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If you want to know how to undo the damage President Obama has done to this nation, read this article in its entirety. It has merit. What I have to say has the potential of dismantling every destructive thing Obama has done, including ObamaCare.

On the first day of his first term, Barack Obama showed us where he was the most vulnerable. By sealing every document from his past, with his first Executive Order, he has avoided a great deal of serious scrutiny throughout his Presidency. Although the “Birthers” cried foul, saying Obama’s birth certificate was a layered PDF and not an actual document, they have been successfully mocked and discredited by Team Obama, the liberal media, and Progressives nationwide. Those who challenge this are considered extremists and fools by everybody other than the fringe Right.

It doesn’t matter that the birth certificate that was uploaded to The White House website contains fonts that had not yet been created, kerning of type that possible in the 1060s, and a nation, Kenya, that didn’t exist until several years later. It has been deemed legitimate by everybody of significance, which has made a lie the truth. To complete his masquerade, Barack Obama used another man’s Social Security number, and still does.

When Obama was first challenged about meeting the Constitutional requirement for President, very early in his first term, the claims of the Birthers seemed so ludicrous they were given little credence. Now, six years into his Presidency, when Obama has been caught in a multitude of lies, perpetrating such a fraud no longer seems out of character for him. It’s very easy to believe he would be this brazen, isn’t it?

“But how can this have any relevance or importance, with just two years left in his administration?” you might ask. Obviously, this is the key question that needs to be answered.

Obama’s first Executive Order, sealing his past was and is illegal. It violates the Freedom of Information Act. Americans have a right to know who he is; it’s the law. The new Congress could undo Obama’s First Executive Order, but that’s not going to happen. They are far too concerned about holding onto their power to do anything as bold as annulling it, knowing the media would come after them for being “right-wing extremists.”

But there is another way—the courts. Millions of Americans have been hurt economically by Obama’s policies and regulations. This gives each of them—or a “class action” of them—standing in court for law suits. Their position would be this: Since Obama obtained office fraudulently, his administration’s regulations, which have caused economic suffering, are illegal.

All that is needed is for one court to side with one plaintiff. If that happens, Obama’s past will finally be known, and his fraud will tumble-down like a house of cards.

Think of it this way: If he didn’t have something to hide, he wouldn’t have sealed everything from day one. By hiding his past, he has provided us with a clue about where he is most vulnerable. Now, it’s up to us to attack him at his weakest point, knowing we will be ridiculed mercilessly for doing so.

Once his fraud is exposed to the light, being fruit from the poisoned tree of fraud, everything he has ever done can be undone. This includes ObamaCare and all of his judicial appointments. Even better, the Progressive movement will be dealt a mortal blow. Just like the fallout from Watergate, many things will change. Those who have perpetrated this fraud could end up in prison but, whether they do or not, our Constitution will survive Team Obama’s assault.

Jack Watts

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Once, there was a Superman episode where he pressed a piece of coal so hard for one minute, doing what would take thousands of years, he produced a perfect diamond. This past month has produced that same kind of pressure on President Obama. Seemingly, he is being pressed from many directions, but no jewel is being produced. Instead, what we see is the disintegration of a man, with a fragile ego structure, who is simply not capable of doing his job.

But how can we expect anything different? Like all Progressives, Obama has no moral absolutes. Every decision is based on his perceived best interest and not on firmly established principles. For him, God either does not exist or is irrelevant. Because this is what Obama believes, where does he find his values? Where does he draw his strength? He certainly cannot draw it from God. Obama has to draw it from himself, but he doesn’t have a well defined compass, which differentiates right from wrong. What’s right is what appears to be popular, rendering his decision-making ability weak and indecisive.

Having no irrefutable sense of right and wrong, Obama does whatever seems like it will work at the time. So, embracing Sgt. Bergdahl’s parents during the infamous swap for the Taliban Five seemed like the right thing to do. It would get back a POW, while taking the pressure from the VA scandal off of the White House. For Obama, it seemed like a win-win, but he failed to take into account the millions of Americans who do have moral absolutes. So, his win-win scheme ended up being a lose-lose disaster.

Because Obama is morally bankrupt, he cannot understand those who are not. Misunderstanding the heart of Americans:

  • Obama didn’t realize Americans would balk at him dealing with terrorists—something no President has ever done.
  • Since he is the master of secrecy, de didn’t think we would discover Bergdahl was a deserter.
  • Obama didn’t realize his trading five mass murderers for a deserter would produce moral outrage.
  • Because Obama has never taken his oath of office seriously, he didn’t believe people, especially veterans, would be offended by Bergdahl’s repudiation of his oath of allegiance.
  • Obama didn’t think we would discover Susan Rice’s lies about Bergdahl, but we did—just like we discovered her lies concerning Benghazi.
  • Obama, taking the press for granted, thought he would be championed like a hero—just like he was when Osama bin Laden was assassinated. Instead, even the Leftists in the press have lambasted him for being a weak, feckless leader.

This list could be replicated about the IRS scandal, where deleting Lois Lerner’s incriminating emails by Team Obama is obviously Obstruction of Justice. People should go to prison for this, but Obama, being morally bankrupt, thinks he can get away with it.

Perhaps he can, but he cannot hide the truth about who he really is any longer. It isn’t that the Obama administration has some corruption in it. It’s far worse than that. The corruption is part of Obama’s nature, and he has simply spread his diseased worldview throughout his administration, producing scandals concerning Obamacare, the EPA, the VA, the IRS, Benghazi, Bergdahl, Fast & Furious, and who knows what else.

Those who continue to champion him—those devoid of moral compasses—do so because they have no alternative. Repudiating God by booing Him at their National Convention in 2012, they showed who they really are. They are as morally bankrupt of character as our federal treasury is in debt.

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The evidence has been revealed by The Daily Beast. There can be no doubt Sgt. Bergdahl, deserted. In letters sent to his family, Sgt. Bergdahl wrote:

“Leadership was lacking, if not non-existent. The conditions were bad and looked to be getting worse for the men that where actuly (sic) the ones risking thier (sic) lives from attack.”

“If this letter makes it to the U.S.A., tell those involved in the investigation that there are more sides to the cittuwation (sic),” he adds. “Please tell D.C. to wait for all evadince (sic) to come in.”

So, the truth comes out. Each of Team Obama’s efforts to make Bergdahl a hero, while making his fellow soldiers villains, have been lies. The administration’s deceitfulness shouldn’t surprise anyone. Our Nobel Peace Prize winner has made another bad deal. Now, they are justifying the exchange, saying it shouldn’t jeopardize Americans. Bt what about the Afghanis we have been fighting for? Don’t they count? Or, are tike the Mexicans who paid for Fast & Furious with their lives? Those we leave behind in Afghanistan to experience the wrath of the freed Taliban Five will pay the price for Obama’s decision to deal with terrorists.

Obama’s two-fold purpose was to look like a hero, reversing the bad news he was receiving from the VA Scandal, while also pleasing the Far Left by releasing Gitmo prisoners. What he didn’t count on was the uproar over springing a deserter and dealing with terrorists. If he had done his homework, which he never does, he probably would not have made this terrible decision.

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When the pressure to be forthcoming about events in Benghazi became so intense for the White House, to deflect, Lois Lerner came forward with her scripted apology about the IRS targeting conservative Americans. What Obama and “Team Obama” didn’t count on was that the IRS scandal would become as serious as the Benghazi scandal.

Nevertheless, the truth behind what really happened in Benghazi must be so damning that disclosing what the IRS was doing became acceptable collateral damage.

The same strategy is being implemented now. What has happened in the Veterans Administration is so scandalous that Obama needed the pressure alleviated. So, he swapped Sgt. Bergdahl for the Taliban Five, knowing it would cause an uproar, but he had no choice. Discovery of what has been happening to our veterans would be far worse. Bergdahl has bought him some time.

This is the problem with having a Narcissist for President. It isn’t that Obama refuses to admit he has been wrong about Benghazi or the VA; he can’t. He doesn’t believe he is wrong about anything. Narcissists never do, but in their efforts to cover their tracks, they make colossal blunders in judgment. This is what Obama has done with Bergdahl. What is surprising is that Obama thought he could get away with it.

Because he has been able to control most of the media, he assumed there would be no serious scrutiny of his actions. This is where he made a mistake, as discovery about who Bergdahl really is, is coming to light much more quickly than Obama anticipated. Unfortunately for the President, no one in Team Obama was willing to address the potential downside, which isn’t surprising. Sycophants are constitutionally incapable of confronting narcissists like Obama, choosing instead to tell their boss what a wise strategy it would be to divert from the VA by swapping a deserter for five mass murderers—a message our Narcissist-in-Chief was eager to hear.

Jack Watts


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