TRUMP Addresses “Right to Life” March
Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you
(Jeremiah 1:5a, NAS)
For the first time since the Right to Life March began forty-seven years ago, it is being addressed by the President of the United States. Speaking to a crowd that some have estimated to be as large as 100,000, President Trump affirmed his belief in the sanctity of life.
Enraged, his Democratic opponents criticize his actions as being purely political, an effort to deflect from the gravity of his Impeachment trial. But Trump’s actions speak differently. So far, he has appointed 192 pro-life federal judges, including two Supreme Court Justices. With his next Supreme Court nomination, the Court will have a solid majority and the legitimacy of Roe v. Wade can be adjudicated on its merits. Trump has been true to his word, which the roaring crowd on the Capitol Mall overwhelmingly appreciate.
Jack Watts


Although it does not happen often, every once in a while a Progressive Congressman states the simple, unvarnished truth about what he or she really believes. It happened during Rep. Adam Schiff’s (D-CA) presentation as a House Manager at the Impeachment trial of President Trump. In an effort to persuade Senators to vote to remove the President from office just nine months before the next election, Schiff said that the American people could “not be trusted” to make the decision about Trump’s future. It was up to the Senators to make it for them. He not only said this, it is precisely what he believes.


Schiff’s appeal was for the Senators, who are the foundation of the Washington establishment, to nullify the votes of 63 million Americans who voted for Donald J. Trump. According to Schiff, they should not leave America’s future in the hands of voters because people like him, the wise and enlightened, were better qualified to make such a profound decision.


Schiff was making a pitch for the future of the United States of America to be left in the hands of Progressive politicians like him, not voters like you and me. Schiff’s distrust for the people is profoundly anti-American. Instead of trusting voters like us, Schiff was asking the Senate to put their trust in elitists like him.


This is what Schiff and others like him really desire. They want to control us, and they believe they have the right to do so. They simply do not trust people like you and me to decide what kind of leadership we want for the next four years. They intend to do it for us by removing Trump from office.


There is a meme on Facebook that is quite insightful. While pointing his finger at the reader, President Trump, while sporting a pensive and determined look says, “They’re not really after me; they’re after you. I’m just in the way.” This meme is a spot-on with its accuracy.


In the meme, “They” refers to the Progressive Democrats in government, in the media, in academia and in Hollywood. In their castigation and hateful disapprobation for the President, they also hate us—patriotic God-fearing Americans. They hate everything we stand for but, since they can’t attack us individually, they focus nearly all of their hatred on him. Trump is the one with all of the power. It’s why they are attempting to have him removed from office with their pathetic Schumer-Schiff-Sham-Show.


They hate everything about the President, especially his vision for what he intends to do to make America great again. In his inaugural speech, the President said that he was giving the government back to the American people, and that’s exactly what he has been doing since assuming office in 2017. That he has done so well at fulfilling this promise, and intends to continue doing so during a second term, is why the Democrats in the House want to remove him, even though he has not committed an impeachable crime. For this reason, must stand with President Trump and not allow this to happen.




Think back to when you were in high school. Do you remember when your teacher explained the value of being an American citizen? Among other things, having inalienable civil liberties was always mentioned, especially the presumption of innocence for those accused of a crime, even heinous crimes. Learning about this, didn’t it make your heart swell with pride that you were a citizen in the land of the free and the home of the brave?


That was back then; this is now. In the Impeachment trial of President Trump, the House Managers have repeatedly told us that nobody is above the law, not even the President of the United States. Obviously this is true, but looking back as far as the first time Trump’s Impeachment was mentioned, nearly three years before the current charges were levied, not one Democrat has ever mention anything about President Trump’s Constitutional rights. It’s like they don’t exist.


Because they hate him so much, they not only refuse to acknowledge his many accomplishments, but they also refuse to afford him his rights. He is so bad in their eyes that he doesn’t really deserve any rights. They would say they don’t believe this, but they do and their actions prove it.



This current trial does not meet the Constitutional standard for Impeachment. President Trump has not been charged with treason, bribery, or any other high crime or misdemeanor. He hasn’t been charged with any crime at all. Nevertheless, in their oral arguments, the House Managers repeated speak about all of the crimes President Trump has committed—fictitious crimes that are not in evidence. Instead, these crimes have been conjured up in their minds.


If there had been a real crime, it would have been alleged, but there hasn’t been. In any other court setting in America, this Schumer-Schiff-Sham-Show would be thrown out for a very good reason. It violates Donald J. Trump’s Constitutional Rights by charging him with a crime that doesn’t exist. That this travesty of justice has gone this far is appalling. It is something that should never have happened, not in the United States of America.


Trump’s Impeachment Trial violates every standard by which we have lived for well over two hundred years. No American, regardless of political affiliation, should support what is happening. It is so dishonorable. Instead, we must fight back and do everything in our collective power to remove the scoundrels who voted to Impeach President Trump in the first place. They do not deserve the leadership positions they currently hold.

—Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: President Trump has one goal for the USA, and he has never wavered from it. He wants to make America great again. Each day since he became President, he reviews the promises he made to the American people when he ran for office. Then, he sets about to fulfill them one after the other. That his promises drive his agenda is something we have not seen in American politics in our lifetime, but it is definitely a refreshing change, isn’t it?
His success rate at is impressive. That he has been capable of doing this is even more remarkable because he has done it while facing the strident opposition of the Democrats on a daily basis. It seems like they oppose everything he tries to do.
The goal of Trump’s opponents is also quite simple. Led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer, they only have one purpose—to remove President Trump from office through Impeachment. If they can’t accomplish this, they intend to destroy his chances for being reelected.
This being their only goal, Trump’s Congressional opponents will do anything to accomplish their task, including orchestrating an Impeachment trial that isn’t based on a crime. The Democrats aren’t even alleging treason, bribery, or any other high crime and misdemeanor. Nevertheless, they intend to “get Trump” regardless of the price that has to be paid to do it. Throwing fairness and the Rule of Law out the window, they have embarked on a scorched earth strategy that is tearing the fabric of our nation apart. They don’t care what it takes. Nothing is as important to them, or their base of anti-American Progressives, as ending Trump’s Presidency.
There really is only one group standing in their way—Americans like you and me, plus millions of other people of faith throughout the land of the free. We understand exactly what is happening and we don’t like it one bit. What they are doing to President Trump is not only unfair, but it is also a repudiation of everything America has stood for since our founding.
This is why those of us who revere the Constitution and religious liberty must continue to stand solidly with President Trump. Without us being firmly in his corner, there is no telling what the future of the United States would be, but it wouldn’t be good. In the 2016 Presidential Election, Trump’s base of Evangelical support was 81 percent. In 2020, it is our goal for this to increase to 90 percent or even higher. This is the only way we can be assured that our values and the American way of life will continue to thrive. We intend to stand with President Trump against the godlessness of the Progressives, those who intend to take America down a notch or two.
Jack Watts
Father, Lord God Almighty,
Today, those of us who willing bend our knee to You,
Knowing that our destiny is in Your hands and not our own,
Humbly ask that You exonerate our President, Donald Trump,
From the clutches of those who hate him, who hate us,
And who willfully, wantonly and cheerfully repudiate You
And all that You have done over the centuries to make
The United States of America a estimable City on a Hill
For the entire world to see, to admire and to emulate.
The Progressives, In their malice, have devised a wicked
Scheme to abrogate the will of the American people and
To remove who we chose to lead us in the last election.
Gnashing their teeth in venomous rage, they have
Devised a wicked plan to crush not only the President,
But also every decent and honorable policy he has enacted
To restore the values of our founding fathers, values that have
Made us an economic and military powerhouse,
Which has become the envy of the entire world.
Confound their deviousness, false witness and craftiness.
Expose these Progressives, along with the complicit media
Who champion their deception. With seared consciences,
These craven fools repeatedly call right wrong and wrong right.
Return full measure of their wickedness to them, crushing them
In such a way that the entire nation will witness their demise.
Do not allow scoundrels to have dominion over our land
Or over Your people, and do not permit this detestable coup
To prevail or succeed in any way. We ask all of this from You
In the Name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior,
Jack Watts
COMMON SENSE: As is so often the case, the Republicans in the Senate have their priorities exactly backwards. As my father would say, “They have them ass backwards.” Although many talk a good game, when it comes comes right down to it, they are feckless—not all of them by any means, but a great many.
Fearful of losing an election to some mindless Progressive Democrat, they don’t want to make anybody in their state uncomfortable by taking a strong stand for President Trump, but this is exactly what they should be doing. By making a strong, principled stand for exoneration, based on the fact that Trump has not been charged with a legitimate impeachable offense, they would empower strong God-fearing patriots in their states to work diligently for their reelection.
Instead, they waffle back-and-forth like the lukewarm men and women they are. Being weak, tepid and spineless, they are putting their own reelections in jeopardy, when that’s the exact opposite of what they should be doing. My father would say, “They need to grow a pair.” My dad would be right. That’s exactly what they need to do.
Because many will continue to vacillate, my suggestion is that several of these Senators should have to face strong primary opposition, and one should face a recall election.
Jack Watts
COMMON SENSE—MR. PRESIDENT: Here is how I suggest you open your defense. Knowing that Alan Dershowitz is excellent in front of a camera, is the best legal mind in America and will have the largest watching audience watching the proceedings, have him begin in the following way:
“I am a lifelong Democrat. In the 2016 Presidential Election, I voted for Hillary Clinton, but I am here today to defend President Trump for one reason only. The Impeachment charges against him are unconstitutional.
President Trump has not committed treason. He has not committed bribery or any other high crime or misdemeanor. No crime, which is the Constitutional threshold for Impeachment, hasn’t even been alleged. If there was any evidence of a crime, which there isn’t, the House Managers would have charged the President with it, but they haven’t done so because he hasn’t committed a crime.
The bottom line is what the House has not charged the President with is an Impeachable offense. Now, let me explain to the Chief Justice, the Senators and the American people precisely where these false charges falls short of the Constitutional requirement.”
Then, allow Professor Dershowitz to have an hour or a little less to provide a history lesson in Constitutional law. Once he has finished, proceed to the rest of your defense, knowing that Dershowitz will have undermined the credibility of the House Democrats completely. Even better, he will have gone a long way to ensure your reelection, saving the Senate and flipping the House of Representatives.
Jack Watts