COMMON SENSE: In their antipathy toward President Trump, which may more accurately be described as bitter contempt, the editorial staff at the New York Times has decided to reeducate Americans about our history. Dubbing this the “1619 Project,” the goal of the Times is to revise our understanding about America’s founding. If this can be successfully done, the editorial staff believes it will provide the rationale for defeating Donald Trump in the 2020 Presidential Election. This, rather than honest journalism, is their goal.
Their bottom line perspective is that because of slavery America was never great in the first place. Therefore, it can never be made great again.
Why is this important you might ask? It’s important because the NYT provides the seminal thought for the entire anti-American Progressive movement. Whatever they pen is picked up by CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS and lesser sycophants throughout the nation. It is then re-reported as the gospel truth.
In my opinion, the 1619 Project, which derives its name from the year the first slaves were brought to America, is a very dangerous undertaking. By undermining the core value of one’s love of country, the NYT will be doing everything in its considerable influence to undermine our heritage. Their end goal may be to unseat Trump, but the real result will be to undermine the American way of life. If successful, an entire generation of malcontents will be created. They will be like Antifa on steroids.
For the staff at the NYT, if they can get Trump, the end result will justify the means, even if it destroys everything that has been built in the past 400 years. They don’t care. As jaded and cynical as they are, it will be worth it. From our perspective, it falls upon us to redouble our core value of love of country. We must stand strong for our values, even though we will be ridiculed for doing so. America is worth our efforts, regardless of what the NYT says. It’s time for us, you and me, to become warriors.
Jack Watts
COMMON SENSE: This is the painting that all visitors are greeted with, when they walk into Jeffrey Epstein’s twenty-seven story mansion in Manhattan. I suspect it has been placed there to intimidate anybody who believes he or she is more powerful than Epstein.
It’s a brazen display of poor taste, but it also reveals just how depraved our society has become. In the USA, the rich and powerful use their wealth and positions of authority to exploit rather than to serve, but that’s not all. Their exploitation has a perverted component to it. These dark figures regularly engage in raping children—both males and females.
In his denunciation of the USA, Putin regularly characterizes American leaders as a “bunch of pedophiles.” He says this all the time. As accomplished a spy as Putin is, I think he is right. This painting, which should offend every American, depicts a lifestyle that is a clear repudiation of everything that the Judeo-Christian value system holds dear.
This clear display of perversion is not only what Epstein and Clinton stand for, but it’s also what many other political and business leaders stand for. It’s poison to the soul of our nation and must be exposed to the light of day.
—Jack Watts
COMMON SENSE: Rarely am I shocked, but the level of depravity and perversion in Jeffrey Epstein’s home in Manhattan has sickened me. Bill Clinton in drag, and in a blue dress no less, reminiscent of Monica Lewinsky.
Clinton has professed that he has had very little to do with Epstein, but this clearly isn’t true. Bill Clinton was the President of the United States. Being involved in such behavior goes beyond any sense of normality. This is indefensible, even for the Progressive media. If you are not horrified and sickened by this, I feel sorry for your sense of right and wrong.
When I saw this, it immediately reminded of a biblical passage from Romans. The verses say, “God gave them over to a depraved mind, to do those things which are not proper, being filled with all unrighteousness, wickedness, greed, evil; full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, malice; they are gossips, slanderers, haters of God, insolent, arrogant, boastful, inventors of evil, disobedient to parents, without understanding, untrustworthy, unloving, unmerciful; and although they know the ordinance of God, that those who practice such things are worthy of death, they not only do the same, but also give hearty approval to those who practice them (Romans 1:28b-32, NAS).
Better than any words I could ever write, this is what we are dealing with in the twenty-first century. This is who Epstein and Clinton are, and their depravity is deeply embedded in our federal government.
Jack Watts
COMMON SENSE: It is like there are two completely different realities in America. and they are mutually exclusive. The Progressives believe President Trump is illegitimate, a criminal, a fool and probably a traitor. Being all of these things, nothing he does is ever acceptable or laudable. Even the San Andreas is his fault.
In this reality, the economy may be doing well but it’s largely due to Obama. People like Comey, Mueller, and McCabe are patriots, deserving respect and honor. The House should impeach Trump—the sooner the better so that America can be rid of its albatross—Donald Trump.
The alternative view is that Trump came along at exactly the right time to save America from itself and from the corruption of the Deep State. Trump, despite his brashness, has turned America around and instituted policies that truly have made America great again. He has done this, despite the harassment of the Deep State, the anti-American Democrats, and a conspiracy to fraudulently have him removed from office.
With the gap between these two divergent realities being so wide, it’s impossible for them to compromise with each other. One will win and become dominant, while the other will atrophy and become marginalized. Which will be the victor? That’s the crucial question. I know what I believe, but the answer is in the Hands of Almighty God.
—Jack Watts
COMMON SENSE: On Thursday, Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY), the Troll from the Upper Westside, said that articles of Impeachment against President Trump would likely be sent to the House floor by the end of the year. It’s on. There’s no stopping this divisive train of destruction. The bitterness of Nadler, Schiff, Swallwell and The Squad will not allow the political climate to settle down.
Formal Impeachment proceedings are almost inevitable, despite there being no underlying crime in the Russian collusion case, no legitimate investigative predicate, and the only obstruction of justice being an innocent man—President Trump—standing up for himself.
That this will be monumentally destructive to the American people is irrelevant. That the charges are based on an attempted coup by Obama Deep State operatives does even factor into Nadler’s equation. He simply doesn’t care. The bitter vengefulness of these militant Democrats knows no bounds and no logic. They are hellbent on using their majority in the Hose to try and remove Trump from office. It’s as simple as that.
If you think the rhetoric has been too bitter, let me assure you that you haven’t seen anything yet. This is going to be the most difficult, stressful year since 1968. Perhaps it will be even worse than that. God help us, and God save the President.
Jack Watts
COMMON SENSE: In this era, people misspeak and misremember. They don’t lie, at least according to them. By misspeaking and misremembering, a politician or a member of the media can circumvent being responsible and accountable for what they say and do.
Just as bad, they are allowed to get away with such nonsense. Senator Blumenthal misremembered being a Vietnam War veteran. He didn’t lie about it for political gain. I’m using him as an example because it seems impossible for anybody to misremember such a life-altering event.
Nicole Wallace misspoke about Trump wanting to exterminate Latinos, at least according to her. It’s the Left’s new way of getting out of a tight situation without ever actually acknowledging doing anything wrong.
By twisting reality this way, politicians and others can be as vicious, deceitful and malicious as they want to be without ever suffering the legitimate consequences of their actions. It allows them to give full vent to their rage with impunity, and it has become a major problem in our political discourse. We must not allow them to do this.
Jack Watts
COMMON SENSE: On the surface, Peter Strzok’s lawsuit for wrongful termination seems laughable, but it’s actually an example of what is wrong with our nation. It reveals a deep flaw within our society that has been eroding our core values for at least half a century.
Strzok is an amoral narcissist. His sense of right and wrong has been so compromised that he can simultaneously participate in flagrant adultery while believing he is so morally superior that he is destined to be the savior of America. He really believes this.
Like all narcissists, it’s all about him. Being out of the limelight, he needed to be the center of attention again, so he initiated this frivolous lawsuit, even though his humiliating dismissal was justified and warranted.
What is right to Strzok is whatever advances his personal agenda. There is no fear of God within him, and this is what makes men like him so dangerous. They do not have an internal check to stop them from using the law rather than serving the law.
Strzok, Avanatti, and most of Mueller’s team are cursed with this flaw. Willful and arrogant, they have pursued their own flawed agendas with no moral rudder to guide them. Because these accursed Children of Darkness have no sense of higher calling, they do not care who they destroy, just as long as their depraved desires are fulfilled. This makes them particularly dangerous.
Jack Watts