17760171_1166945333431164_4892622199645181364_nCOMMON SENSE: I remember the years in my Ph.D. program at Emory in the early 80s, where I was the only Evangelical, the only conservative, and the only unabashed American patriot. For three years, I was hammered daily by Leftists who all thought alike. Each day, without exception, I had to defend myself from personal and political attacks. At the time, I bemoaned my situation repeatedly, wondering why in the world I was there, but now I know.
It is for such a time as this that I was being prepared. Taking back our nation from the Progressive reprobates—those who champion wrong, calling it right—is a tall order. As you can see, the Swamp Dwellers do not want to be dislodged, but doing so is absolutely necessary. The louder they scream, the closer we are coming to the seat of Darkness they love so dearly.
Our struggle will continue, and it may get worse before it gets better. So, buckle up for a rough ride for quite a while. The end result will be worth it. I promise you it will.
Jack Watts
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COMMIN SENSE: There is no need to panic, nor even any cause to be upset. Yes, there has been a significant amount of turnover in the White House, but that was to be expected, even predicted. There are reasons why.
First, Trump was elected to make fundamental change, which means it was his purpose to stir things up. That causes disruption, especially among the Swamp Dwellers, who have vigorously opposed change. That many of them have had to go is the second reason for so much turnover.
Third, there have been so many leaks that Trump has been constantly fighting a rear-guard action. This means there will be many more people fired before it is over, but they are terminations that need to happen.
Fourth, because Trump is not corrupt, those who are need to be ferreted out, which is happening. All of them need to be fired, and some prosecuted. Fifth, because Trump is committed to keeping his promises, which most Presidents refuse to do, it makes him bump heads with the entrenched establishment, and this causes additional turnover.
We elected a businessman to get things done, and Trump is doing that, despite being hammered from all sides. Let’s give him some space to get the job done.
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Jack Watts161534_100003471255753_672416768_n
COMMON SENSE: In your lifetime, can you remember a time when there has been more division in our nation than right now? When there has been more animosity and less civility than we are currently experiencing? Has there ever been a time, when there has been a greater opportunity to stand up and be counted for everything we hold dear?
It is for such a time as this that we have been placed on this earth. It is time for Christians, and other people of faith, to bow their heads, humble themselves, and pray for this great nation God has given us. Let us seek peace with one another, while we also pray for safety from terrorism from those who wish us harm.
Jack Watts


COMMON SENSE: The greatest political thinking of all-time came from Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, but it was after the Peloponnesian Wars, not before them. The most influential concepts came from these great philosophers in an attempt to explain how Athens, the city of art and culture, could lose a war to the brutish Spartans, who were close to being troglodytes.
All of Western political thought has come from these men, and others of their era, and their goal was to learn the lessons of history so that future generations would not repeat them.
The same issues are germane in America today. We can either learn from our collective experiences, or we will not. One thing is certain, however, nothing can be learned from historical revisionism, but this is exactly what the Progressive agenda is attempting to produce. Whether it’s from Obama saying that Islam goes back to the foundation of our nation, which the primary documents do not substantiate, or ignorant Millennials tearing down monuments, as if their actions are wise and prudent, changing the historical record is the goal. It’s a fool’s errand.
The United States is the greatest nation in the history of the world, but we are not without flaws, significant flaws. Learning from our mistakes is the way forward—not exalting ignorance in the name of progress. That doesn’t work. Ot never has, and it never will.
Jack Watts
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COMMON SENSE: Being a Christian, which is my primary identity, racism has no place in my world. Since Christ loved all of Mankind and died for the sins of everybody, we are all equal in the eyes of God. Thus, racism, in any form, is a sinful mindset—period.
That being said, taking down the memorial to Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville seems like the epitome of hypocrisy. If you are going to do this, if this is required because of Lee’s role in the Civil War, then shouldn’t the entire University of Virginia be dismantled, stone by stone? After all, it was founded by Thomas Jefferson, our 3rd President, founder of the Democratic Party, and lifelong slave owner.
If Lee’s statue comes down, then to be consistent, the University of Virginia should also cease to exist. Going one step further, the Commonwealth of Virginia, founded by slave owners, should be dissolved, as should the Carolinas, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and several other states. Or, as an alternative, we could choose to respect our history, while not agreeing with all aspects of it.
Jack’s Books: mcgeeandme.net
Jack Watts
12573733_828304790628555_5483197664783316735_nCOMMON SENSE: French is the language of diplomacy and has been for half a millennium. It’s why there are so many French words and phrases that have come into the English language concerning foreign policy—words like rapprochement, fait accompli, and de facto/de jure. The cardinal rule of diplomacy is understatement. In diplomacy, to say an act by another nation is “unfriendly” is close to declaring war.
The Progressives, especially in the media, have been very critical of President Trump for using the term, “Fire and Fury,” when speaking out about our current crisis with Kim Jung-un of North Korea. Specifically, they are enraged because Trump’s words were well outside of normal, appropriate diplomatic language.
I disagree with the media’s assessment. The language of diplomacy will work with nearly all nation-states, but it is actually counterproductive with a rogue nation like North Korea.
Before SWorld War II, Winston Churchill was criticized by appeasers to Hitler for being bombastic and crude, but Churchill was right and Neville Chamberlain was wrong. In our current crisis, all that Kim Jung-un understands is brute force, and that is what Trump has given him. Neither Presidents Clinton, George W. Bush, nor Barack Obama were willing to be confrontational. Consequently, the North Koreans have considered the USA to be weak—a paper tiger.
Trump, standing up for the American people, is calling their bluff. Kim Jong-un has two choices. Either he can attack and be destroyed, or he can backdown and lose face. Either way, his days are numbered. To be sure, this is brinkmanship diplomacy, but I do not believe it will lead to thermonuclear war. That’s the way I see it.
161534_100003471255753_672416768_nCOMMON SENSE: Barack Obama’s policy of “Strategic Patience,” which should have been more appropriately called “Fearful Incompetence,” was a colossal failure on the Korean peninsula, but Obama is not alone in his ineptitude. Neither George W. Bush nor Bill Clinton did anything to solve the North Korean problem, when it was more easily solvable.
Now, we are faced with a rogue nation willing to use its nuclear arsenal against the USA and our allies, South Korea and Japan. This is a problem Donald Trump has been given. He didn’t create it.
Trump is being criticized for using the phrase, “Fire and Fury,” by Diane Feinstein, Chuck Shumer, John McCain, and others, but this was not an offhanded remark by the President. It was a planned, measured statement of the intent of the United States. For a quarter of a century, the North Koreans have counted on indecisiveness and weakness form the USA to build their nuclear arsenal, but those days are over. Trump may seem reckless to some, but this will work to our favor with the North Koreans.
Kim Jong Un is taking the world to the brink of nuclear war, hoping to get the USA to back down, just like we have done for the past three administrations, but Un does not know who he is dealing with, which makes this situation more serious and more unpredictable. Trump will not back down, and Un is unwilling to lose face internationally and with his terrified people.
Additionally, to truly understand the situation, you have to add Iran to the mix. Their nuclear program is in lockstep with the North Korea’s, forming a new Axis of Evil. The Iranians, who are desirous of annihilating Israel and the Great Satan, the USA, are doing everything they can to promote war in the Far East. Their reason for doing this is to distract the USA with the Iranians goal of recreating the Persian Empire, a caliphate called The Western Crescent, which has been funded by Barack Obama with your tax dollars.
The chances of this resolving peacefully with North Korea now, and with Iran in the future, are practically nil, but this is exactly what we are praying will happen. I wish I had better news for you, but I don’t.
Jack Watts