12434698_10208354548806112_17676164_nCOMMON SENSE: The entire narrative of Trump’s collusion with Russia, now debunked, was carefully scripted to keep the President from achieving the goals he was elected to implement. Because the Progressives do not want to see the Trump agenda enacted, they would prefer to destroy the nation instead.

Led by John Podesta and Robby Mook from Hillary’s campaign, at least half of our nation has been seduced by false news stories. The Deep State, which includes former FBI Director Comey and nearly all of the mainstream media, has knowingly falsified information to destroy our President. What they have been doing is criminal, and they should be held to account for their crimes, especially Loretta Lynch and Hillary.

It’s time to fight back. Now that we know the truth, let us use it to set our nation free. We need to get back on track immediately. Let’s redouble our efforts to Make America Great Again.

I have been right about this all along, as “Creating Trump Nation” confirms:

—Jack Watts​

COMMON SENSE: President Trump knows what kind of man Comey really is. This is why he waited for Comey to be in Los Angeles to fire him. What looked thoughtless to most was actually orchestrated very carefully.

While Comey was away from his office and completely unaware of what was going to happen, the DOJ delivered a letter to the FBI terminating Comey. Then, they removed everything from the Director’s office. So, if Comey took notes about others, the DOJ has them—tapes too. It’s what the Tweet about tapes was all about.
Comey’s goal was to entrap Trump into Obstruction so that Trump would be forced to resign, but Trump was too smart to allow that to happen. Comey is part of the Deep State and had to go. Trump cannot Drain the Swamp with Comey in charge of the FBI.
All of this is going to get very interesting. Better buy some Pepsid Complete. This may sound crazy to you, but it’s not. Also, I’m not suicidal.
COMMON SENSE: We must understand and accept the anti-American goals of Islam. Plain and simple, they want to destroy and subjugate the United States of America. For them, there is no middle ground. From their perspective, conquest and subjection to Allah is what America’s future must be. To be true to Allah, there can be no other result. If we refuse to become Muslim, we must die—period.
For us to be effective in thwarting this Evil, anti-American goal, we must come to understand why Islamic beliefs can never be peacefully integrated into our way of life. By nature, the Islamic worldview gravitates to extremism. Obviously not all Muslims are terrorists, but the percentage who are is alarmingly high. Thus, it is a serious mistake to believe that peaceful integration of Islam into our society can ever become a reality. To believe that it can is as foolhardy as believing you can domesticate a cobra.
Stating the objectives of Islam is not being Islamaphobic, despite what the Progressives say to the contrary. It isn’t hate speech either. It’s just being straightforward with the truth, which is something that has become offensive to the Leftists in our politically correct society.
It is only in recent years, when Progressive thinking superseded and replaced our traditional Judeo-Christian worldview, that fear of being straightforward with the truth has become a problem. Having traveled the Progressive road for awhile, to simply state the truth is now considered “hate speech” by a large portion of our society. It is not.
To survive and get back on the right road, we must embrace the values of our forefathers, which were Christian, and repudiate the globalist values of the Progressives. If we do not, the United States will be no better off than the European nations are now.
—Jack Watts
th-1COMMON SENSE: The handwringing of the Progressives over President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Accord, concerning climate change, is amazing. Singlehandedly, Trump has doomed the planet, according to the most strident Leftists, which is ridiculous and absurd.
To begin with, when Obama signed the Accord as an Executive Order, rather than send the agreement to the Senate for ratification as a treaty, his actions were unlawful—Obama’s specialty. By refusing to treat the Paris Accord as a treaty, which it is, he committed us to subsidize the rest of the world financially, while making it increasingly difficult for Americans to make ends meet. Again, this has always been Obama’s specialty.
In his mind, as in the minds of all Progressives, because of how unjustly the United States has become wealthy, being hamstrung financially is a proper amends for us to make to the rest of the world. incredulously. Obama, and his legion of sycophantic media worshipers, actually believe this.
Now, Trump has come along and countered Obama’s Executive Order with another one nullifying it. Predictably, the Left is crying foul because we are “not keeping our word” to the rest of the world. At the same time, they conveniently forget that Obama did an end run on the Senate in the first place.
But none of this jockeying is what is the critical issue. By signing the Paris Accord, Obama surrendered a significant portion of our national sovereignty, which he had no Constitutional authority to do, especially since he swore an oath to do the exact opposite.
In the Paris Accord, Obama agreed for European bureaucrats to have authority over how we would do business in the United States of America. We wouldn’t be allowed to make our own decisions any longer. They would be made for us by wise leaders in Brussels and Antwerp. Essentially, Obama surrendered our sovereignty to the Progressive Globalist elites, who he considers to be far more capable of running our lives than we are. What Obama did was actually treasonous, but nobody, other than me, is willing to say that it was.
Trump wisely recognized how disastrous this commitment was for Americans and said, “No way.” That he did so is good for the USA. Like Obama, Trump swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution. The only difference is Trump is taking his oath seriously, which Obama never did.
—Jack Watts
thCOMMON SENSE: By withdrawing from the Paris Accord, which functioned as a Treaty but was never ratified by the Senate as being one, President Trump has undone another destructive Obama policy. Obama’s fondest wish, other than to take down the United States a notch or two, was to make the USA like a European nation, where Progressives like him lead by fiat.
The American people voted for Trump to say, “No,” to any violation of our national sovereignty, and that’s exactly what he has done, fulfilling another campaign promise. What most people do not understand is, that by signing the Paris Accord, Obama surrendered a great deal of America’s sovereignty to international leadership.
This is something the American people would never do, nor would the Senate ratify such a treaty. This is why Obama, using an Executive Order, committed us to this self-defeating agreement. Like every other deal Obama ever made, the Paris Accord was bad for the United States.
Progressives like Obama, John Kerry, and the mainstream media are globalists, not patriots. That they are wringing their hands and gnashing their teeth over Trump’s decision reveals how wise he was to have made it. We do not want, nor will we ever allow, Angela Merkel or some bureaucratic piss-ant from Luxembourg to tell us what we can and cannot do in the United States of America.
Trump is being scolded for doing exactly what we elected him to do, and I couldn’t be more pleased. Good for you, Mr. President. I, for one, stand with you.
Jack Watts


Father, Lord God, Almighty,

As a nation, we come before You today,
On this Memorial Day weekend, to honor those
Who paid the ultimate sacrifice that we might remain free.
How can we express our gratitude to them in a way that
Doesn’t seem trite and without proper deference?
Truthfully, there are no words that are adequate—
No expression of gratitude that equals what
These mighty men of valor have done for us,
Since our nation’s inception in the eighteenth century.
Nevertheless, it is our duty and our great privilege to try.

So, with profound respect, a full heart, and misty eyes,
We bow our heads in reverence and thank You
For raising up so many warriors over the years—
From the time of the Revolution to our destructive Civil War,
From the World Wars all the way to the Middle Eastern conflicts.
Let their sacrifice be a perpetual reminder, etched in our hearts,
That the price of freedom will always remain high,
Especially in our dark world that is fallen and depraved.
From the beginning, You put it in the hearts of our forefathers
For America to be a “City on a Hill” for the entire world to see.
Let us pause on this day to remember those who died,
That we, the living, would continue to answer the perpetual call
To fight for freedom and righteousness for the American people.
In Your graciousness, Father, You have allowed our generation
To remain free and prosperous, and we thank You.
We owe every bit of the abundance we enjoy each day
To You and to those gave their lives that we might
Continue to champion their vision for America’s future.
Thank You for Your continued blessings upon us.
As we reflect today, let us never forget what was required
To make America the greatest nation in the history of Mankind,

Jack Watts​


COMMON SENSE: Yesterday, at Wellesley College, Hillary Clinton made reference to President Nixon’s impeachment, which never happened. He resigned. Since Hillary worked for Nixon’s opponents during the Watergate investigation, she knew it never happened, but she also knew that her audience, female Ivy League grads, would be historically ignorant about how Nixon actually left office.
In her self-righteous, thinly veiled comparison to President Trump, she also failed to mention that she was fired for her job and lost her license to practice law, because of her unethical conduct. Again, her ignorant Ivy League audience had no knowledge this happened, but it did.
America’s Jezebel is back at it, deceiving gullible Progressives.
Jack Watts