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COMMON SENSE: This was the last meaningful vote Senator John McCain will ever make. His brain cancer, which is very aggressive, will force him to retire from the Senate, and I doubt he will live to see another Christmas.

Instead of making a stand for the principles he and all of his Republican colleagues have steadfastly promised to the American people to repeal and replace ObamaCare, he chose to be a Quisling instead. He used his last vote to shoot a bird at his constituency and to conservatives nationwide.

While the Democrats will champion him for saving Obama’s disastrous scheme to socialize medicine in America, those of us he has betrayed will not allow his perfidy to demoralize us. We are taking America back—period.

This is just a setback—a lost battle—but it is not the end of the war. In fact, McCain’s treachery marks the beginning of the campaign of 2018, where the following Senators need to lose their jobs:

—Bill Nelson, Florida
—Joe Donnelly, Indiana
—Angus King, Maine
—Debbie Stebenow, Michigan
—Claire McCaskill, Missouri
—Joe Tester, Montana
—Sherrod Brown, Ohio
—Heidi Heitkamp, North Dakota
—Bob Casey, Pennsylvania
—Tim Kaine, Virginia
—Joe Manchin, West Virginia
—Tammy Baldwin, Wisconsin

Each of these Senators voted for ObamaCare, and they have been obstructionists to the Trump agenda. They are all vulnerable, especially the ten from state Trump carried in 2016. Let’s get rid of all of them. They may be heroes to the Beltway Progressives, but they are worthless, dead weight to the American people.

—Jack Watts​

Creating Trump Nation: mcgeeandme.net

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angry-obama-scCOMMON SENSE: Only 52% of Americans are proud of our nation. In 2003, the number was 70%. This is a dramatic drop, and it is the true legacy of Barack Hussain Obama. This nefarious accomplishment is far more destructive than anything else he did during his failed Presidency, including ObamaCare, the secret Iran nuke deal, weaponizing the IRS and intelligence agencies against Americans, or the abdication of American leadership worldwide.
From his perspective, however, and that of his sycophantic legion of Progressive followers, this is exactly what he wanted. Obama said he would “fundamentally change” America, and he did. At that, he was very successful, but not in a good way. By destroying patriotism in the eyes of millions, especially Millennials, Obama has punched a hole in the fabric of our society that is wide enough that it may lead to the collapse of our nation. Again, in my estimation, this was Obama’s intent.
To be fair, some of the disillusionment among Americans originated with George W. Bush’s decision to dismantle the Middle East, but the lion’s share belongs to Obama. This is his true legacy.
But we are not about to sit by idly and allow his globalist agenda to stand, are we? Hell no, we’re not. Obama has done a great job of shaking our foundation, but our resiliency is one of our greatest attributes. Just as our forefathers did, we will overcome this, and America will become stronger than ever. You can count on it.
(There are many posts like this in my book, “Creating Trump nation“)
Jack Watts

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COMMON SENSE: Surprisingly, so far in his Presidency, Donald Trump, the successful businessman, has been more successful in foreign policy than he has with his domestic agenda. There is a reason for this.
Other nations worldwide, having been adversely impacted by the absence of American leadership under Obama, are anxious for our new President to restore order throughout the world, which he is doing. In the Middle East, President Trump has gained the cooperation of fifty Muslim nations to fight terror at the grassroots. In Asia, he has confronted North Korea head on, and has also eased tensions with China—no small task.
Now, he is in Belgium, addressing the problems of NATO, our primary alliance in the world. At this point, 24 of our 29 partners are not keeping their commitments to spend 2% of GDP on defense, while we are increasing our indebtedness by spending nearly 4% to defend them. Instead of begging our allies to pay their fair share, like George W. Bush and Barack Obama did, Trump should demand that they pay up or leave the alliance. That will get their attention. Why should we pay for defending them, when we are in debt and they are thriving?
Trump’s domestic agenda isn’t doing as well, primarily because the Progressive Democrats have forced him to remain on the defense. Led by the media, who have viciously opposed Trump and everything he wants, Trump hasn’t gained the traction he needs to move us forward. Despite this, so far this quarter, our growth rate is above 4%, something Obama never came close to achieving.

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search.jpgCOMMON SENSE: By allowing the Continuing Resolution to move forward and not allow the government to be shut down, President Trump has foiled the trap set for him by Shumer and Pelosi. By not being an obstructionist, like the two of them are, Trump turned the minor setback of the CR into several major victories, especially the dismantling of ObamaCare.
In the Continuing Resolution, which is the last part of Obama’s Presidency, Trump was able to get funding for border security and the military. With some of these funds, Trump is going to start building the wall—just wait and see.
Now, the battle turns to the Senate for ObamaCare. Replacing it will be just as difficult there, but the momentum is decidedly against the continuation of ObamaCare. While this is happening, Trump will turn his focus to tax reform.
By the end of the year, our GDP will be above 3% growth, which even the Progressive media cannot discount. All of these are major issues. Trump is accomplishing his agenda and keeping his promises to the American people.
Jack Watts

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COMMON SENSE: During the first 100 Days of the Trump administration, the strategy of the Democrats has been to obstruct everything he has done, regardless of what it is. The refusal to confirm Justice Gorsuch is a perfect example of refusing to support anything Trump does.
By putting up roadblocks everywhere, impeding Trump at every turn, the Democrats believe they can now boast that he hasn’t accomplished nearly as much as he promised he would. By refusing to cooperate, the Democrats now believe they can say Trump’s Presidency is a failure, even though there are 1361 days left. That’s how desperate they are to undermine his Presidency, and the Progressive media will follow suit.
But here is something Trump has accomplished that you will not see reported—not by anybody. Just 7% into his tenure, our allies trust us again, and our enemies fear us, which is the polar opposite of how they felt with Obama. This is a huge win for Trump, for America, for our allies, and for the rest of the Free World. It was a win that the obstructionists could not diminish or derail.
Link to “Creating Trump Nation:” http://tinyurl.com/buytrumpnation
Jack Watts

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th-1COMMON SENSE: Although the House of Representatives refused to come together to repeal ObamaCare, President Trump has used his executive authority to dismantle the law’s coercive power. By directing the IRS to not impose any penalties for those who do not have the insurance ObamaCare mandates, Trump has done what Congress has refused to do. Without enforcing the penalty, ObamaCare has become a law that has no authority. It’s like spitting on the sidewalk, which remains against the law, but is never enforced.
Also, Trump directed HHS to accept any insurance as valid, which means having catastrophic insurance will suffice. You don’t have to pay for birth control or other things you don’t need. So, ObamaCare is effectively dead, and Trump accomplished it while the media covered the failure of Congress to participate.
Trump has outsmarted them all. Dick Morris has a great piece on it.
Jack Watts

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