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Can you think of anything President Obama could have done for America that would have been more positive than swapping Bergdahl for the Taliban Five? With this one act, he undermined what little was left of our trust for him. With this one colossal miscalculation, he has changed the political tides in favor of conservatives and away from progressives. Not since Willie Horton have conservatives been given such a gift. Think about it:

  1. To begin with, Obama negotiated with terrorists, which the White House denies, but he did it. No President has ever done this before. The precedent Obama has set is a bad one. Even Liberals know this.
  2. He freed the five worst terrorists at Gitmo, while having “Baghdad Bob” Carney assure us these mass murderers wouldn’t pose a threat to Americans in the future. Jay Carney’s lie is a bigger one than those Obama repeated so often about ObamaCare
  3. When Obama had Bergdahl’s parents join him in the Rose Garden, the father, wearing a Muslim beard, opened his remarks in Arabic, quoting from the Koran, which will be replayed in hundreds of ads for years.
  4. On Sunday, Susan Rice went on the talk shows, like she did about Benghazi, telling the American people Sgt. Bergdahl served with “Honor and Distinction,” which was as big a lie as the one about the You Tube video clip. She’s a dutiful liar. Obama counts on her for it. Bergdahl’s commander and fellow soldiers categorically deny he is a hero. Instead, the say he hated America and actually deserted. He was even investigated for deserting, with the results being sealed—no surprise there.
  5. That six honorable soldiers lost their lives searching for this deserter has never been mentioned by the President.
  6. Obama defied his duty and his oath of office by acting unilaterally. The law clearly states that Congress must be notified thirty days before anything like this can happen, but Obama holds Congress in contempt, doesn’t he? Obama has never let the Constitution stand in his way before, why should he about this?
  7. Sheikh Oman, the world’s greatest Jihadist, calls the trade a great victory. He’s right; it is—all at our expense.
  8. When the stories from the soldiers come out about Bergdahl, and they will, this fiasco will not only damage Obama, but it will also damage every vulnerable Democrat this November and in 2016. Hillary Clinton must be apoplectic at Obama’s foolishness.

All of this has been a tremendous gift for those of us who cherish the Rule of Law. As so often happens, pride goes before a fall. Obama has stumbled badly over this, which will undermine his ability to govern from now on—thank the Lord.

Jack Watts


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As I watch Christians across the land

Point critical fingers at the “liberals,”

Criticizing them for all the woes

And terrible consequences America now faces,

While never taking an honest look

At our role in our nation’s deterioration,

Which has been far greater than we care to acknowledge.

We fail to disclose how uncaring we have become,

Never admitting we have embraced a judgmental spirit,

Rather than steadfastly holding to Your desire for us

To remain the loving people You have called us to be.

We have failed by demanding materialism be Your will

And that we be the rightful beneficiaries of Your bounty.

We have fattened our wallets, disregarding Your mandate

To serve the poor and to encourage the less fortunate.

In our self-righteousness, while constantly blaming others,

We have ceased to be the salt of the earth.

Our light, which should shine brightly, has dimmed.

As we embrace indifference, waiting to be Raptured—

To be bailed out of our societal responsibilities by You—

We refuse to accept any sense of accountability.

We have failed and are to blame—nobody but us.

Like those we gleefully criticize, we have become expert

At faulting everybody other than ourselves.

Our character has atrophied; none of us are free from guilt.

We are all responsible, Father, each of us.

Although we refuse to admit the truth,

Preferring to live in denial, eagerly embracing a lie,

We have precipitated our own decline

And have endangered the future of all Americans.

Forgive us, Father, and restore our nation to wholeness.

Jack Watts   Real Prayers for Real People with Real Problems

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