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The evidence has been revealed by The Daily Beast. There can be no doubt Sgt. Bergdahl, deserted. In letters sent to his family, Sgt. Bergdahl wrote:

“Leadership was lacking, if not non-existent. The conditions were bad and looked to be getting worse for the men that where actuly (sic) the ones risking thier (sic) lives from attack.”

“If this letter makes it to the U.S.A., tell those involved in the investigation that there are more sides to the cittuwation (sic),” he adds. “Please tell D.C. to wait for all evadince (sic) to come in.”

So, the truth comes out. Each of Team Obama’s efforts to make Bergdahl a hero, while making his fellow soldiers villains, have been lies. The administration’s deceitfulness shouldn’t surprise anyone. Our Nobel Peace Prize winner has made another bad deal. Now, they are justifying the exchange, saying it shouldn’t jeopardize Americans. Bt what about the Afghanis we have been fighting for? Don’t they count? Or, are tike the Mexicans who paid for Fast & Furious with their lives? Those we leave behind in Afghanistan to experience the wrath of the freed Taliban Five will pay the price for Obama’s decision to deal with terrorists.

Obama’s two-fold purpose was to look like a hero, reversing the bad news he was receiving from the VA Scandal, while also pleasing the Far Left by releasing Gitmo prisoners. What he didn’t count on was the uproar over springing a deserter and dealing with terrorists. If he had done his homework, which he never does, he probably would not have made this terrible decision.

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