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COMMON SENSE: Michelle Obama famously said, “When they go low, we go high.” In practice, the Progressives do the exact opposite, of course, but her sentiment is accurate. We simply must maintain a standard of propriety that is laudable. If we do, we will be the winners.

On the other side, where there is virtually no moral compass, the level of animosity toward the President is the worst I have ever seen. Many people despised Nixon, and the level of animosity toward Clinton, after his Lewinsky affair, was intense, but nothing compared to the hatred toward Trump.
Hollywood celebrities are calling for his assassination, and they are doing so with impunity. This is not healthy for our nation, nor is it acceptable. At the same time, their shenanigans are counterproductive. As Machiavelli once said in “The Prince,” if you are going to “kill the King,” you only get one chance. If you miss, the king will get stronger.
This is what we are witnessing now. President Trump is getting stronger, and the character assassination of the Left is becoming increasingly ineffective. Because Trump is keeping his promises, unlike every other President since Reagan, Trump’s base is rock solid. His adversaries, by way of contrast, who spew their venom like hissing demons, have no message, no success, and no future.
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Jack Watts

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COMMON SENSE: If you are a person of faith, character counts. It’s why we hold our public figures to high standards, routinely rejecting them, when they reveal unacceptable flaws. We hold ourselves to lofty goals, and our leaders must also measure up to our expectations. We insist upon it.
People, whose worldview’s are not faith based, have a different standard. Being materialists, they measure worth by what they have, or what they expect to get. To people like these, the ends justify the means. Having estimable character qualities isn’t as highly valued as it is to people like us. They don’t care. So, if a person can get away with something—regardless of how reprehensible it is—good for that person.
This is why there is no moral outrage over Hillary Clinton’s conduct by her followers. They don’t care that she is deceptive and corrupt. She can get them what they want, which is power, and that’s all that matters to them.
In our history, this isn’t the first time that the corrupt, the depraved and the reprobate have threatened to overwhelm our republic, but each time in the past, people of faith have rallied to steer the nation back to solid ground. Now, it is our turn. We have the opportunity to be strong and faithful. If we are, America will once again be a beacon of light for the entire world to emulate. If we falter and fail, our once great nation will sink into the abyss of mediocracy, depravity, and self-defeating behavior.
Which direction will we choose? What will the outcome be? Only God knows. The lines are drawn, and the sides are clear. Where do you stand?
—Jack Watts

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COMMON SENSE: While murdering 50 in Orlando, Omar Mateen yelled, “Allahu Akbar”—just like all other Muslim Jihadists do, when they are killing innocent people. Yet, President Obama used his news conference as an opportunity to push his gun control agenda, rather than address the real problem, which is Muslim Terrorism. Obama didn’t say one word about Muslim terror, despite this being the worst mass murder in American history.

It’s obvious Obama is incapable of acknowledging reality or dealing with it. Neither is Obama 2.0—Hillary Clinton. How many more mass murders do we have to endure before we are willing to admit the problem is Radical Muslim Jihadism? Our President is supposed to keep us safe. It’s his #1 job, but Obama is far more concerned with furthering his Progressive agenda on gun control than abiding by the oath he took to protect us.

—Jack Watts


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Police lock down Orange Avenue around Pulse nightclub, where people were killed by a gunman in a shooting rampage in Orlando

Police lock down Orange Avenue around Pulse nightclub, where people were killed by a gunman in a shooting rampage in Orlando, Florida June 12, 2016. REUTERS/Kevin Kolczynski

COMMON SENSE: Beginning with the Fort Hood massacre by Major Nidal Hasan, one year into Obama’s Presidency, the problem with Progressive thinking has been evident. Refusing to call his attack what it was, referring to it as “workplace violence” instead, because it fit Barack and Hillary’s narrative, we have been made more vulnerable by our leadership than necessary.

Like a doctor who refuses to admit a patient has cancer, despite everything pointing to the contrary, the Obama/Hillary narrative has maintained the illusion that Islam is a religion of peace, when it is obvious there is a fundamental flaw with the Islamic Worldview.
To survive, we must stop the madness of believing the flawed tenets of political correctness. We must call a spade a spade and acknowledge that Radical Islamic Terrorism is real. San Bernardino and Orlando happened, but neither Obama or Hillary are capable of dealing with it effectively. It’s obvious.
In your heart, you know I’m right.
—Jack Watts

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Hillary Clinton delivers the keynote address at the 18th Annual David N. Dinkins Leadership and Public Policy Forum at Columbia University, in New York, April 29, 2015. AFP PHOTO/TREVOR COLLENS (Photo credit should read TREVOR COLLENS/AFP/Getty Images)

COMMON SENSE: If you want to know what President Hillary Clinton would be like, just take a look at how she has handled this email server scandal. When caught, she lied.
Next, she had her server erased, saying there was nothing classified on it. When her deleted emails were retrieved, after an FBI investigation was launched, she lied, telling us it was nothing but a “Security Review.” Again, this was a lie. It was a criminal investigation.
When the Inspector General asked for her cooperation with the State Department, she refused—so did her senior staff. Twenty-one out of twenty-six would not cooperate. Do you see a pattern here? Crooked Hillary has lied from day one and has continued to lie or deflect from her culpability throughout this entire episode.
Now that she has been caught red-handed, does she have any remorse? No! Is there any shame for her actions? No! Is there any repentance? No, instead, she has sent out her surrogates to “spin” her deception into something palatable—again deflecting from being transparent. Instead of being candid, she tells us her chicken you-know-what is really chicken salad.
America deserves better than this folks. Hillary Clinton is Evil, desperately wicked, shrill, and completely corrupt. If elected, we will have four more years of deceit coming from the White House.

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COMMON SENSE: Hillary Clinton has 732 people on her campaign staff. Donald Trump has 70 employed to do the same thing. Hillary has more than ten times as many people employed than Trump, but his numbers are climbing, while hers are taking a nosedive.
The way the two are going about seeking the same office reveals the difference between how a career bureaucrat deals with a problem, as versus how a successful businessman does. Hillary has a huge, ineffective operation, while Trump has a lean, effective machine.
Since we are $20 trillion in debt, produced by spending good money wastefully, isn’t it about time we began funding our limited resources more wisely? Our country is a mess, and the only way Hillary can solve a problem is to throw money at it—your money, by the way, not hers. We simply cannot afford another high-maintenance President. Any questions?
—Jack Watts

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COMMON SENSE: Hillary will not be the Democratic nominee, but not because of opposition from Conservatives like me. It’s because of the Left. Championing her, they took her at her word about the email server. Now, based in the Inspector General’s report, which came from Obama’s State Department, she has been lying to her base all along. Obviously, I am not surprised by this, knowing Hillary lies, when the truth would serve her better.
Hillary’s core supporters are just learning this though. Now that a hole has been punched into the dike, more—much more—will inevitably follow. She will lose California. Soon afterward—if not before—some of the Super Delegates will abandon ship. When this happens, like lemming, the rest will follow.
The beneficiary of this should be Bernie, but I doubt this will happen. Instead, the Democrats will want Biden/Warren to step in and save the day. If that happens, and I believe it will, the Democratic National Convention in Chicago will resemble the one held in Chicago in 1968—where all hell broke loose. Watching the circular firing squad should be more entertaining than the Olympics.
If Trump is wise, he will let the Democrats implode unimpeded, but I doubt he will be able to contain himself. I probably wouldn’t e able to either.

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