COMMON SENSE: The Iranians chose to shoot down our unmanned drone rather than the reconnaissance plane that had a crew of twenty. Both were vulnerable to attack.
Why would Iran do this? Why not attack both? After all, killing infidels is sport for the Iranians. They do it everyday throughout the Middle east and beyond.
I think I know, but this is just my opinion. I don’t know for certain—let me be clear about this. The following is my opinion only.
Former Secretary of State, John Kerry, has been providing counsel to the Iranians ever since Trump has been President. In his counsel, telling the mullahs to attack a drone instead of a manned plane is precisely the type of thing Kerry would suggest. I don’t know that he did this specifically, but I do believe he is capable of being this treacherous.
Like Obama, Jarrett, Hillary, and others, Kerry is pro-Iran and anti-Israel. The uranium the Iranians have comes from the Russian deal Hillary cut to sell our uranium, and the money for the Iranian weapons comes from the $150 billion Obama provided them by spiriting it away in the middle of the night. So, we paid for the missile that shot down our drone.
After mulling over what happened for a few days, here is what I think. The Iranians were counseled to attack the drone for one purpose—to have Trump drag us into another fruitless Middle Eastern war. The Iranians would suffer in the short end but, in the long run, it would keep Trump from being reelected in 2020. At least, this was their supposition. Without Trump, the Iranians would be back on track to build nuclear weapons to attack Israel.
At least, this is what the end game for the attack was. Essentially, in foreign policy, this was like the perjury trap Trump avoided by not testifying in person before the Mueller team. The Iranians, with the counsel of Kerry and others, tried to provoke Trump into taking the bait, but he wisely chose not to. Now, if the Iranians attack again, not even Trump’s harshest critics can denounce him as being a warmonger for responding with force.
This was a setup. I can’t prove it, but I’m sure it was. Trump’s enemies—like John Kerry—will do anything, including putting American lives in harm’s way, just to get rid of him. Once again, however, they have failed, haven’t they? Trump has outsmarted them again.
Jack Watts
COMMON SENSE: The world’s oil passes through the Persian Gulf and the Straits of Hormuz. All of Europe, Japan, India, and China are dependent on this oil. So was the United States until President Trump deregulated the energy sector. Now, we are completely self-sufficient and actually have become exporters of oil, natural gas, and coal.
This is important because a rogue nation like Iran can no longer threaten us like they have been able to do for the past seven decades. Those days are over.
The USA’s Commander-in-Chief now has options that he didn’t have in previous administrations. We can no longer be forced to respond to unstable situations in the Middle East simply because we need their oil to survive. Whether you like Trump or not, he did this for us, and it’s as important as having the world’s most powerful military force.
In geo-political terms, we can no longer be pushed or pulled into Middle Eastern wars just because we have no other choice. We now have many more options. Our power position has changed. It is now much, much better.
Jack Watts
COMMON SENSE: With the shooting down of an American drone by the Iranians, the United States has been provoked to respond, which we will most certainly do. All that Islamic nations understand is force. Because this is true, the United States will attack Iran, in my opinion.
If we do not respond, this will embolden the mullahs to become increasingly brazen. Because they would view restraint as weakness, we should respond with a proportional attack.
Look for us to hit them at about 3 a.m. local time with lightning speed and precision. My best guess is that we will take out their coastal rockets, their speed boats and their dry docks. The attack may come as early as this evening.
At this point, it’s imperative that we revoke the security clearances of those Americans who are counseling and advising the Iranians, including John Kerry and Valerie Jarrett.
Buckle up and say your prayers.
Jack Watts
COMMON SENSE: Here is a story you will love—one that never made news in the USA. The most memorable moment from the the last trip to Israel by President Trump and the First Lady was probably that moment when they entered the house of President Rivlin.
Nechama Rivlin, President Rivlin’s wife, welcomed the First Lady, Melania Trump, at the door. As they were about to walk inside, Nechama whispered to Melania that she would do her best to keep up with the walking pace, but she might be a bit slow because of her medical condition, which required her to use an oxygen tank.
Melania took Nechama’s hand, looked at her and said, “We’ll walk at any pace you choose.” Then, they walked, slowly, gracefully and proudly, hand in hand.
This is a moment of dignity to be cherished. This gracious gesture had no political significance, but it meant everything to Nechama Rivkin.
According tp George Deek of The Jewish Standard:
“It is the hope we yearn for when we speak of peace;
It is the kindness we wish to protect when we speak of defeating terror;
It is the dignity we want to teach when we speak of stopping hate;
It is the friendship we pray for when we speak of our unbreakable bond;
In other words, this gesture encompasses everything that is good, kind and human.”
—Jack Watts
COMMON SENSE: For the past six months, we have been deluged with the beliefs, ideas, and worldview of the Radical Left. With one nonsensical, anti-American idea after the other, they have pushed their beliefs on us as forcefully as a terminal patient’s spews his or her projectile vomiting.
Aiding them, the media has gone to great lengths to assure us that the convictions of these Democratic candidates are mainstream. In tandem, they have relentlessly tried to move the general population leftward, but their strategy hasn’t worked. They make think it is, but they are mistaken. If anything, all these radical candidates have done is force average Americans to solidify the values they cherish, as versus those they oppose.
The Progressives have been able to give full vent to their Socialist ideas, but all of this is about to change. The champion of America first is about to announce his candidacy for reelection tonight in Orlanda, and the people have been lining up for two days to hear him. In an arena that will only hold twenty thousand, more than one hundred thousand are expected to show up. The people want Trump.
Why do so many come? It’s simple. They love their country and the man who has stood up to the corruption and the depravity of the Democrats, the media, and the Deep State globalists who dominate our federal bureaucracy.
Because our economy is the envy of the world, we are not at war for the first time in two decades, and we are taking back our nation; they will continue to support him, and the globalist can’t do anything to stop him, despite trying their hardest to do so.
The bottom line is this: With the people behind him, President Trump is certain to be reelected. I doubt it will even be close. I was right last time, when nearly everybody else was wrong. I’ll be right again.
Jack Watts
COMMON SENSE: Normally, I would be shocked and surprised to learn that a former Secretary of State has been literally providing counsel and advise to a sworn enemy of the United States, but not in the case of John Kerry. This is very much within his treacherous nature to do.
He has been consistently providing aid and comfort to the Iranians—all in an attempt to undermine the foreign policy Kerry’s enemy, Donald Trump. Unfortunately for Kerry, Trump just happens to be the President of the United States, making him our Commander-in-Chief.
With the escalating conflict between those who chant, “Death to America,” and American warships in the Persian Gulf, Kerry’s complicity in helping the Iranians can no longer be passed over or excused. It has to be called what it is—treasonous. Again, this is not a new role for Kerry. He began his anti-American career in Vietnam, where he learned his villainy at an early age.
Currently, with the lives of American servicemen on the line, Kerry’s actions must be confronted. First, strip him of his security clearance. We must not allow him to have access to our secrets, knowing he will pass them along to Tehran. Second, put him under surveillance. Let’s find out exactly what this scoundrel is doing. Third, if his actions actually endanger our servicemen and women, arrest him. It’s time to put a stop to his behavior.
Jack Watts
COMMON SENSE: We are being deluged with radical Progressive ideas from about two dozen Leftists who would have us believe their ideas are relevant. They aren’t.
Because Trump is running unopposed, his America-first Populist ideas are not being showcased like they were in 2016. Instead, because they are being implemented, the Left is free to attack them with impunity. That’s politics.
The net effect of this is we are being led to believe this country is moving to the Left very quickly, and this is a good thing. This isn’t happening, despite the media’s assurance that it is. Instead, the center-right is what is really gaining ground.
To achieve an advantage over the pack and, to distinguish themselves from the others, the Democratic Presidential hopefuls are racing Leftward, but the American people are not. We see what has happened to Europe and to our inner cities—the ones that have been ruled by Democrats for decades.
Americans don’t want this. We never have wanted Socialism. Instead, we want a strong, peaceful nation filled with abundance, which is exactly what Trump is producing.
Jack Watts