COMMON SENSE: In Russia, when Joseph Stalin was consolidating power in the mid 1930s, he appointed Lavrentiy Beria to head the N.K.V.D.—the secret police that eventually became the KGB. Beria once told Stalin to tell him the name of the person Stalin wanted to destroy, and Beria would show Stalin the crime that could be used to accomplish the task. In other words, the secret police were used to target Stalin’s political opposition with false crimes to destroy them.
The same thing is currently happening in the United States of America. The FBI has been weaponized by loyalists to President Obama and Hillary Clinton to falsely accuse and destroy as duly elected President, Donald J. Trump. In the past, for a Special Prosecutor to be appointed, there was always been a specific crime to be investigated. Where the Mueller investigation is concerned, just as Beria did in the Soviet Union in the 30s and 40s, a person has been targeted, and a nonexistent crime is being manufactured to justify the pursuance of a political goal.
There has been no Russian collusion established between Trump and Russia, but the Mueller probe continues in its never-ending quest to find grounds to have President Trump removed from office. The Rule of Law has been turned on its ear by these Deep State operatives. They will do anything in their considerable power to impose their will on the American people, including nullifying the results of the 2016 election, and they are being cheered on by the malice of the Progressive media.
At its core, all of this has been based on the groundless Steele Dossier, which has been used to gain surveillance access to Trump and his associates through unjustifiable FISA Court warrants. This entire episode in American history, which has no precedent, is beyond reprehensible. It’s criminal, and it must be stopped.
It’s time for a second Special Prosecutor to be appointed. This time, the purpose should be to investigate real crimes, beginning with the corruption with our secret police, the FBI, followed by those who would benefit from it—the Clintons and Team Obama.
Jack Watts
COMMON SENSE—BOMBSHELL: In “Russian Roulette,” the new book by Michael Isikoff and David Corn, the two veteran journalists provide a significant piece to the Russian Collusion story. They do this by linking President Obama to Fusion GPS.
Essentially, in 2012, in his bid for reelection, Obama used Glenn Simpson at Fusion GPS to do opposition research against Mitt Romney, and Obama avoided finance campaign laws by paying for this through the law firm Perkins Coie—just like Hillary did four years later. This is no coincidence. Obama created the model; Hillary replicated it.
Although unintended, Isikoff and Corn have just linked Obama to the discredited Steele Dossier, the corruption in the FBI, and the fraudulent unmasking of American citizens by the FISA court. Since Obama got away with this in 2012, Hillary figured she could get away with it in 2016, but she got caught. Now, Obama has been caught too, thanks to Isakoff and Corn.
This disclosure in “Russian Roulette” connects the dots between the corrupt Clinton Campaign and the Obama White House—something that has long been suspected but can now verified.
According to Isikoff and Corn, “As had become standard practice in the shadowy world of ‘oppo’ research, the Obama campaign’s payments to Fusion GPS were never publicly disclosed; the money paid to the investigative firm was reported on campaign disclosure reports as legal bills to the campaign’s law firm, Perkins Coie.”
They continued, “Obama for America committee paid Perkins Coie around $3 million during the 2012 election cycle, according to filings with the Federal Election Commission, A vast majority of the payments were earmarked for ‘Legal Services.’” It wasn’t legal services; it was opposition research.
This connection—the link between both campaigns in 2012 and 2016 to Glenn Simpson, Fusion GPS, and Perkins Coie—must be investigated. The corruption did not begin with Hillary Clinton. It’s now firmly linked to the former President of the United States—Barack Hussein Obama.
Jack Watts (I am not suicidal.)

COMMON SENSE: Normally, a Special Prosecutor is appointed to investigate a crime that cannot be easily or ethically handled by the Department of Justice, but that’s not what happened when Bob Mueller was appointed. Instead of investigating a crime, he was appointed to investigate a person—President Trump. There was no crime, just a President who was despised by the deeply-entrenched Washington establishment.

The goal has never been to uncover the truth about any real malfeasance in office by Trump, or any high crime and misdemeanor by him. The goal has always been to find a reason—any reason—to force Trump out of office.
At its core, the Mueller investigation was founded on a malevolent purpose—a purpose completely contrary to American values or the Rule of Law. Ever since, it has been sustained by bitterness normally reserved for contentious divorces. The Left, like a jilted lover, has been irrationally consumed with “getting Trump” on one thing or the other. That they have been unable to do so has not made them reevaluate the premise of their goal. Instead, it has made them double down in their efforts to take him out one way or the other. With each exoneration, their hatred escalates.
In “The Prince,” Machiavelli said that if you attempt regicide, you had better be successful, because if you aren’t, retribution will be swift and painful. As the investigations into Trump winds down, based on lack of evidence, a second wave of investigations is about to begin. This time, however, they will focus on corruption in the Democratic Party and the weaponizing of the government by the Obama administration against his political opponents. These investigations will culminate with indictments of numerous household names—all of whom deserve to spend years in prison for real crimes, not those conjured out of this air.
Jack Watts
COMMON SENSE: North Korea successfully played President Clinton, President George W. Bush, and President Obama, but I do not believe they will be able to play President Trump in the same way. There are some good reasons why.
To begin with, the stakes are much higher, and time is not on our side. The three previous Presidents kicked the can down the road, but President Trump is forced to finally deal with it. Since a nuclear threat to the USA by the North Koreans is unacceptable, Trump must neutralize this threat. The Progressive Left does not believe Trump is up to the task, but they have consistently underestimated him. I believe he is.
From the perspective of three generations of Kim’s, they have always been able to gain concessions from the United States with their warmongering rhetoric. Since the days of Bill Clinton, American leadership has been feckless and irresolute. Not wanting another war on the Korean peninsula, we have capitulated for to the Kim’s for decades, but now it’s different.
Trump has imposed draconian sanctions on this 3rd world country that only has a GDP of $25 billion a year. This makes it the economic size of Iceland or Gabon. To put things into perspective, the entire GDP of North Korea is about the size of the budget for the U.S. Department of Justice. Nevertheless, the number of people in North Korea, 25 million, approximates the size of Texas. That’s a lot of people and very little money.
North Korea is one of the poorest areas in the world. Because it is, Trump has forced them into a corner. The North Korean people are practically starving, while the prosperity in South Korean now rivals that of Japan. Even worse, Kim Jong Un now lacks the capital reserves to keep his military in line. He doesn’t have the resources to start a war. He know it, and so do we.
Kim Jong Un is also terrified of a palace coup. It’s why he murdered his half-brother and regularly feeds powerful generals to the dogs. Our sanctions have made him vulnerable.
Kim Jong Un wants to survive, but the only way he can is if President Trump allows it. Trump knows this. He has all the high cards, and he knows how to play them. This is going to end with a solid foreign policy victory for Trump, but more importantly, America will no longer be held hostage to a rogue regime. This should please everybody, including the Progressives, but It won’t. They will find a way to criticize Trump. It’s inevitable.
Jack Watts
COMMON SENSE: Here’s the question: Will I, as a backer of President Trump, cease to support him, if the allegations of him having an affair with Stormy Daniels prove to be true? Here is my answer: No—an emphatic no.
The next question might be this one: Then, how can you, Jack Watts, being a Christian, continue to support him? The answer is simple: I suspect that it is true, but it has absolutely nothing to do with his performance as President of the United States. I support Trump’s policies, which are working, by the way.
Was it unwise for Trump to get involved with a woman who is devoid of character? Of course, it was, but that was twelve years ago. Stormy, who is touring the country on her “Make America Horny Again” stripper tour, is an unsavory character, and this was definitely an unforced error by the President. But it was years before he was involved in politics.
The Scriptures say that “Love covers a multitude of sins,” and that includes Trump’s unwise behavior in the past. He loves us, ordinary Americans. No President has felt that way about us since Reagan, and that’s a powerful incentive for us.
My answer to this question is certain to offend the President’s critics, but let me assure you it is exactly how millions of us feel. I’m writing this so that people will understand—not to promote discord.
Jack Watts
COMMON SENSE: Attorney General Sessions has agreed to unseal the Fast & Furious documents from 2010 that Congress has demanded for years. Good for Sessions, but why now?
During the campaign, candidate Trump met with Brian Terry’s brother, the border agent who died as a result of Fast & Furious. It’s been over a year since Trump has been President. Why have he and Sessions waited so long to unseal these records?
My theory is that what the sealed documents reveal is so damning, so outrageous, and so criminal that this will become a major campaign issue in the 2018 midterm elections. At bare minimum, they will show how devious and nefarious Obama and Holder really are.
This will hurt Democrats, and make it much more difficult for them to retake the House of Representatives. This makes the issue a two-fer. One, it provides transparency and justice. Two, it hurts the election efforts of the Democrats.
Jack Watts

COMMON SENSE: Each day, further discovery reveals that every aspect of the Steele Dossier, which was the primary evidence used to gain a FISA warrant to spy on the Trump Campaign, was fraudulent. We now know that there were four streams of evidence provided to the FISA Court, and Hillary Clinton was behind each of them.
When Hillary’s scheme became known within the Obama administration, they made a purposeful determination to try and cover it up—just like Richard Nixon did with the Watergate burglary. Now, they are all part of it and will have to pay a heavy price.
Because everything obtained through the fraudulent FISA warrant was obtained illegally, there is no legitimate basis for the Mueller investigation, and every piece of evidence that touches the illegal surveillance cannot be legally used. Here are the four threads that all lead back to Hillary.
1. The original dossier, produced by Christopher Steele and Russian operatives, was paid for by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic national Committee, which she was also funding.
2. The Michael Isikoff article, which was used as supporting evidence, was based entirely on the Steele dossier, which was paid for by Hillary. In this instance, Isikoff was nothing more than a useful fool.
3. The link from the Department of Justice was through Bruce Ohr, who was the number four man at the DOJ. It came from his association with Glenn Simpson at Fusion GPS, which was funded by Hillary Clinton through the Perkins Coie law firm. Fusion GPS also employed Ohr’s wife, Nellie, who did work on the dossier herself.
4. There was another dossier, which was based on the original Steele document. It was funneled through the State Department by Codie Shearer and Sidney Blumenthal—two Clinton hacks for many years. Again, this second document, along with the hacks, was paid for by Hillary and her campaign.
Hillary’s strategy, which must have been known to John Podesta and Robbie Mook, was to show an overwhelming amount of evidence to gain the original warrant, which lasted for 90 days, and also to keep it in place for an additional 270 days. One of the warrant applications was signed by Rod Rosenstein. This makes his involvement with the Mueller investigation a clear conflict of interest.
All you have to do is follow the money trail for this plot to become clear. What we have here is an attempted coup of a legitimate President by Hillary Clinton and forces loyal to her. Even worse, as far as we know, not one of these nefarious miscreants is being held to account. Despite this, the investigation into President Trump’s alleged collusion with the Russians, which is non-existent, is relentlessly being pursued.
This is wrong at more levels than I can count. Nevertheless, as more is revealed, I will keep you informed. I promise.
Jack Watts
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