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When the pressure to be forthcoming about events in Benghazi became so intense for the White House, to deflect, Lois Lerner came forward with her scripted apology about the IRS targeting conservative Americans. What Obama and “Team Obama” didn’t count on was that the IRS scandal would become as serious as the Benghazi scandal.

Nevertheless, the truth behind what really happened in Benghazi must be so damning that disclosing what the IRS was doing became acceptable collateral damage.

The same strategy is being implemented now. What has happened in the Veterans Administration is so scandalous that Obama needed the pressure alleviated. So, he swapped Sgt. Bergdahl for the Taliban Five, knowing it would cause an uproar, but he had no choice. Discovery of what has been happening to our veterans would be far worse. Bergdahl has bought him some time.

This is the problem with having a Narcissist for President. It isn’t that Obama refuses to admit he has been wrong about Benghazi or the VA; he can’t. He doesn’t believe he is wrong about anything. Narcissists never do, but in their efforts to cover their tracks, they make colossal blunders in judgment. This is what Obama has done with Bergdahl. What is surprising is that Obama thought he could get away with it.

Because he has been able to control most of the media, he assumed there would be no serious scrutiny of his actions. This is where he made a mistake, as discovery about who Bergdahl really is, is coming to light much more quickly than Obama anticipated. Unfortunately for the President, no one in Team Obama was willing to address the potential downside, which isn’t surprising. Sycophants are constitutionally incapable of confronting narcissists like Obama, choosing instead to tell their boss what a wise strategy it would be to divert from the VA by swapping a deserter for five mass murderers—a message our Narcissist-in-Chief was eager to hear.

Jack Watts


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Why was the deal cut to return Sgt. Bergdahl the way it happened? Here’s a hint: whenever Barack Obama does something to look good, it’s always to deflect from something that really makes him look bad.

With the VA scandal dominating the news—even in the liberal outlets—Obama needed something to counteract the negativity—something that would make it look like he is fully engaged with our brave soldiers, doing everything he can to take care of them. That it happened the day after Secretary Shinseki resigned in disgrace, over the mismanagement of the VA, is the reason why the exchange was made so quickly.

Because bringing back Bergdahl would change the story line from negative to positive, at least for a day or two, Obama jumped at the opportunity. That it meant the United States would agree to negotiate with terrorists, which no administration has ever done before, was immaterial—not when compared with the boost Obama would receive in his popularity by obtaining Bergdahl’s freedom.

Before any exchange like this can be made, by law, the President is required to notify Congress thirty days in advance, but abiding by the law of the land has never been a deterrent to Barack Obama, has it? When it comes to fulfilling his oath of office to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution, Obama’s word is about as good as a Kardashian saying, “I do.”

Even better, when Constitutionalists complained about the illegality of what transpired, it would make them look mean-spirited and heartless, again making Obama look good by comparison. For Obama, there was no downside to making the deal.

But there is definitely a downside. Obama’s poor decision will embolden our enemies and make travel abroad more dangerous for Americans—at least as long as Obama is in office. His shortsightedness will end up costing lives, just as surely as his Fast & Furious scheme did early in his first administration. We will hear from these five hardened terrorists again, now that they are free to wage war against the Great Satan—the United States of America. When they do, I suspect that Sgt. Bergdahl—now sporting a proper Muslim beard—will be smiling.

Jack Watts

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