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COMMON SENSE: How can we prosecute Reality Winner and not prosecute James Comey? The answer is, we cant.

Comey, working on his FBI computer, on company time, while riding in his FBI limousine, wrote about his meeting in the Oval Office with the President of the United States. What he wrote is a work document, and it does not belong to him. He’s a lawyer; he knows that, or he should know it. Any private meeting with the President is classified by nature. This makes Comey’s willful, intentional act of leaking an FBI document to the New York Times a felony. It also makes his Law Professor friend at Columbia University an accomplice.
Foolishly, Comey has admitted his guilt before 200 million Americans, and he needs to spend 10 years in Leavenworth for his crime. Either that, or don’t press charges on a misguided but idealistic twenty-five-year-old. She had no concept of the consequences of her actions, Comey certainly did. His goal was to bring down the President, but that’s not going to happen. Let him think about that in a cell for the next ten years.
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Jack Watts

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th-1COMMON SENSE: Here are 10 things we have learned from former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony:
1. President Trump was never under investigation about Russia.
2. President Trump did not obstruct justice, despite his disgruntled former employees desire for this to be true.
3. President Trump did not collude with Russia.
4. Although they tried, Russia did not alter the election’s outcome.
5. President Trump wanted all “satellite” staffers, who were behaving illegally, to be caught, exposed, and prosecuted.
5. Comey, the former Director of the FBI, admitted to leaking at least one memo illegally.
6. Loretta Lynch pressured Comey to cover for Hillary Clinton, which is Obstruction of Justice.
7. Despite overwhelming evidence to indict Hillary, Comey chose not to pursue this. Why not?
8. Because they hate the President, CNN and other news outlets have been falsifying their coverage of this story the entire time.
9. No reasonable person can still believe President Trump has done anything criminal or worthy of impeachment.
10. The Russia narrative is now dead, although it will be pushed by the Progressives for quite a while longer.
It’s time to get back to work. It’s time to Make America Great Again.
Check out my book, Creating Trump Nation
Jack Watts

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angry-obama-scCOMMON SENSE: When President Obama commuted the sentence of Bradley Manning, now called Chelsea, it shocked and infuriated nearly everybody. So, why would Obama do it, other than he could? Here’s my theory.

WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, promised to begin releasing documents about Hillary foundation on January 19th, but so far he hasn’t done it. I believe Assange hasn’t and will not release them because he cut a secret deal with Obama. If Manning was released, nobody would learn the truth about how Hillary had compromised through her foundation.

By not releasing any further documents about Hillary’s corruption, Assange is simply keeping his end of the bargain. By commuting Manning’s sentence just before leaving office, Obama, Hillary, and every other corrupted official wins. The only losers are us—the American people. As he was walking out the door, the self-proclaimed “most transparent President in history” did one more sneaky, reprehensible thing.

If I’m wrong about this, I’ll apologize, but you know I’m right, don’t you?

—Jack Watts


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COMMON SENSE: Throughout the world, America has been admired for more than two centuries. One of the reasons for this is we have successfully transitioned from one administration to the next peacefully. We fought a Civil War to make sure this tradition never changed. It’s the bedrock of who we are as a people.
We have the losers in Presidential elections to thank for this—not the winners. Occasionally, walking away peacefully has been more difficult than at other times, but we have always done it.
Currently, the losers in the most recent elections have pushed the envelope on the peaceful transition of power by refusing to exit gracefully. Team Clinton has supported riots in numerous cities, unnecessary recounts, and intimidation of delegates to the Electoral College. Their behavior has been disgraceful and un-American.
Nevertheless, their behavior is not surprising, given the character of their party’s nominee. Devious by nature, Hillary Clinton is incapable of being decent. America’s Jezebel doesn’t have an honest bone in her body. Perhaps this is why attendees at Trump rallies continue to chant, “Lock Her Up.” Increasingly, this seems like a good idea.
Jack Watts

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COMMON SENSE: When President-Elect Trump indicated he didn’t want to prosecute Hillary Clinton, at first I was disappointed. Now, I consider it to be strategically brilliant.
Here’s why: Instead of embittering millions of her followers by dragging the Clintons to court, Trump has simply suggested to other nations that they should pursue the Clinton Foundation, Clinton Global Initiative, and Bill Clinton Inc., for fraud and corruption.
These nations, eager to ingratiate themselves to the new President, will fall all over themselves in their relentless pursuit of America’s First Family of Crime. It’s inevitable.
Because the evidence is clear and incontrovertible, the results of the investigation will be the same, but they will not be influenced by President Trump or his administration in any way. So, neither Hillary’s followers nor the her sycophantic media will be able to cry foul. They cannot blame Trump for being on a political witch hunt. Even better, it means that a pardon by President Obama will not get her off the hook with foreign nations.
Hillary and Bill will be exposed for exactly who they are. Eventually, even the Progressives will be forced to admit that the American people have been spared by not having her serve as President.
Jack Watts

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COMMON SENSE: To understand Jill Stein’s recount initiative, there are some things that you must realize. This has nothing to do with any attempt to ensure the legitimacy of the election. Instead, it’s an attack by Team Clinton to alter the final outcome.
Jill Stein is just a useful tool in the process. If Stein’s motives were pure, which they are not, she would have also targeted New Hampshire for a recount, where Trump lost by 2,732 votes, which is obviously much less than the 70,000 he won by in Pennsylvania. The same is true for Nevada, New Mexico, and Colorado, where Trump lost by less votes than he won by in Pennsylvania.
So, what is really happening? To know, you must understand this: Hillary Clinton is a criminal. She is guilty of corruption, pay-to-play, and a number of other criminal activities. She knows this, and she also knows the truth about her activities will eventually be revealed, even if Obama or Trump pardon her, which might happen.
Since she knows she is going to be unmasked, her reasoning is why not have a Hail Mary pass to change the outcome of the election? What does she have to lose?
Right now, corrupt officials from the Democratic Party are creating “previously undiscovered” votes or “fraudulently altered” votes that will change the outcome of the election, and crown the Queen of Darkness the next President of the United States.
Yes, she intends to steal the election, just like she stole the missing $6 billion from the State Department. Knowing her long-standing pattern of criminal behavior is about to be revealed, forever vilifying her name and her legacy, she has nothing to lose. For her, it’s just one more crime and worth the gamble.
Neither Trump, the RNC, the Transition Team, nor the FBI seem to be taking this threat seriously, but it’s real; believe me. I’m sounding the clarion call to be watchful, not because I’m smarter than Trump or the others, but because I do have a better understanding of just how depraved Hillary Rodham Clinton really is.
Just to cover myself, let me say this: I am not suicidal, nor am I accident prone.
Jack Watts

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14925692_10210400061259092_8046806426912915111_n.jpgCOMMON SENSE: If you intend to “Drain the Swamp,” there is no way to do it effectively without containing the alligators and water moccasins. This means you have to deal with Hillary Clinton.
When I heard that President-Elect Trump doesn’t intend to “Lock Her Up,” which was a consistent slogan at all of his rallies, at first I thought it was a mistake, but now I consider it to be wise. Here’s why.
First, President Obama has the ability to give Hillary a blanket pardon, without specifying the crimes she has committed. Knowing this would undermine his legacy, Obama doesn’t want to do it, but he will if forced into a corner. This ability to grant a pardon ends the moment Trump becomes President.
Second, the FBI is already investigating Hillary’s foundation, and this will lead to disclosure about many other despicable things she has done—things that will horrify millions, when they become public knowledge. Nothing can stop this investigation—not the President, President-Elect, or the outgoing or incoming Attorneys General.
Third, the Congressional investigations will continue, but this time, they will not be impeded by a corrupt Attorney General. Sessions, the incoming Attorney General, will support Gowdy, Issa, and others rather than thwart their efforts.
Hillary is destined to be unmasked one way or the other, so President Trump can focus on “Making America Great Again,” instead of looking vengeful. This is a good thing. He doesn’t need to expend political capital on bringing Hillary to justice. Others can do that.
When Americans find out who Hillary really is, and how close we have come to anointing this Evil Shrew, it will undermine the sanctity of Progressive ideology and decimate the credibility of the mainstream media—both laudable achievements.
Jack Watts

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