th 08-29-48COMMON SENSE: Yesterday’s ruling by the Supreme Court, affirming 9-0 that President Trump has the authority to impose a travel ban, is being heralded as a great victory for the administration. Reversing the 9th District, even the most liberal judges on the Supreme Court recognized that it is the President’s responsibility to do what he thinks best to keep us safe.
This was a victory for our Constitution, and the separation of powers, more than it was for Trump. To allow activist jurists to determine foreign policy is absurd and dangerous, which the Nutty Ninth should have recognized, but they didn’t. The decision by SCOTUS will not only helps Trump, but it will also help every future President.
Jack Watts
COMMON SENSE: Just as it makes no sense to give a masochist a nice gift, Making America Great Again isn’t something that will motivate people from the Progressive Left. They don’t want us to be great again. We don’t deserve to be great, and we never did. To them, we were never great in the first place.
What motivates the Progressives is divesting our nation of all of our wealth, by redistributing what we have to 3rd world countries. This will make amends for our past crimes against humanity. This is what Progressives really believe.
So, when Trump talks about winning, his remarks are by nature offensive to the masochistic Left. Because Trump’s goal is to win, this means they will never recognize any of his accomplishments as being either legitimate or beneficial.
There is an entire generation that believes this nonsense. They believe it heart and soul. We have our work cut out for us. This flawed thinking must be confronted with reality, but first we must understand the worldview of the Progressives. Without understanding how they think, or what motivates them, we simply cannot help them.
Jack Watts


COMMON SENSE: For decades, the encroachment of godless Progressivism has made uninterrupted gains in our nation, and Conservative Christians have been their primary target. This should be obvious, even to those who do not pay much attention to politics.

Starting in 2010, the tide began to change with the unseating of Speaker Pelosi. In 2016, with the election of Trump, the tide turned dramatically. Progressivism is being pushed back so decisively that the media and the Democrats will do anything to reverse the course and regain power. But each of their efforts, including the “Russian Collusion” narrative, have proven to be counterproductive.

Now, their connivance is coming back to bite them, and there will be noting they can do to stop it. Loretta Lynch is corrupt, which will lead to Hillary, and they have brought it all on themselves. The 2018 elections will be another disaster for the Democrats, and they don’t even realize it. Do I feel sorry for them? Hell No!

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—Jack Watts​

COMMON SENSE: If the best offense is a good defense, then it stands to reason the best defense is a strong offense. This has been the strategy of the Democrats ever since Donald Trump took office. By constantly attacking him, accusing him of phantom crimes without merit, followed by an equally groundless obstruction of justice investigation, their assault has effectively kept Trump from fulfilling his campaign promise to “Drain the Swamp.” By constantly having to defend himself, like a high school cheerleaders who has been falsely accused of “putting out,” Trump has been unable to mount an effective offense.
That’s about to change, and it originates from the false accusations levied against him by his enemies. Like the less popular girls who want to bring down a pretty cheerleader any way they can, the Democrats, especially Hillary, Loretta Lynch, and John Podesta, are about the get their comeuppance from an unexpected source.
Three members of the House Oversight Committee are calling for an investigation into former FBI Director James Comey. Representatives Jim Jordan (OH), Mark Meadows (NC), and Jody Hice (GA) have stated that Comey misled the American people last year when he agreed to then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s request that he call an investigation into Hillary Clinton a “matter” instead of an investigation. “He did it willfully. He did it intentionally. And he did it at the direction of Attorney General Loretta Lynch,” they have asserted.
Folks, the you-know-what is about to hit the fan, and it may well lead to the Swamp being drained.

COMMON SENSE: There is a reason why the continuous hammering of the mainstream is not working, and it’s very simple. Trump won the election, fair and square, and it grates against our American sense of fairness for his victory to be challenged. We see what they are doing, including many of his detractors, and we think it is dishonorable. I watch all of the pundits give their analysis, and none of them mention this simple fact. Instead, the great Progressive political thinkers hedge, hem and haw, and spew out excuses that are nothing more than drivel.

Let me explain the fairness issue this way. I hate the Florida Gators. It’s very difficult to lose to them, which the Bulldogs do much too often. But when we lose, we accept that we lost and deal with it. We don’t try and investigate the officials or do anything other than try our best to do better the next time.
That the media, the Radical Left, and the Democratic Party will not accept that they lost the election is wrong. It’s being a poor sport, and being a good sport is a critical part of the American way of life that we hold dear. The Progressives tell us that Trump is unpopular, but he comes out on top with the American people all the time. Why? It’s because we view him as being honorable, which his unfair opponents are not. It’s as simple as that.
Jack Watts
161534_100003471255753_672416768_nCOMMON SENSE: Having to face relentless daily attacks by the bitter mainstream media is the new normal for us. This is not going to change. Regardless of how successful President Trump’s agenda is, as long as he is President, he is going to be hounded by a hostile press. This will test his resolve, and it will test ours as well.
It will help to start thinking of Trump like Nehemiah, who rebuilt the wall to Jerusalem, while simultaneously having to ward off repeated attacks by his adversaries. Trump is having to do the same thing, which means we have to redouble our efforts to undergird his Presidency with prayer and immovable support. We must stand in the breach of the wall and fight with him to protect our nation from the Progressives.
The future of America depends on it. We must not allow the constant naysaying of the Progressives in the media to wear us down. Our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren are depending on us to remain faithful.
Jack Watts
161534_100003471255753_672416768_nCOMMON SENSE: The difference between the belief system I espouse and the beliefs of the Progressive Left have many differences, but the core difference is this. My sense of Right vs. Wrong is absolute. For a Progressive, because there is no such thing as absolute truth, there is no absolute Right & Wrong.
Founded upon the Judeo-Christian Ethic and biblical precepts, my beliefs never change, and I have a hard line about what is acceptable and what is not. For a Progressive, achieving and maintaining power is all that is important. Whatever is necessary to make this happen is acceptable—anything.
For a Progressive, the ends justify the means. For me, and for millions of others like me, how we do things is more important than achieving our goal. Doing the right thing is more important than winning. For a Progressive, such thinking is nonsense.
In this highly charged political climate, because Progressives can justify violence to achieve their ends, nearly all of the criminal acts comes from the Radical Left. They believe this strategy will work. They consider us to be weak, but they are mistaken. We are strong, and we are getting stronger by the day.