COMMON SENSE: In the summer of 2016, I posted repeated about how the “Fix” had been set by Loretta Lynch’s DOJ, Comey’s FBI, and the Clinton campaign. I was criticized repeatedly for standing for the truth. It’s all well documented on “Creating Trump Nation.”
Yet, despite the truth finally being revealed, where is the justice? In what way have either Hillary or Bill Clinton been held accountable? And why hasn’t Jeff Sessions’ DOJ done anything about this vast miscarriage of justice?
Do I want vengeance? No, I do not. All I want is for the law to be the same for everyone, just like it is supposed to be. Hillary, America’s malevolent Jezebel, continues to mock justice, as she spreads her acrimony on many waters.
Jack Watts
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The FBI Is Part of the Swamp

COMMON SENSE: Concerning the Mandalay Bay Massacre, on Thursday, Special Agent Aaron Rouse said, ““You need us. You trust us, and the way we have that trust is by using good discretion about what we share.” For nearly my entire life, I have trusted the FBI to do the right thing, firmly believing they always pursued the best interests of the American people, but I no longer believe this is true. How can I? How can you?
Because of the way former Director Comey conducted the Bureau’s investigation into Hillary Clinton, coupled with the way he manipulated the system into having a Special Prosecutor appointed to investigate a non-crime concerning President Trump, I do not trust the FBI at all. Their image is not much better than that of Harvey Weinstein.
Instead of leading the way into Draining the Swamp, the FBI is part of the Swamp that needs to be drained. Rather than trust the FBI to find the answers, I’m not even sure they they shouldn’t be part of the investigation. One theory is that the shooter was working for the FBI, selling guns to ISIS in a Fast & Furious sting operation that backfired. If this is true, we will never know what really happened.
The FBI, like Weinstein, is what is wrong with America. The image of both is forever tarnished, and for good reason. Weinstein is depraved, and the FBI has been consistently turning a blind eye to depravity for years.
No Agent Rouse, we do not trust you. We have about as much confidence in you as we would have in an adulterous spouse.
—Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: I wrote extensively about Bowe Bergdahl last year. His case is a perfect example of why we elected Donald Trump to be President.

To begin with, when President Obama made the deal, swapping Bergdahl for five Taliban leaders imprisoned in GITMO, it was done swiftly and semi-secretly. To placate the American people, Obama sent out his National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, to tell us Bergdahl served “with honor and distinction,” which was a lie. He deserted his post.
Now, Bergdahl is about to take a plea, admitting he was a deserter. He will serve many years in prison, which is his just penalty, but that’s only part of the story.
Several soldiers died looking for this deserter. Their lives cannot be replaced. Despite this, Obama, knowing the entire story, chose to release five mass murderers to retrieve a traitor. These are the kind of deals Obama made, and it’s why we refused to elect his crooked Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. And now, you know the rest of the story.
(All of my Bergdahl commentaries are available in CREATING TRUMP NATION: mcgeeandme.net/books)
Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: I believe Iran is more dangerous than North Korea. Here’s why. Kim Jong Un may be a ruthless dictator, even a paranoid megalomaniac, but he does not have a death wish. He wants to survive, but this might not be true of Iran.

Iran is motivated by eschatological beliefs. They are convinced it is their divine mandate to usher in the Twelfth Caliphate, which is the Muslim Millennial Kingdom. This means the Iranians actually are willing to have their nation destroyed for the perceived higher good of a worldwide Islamic Kingdom.
Their belief system is something new to international politics, and we have no adequate foreign policy to counter it. In fact, I doubt many at the State Department or Pentagon even consider this to be a real and legitimate motivating factor, but it is. Our danger level with North Korea is high, but it is off the chart with Iran.
I’m not guessing about this.
Jack Watts

The Intolerance of Progressivism

COMMON SENSE: To a Progressive, not standing for the National Anthem is no big deal, considering that American values are what is wrong with the world. To them, American Exceptionalism is a myth, and the power and wealth our nation has accrued is because we have stolen it from people of color. Our kids and grandkids are being taught that they should be ashamed for being white. Even worse, our young people believe it is true.
We have lost an entire generation to a form of militant Progressivism that rigidly enforces Totalitarianism of Thought. Any deviation from it is dealt with harshly. Progressivism is a complete repudiation of our Judeo-Christian heritage, and it is so complete that the symbols of our history must be destroyed—symbols like our monuments, our National Anthem and our reverence for the American flag.
This cultural war is far from being resolved. In fact, it has just begun. To not take it seriously is about as wise as believing Islam is truly a Religion of Peace. Our very existence is at stake.

COMMON SENSE: What is happening in the NFL is a perfect example of how badly the Left has misinterpreted what happened in the 2016 election, and what will happen in 2018 and 2020. The Progressive Left believes that Trump’s victory was a fluke and that it will never happen again. They are convinced this is true, but they are wrong—dead wrong.

After eight years of being led by a weak, spineless and corrupt person, a man who held our nation in contempt and apologized for the “Land of the Free” throughout his administration, we the American people became fed up with Progressives and chose a strong man, a person who loves the “Home of the Brave” and champions us everywhere he goes. That we did so is not a fluke.
Here’s what the Left needs to know. We will never allow ourselves to be browbeaten by you again. We will never allow our flag, our anthem, or our American way of life to be disrespected by you again—not without a fight. We have had it with you and with your political correctness.
So, the poor, oppressed multi-millionaire fools in the NFL can disrespect our flag and our anthem, but they are going to pay a dear price for doing so. Of that, I can assure you.
We are taking our nation back, and we will never again surrender it to those who hate America. You can count on this. It’s the lesson you should have learned in 2016, but you didn’t.
Jack Watts
COMMON SENSE: Many believe it is beneath the dignity of the President of the United States to get involved in matters as trivial as kneeling during the National Anthem at NFL games or instances of disrespecting the American flag, but I am not one of them. I believe it is one of the most important roles President Trump has. It has profound significance, and he is doing magnificently at it.
The flag and our anthem are powerful symbols of what makes Americans American. They bind us together as a people. They are the superglue that distinguishes us from others. As such, they have transcendent importance that produces patriotism, national loyalty, and American Exceptionalism. Without these symbols, our national identity would cease to exist.
That we now have a President who recognizes this and defends it, rather than apologizes for it, is one of the most important things President Trump does, and he is loved for taking such a strong stand.
Progressives do not see things the same way. Because they are globalists, patriotism is mocked and scorned. They champion a New World Order and not American nationalism, but their days are numbered. I guarantee it. We are taking our nation back, and nothing is going to stop us from doing so.
Jack Watts