COMMON SENSE: Why would President Trump do something as risky as support Judge Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate race? Whether you like Trump or not, it’s obvious he has extraordinary political instincts, which is why his public endorsement for the beleaguered judge may seem puzzling to many, especially since Trump originally supported Senator Luther Strange—Big Luther.
The obvious reason is the Republican majority in the Senate is razor this, at 52-48. Plus, many on the majority are flaky and marginal at best. Moore’s solid vote for the Trump agenda is obviously needed, but isn’t such reasoning shortsighted? It could prove to be a major liability next November. The Democrats are counting on this.
For those who think Trump is an ignorant buffoon, they believe he has made a colossal miscalculation, and they cannot wait to take advantage of it; but I suspect the end result will be far different. To begin with, it’s possible that Moore really is innocent. This may be nothing more than a detestable attempt to falsely destroy a good man, but even if the allegations are true, there may be another significant variable at play here.
With the Washington Post close to revealing the names of twenty-to-thirty Congressional leaders who have used public funds to hide their sexual misconduct, while in office, the forty-year-old accusations against Moore may become old news quickly, as justifiable public rage against their legislators will dominate the news. Second, as just as likely, Al Franken may rescind his resignation and divert the public’s attention from Moore.
We shall see what happens, but one thing is for sure: This is going to be a very interesting Christmas.
Jack Watts
COMMON SENSE: There is a war raging for the heart and soul of America. It’s a spiritual battle that is being fought politically and culturally. The sides are clearly drawn between traditional, patriotic conservative Christians and the Progressive globalists, whose worldview is decidedly secular.
We are being led by Donald Trump. He is a warrior. Like nearly all warriors, he is flawed—significantly flawed—but his fierceness, courage, and resolve are so strong that they far outweigh his shortcomings—at least for traditional, patriotic conservative Christians like us. He is our champion, warts and all.
This is why 81% of Evangelicals voted for him in the last election. That four-out-of-five believers would support Trump may be shocking to some, but not to me. It should have been nine-out-of-ten, or even more than that.
Since his election, our opponents have done everything they can do to nullify his victory, while simultaneously opposing every decision he has made while in office. Despite their malice, America is indeed becoming great again, both financially and as the world’s only superpower.
But the war is not over, nor is our victory even assured. Because of the militancy of the Progressives, the fecklessness of our elected leaders, and the malignant corruption that infects our governmental bureaucracy, the future of the United States remains in doubt.
This is why Evangelical Christians, Roman Catholics, the Orthodox, and religious Jews must remain strong and steadfast. We must be fervent in prayer, as we ask Almighty God to stand with us, which He will, but we must also do our part. We must not abandon our principles, our values, or our beliefs—not ever, not for any reason.
Our adversaries are looking to the elections of 2018 to reverse our gains and to reinstitute their New World Order agenda. The are convinced they can retake both Houses of Congress, but their goal cannot be achieved, and it will not be achieved, if we fulfill our role. We must be salt and light to America. If we stand strong and remain true to our convictions, we will defeat the Progressives in 2018 and in 2020 as well. Remember, “Greater is He who is in us, than he who is in the world.”
I will remain strong and true to everything I believe and know to be true. I promise that I will. Will you join me?

COMMON SENSE: For years, there has been a heavy price to be paid for saying anything that is not politically correct. The Culture Warriors of the Left are quick and merciless in their castigation for anybody who dares to contradict their narrative about climate change, American guilt, white privilege, or a myriad of other things.

Now, they have gone one step further. They have become the sentinels of behavior in America. Although morally bankrupt themselves, they have instituted a moral pogrom against any male who is accused of inappropriate behavior. For a person’s life to be destroyed, all that is required is for an anonymous woman to point an accusing finger. That’s all that is needed; the Culture Warriors of the Left will do the rest.
In this new version of political correctness, there is no presumption of innocence, and there is no need for a case to be proven. All that is necessary is for a woman to make an accusation. Guilt is automatically assumed. Men have no recourse, since they are assumed to be villainous by nature, while all women are automatically elevated to the purity of the Virgin Mary.
Although the Left considers their efforts to be the “New War on Women,” it isn’t. It’s actually a war on men, and the longterm consequences of it for our nation will be disastrous. Despite this, the Culture Warriors do not care. They believe America should be taken down a notch or two anyway.
Jack Watts
COMMON SENSE: Because Al Franken is a smug, arrogant, and condescending rear end, it will be nice to see the end of him, but why does he have to resign? It’s not so much because of his behavior as it is because of the Democrat’s need to appear intolerant of sexual abuse. Essentially, Franken has become a liability for the Democrat’s strategy to retake the House and Senate in 2018, so he must be sacrificed.
Nevertheless, with $17 million having been paid to hush up impropriety for many other legislative leaders, once their names are released, Franken will quickly become yesterday’s news. Essentially, the Democrats are throwing him aside without value, but they don’t realize it. If Keith Ellison, a leftist Muslim, is tapped instead of Lt. Governor Tina Smith, Shumer and his pals will be much worse off.
One thing is for sure. Franken’s publisher is bracing for a lot of returns of “Giant of the Senate.” Maybe they should redo the cover and call it “Giant Ass of the Senate.”
Jack Watts
COMMON SENSE: During his Presidential campaign, Bill Clinton promised to move the American embassy from Tel Aviv, while also promising to proclaim Jerusalem the capitol of Israel. He did this to appeal to Evangelicals and religious Jewish voters. George W. Bush and Barack Obama did the exact same thing, but none of them delivered on their campaign promise, citing that it would disrupt the Palestinian peace process.
Donald Trump made the same promise, appealing to the same group of voters as Clinton, Bush 43, and Obama, but there is a difference between Trump and the others—a big difference. Today, President Trump is delivering on his campaign promise.
He will name Jerusalem the capitol of Israel and begin the process of moving the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the ancestral home of Israel for 4,000 years.
Although Trump’s decision will be unpopular with Progressives, the leftwing media, and Muslims, it is very popular with born again Christians and Zionists. Additionally, it is another example of Trump keeping his campaign promises—a rarity in American politics. Despite being politically unpopular and risky, it was the right thing to do. Good for you, Mr. President, well played.
Jack Watts
COMMON SENSE: The analysis of the Mueller Investigation scandal has been weak, ineffective, and off target. It has focused almost exclusively on the text messages Peter Strzok sent to his lover, Lisa Page, but there is far more to the story than this.
We, the American people, are being asked to accept the integrity of the Mueller Investigation as being fair, impartial, aboveboard, and honest; but it isn’t. At its core, like so many other things in Washington D.C., it is corrupt. The media has touted the integrity of Mueller repeatedly, but his lead investigator, Peter Strzok, has demonstrated that he has no integrity—none whatsoever.
Am I being too harsh, when I say this? I don’t think so.
Strzok hasn’t even been honest with his wife, as demonstrated by his ongoing affair with his coworker, Lisa Page. Since he has been unfaithful at home, why would we assume he is a man of integrity at work? We can’t. Only a fool would trust an untrustworthy man.
Since Lisa Page was also a lawyer on the Mueller team, how can we trust her? At the core of her adulterous behavior with Peter Strzok is deceit, deception, and infidelity. If they have been unfaithful with their primary relationships, which they have, why would we expect them to be faithful and loyal to the American people? The answer is, we cannot trust them and should not trust anything they have done concerning the investigation. Their sleaziness has tainted and discredited everything they have touched.
Next, Mueller has been praised for dealing with the situation by reassigning Strzok, but why should Mueller be lauded? He has known about the adultery and the anti-Trump text messages between these lovers since last summer. If Mueller was the paragon of virtue we have been led to believe he is, why didn’t he come forward with what was happening behind closed doors? Why was Mueller never forthright? Why did he do everything in his considerable power to keep their behavior hidden from public scrutiny? Why hasn’t this aspect of the scandal been exposed to the American people by the media—our 4th Estate? And why is it left to people like me to ask these obvious questions? Where is our “watchdog” press?
Finally, is anybody examining Strzok’s finances. Since he has been at the heart of the Mueller Investigation and the exoneration of Hillary Clinton, has he been paid off? At this point, that’s a fair question, but nobody is asking it. Why not? Since the Clintons are involved, the issue of being paid off should be obvious, but it isn’t. Why isn’t this being addressed?
I believe the purpose of the Mueller Investigation is to nullify the will of the American people and have the President of the United States removed from office, and Mueller is doing it with a crew of nefarious miscreants who have no qualms about abusing their power. This is happening while Attorney General Jeff Sessions and FBI Director Christopher Wray sit idly by and do nothing. Why are they AWOL, when something this sinister is happening right before our eyes? We, the American people, want to know.
For further information, listen to my radio show yesterday. The link is below.
Jack Watts
COMMON SENSE: When you can no longer trust the FBI to be fair and impartial, which we cannot, it produces a crack in the foundation of our democracy. Investigations must be fair and impartial, but some are not. What is happening with Mueller’s Special Investigation is evidence of this.
One of his chief investigators, Peter Strzok, had to be reassigned because of his bias against Trump and support of Hillary. But that’s not all. Strzok was also one of the FBI agents who interviewed Hillary just before Comey exonerated her. They didn’t even make Hillary testify under oath. The reason they didn’t is so that she couldn’t be charged with lying to a federal agent—like Flynn did. He was under oath.
But there’s still more. While working for Mueller, Strzok was screwing one of the lawyers for the Special Investigation. That’s right, Strzok was having an affair with Lisa Page. In addition to exchanging sexual favors, these detestable miscreants were also exchanging emails and text messages criticizing Trump, while praising Hillary.
And this is supposed to be an aboveboard, impartial investigation? Obviously, it is not. Lisa Page isn’t the only one getting screwed. So is President Trump . . . and the American people. Mueller, who is supposed to be seeking the truth, has gone out of his way to hide what Strzok and Page have been doing. This makes him complicit in their adultery. Shame on Mueller; Shame on Strzok; and shame on Page.
Strzok and Page should have been fired—not reassigned—and Mueller should have come forward with the truth when he discovered it. That he didn’t, especially concerning something as serious as an investigation into the President of the United States, disqualifies him from leading the investigation. He needs to resign immediately. Nothing less is acceptable. If this doesn’t infuriate you, then you need to check your pulse.