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In our illustrious history, we have made some huge mistakes in foreign policy, but that’s what they have been—mistakes. Even Jimmy Carter, whose Presidency was a colossal failure, tried to do the right thing, but this doesn’t seem to be true of the Obama administration. It’s like Team Obama is purposefully being foolish. Take the Bergdahl fiasco, for instance. Obama swapped a deserter for the Taliban five—all mass murderers—three of which have already tried to reconnect with their terror organizations.

This was not only a bad deal, but it also makes Obama look incompetent. Wasn’t there anybody on his staff who thought through this? Wasn’t there anybody who was willing to tell him this was a bad idea? This answer is “No!”

Perhaps there were those who knew this would blow up in their faces, but they were unwilling to speak up. When you work for a narcissist like Obama, you learn to never differ from his wisdom. To do so carries a heavy price. Even worse, Obama and his sycophants like Susan Rice will redefine reality to make their flawed decision appear to be correct, and the liberal media will champion the false narrative as virtuous. After all, it’s their job to undergird Obama and validate everything he does, regardless of how disastrous the results happen to be.

Jack Watts

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