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I like that President Obama makes his selections for the NCAA BAsketball Tournament each year. Like many, I make my selections as well, betting a lunch with my brother. Obama is picking Michigan State this year. I’m picking Florida. Picking the winners and losers is fun for millions of guys, and many women too. It’s a place where political differences cease to be important, which we all need.

Nevertheless, that our Commander-in-Chief has time to do this, but does not have time to attend his daily National Security Briefings is troubling. He is so busy he has skipped half of his briefings throughout his Presidency, including times of national crisis like the days before and after the attack on Benghazi, the Syrian crisis over the use of chemical weapons, and the current crisis in Ukraine.

Even worse, as our political influence in the world declines under his watch, he has surrounded himself with incompetent sycophants for advisers, while routinely snubbing our primary allies—the United Kingdom and Israel.

That he spends his time on the NCAA Brackets and not on American interests abroad is unacceptable. How anyone would think differently is beyond my comprehension.

Jack Watts

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Because it is not in the national interest of either Russia or the United States to have the Syrian Civil War become a regional or global conflict, the current crisis will likely diminish rather than escalate. That’s good news, but the bottom line is Russia’s influence in the Middle East will increase at the expense of the United States. That’s not good news.

Regrettably, Russian Premier Vladimir Putin has outplayed President Barack Obama at every turn, making our community organizer look foolish in the process, which has been part of Putin’s purpose. It isn’t just that Putin dislikes Obama; Putin loathes everything about the man. For Putin, I believe Cold War thinking has become personal. Let me give you one good example why.

When Obama went to the G-20 meetings in Russia, he made certain to find time to meet with gay rights activists in Russia. By doing this, Putin was offended. He considered it to be a slap in the face, especially after also being lectured about the subject by Obama, concerning gay participation in next year’s Winter Olympics. Obama, playing to the strong gay lobby in America, chose to offend the Russian Premier, as well as the 150 million adherents of Russian Orthodoxy. Obama did the same thing on his African trip, but there was a difference. None of the African leaders, who were also offended, have the power to make Obama’s life unpleasant. Putin certainly does.

To help you understand the enormity of Obama’s offense, let me give three hypothetical comparisons:

  • What if Putin came to the United States and met with pro-life groups, telling them that Planned Parenthood murders babies, and it must not be tolerated? How offensive would that be to millions of Americans?
  • An avid sportsman, what if Putin met with the NRA and said Americans need to protect their 2nd Amendment rights at all costs? Would millions consider his interference in our domestic affairs to be inappropriate?
  • What if Putin held a press conference in San Francisco and said homosexuality is perversion, which is the position of Russian Orthodoxy, adding that all Americans should be appalled by legalizing sodomy? How would that sit with San Franciscans?

I think the answer is obvious, regardless of one’s position. Putin’s interference in our domestic politics would be considered unacceptable and offensive by all. Yet, that’s exactly what Obama has done in Russia. By doing so, he has offended millions of Russians, which the politically astute Putin keenly recognizes.

Countering Obama, by making him look weak, inept, and vacilating, Putin has enhanced his prestige at home considerably. Best of all, it’s all been at the expense of Obama. The disdain for our President is so great, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said, the U.S. is like “a monkey with a hand grenade” in the Mideast. Normally, international politics is far more civil, especially in times of crisis, but not where Obama is concerned. Making him look foolish is part of Russia’s purpose. Was Rogozin’s comment racist? Of course, it was, but it shows the level of antipathy the Russians have for Obama, which does not bode well the United States for the rest of Obama’s administration.

Jack Watts

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