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COMMON SENSE: By bringing up the subject of “anchor babies” in the past couple of days, President Trump has demonstrated what a masterful political strategist he is. The key to understanding why Trump has done this may seem perplexing to some, but it was actually a stroke of genius. To recognize this, however, you have to connect a few things, which is what I want to help you do.

Let’s start with Judge Kavanaugh. The attempt by the Democrats to derail his nomination unfairly was a strategy that backfired badly. Instead of defeating Kavanaugh, handing Trump a solid defeat, all the Democrats did was energize the base of the Republicans and many fair-minded Independents. Because of Kavanaugh, these offended people have come to the support Republican candidates in the Senate overwhelmingly. The Kavanaugh fiasco made it clear just how important keeping control of the Senate was. Now, after the midterms, it looks like the Republicans will have a majority of about 55-to-45, perhaps even better than that.

Obviously, this strengthened President Trump’s position in the Senate, but the House of Representatives is a different matter. That it would flip to the Democrats has been a foregone conclusion for months, but that may now have changed as well—thanks to the anchor babies’ issue. By simply raising it, Trump has made the issue of illegal immigration the premier news item in the final week of the midterm elections. The media has attempted to connect the mailing of pipe bombs and the Pittsburgh massacre to Trump, making this the final issue, but Trump has outsmarted them by threatening to use an Executive Order to countermand an Executive Order from the 1960s that gave citizenship to babies born in the USA to illegal aliens.

Now, the media is reacting to Trump’s narrative, rather than pushing their own agenda. That Trump would even dare to stop anchor babies has precipitated predictable outrage from the Left and from the media, but it has also brought up how many unscrupulous foreigners are “gaming our system” to use anchor babies and chain migration to enter the U.S.A. unfairly. This is the key. It may be legal at this point, but it is patently unfair, and being unfair infuriates potential voters, who will not forget this just one week before the election.

Now, the topic of conversation in the media is whether or not Trump has the authority to do this, but that’s not the point. Everybody knows that it would be better for Congress to address this issue that it would for the President to legislate by Executive Order, but the only way to do this is by maintaining control of the House of Representatives. So, by raising this issue the way that he did, Trump has sent a strong message to the American electorate that, if illegals are to be stopped, you must vote for your Republican Congressional candidate. Meanwhile, to reinforce this message and this issue, the caravan continues to march toward our southern border, where they will be met by our deployed troops.

—Jack Watts

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Our Heavenly Father,

There is a stirring in the land among the righteous.

There is also one among those who loathe and detest You,

Your Son, our Lord, and Your will for America’s direction.

For years, they have been plotting and scheming ways

To abrogate the rights of those of us who want nothing more

Than to live in peace and to be able to pursue our lives

Free from the restraints and impediments of the godlessness.

The desire of the Progressives, however, in their lust for power,

Is to impose their will and their values upon Christian Americans.

As the Midterms approach, throughout America, Progressives

Are making a concerted effort to create a tidal wave of victories

That will nullify each and every triumph we have gained

By standing strong for Christian American values in 2016.

If they are successful, their goal will be nothing less than

Nullifying our inalienable rights, beginning with the 1st Amendment.

In the dark recesses if their hearts, they intend to remake

The land of the free and home and the home of the brave

Into something our forefathers never envisioned or desired.

They talk about American values, but what they desire

Is a nation that is nothing like the “City on the Hill”

Our forefathers created for the entire world to see and to emulate.

We simply cannot allow the Progressives to prevail this Tuesday,

But there are millions who do not see things our way.

Like Esau, these foolish Americans have been willing to sell

Their birthright for the promise of false security; but there are also millions

Of us who have obeyed You by refusing to bow our knees to

The false god of the Progressive worldview and flawed value system.

Father, rouse Your Children throughout our precious nation,

Strengthening each of them with the power of Your Holy Spirit.

Allow us to stand firmly against the Left’s Totalitarianism of Thought,

Militant anti-Christian views, and mindless politically correct groupthink.

Instead, give us victory on Tuesday. We ask this in Christ’s precious name,


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COMMON SENSE: This invasive convoy is comprised of strong, healthy men who should be trying to make their countries better, rather than try to illegally enter the United States. If Congress had appropriated funds for the Wall, like they should have done, such an invasion would not even be possible, but here we are.
This effort will not succeed, nor should it. The United States is responsible for its own citizens, not citizens of other nations. When illegals like these enter our country, 90 percent of them require public assistance. Often, it’s for years; sometimes for decades.
At the same time, our national debt is $21.7 trillion, which equates to $177,000 of debt for each taxpayer. This is real money. If both a husband and wife are working, then that couple owes a little ,ore than $350,000. This would buy a very nice house in most parts of the country. By any standard, this is massive debt.
We can no longer continue to take on the responsibilities of the world—not when we are already drowning in debt. So, when you are deciding who to vote for, chose the candidate who is the most fiscally responsible, remembering that charity begins at home.
Jack Watts

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MY PRAYER: Father,
As we bow our knees to You today,
Seeking Your will and none other,
Radical elements within our society—
Those who mock Your children and Your Name—
Chide us, telling us that we are being un-American
For desiring America to follow our Constitution
And the traditional values of our forefathers,
Which have stood the test of time for generations,
Rather than renounce all that we love and cherish
To produce a globalist society that repudiates
Everything we hold dear. May this never happen,
And may this vision for America never come to fruition.
Rather, as we come before You today, strengthen each of us
With Your Holy Spirit, and provide us with the will
And the courage we require to stand firmly against those
Who want to change the core values of the United States,
Replacing them with beliefs that are deemed by the Left
To be virtuous, but most definitely are anything but righteous.
Unite us in purpose as we vigorously defy the vicious onslaught
Of the unrighteous, and allow us to be valiant and victorious,
As we do everything within our power to preserve
This great nation that You have blessed with abundance
Since its founding centuries ago. We ask all of this from You,
And we ask it in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
Jack Watts

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th-2 10-01-21


In Your benevolent faithfulness, You have fulfilled

Your promise to restore Your Chosen People

To the land of Milk & Honey like You promised in ages past.

Such wondrous fidelity is beyond the grasp of mere mortals

Like us to grasp, or even to contemplate, but it is

Completely within Your nature to do everything

You have ever promised to do—now, and in the future.

We marvel at Your loyalty, but we also depend on it.


During this time, as we anxiously await the Second Coming

Of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, we ask that You

Continue to bless the Jewish people and the nation of Israel.

In the depth of their hearts, they desire peace with their neighbors,

But those who serve the false god, Allah, are unwilling to acknowledge

Either Israel’s legitimacy or even its right to exist as a nation.

With bitter acrimony and hatred in their hearts, they treacherously

Seek nothing but ill will against Your Chosen People.

They desire the complete annihilation of the promised seed of Abraham.

Confound the evil plots of these malicious Islamic villains, Father,

While You continue to protect Your beloved people from harm.


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COMMON SENSE: Jamal Khashoggi certainly did not deserve to be murdered at the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Istanbul, but this horrific incident must not be allowed to undermine our alliance with Saudi Arabia. Along with Israel, the Saudis are our key partners in the Middle East. Without them, it would be nearly impossible to check the aggressive territorial ambitions of the Iranians, whose partners include the Russians, Syrians, and terrorist groups like Hezbollah. The Iranians want to form the Crescent Caliphate, which includes the annihilation of Israel. This makes the Saudis vital to our foreign policy of keeping Iran in check.
Consequently, our condemnation of the Saudis must not include the termination of the $130 billion arms deal made in 2017. These munitions are absolutely necessary to maintain the balance of power in the Middle East. Nevertheless, canceling this arms deal is exactly what the pro-Iranian press and former Obama administration officials are calling for, knowing that it would benefit Iran while harming both Saudi Arabia and Israel.
There is no doubt that the Saudis have brought this mess upon themselves, but our response must be measured and not self-defeating. We simply cannot afford to discard this alliance; nor can we afford to allow the world’s oil supply to be threatened by overreacting to the murder of a non-American on foreign soil. Remember, international politics is often sordid, and it is never pure. This is certainly a perfect example of this.
Jack Watts

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COMMON SENSE: Pastor Andrew Brunson’s release from house arrest in Turkey is being heralded as a great success for the Trump administration, which it is, but the timing of it creates more problems than it solves. Let me explain why.
By releasing Brunson as a gesture of goodwill, Turkey has put pressure on President Trump to be more forceful in its sanctions against Saudi Arabia for the apparent murder of Jamal Khashoggi—a writer for the “Washington Post.” Putting sanctions on Saudi Arabia isn’t something Trump wants to do, but the release of Brunson will make it difficult to not act strongly against them.
Turkey is a member of NATO, which makes them our ally, but Saudi Arabia is also our ally. They are strategic in our efforts to box-in Iran’s efforts to dominate the region. Forcing our hand with the Saudis is in Iran’s best interest, and also in their primary ally’s interest, Russia. By murdering Jamal Khashoggi in Turkey, the Saudis have created an international situation that is very destabilizing to the entire region.
Russia would love for the Turks to leave NATO. It would give them easier naval access to the Mediterranean, through the Dardanelles Straights in Turkey. This is something the Russians have desired since the days of the Czars. For more than a century, the USA has kept this from happening, but it definitely remains a goal for Putin. It’s actually the reason why he annexed Crimea during the Obama administration.
It would allow Russia to dominate the Mediterranean, which would be a threat to Greece, Italy, Spain, and Israel—all of whom are our allies. So, the release of Brunson is a good thing, but it also complicates the volatile Middle East further.
I know this is complex. Linkages always are, but I thought you would want to know.
Jack Watts

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GDP by Quarters
COMMON SENSE: With the Atlanta FED predicting 3rd quarter growth in our GDP to be 5%, the economy of the United States is performing well beyond economic expectations. Just two years ago, we were told that a growth rate of between 1%-to-2% was all we could expect in the foreseeable future. But that was then, and this is now.
Because of the massive tax cuts, deregulation of business, and renegotiated trade agreements, America’s economic engine is humming, growing at an unprecedented rate. The numbers don’t lie, and there is no way to spin negativity out of such positive news. If we continue with the same policies, staying the course, our economic future will be bright for quite some time—guaranteed.
Jack Watts

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