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Like so many other things in our society, in an effort to provide clarity about political events, the media has effectively confused things, especially the political commentators. So, in an effort to elucidate, let me explain the meaning behind this year’s mid-term elections.

The American people sent a message to President Obama, Harry Reid and his cronies, and the Democratic Party, stating that we don’t want Progressives running our lives. We don’t want their policies, their deceitfulness, their hyper regulations, or their corruption. We don’t want amnesty for illegals or our borders to be pourious. We want terrorism to be called what it is, and we want terrorists dealt with swiftly. To do this, we want a strong military. As much as anything, we don’t want Islam crammed down our throats, or Obama and his surrogates telling us it’s a religion of peace, when it obviously isn’t. One more thing, we don’t want ObamaCare, which has been forced upon us through deception, manipulation, and outright fraud.

We do want the scandals of the Obama administration investigated, and we want the guilty to be exposed and held accountable. In fact, we will not be satisfied until this happens. If Obama pardons them, which I suspect he has promised to do, then 2016 will be equally as devastating as 2014 was for the Democrats. We are fed up with “Chicago style politics” and demand that integrity be restored to government.

Can this election be seen as a vote of confidence for the Republicans? No, it can’t. What it is is a repudiation of Obama, his destructive policies, and most of all his deceptive way of governing. He’s not a serial liar like Hillary Clinton; he’s a pathological liar who is incapable of seeing reality for what it is. Even worse, his personality disorder will not allow him to change course. Driven by his flawed ideological worldview, he will double down on his goals, which were soundly repudiated on Tuesday. We are forced to endure him for two more years, which we will do, but make no mistake about it, being called racists by fools from the Left will no longer keep us quiet about the most incompetent President in American history. We made our will known on Tuesday, and this is just the beginning. Count on it.

Jack Watts

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Sullivan, the Republican, will win in Alaska, and Landrieu (D) will lose in the Louisiana runoff, which means the new Senate will be 54-46 Republican. Because of the relentless efforts of millions of people like us, we now have a unified Congress to check the un-Constitutional usurpation of power by President Obama. It’s a great day for those of us who respect the Constitution and Rule of Law.

But we’re not done—not even in this election. In VA, Gillespie may still prevail, and in NH, Scott Brown should demand a recount, knowing Jeanne Shaheen was part of the criminal conspiracy of the IRS to stifle legitimate political opposition to Obama in the 2012 Presidential Election.

On Friday, Obama has summoned the new leadership to the White House. If you think he’s going to start working with the Republicans, “You don’t know BO.” We need to be vigilant, knowing that Evil is afoot.

Here are the results by state: http://www.politico.com/2014-election/results/map/senate/#.VFooMSj9Lao

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The problem isn’t whether or not the Republicans will take the Senate and put an end to Sen. Harry Reid’s obstructionism. It’s that the outcome is still in question. That so many elections are uncertain reveals the underlying problem in America. We have lost our way, especially when it comes to discerning truth from deceit, Good from Evil, and right from wrong. We have press conferences with a President who is a pathological liar and continue to take his word at face value—like a codependent wife who defends her philandering alcoholic husband. This is lunacy, but few are willing to admit it.

Just as bad are those of us who recognize the problem but offer virtually no constructive alternatives. The Republicans, who are about to take control of the Senate, are timid and hesitant, fearful of making a mistake. This makes them unable to promote principled policies that will revitalize the economy, strengthen the military, and bring back a sense of pride to being an American.

The current situation has all of the elements of a perfect storm for disaster. Folks, we are in deep trouble. Historically, when we have been shaken like this, strong leaders have emerged to point us in the right direction. This is exactly what we need again. We need real leaders—men and women with a moral compass, who are not afraid to bend their knees to Almighty God and seek His guidance. Without such leadership, the future looks bleak.

Jack Watts

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When President Obama said his policies are on the ballot in this election, he was right. Yet, candidate after candidate in the Democratic party is “distancing themselves” from Obama and his unpopular policies. But what does that mean? Does it mean that candidates like Michelle Nunn, Alison Lundergan Grimes, and Kay Hagen are repudiating Obama’s Progressive ideology? No, it does not. It just means they have chosen to be devious and deceptive about what they really believe to get elected. Once in office, they will vote for the Obama agenda consistently.

In GA, Nunn has repeated shown she has few scruples. President George Herbert Walker Bush has repeated asked her not to use his name and image in her ads, but she has chosen to do so, implying that the former-President endorser her, which he does not. She won’t admit voting for Obama, even when asked straightforwardly. She uses her maiden name because it’s all she has for a resume. Even worse, she isn’t even a Georgian. She has lived in Maryland for decades. If Georgians send her to the Senate, they will live to regret their decision.

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It has become crystal clear President Obama meant what he said about “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” If nothing else, the recent disclosures about his administration prove that. To accomplish his task, he has been responsible for numerous things that are unethical and perhaps illegal. At this point, other than his diehard loyalists,  can anybody take what our President says at face value?

Based on what we now know about the Benghazi coverup, the IRS targeting conservatives, and the wiretapping of the AP, I certainly can’t. Can you?

If not, then where do we go from here. My suggestion is that we go back and question everything, knowing fraud and corruption have been running rampant throughout his tenure as President. Beginning with his first Executive Order, which sealed everything there is to know about the man, we now require full disclosure. Since he has proven himself to be deceitful, can we trust anything he says without verifying it? Obviously not.

Let Congress do its job, perhaps by appointing a Special Prosecutor. Leave no stone unturned. Find out about Fast & Furious, as well as Benghazi, the IRS, the AP wiretapping, and anything else that doesn’t pass the smell test. The House of representatives is eager to discover the truth. The Senate, controlled by Obama’s party, isn’t; but there are twenty Democratic seats up for reelection in 2014. The ones that are from red states, like LA, AK, AR, NC, and WV will have Democratic candidates unwilling to stand by Obama—not and get elected. They will run from him and the taint of anything scandalous. Who can blame them?

Now, more than any other time, the pressure needs to be increased on the President. Remember, as further truth is discovered, the floodgates may open. If that happens, and it should, we will know “the rest of the story.”

—Jack Watts   We Believe

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What forced Richard Nixon to resign was the Watergate tapes, or more accurately, the eighteen minutes that were missing from a conversation the President had with Bob Haldeman, his Chief-of-Staff, three days after the botched burglary.

Here is where the comparison to Obama’s coverup of Benghazi becomes relevant. In the fifty emails released by the administration to Congress, none of them were from the first two days after the attack. What these missing emails contain is so damming it will bring down Obama’s Presidency, just as the missing minutes from Nixon’s tapes brought him down forty years ago. To hide what the missing emails contain, Obama and his surrogates have purposefully leaked information about the abuses of the IRS toward the Tea Party, Christian groups, friends of Israel, and conservative Hispanic groups. Obama did this, knowing his administration would take a terrible hit for doing so.

Why would he do that, knowing it would wound him? Why would he create a huge scandal for himself—one that would substantially undermine his credibility? It’s because what these emails contain would mortally wound his ability to lead. The IRS scandal is bad, but it is a diversion from a worse one.

The House Government Oversight Committee needs to subpoena these missing emails, as well as everyone on the email chain. If they do, we will finally get to the truth about Benghazi. If Obama refuses to release them, which he will, the House should draw up Articles of Impeachment immediately.

Right now, there are not enough votes in the Senate to convict Obama, but that could change, especially with vulnerable seats in VA, AR, AK, CO, LA, IA, MN, MI, WV, MT, NC, and SD up for grabs in 2014. If you were a Democratic candidate in these mostly red states, would you stand behind the Benghazi coverup? Not if you wanted to be reelected, you wouldn’t.

If we can obtain the missing emails, our nation will be saved and order restored.

Jack Watts   My Prayer for America

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