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COMMON SENSE: In order to understand what is really happening in America, you must link events together and not look at them as being independent. For example, although Barack Obama hated Hillary Clinton, he wanted her to win the election. He was not neutral. Despite his personal disdain, he wanted her elected for reasons other than her being a Democrat.
If Hillary had won, knowing how corrupt she was, Obama realized she would not allow any of his corruption to be investigated. Hillary would also protect Susan Rice, Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder, Samantha Powers, Ben Rhodes, and a host of others who were just as corrupt and duplicitous as anybody involved with Team Hillary. Being a statist, semi-globalist, and deeply deceitful made Hillary Obama’s perfect successor.
Then along came Trump, with his America First agenda, all of which is antithetical to everything Obama and Hillary stand for. This makes Trump their natural enemy, but it does far more than that. Neither Hillary or Obama factored in a Trump victory. Now, the Dynamic Duo of Corruption are terrified that their web of deception will be exposed, and they will have to pay a terrible penalty.
The only way for them to keep from being exposed was to go on the offensive and have Trump taken out before their sins found them out. This is what’s behind the Mueller investigation.
To counter this, the Trump administration needs to open an investigation into Obama’s corruption and Hillary’s racketeering. It’s a strategy that will win for Trump, the American people, and for the Rule of Law. This needs to happen immediately. It cannot wait.
It grieves me that our nation has come to this, but it has. For America to be Great Again, the Obama administration and Team Hillary need to be exposed to the light of day, and they need to be held accountable for their crimes.
Creating Trump Nation: mcgeeandme.net
Jack Watts

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COMMON SENSE: On his staff, Special Investigator Robert Mueller has sixteen full time prosecutors. He has impanelled two separate grand juries, but there is no underlying crime for him to investigate. For one year, despite all of the clamoring of President Trump’s critics, there hasn’t been even one documentable crime. Nevertheless, in their bitterness, Trump’s enemies are determined to drive him out of office, even if it destroys the most stable democracy in the history of the world.
Just as bad, the Special Investigator was appointed because the President fired a corrupt Director of the FBI. In retaliation, Comey, sleaze that he is, leaked privileged information to the “New York Times,” for the express purpose of having an Independent Investigator appointed—all in vengeful retaliation for his legitimate firing.
Meanwhile, there has been no Special Investigator appointed to seek justice for those who were unlawfully unmasked by senior Obama administration appointees, which definitely is a crime. There hasn’t been a grand jury impanelled to investigate Hillary’s uranium deal with Russia, her pay-to-play access to the State Department, or her charitable foundation that gives less than 5% of its funds to worthy causes.
Despite all of this, Trump is making America great again. The economy is booming, due to Trump’s deregulation. Once again, under his leadership, our allies trust us, and our enemies fear us, which is the exact opposite to the record of the Obama administration.
Like Nehemiah, Trump has to rebuild the walls for our nation, while constantly having to fight off his enemies, but this is exactly what Trump is doing. He is being success for the same reason Nehemiah was. Trump has the favor of Almighty God. Because the Progressives do not, all they can do is chafe, just as Sanballat did toward Nehemiah twenty-five hundred years ago.

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WATTS UP! The entire program, which broadcasts at 5:30-6:15 EDT tomorrow, will be devoted to the scandal involving Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the corrupt DNC, Imran Awan’s espionage for the Muslim Brotherhood, and the murder of Seth Rich—none of which interest the mainstream media. By the way, Imran, circled in red, was with Seth Rich the day he was murdered. Be certain to tune in.
Here is a link to tomorrow’s program: http://tobtr.com/s/10171573
Creating Trump Nation: mcgeeandme.net
Jack Watts

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COMMON SENSE: This was the last meaningful vote Senator John McCain will ever make. His brain cancer, which is very aggressive, will force him to retire from the Senate, and I doubt he will live to see another Christmas.

Instead of making a stand for the principles he and all of his Republican colleagues have steadfastly promised to the American people to repeal and replace ObamaCare, he chose to be a Quisling instead. He used his last vote to shoot a bird at his constituency and to conservatives nationwide.

While the Democrats will champion him for saving Obama’s disastrous scheme to socialize medicine in America, those of us he has betrayed will not allow his perfidy to demoralize us. We are taking America back—period.

This is just a setback—a lost battle—but it is not the end of the war. In fact, McCain’s treachery marks the beginning of the campaign of 2018, where the following Senators need to lose their jobs:

—Bill Nelson, Florida
—Joe Donnelly, Indiana
—Angus King, Maine
—Debbie Stebenow, Michigan
—Claire McCaskill, Missouri
—Joe Tester, Montana
—Sherrod Brown, Ohio
—Heidi Heitkamp, North Dakota
—Bob Casey, Pennsylvania
—Tim Kaine, Virginia
—Joe Manchin, West Virginia
—Tammy Baldwin, Wisconsin

Each of these Senators voted for ObamaCare, and they have been obstructionists to the Trump agenda. They are all vulnerable, especially the ten from state Trump carried in 2016. Let’s get rid of all of them. They may be heroes to the Beltway Progressives, but they are worthless, dead weight to the American people.

—Jack Watts​

Creating Trump Nation: mcgeeandme.net

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COMMON SENSE: Michelle Obama famously said, “When they go low, we go high.” In practice, the Progressives do the exact opposite, of course, but her sentiment is accurate. We simply must maintain a standard of propriety that is laudable. If we do, we will be the winners.

On the other side, where there is virtually no moral compass, the level of animosity toward the President is the worst I have ever seen. Many people despised Nixon, and the level of animosity toward Clinton, after his Lewinsky affair, was intense, but nothing compared to the hatred toward Trump.
Hollywood celebrities are calling for his assassination, and they are doing so with impunity. This is not healthy for our nation, nor is it acceptable. At the same time, their shenanigans are counterproductive. As Machiavelli once said in “The Prince,” if you are going to “kill the King,” you only get one chance. If you miss, the king will get stronger.
This is what we are witnessing now. President Trump is getting stronger, and the character assassination of the Left is becoming increasingly ineffective. Because Trump is keeping his promises, unlike every other President since Reagan, Trump’s base is rock solid. His adversaries, by way of contrast, who spew their venom like hissing demons, have no message, no success, and no future.
Link to my book, “Creating Trump Nation,” for signed copy
Jack Watts

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COMMON SENSE: The Comey adventure has more twists than a season of “Fargo.”Having written extensively about the mishandling of the Clinton investigation in Creating Trump Nation, it is apparent to me that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch used the power of her office to ensure Hillary Clinton was not indicted, as she should have been.

Since Lynch was promised that she would remain her position as Attorney General with a Clinton victory, Lynch’s actions were corrupt. This means Loretta Lynch is guilty of Obstruction of Justice—the exact crime the Democrats are trying to falsely charge President Trump with committing.
How ironic that the Democrat’s strategy of connivance has come back to haunt them, and that Comey—America’s Quisling—will inadvertently have orchestrated a major corruption investigation into the bowels of the Deep State. While trying to hurt Trump, Comey has actually expose Lynch, Hillary, and a slew of others to a criminal investigation.
Maybe Trump’s campaign slogan, “Lock her up,” will finally come to fruition. Let’s hope so. What’s that they say about Karma?
(CREATING TRUMP NATION deals with this subject numerous times. It’s available at B&N, Amazon, and here: http://mcgeeandme.net/books/creating-trump-nationdeplorables-on-facebook-like-me-won-the-white-house)

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jeff-sessions-l-and-donald-trump-ap-photos-640x480COMMON SENSE: Now that President Trump has his Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, it’s time to begin “Draining the Swamp.” Until Sessions was confirmed and sworn in, this couldn’t happen.
In his confirmation hearings, the strategy of Senator Schumer and the Progressives was to vilify Sessions in an obvious effort to discredit him. Without the necessary votes to derail Sessions’ nomination, the strategy was doomed. Although the strategy was mean-spirited and devoid of truth, the idea behind it was a good one. Let me explain.
Although bearing false witness breaks the 10 Commandments, exposing darkness to the light certainly isn’t. To “Drain the Swamp,” we must expose the corruption that has plagued our nation’s Capitol for decades, and it’s the specific responsibility of the Department of Justice to do so. My suggestion is for Sessions to begin with the three following places, each of which has been an area where darkness reigns:
1. Concerning Fast & Furious, President Obama unlawfully extended Executive Privilege to his Attorney General, Eric Holder. President Trump should rescind this and allow an investigation to commence. Hundreds lost their lives because of Fast & Furious, including a U.S. Border Agent. This scheme to provide guns for the Mexican cartel needs to be exposed for what it is.
2. A thorough investigation of the Clinton Foundation needs to be put on the front burner, with immunity from prosecution revoked for all who have testified fraudulently. I suspect Hillary’s tentacles of corruption will touch many swamp dwellers. Some should end up in prison.
3. President Trump should negate President Barack Obama’s first Executive Order, which effectively closed access to Obama’s past. By reversing this, we will finally be able to see for ourselves exactly who Barack Obama really is for the first time. This Executive Order was enacted because Obama has something to hide. Perhaps what we find will help us undo much of his mischief.
By seeking the truth, rather than vilifying people with ad hominum attacks, with the help of the Department of Justice, we can “Drain the Swamp” and fulfill Candidate Trump’s campaign promise.
Jack Watts

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