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The Republican Tsunami on Tuesday was possible for one reason: People of faith stood strong and resolute for the values that have traditionally made America great. Obtaining our strength from Almighty God, we dug in and did the work necessary to expose the Democrats deeds of darkness. Because greater is He who is in us than he who is in the world, we created a resounding victory for the Rule of Law and abiding by our Constitution.

But we are not even close to being done. In fact, we are just at the end of the beginning. The pundits are already saying the Democrats are certain to rebound in 2016, and Hillary Clinton may be the ultimate beneficiary of what happened on Tuesday. Once again, they do not understand what is transpiring in America.

The triumph wasn’t a Republican victory as much as it was a repudiation of deceit, corruption, regulatory abuse, and the arrogance of Barack Obama. The American people have had it with candidates who say one thing and do another. Character still counts to millions of us, and that will never change. Because deceitfulness is a fundamental component of Progressivism, we will never support candidates like Obama, Hillary, or their corrupt surrogates.

Among other things, the new Congress should appoint Independent Counsel to step up the investigations into the IRS scandal, Benghazi, Fast & Furious, and all the rest. We will not allow the criminals in the Obama administration to go unpunished. Count on it. My prediction is that Barry is going to be very busy granting pardons. When he does, those who receive them should be compelled to tell the truth under oath, which a pardoned person must do. They cannot take the 5th. If they don’t testify truthfully, they can be prosecuted for perjury. Either way, the truth will finally prevail, and the world will know exactly who Obama is.

Jack Watts

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Kirsten Powers, who is my favorite liberal, said, “The President tends to surround himself with people who suck up to him . . . ” She added, “I think he has a lot of Kool-Aid drinkers who think everything he does is right, and I think he needs to be able to have people there to confront him.”

Surrounding oneself with sycophants is a characteristic of a narcissist. In the three decades I spent working with the superstars of evangelicalism, I witnessed this type of behavior repeatedly. Narcissists crave adulation and cannot handle criticism, so it becomes the unspoken job of the leader’s staff you assuage their master’s ego. In evangelicalism, it led to the scandals of Bakker, Swaggert, and Robertson. In the Obama White House, it has led to the scandals of Benghazi, Fast & Furious, the IRS, the VA, and much more.

Unfortunately, there is no way to deal with a narcissist effectively. All we can do is hope to weather the storm until Obama’s time in office has expired. Narcissists never change, and those who criticize them pay a heavy price for doing so.

Jack Watts

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Eric Holder has been to President Obama what Luca Brasse was to the Godfather, Vito Corleone. Holder was appointed at the pinnacle of Obama’s popularity, when 65 percent approved of the President. From day one, Holder has seen his mission as one of enforcing Obama’s worldview down the throats of the American people. Refusing to call terrorism what it really is, Holder has consistently redefined reality to fit into the Obama viewpoint, which exalts Islam over the Judeo-Christian that has made us a great nation. It’s why Major Hasan Nidal’s attack at Fort Hood was defined as workplace violence instead of what it really was—a Jihadist attack.

Holder, whose loyalty to Obama superseded his oath of office, has also refused to investigate the scandals of his benefactor’s administration. To this day, Fast & Furious, the IRS, Benghazi, and the targeting of journalists have never been legitimately probed, and they probably never will be. Although Obama may be incompetent, Holder certainly isn’t. He has served his master well.

But Holder’s reign of terror is now at an end, and his replacement will not have the same level of power. Because Obama’s popularity hovers at 40 percent, the new Attorney General will be nothing more than a caretaker, as Americans anxiously wait to get rid of the worst President in American history.

Jack Watts

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Once, there was a Superman episode where he pressed a piece of coal so hard for one minute, doing what would take thousands of years, he produced a perfect diamond. This past month has produced that same kind of pressure on President Obama. Seemingly, he is being pressed from many directions, but no jewel is being produced. Instead, what we see is the disintegration of a man, with a fragile ego structure, who is simply not capable of doing his job.

But how can we expect anything different? Like all Progressives, Obama has no moral absolutes. Every decision is based on his perceived best interest and not on firmly established principles. For him, God either does not exist or is irrelevant. Because this is what Obama believes, where does he find his values? Where does he draw his strength? He certainly cannot draw it from God. Obama has to draw it from himself, but he doesn’t have a well defined compass, which differentiates right from wrong. What’s right is what appears to be popular, rendering his decision-making ability weak and indecisive.

Having no irrefutable sense of right and wrong, Obama does whatever seems like it will work at the time. So, embracing Sgt. Bergdahl’s parents during the infamous swap for the Taliban Five seemed like the right thing to do. It would get back a POW, while taking the pressure from the VA scandal off of the White House. For Obama, it seemed like a win-win, but he failed to take into account the millions of Americans who do have moral absolutes. So, his win-win scheme ended up being a lose-lose disaster.

Because Obama is morally bankrupt, he cannot understand those who are not. Misunderstanding the heart of Americans:

  • Obama didn’t realize Americans would balk at him dealing with terrorists—something no President has ever done.
  • Since he is the master of secrecy, de didn’t think we would discover Bergdahl was a deserter.
  • Obama didn’t realize his trading five mass murderers for a deserter would produce moral outrage.
  • Because Obama has never taken his oath of office seriously, he didn’t believe people, especially veterans, would be offended by Bergdahl’s repudiation of his oath of allegiance.
  • Obama didn’t think we would discover Susan Rice’s lies about Bergdahl, but we did—just like we discovered her lies concerning Benghazi.
  • Obama, taking the press for granted, thought he would be championed like a hero—just like he was when Osama bin Laden was assassinated. Instead, even the Leftists in the press have lambasted him for being a weak, feckless leader.

This list could be replicated about the IRS scandal, where deleting Lois Lerner’s incriminating emails by Team Obama is obviously Obstruction of Justice. People should go to prison for this, but Obama, being morally bankrupt, thinks he can get away with it.

Perhaps he can, but he cannot hide the truth about who he really is any longer. It isn’t that the Obama administration has some corruption in it. It’s far worse than that. The corruption is part of Obama’s nature, and he has simply spread his diseased worldview throughout his administration, producing scandals concerning Obamacare, the EPA, the VA, the IRS, Benghazi, Bergdahl, Fast & Furious, and who knows what else.

Those who continue to champion him—those devoid of moral compasses—do so because they have no alternative. Repudiating God by booing Him at their National Convention in 2012, they showed who they really are. They are as morally bankrupt of character as our federal treasury is in debt.

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