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As I listen to the commentators tell us what this “Wave Election” really means, I’m amazes at how little they know about the American people. So far, very few of them have given even passing mention to repudiating the rampant corruption of the Obama administration as a reason for the Democrats taking such a beating. Why these commentators don’t recognize this is astounding. It’s almost as if they are purposefully obtuse. What they fail to comprehend is this: Character counts.

Because Obama has been successful at telling the American people one thing and doing another, candidates from his party thought they could get away with doing the same thing. What Nunn, Grimes, Hagen, and Orman called “distancing themselves from the President” was an attempt by each to purposefully hoodwink and deceive the American people. The only place it worked was in NH.

Being blatantly deceptive doesn’t work, regardless of how massive a candidate’s TV budget is. There are still too many Americans who adhere to the Judeo-Christian heritage that once made us great. To people of faith, character still counts, which is something valueless Progressive candidates cannot understand; neither can the commentators who joyfully promote their agenda. The massive ad campaigns couldn’t overcome the sleaziness of these Democratic candidates either.

The candidates who won displayed positive character qualities—the values Americans still desire from their leaders. Now that they have been entrusted with power by us, we shall see what they do with it.

Jack Watts

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The Republicans need six seats to replace Harry Reid as leader of the Senate. This is going to happen. The Republicans will win MT, SD, and WV easily. They will retain GA, where Perdue is up by 4% in today’s NBC Poll, and KY, where McConnell is up by 9% today. Retaining KS may be a problem, which means four more states need to flip. Here is my prediction about the four: CO will go Republican. So will AR, AK, IA and LA. That’s all that is needed, but Scott Brown may beat Shaheen in NH, and Kay Hagen is vulnerable in NC, despite her race bating. In all, I believe the final number will be Republicans 53 and the Democrats 47, and it could be 54-46.

I feel certain my predictions are accurate. There is only one thing that can change the outcome—fraud. The Democrats are notorious for this criminal behavior, so everybody must be vigilant, especially since the DOJ under Holder will do nothing to prevent it. To say this election is important is a massive understatement, so get out and vote.


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When President Obama said his policies are on the ballot in this election, he was right. Yet, candidate after candidate in the Democratic party is “distancing themselves” from Obama and his unpopular policies. But what does that mean? Does it mean that candidates like Michelle Nunn, Alison Lundergan Grimes, and Kay Hagen are repudiating Obama’s Progressive ideology? No, it does not. It just means they have chosen to be devious and deceptive about what they really believe to get elected. Once in office, they will vote for the Obama agenda consistently.

In GA, Nunn has repeated shown she has few scruples. President George Herbert Walker Bush has repeated asked her not to use his name and image in her ads, but she has chosen to do so, implying that the former-President endorser her, which he does not. She won’t admit voting for Obama, even when asked straightforwardly. She uses her maiden name because it’s all she has for a resume. Even worse, she isn’t even a Georgian. She has lived in Maryland for decades. If Georgians send her to the Senate, they will live to regret their decision.

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