Where are the godly men in America?
Where are those who have been
Blessed by You and have experienced
Your faithfulness for so many decades?
Where are they? When will they come forward?
Our nation is filled with godly women—
Those who know You and gladly bow their heads
And their knees in humility and obedience to You.
Why do they “get it” and so many of us do not?
Why do their numbers grow while ours diminish?
Throughout America, our nation is blessed
With multiplied millions of godly women—
Those who have a heart to follow You willingly.
They obey You so easily, knowing Your ways
Are far superior to their ways and their goals.
They seem to discern Your righteousness clearly,
Fervently desiring Your will for themselves and for others.
But, this is not what American men are like, is it?
Men like me who love to talk the talk
But, in our hearts, consistently practice self-reliance.
Refusing to bow our knees in submission to You,
We wrongly believing we can handle our situations
Without Your guidance, wisdom, and leadership.
But, look at us now, Father, on this 4th of July.
Look at the mess we have created for ourselves.
Godless scoffers dominate our nation’s news—
Men who delight in using their power to eviscerate
The rights of the faithful, grinding them into the ground.
Daily, they bully those who call upon Your name.
Harassing the righteous has become sport to Progressives.
Because the damnable have institutionalized oppression,
We need Your active intervention now more than ever.
Without it, all will soon be lost in the United States.
Father, please do not allow this to happen.
Stir the hearts of millions and raise up godly men—
Those who will be strong enough to withstand
The assault of the wicked, the depraved and the Evil.
Let the transformation begin and let begin it with me,
Jack Watts
COMMON SENSE: Good leadership produces good decisions. Some decisions are so good they impact a nation for years, even generations. The Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, is such a decision. Its impact continues to bless the United States nearly a quarter of a millennium later, despite the protests of the ignoble, the depraved and the unworthy, including the degenerates of Antifa and Black Lives Matter.
There is another decision that has come from more recent good leadership. It is also destined to bless the American people for generations; that is, if they are wise enough to recognize it, accept it and maintain it. This was the decision by President Donald Trump to roll back the job killing regulations for our energy sector imposed upon it by President Obama. With Trump now permitting fracking, drilling for oil and the completion of our pipelines, the USA has become the world’s leader in energy rather than being an oil importing nation. The difference between the two positions is so staggering that Trump’s decision to move forward with oil production has provided untold wealth for the American people, but it has done even more than this.
When COVID-19 was unleashed upon the world by the Chinese Communists, whether purposefully or fortuitously, they believed it would reverse their decline, devastate America’s economy and make them the world’s number one economic power. Their plan has not worked, however, for one reason. The reason is Trump’s leadership in oil production.
Strategic use of our natural resources will ensure that the USA is the world’s dominant economic power for at least the next half century, unless we frivolously discard our advantage by electing a demented fool like Joe Biden to be President.
Let me explain why Trump’s decision was so wise. We have an abundance of oil, while China does not. They have to import every drop of oil. This adds to the cost of their manufacturing, somewhat offsetting their advantage of having very cheap labor. Because of the revenue we gain from selling oil to the rest of the world, our economy has been able to weather the devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic to bounce back strong. That we have been able to do this, despite the doomsayers’ predictions that we couldn’t, is the clearest example of the value of President Trump’s leadership over Joe Biden’s.
To placate the Radical Left, Biden wants to place Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in charge of our energy sector. If this happens, we will relinquish our economic leadership to China. As devastating as this would be, it might be exactly what Biden wants. After all, he has been corruptly receiving money from China for years through his drug addict son, Hunter Biden.
Jack Watts
SALT & LIGHT: One thing is certain: for each of us to fulfill our purpose in life, we must come to know the truth. When we recognize it, we must accept it. Our next step is to internalize it. After accomplishing this, which is frequently an arduous and time-consuming process, we must ensure that our convictions become our reality. Once we have accomplished this, we must act in a way consistent with our convictions. This is what produces the Fruit of the Spirit of God within us.
Instead of being conflicted, like most Americans, including most Christians, our lives will become congruous, and we will experience love, peace, joy, patience, and much more. This is not an idealistic, unattainable sentiment. It is an achievable goal. It can happen, and it will happen.
The goal is the same for every Christian, but reaching it involves a myriad of experiences and numerous life journeys. Some reach their goal sooner than others, while millions never reach it at all. Instead, these unfortunate people live out their days in defeated ignominy, experiencing half-lives that are devoid of meaning or discernible purpose. Having experienced that for decades, I can attest that it’s not what any Christian wants for his or her life.
Jack Watts
COMMON SENSE: Residents of Seattle have no one to blame for the destruction of their beautiful city other than themselves. They elected Mayor Jenny Durkan, a Leftist Democrat, a consummate hypocrite, and a complete fool. Saying CHOP would create a “summer of love.” she unwisely brought violence, death and destruction on her city.
Despite clear signs about what was transpiring, Durkan chose to turn a blind eye to what was happening to beleaguered business owners until the protests reached her doorstep. Then, and only then, this this fool have a come-to-Jesus moment. Calling the Radicals what they were, she ordered CHOP to be dispersed, leaving a mess and destroyed businesses.
Now, the same nonsense has begun in New York City, where the same predictable results will occur. The only difference is Mayor De Blasio is even more incompetent and hypocritical than his West Coast counterpart. This is what you get when you elect Progressive Democrats to run our cities . . . death, mayhem, destruction of property and loss of business.
Here’s an aphorism that is always true: Elect a fool and he or she will govern foolishly every time.
Jack Watts



COMMON SENSE: At the core of the Christian value system is the belief that real freedom comes from knowing the truth. Like nearly every Christian, I believe the Scriptural promise that states, “You shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

This promise is one I take at face value, as I believe it was meant to be taken. Counting on the validity of this verse has been as comforting to me as it has been reassuring. Its power and authority have become foundational to who I am and all that I believe. Without this Scriptural promise and others similar to it, I would not believe what I do. Like many others in America, instead of being grounded, I would be adrift—a man tossed about by a conflicted value system.

In fact, this is the way I lived for many years. Although I have been a born again Christian for fifty years, I spent my first four decades believing many things about my walk with the Lord that just weren’t accurate, and it cost me a great deal.

As part of my core beliefs, I also internalized an aphorism from Edmund Burke, the nineteenth-century Irish Parliamentarian. He stated, “The only thing necessary for Evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

Although Burke’s truism is certainly not a biblical promise, nor does it have Scriptural authority, I am convinced it is true nonetheless. I have accepted the accuracy of Burke’s admonition heart and soul.


—Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: I have always believed the pen is mightier than the sword. I’ve never doubted this. Maybe it’s because I can express myself with words better than some that I favor discourse over brute force, but this is not a time when reason is even being taken seriously. I really don’t know know what to say anymore anyway.
My heart is being torn in two by what is happening to this nation—the nation many of us love more than life itself. Those we have elected to stand and speak for us seem to cower in fear at the angry mob of Leftists who threaten our survival. To get them elected, we have stood strongly for them, but they are nowhere to be found.
Our institutions, traditions and history are being assaulted by functional illiterates. Nameless, faceless people who are without distinction or accomplishment demand that we repudiate everything we believe. Only a few are willing to stand in their way. The rest, fearful of being called racists, sycophantically demure—even those we felt certain would never compromise the American way of life.
Our future, perhaps even our survival, hangs precariously in the balance. I don’t fear for myself, but I do fear for what my children and grandchildren will face. It makes me cringe. Never, not in the many years I have lived on this earth, could I have ever imagined what is happening in cities from one coast to the other. It’s a disgrace, but we are not doing one thing to stop it. This is simply unacceptable. It’s time to crush this rebellion with force
Jack Watts


COMMON SENSE: Since racism is dominating the news, I want to address the issue straightforwardly from what I consider to be a Christian perspective. Here is what I believe:


  1. If everyone in the world was righteous except for black people, Jesus would have come to die on the cross to redeem black people from their sins.
  2. If everyone in the world was righteous except for Asians, Jesus would have come to die on the cross to redeem Asians from their sins.
  3. If everyone in the world was righteous except for white people, Jesus would have come to die on the cross to redeem white people from their sins.
  4. Almighty God loves us, all of us. Because no human being is righteous on his own or her own, not even one person, Christ had to die for the sins of us all, making the lyric from the children’s song absolutely true. “Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight.”
  5. That this is true is what makes the Gospel good news. Points one through four are foundational truths for Christianity. To deny them is to deny the core value of the Judeo-Christian worldview.
  6. Therefore, if Almighty God loves someone enough to sacrifice His own Son for that person, which is exactly what happened on the cross, who am I to place myself above God and say that I am better than that person?
  7. Because I cannot justifiably do this, I must conclude that racism in any form, whether it be white racism or black racism, is sinful and un-Christlike.
  8. Further, if my thinking is flawed, my behavior will follow. If my attitudes and behavior are racist, regardless of who I am or how I try to twist the truth to justify my position, I cannot do it—not if I want to walk in the light with God. I must call it what it is—sin. If my attitudes, my behavior or both are racist, I must repent of them.
  9. Nevertheless, this does not make me responsible for the behavior of others, especially for events that occurred generations before I was born.

God is Light, and in Him there is no darkness at all. If we say that we have fellowship with Him and yet walk in the darkness, we lie and do not practice the truth; but if we walk in the Light as He Himself is in the Light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus His Son cleanses us from all sin (I John 1:5b-7, NAS).

—Jack Watts


COMMON SENSE: The last time our nation experienced this level of discord, unrest and violence was during the Vietnam War. I lived in a radical Hippie community in Southern California with my wife and three young daughters. Along with Berkeley, Haight-Ashbury and Brentwood, Isla Vista was one of the epicenters for the Radicals. Just like now, lawlessness. anarchy and promiscuity reigned.


In the 1970s, I was already a born-again, patriotic Conservative who championed law and order, a strong military and the rights of the unborn. There was a popular bumper sticker during this period that was all over California. It said, “Jesus is coming again, and boy is He pissed.”


The first time I saw it, I laughed out loud. It was so appropriate for the times. As I thought about it then and have continued to do throughout the decades, the sentiment of this bumper sticker was correct. As Christ said He would, He will descend from Heaven with a shout as the seventh and final trumpet blows. In the Bible, this is “The Day of the Lord.” It will be an unpleasant time for those who are the enemies of righteousness.


Nearly every Evangelical Christian in America believes this, including me. Because we hold this viewpoint so fervently, and because we see the depraved being elected to leadership throughout the land, many of us believe the End Times are upon us. Maybe they are; maybe they aren’t.


Nobody knows for sure, but what is certain is this: The tougher the going gets for Christians, the more faithful we must be. At risk is the Judeo-Christian worldview and the American way of life.


Sitting on the sidelines or straddling the fence while we witness the systematic destruction of our beloved nation by Radicals, Democrats and Politically Apostate Christians is not an acceptable position to maintain. Being lukewarm in the face of Evil, which is what many are doing, is never a wise position to take. Instead, it is time people of faith to take a stand against the encroaching Evil, with all of its godless perversions and false beliefs. It is what we have been called to do by the Lord. Remember:


There is no creature hidden from His sight,

but all things are open and laid bare

to the eyes of Him with whom we have to do

(Hebrews 4:13, NAS).


It’s time to open your heart and your mind to the leading of the Holy Spirit, knowing that “greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world (I John 4:4b, NAS).


—Jack Watts


COMMON SENSE: Will Antifa, Black Lives Matter or any of the other Radical Leftist groups be able to pull the United States apart, start a bloody revolution and destroy us from within? Many believe this is actually happening right now, but I disagree. Instead, as has happened several times during our illustrious history, these groups will fizzle out and become a victim of their own excesses.
To most, it will seem as if they accomplished very little, but I also believe it is a mistake to think this way. There is one thing they have accomplished and it’s certainly not good.
Because of their loathing for America and their utter contempt these groups have for the American way of life, they have succeeded in poisoning the minds of millions of our young people. They have twisted the thinking of our youth so badly that millions will never love the land of the free and the home of the brave.
Founded on the divisiveness of identity politics, millennials have adopted an ideology that is based on resentment rather than inspiration, as they repudiate personal responsibility and hope. They exult deprivation and unfairness rather than the ability to seize an opportunity to achieve the American dream. Resentful and perpetually angry, they exploit our differences rather than champion our similarities. Vilifying our heritage without even trying to learn or understand it, they advocate lawlessness and anarchy, insisting that it is necessary to teardown a system that they self-righteously have deemed to be rotten to the core.
For those of us who love our nation, we have never been ashamed of being American. Instead, we have always been proud of our heritage. Millennials, especially those who have been poisoned by the false, godless beliefs of Antifa and BLM, hate being Americans. Bolstered by Progressive Democrats and Politically Apostate Christians, the champions of anti-Americanism have found fertile ground to spew their hateful ideology.
They’ve created a real problem, but it’s not unsolvable. The remedy is for patriotic people of faith to do two things. First, we must stand firmly against the destructive lawlessness of the Radicals. Arrest and prosecute all vandals. Second, we must present a vision of hope for the future. Rallying around our flag and other symbols of our heritage, we need to present a positive visualization for the future. If we do, and the quicker we can do it, the better. Our goal should be to win back the hearts and minds of those who are lost and preserve our democratic republic.
Jack Watts
COMMON SENSE: In a Peter Strzok note just released, the disgraced former FBI Agent wrote that Joe Biden, the presumptive nominee of the Democratic Party, suggested that the Logan Act of 1799 be used against Michael Flynn. This law has never been tried successfully, but it remains on the books.
The importance is that Biden made the suggestion—not the Logan Act itself. It means Biden was a participant in the failed coup. Based on Strzok’s note, Biden does not have plausible deniability. He was an active, advice giving, participant. This alone should disqualify him, but not many will make the connection and report it. This means it’s up to us to make this widely known.
Biden suggested applying the Logan Act as a way of charging Flynn on 1/5/17, less than two weeks before Donald Trump was sworn in as our 45th President. At the meeting were former President Barack Obama, then-FBI Director James Comey, national security adviser Susan Rice, and Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates. This is the infamous meeting where the coup against President-Elect Trump was launched.
On a scale of 1-to-10 in importance, this is a 10.
Jack Watts