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When Barack Hussein Obama took the oath of office nearly six years ago, there was great anticipation about all that he would accomplish, as evidenced by the Nobel Peace Prize being given to him for what he was going to do. The Progressives were ecstatic, having won the White House. The intellectuals to the Left were certain Obama would fulfill their agenda and transform the world. For them, peace and prosperity were inevitable now that Obama was in charge.

But things haven’t worked out as anticipated, have they. Now, six years later under Obama, what do we have? We have:

—Massive debt, going from 10 trillion to 18 trillion.
—Our credit rating degraded twice.
—Allowed China to surpass us in GDP.
—ObamaCare, which is expensive and the people don’t want.
—Insulted our allies—Israel and the UK—while apologizing to our enemies.
—Dramatically and unnecessarily set back race relations.
—A government riddled with scandal, including the IRS, Fast & Furious, the VA, Benghazi, the EPA, and more.
—More graft and corruption at the federal level than we have had since Reconstruction.
—Allowed illegals to pour into our country, doing nothing to secure our borders.
—Degraded our military—just when we need it to be strong.

Obama, once considered the President of “Hope and Change,” has become an albatross, even to his own party. As the Senate is about to flip, Americans by the millions brace themselves for two more years of Obama’s ineptitude. His record, dismal as it is, speaks for itself. When people refer to him as the worst President in American history, they do so for good reason; he is.

Jack Watts

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Historically, the goal of American foreign policy has been to further our national interests. To accomplish this, Presidents seek to be respected. If a President is not respected by other nations, then being feared is the second option. Reagan was respected and feared. George W. Bush was not respected, but he was feared. Obama is neither respected or feared, which means our national interests will not be furthered under his watch.

The language of diplomacy is nuance and never “in your face” disrespectful statements. Because President Obama has no background in international politics, he doesn’t understand this game. The game he does understand is street basketball, so that’s how he operates his international diplomacy, much to our chagrin. His foreign policy is, “Don’t do stupid shit.” Literally, this is his foreign policy. Nevertheless, this is what he does repeatedly. Because he is base and crude, lacking the sophistication of a true diplomat, he has made one misstep after the other for six years, with the press giving him a pass because he is our first black President.

The rest of the world is not as forgiving as our Progressive media. Our Nobel-Peace-Prize-winning President is now the laughing stock abroad. When the Russian Foreign Secretary referred to Obama as a “monkey with a grenade,” it’s clear how disrespected President Obama has become. In fifty years, his incompetency will be a text-book example of what to avoid while leading.

Jack Watts

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A second healthcare worker at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas has tested positive for the Ebola virus. Evidently, President Obama’s assurances that it was “highly unlikely” Ebola would break out in the United States was inaccurate—kind of like “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.” Meanwhile, the Reverend Jesse Jackson, President of the Black Grievance Industry, is encouraging Patient Zero’s family to sue because the West African’s death was because he was black, while the missionaries who survived were white.

Perhaps the two healthcare workers should sue Patient Zero’s family and President Obama for putting them at risk needlessly. That is, if the two healthcare workers survive.

Obama, whose name will forever be associated with Ebola, as it should be, doesn’t know what the hell he is doing. His incompetence in dealing with this terrifying disease couldn’t be clearer. He sends the 101st Airborne to West Africa to contain the disease, while simultaneously continuing to allow flights from that region to come to the United States, further exposing Americans. His strategy also puts our troops, who have no training in how to deal with Ebola, at risk. At the same time, Obama is still putting Americans at risk by allowing flights to continue. That few recognize this contradiction amazes me.

Obama’s strategy of leading from behind doesn’t work; nor does his policy of “don’t do stupid shit”—his words, not mine. Unfortunately, that ship has already sailed. Our great Nobel-Peace-Prize-winning-President is the Emperor who is wearing no clothes.

Obama took an oath to protect and defend us, and he isn’t doing it, is he? Although it’s late in the game, he can still do something positive. Name Dr. Ben Carson the Ebola Czar. We need a strong leader with medical knowledge to take charge, and Carson can do it. Of course, that will not happen, will it? But it is an idea that has merit.

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When Barack Obama was first elected, he was championed worldwide as the man destined to lead us into an era of global peace, with the rights of the dispossessed elevated at the expense of the very wealthy. Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for what he was going to do, rather than what he had already accomplished, the Progressives finally had the man of their choosing leading the most powerful nation on earth. The future looked bright for those who believed global peace could be established by wishful thinking.

President Obama’s foreign policy, in his own words, is this: “Don’t do stupid shit.” Unfortunately, that’s all he seems capable of doing—”stupid shit.” Vacillating and indecisive, Obama has backed the wrong horse in the Middle east repeatedly—first in Libya, then in Egypt, and finally favoring Hamas over Israel. Systematically downgrading our military, while threats from Russia, Iran, and ISIS have escalated, his strategy of leading from behind has been a colossal failure. We are in full scale retreat worldwide. American leadership, which has been present since World War II, is no longer predominant or even highly valued. Obama is neither feared nor respected, creating an enormous power vacuum destined to be filled by those intent on our destruction.

While Russian aggression threaten Ukraine and other nations in Eastern Europe, ISIS and Iran threaten the Middle East, and China grows strong, Obama and his inept advisors have focused on global warming. Now, well into the sixth year of his Presidency, not even his stalwart Kool-Aid drinkers can point to one accomplishment worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize. Even worse, as the anniversary of 9/11 looms, we are no better prepared than we were when the Jihadists struck us in Benghazi. The only good news is this: all we have to weather is another two years of his feckless leadership.

Jack Watts

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