of the Soviet Union for half price. Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, and Byelorussia would all be beneficiaries, and perhaps others. Two of these countries are not in NATO, which means they are all subject to the same fate as the Crimea, which Putin annexed from Ukraine under Obama’s watch. All of the above countries fear Russian aggression.
By selling our natural gas to them for half price, undercutting Russia, their energy dominance over these countries would cease. We would only make this deal, however, if each of these countries used the cost savings to buy U.S. weapons to be used for self-defense against Russia. This would act as a deterrent for Putin’s desire to reconstitute the power of the former Soviet Union. Because all of these countries are fearful of Russian attack, especially under a weak President like Obama, they would jump at the opportunity to bolster their ability to defend themselves.
To make this work, the fracking industry in the USA would need to be subsidized for a two-year period—the length of the proposed sanction. We could do this without cost to the American taxpayer by moving funds from foreign aid to countries that hate us to underwrite this initiative. By doing this, we would be getting a return on our foreign aid, help establish our energy-exporting business, solidify our relationships with Baltic and Eastern European countries, thwart Russia’s imperialistic goals in the region, and punish Russia for interfering in our election.
This is my idea. Maybe you can improve on it.
Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: To understand the Mueller findings correctly, they need to be taken in context with what has happened to General Flynn, or more accurately, what hasn’t happened to him. Several weeks ago, he was supposed to be sentenced for his perjury conviction, but he wasn’t. It was postponed, and I suspect he will never serve time. But why is this important, and what is the link to what Rosenstein announced?

Flynn’s unmasking was based on the Steele Dossier, which the FBI fraudulently presented to the FISA Court to obtain a warrant. Thus, everything obtained from it is “fruit of the poisoned tree,” making the Flynn conviction fundamentally flawed. In other words, the Flynn conviction would not stand upon appeal, which Mueller knows.
The same is true for every aspect of the Mueller investigation into Russian collusion in our elections. So, what Mueller and Rosenstein have done is carefully orchestrate a way for them to get out of the mess created for them by the FBI in the best way possible.
They have done this by making everybody a winner. By indicting thirteen Russians, who will never be tried, Team Mueller has verified that there was indeed collusion. Thus, the Democrats and the media, who have been pushing the “Russian Collusion” narrative since Trump was elected, can claim victory. On the other hand, Trump and his supporters, who have consistently denied any collusion, can also claim victory. Any involvement with the Russians by them was “unwitting.” They didn’t know about it. To collude, you have to be knowledgable, which nobody was.
The entire Russian collusion investigation appears to be much ado about nothing—a tempest in a teapot. There may be more to come, but I doubt it. With what has been announced by Rosenstein, I do not see any reason why the President should be interviewed either, nor why he should even be asked.
Instead, the focus should turn to the criminality of the FBI and the DOJ, both of which knowingly and willingly conspired to illegally charge a sitting President with crimes he never committed. It’s time for Comey, Strzok, Page, Priestep, Ohr, Yates, Susan Rice, and the rest to pay for what they have done. It’s time for them to be indicted, tried, and if convicted to spend years in prison.
Jack Watts
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COMMON SENSE: Like anybody who pays attention, I have wondered why Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, and others have not been fired by the FBI. That they still collect paychecks is galling, but there may be a purpose for keeping them employed.

In January, House Intelligence Chairman, Devon Nunes, stated that he intended to have Strzok, Page, James Baker, Peter Priestap, and Bruce Ohr testify, but Nunes postponed the hearings. Why would Nunes do that, when he was on a roll?
It may be because he made a deal with the DOJ’s Rod Rosenstein to obtain the testimony of all five from Michael Horowitz’s Inspector General’s report, which is still incomplete.
If this is the case, and it appears to be, then keeping the five employed makes sense. It means they are all cooperating with a DOJ criminal investigation referred to them by Horowitz. Strzok, Page, Priestap, Baker, and Ohr are most likely exchanging their cooperation for lighter sentences, which is fine, if it leads to Comey, Lynch, Clapper, Breenan, Samantha Powers, Susan Rice, and maybe even to Obama himself. That’s a good trade.
We will know soon enough. If all of this is true, the you-know-what is about to hit the fan—big time.

COMMON SENSE: Between 2010-2012, the IRS was weaponized against the Tea Party to deny them their right to organize as 501-C4 not-for-profit entities. This is no longer in dispute. It happened, and the Obama administration was behind it.

That this happened was shocking to most Americans, because no President had ever done anything like this before. Then, it became apparent that the Obama administration was also using the EPA and the NSA in the same way. Now, we are learning that the FBI and the DOJ have been weaponized against a Presidential candidate, a President-Elect, and a sitting President—Donald J. Trump.
Because other agencies have been used to target Americans by the Obama administration, denying them their Constitutional rights, we shouldn’t be surprised that the FBI and the DOJ have also been used, but we are. What Obama did—not just Hillary and the DNC—we are so shocked that we simply do not want to admit that something like this could happen—not in the land of the free and the home of the brave; but it has happened.
It’s not just Crooked Hillary. This goes straight into the Oval Office, when Barack Obama was President, and his deeds of darkness are being exposed to the light of day. Although the Deep State and the Progressive media will do everything in their considerable power to protect Obama, there is simply too much evidence emerging against him to prevent Obama from being exposed. His days of being respected are nearly over. Richard Nixon will be forced to move aside. Obama’s name is about to become synonymous with Presidential corruption and abuse of power. Just watch. It’s going to happen.
Jack Watts