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I am grateful for Barack Obama; I really am. We were destined to have a Progressive for President. Al Gore nearly pulled it off in 2000. Even if Obama had lost, there would have been another Progressive who would have eventually won. Because of who Obama is and what he has done, I couldn’t be happier that he has been the Progressive who has led us from the Oval Office.


Think of it this way:

  • What if Obama had been competent, which he certainly isn’t? Just think of how much worse off we would be.
  • What if Obama had integrity? Despite his failed policies, people would continue to believe in him, which only the militants now do.
  • What if Obama had been transparent? If he had been open and honest about his mistakes, people would have forgiven him, but he hasn’t been, has he? From his first Executive Order, the day after his first inauguration, a shroud of secrecy has protected his administration from divulging the truth about who he is and what he has done.
  • What if Obama respected and honored the Rule of Law? Much of what he has done would be the law of the land for decades, but that’s not going to happen. Instead, one initiative after the other will be struck down, and Obama’s legacy will make Jimmy Carter’s failures pale in comparison.
  • What if he had been pro business? If he had strengthened our economy, rather than done everything in his power to regulate us into decline, all else would have been forgiven. But he hasn’t done that either, has he?
  • What if he behaved like the Christian he says he is? People of faith would have rallied around him, just as they have George W. Bush, despite W having made some colossal blunders. But Obama hasn’t done this either. Instead, he has chosen to do everything in his power, which is considerable, to undermine Christianity in America.
  • What if Obama supported a strong military and had enhanced our position in the world, rather than tarnished it badly. As a Nobel Peace Prize recipient, he had everything going for him, but now he is the laughing stock of the world. Can you name even one foreign leader who either respects or fears him?
  • What if his administration had not been overwhelmed by scandals? Without Fast & Furious, Benghazi, the IRS, NSA, EPA, and VA scandals—all pointing to an administration that is manipulative, lawless and corrupt—Obama might be remembered as a tragic hero. But he isn’t a tragic hero, is he? No, he’s just another corrupt politician from Chicago with criminal inclinations.

Once Obama is gone, the truth about all that he has done will come out—all of it. Count on it. When it does, the liberal media will look like the foolish sycophants they have been, rather than the fourth branch of government, ever watchful for the interests of the people. Even worse, Obama’s name will become synonymous with corruption—like Benedict Arnold’s is with treason. Once it does, and it won’t take long, it will be a long time before another Progressive puts his feet on the Commander-in-Chief’s desk in the Oval Office. All of this is why I am grateful for President Barack Hussein Obama.

Jack Watts

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This is more poignant today than when I originally posted it a year-and-a-half ago:

I voted for Richard M. Nixon. There, I’ve admitted it. Other than Aaron Burr, Nixon has been the worst criminal in American politics, until now.

In 1972, most people voted for Nixon. He won in a landslide, a genuine one. Nixon seemed like a much better candidate than George McGovern, who even lost his home state of Minnesota. Massachusetts was the only state McGovern carried. As I saw things, as a very young man, things were looking up. The Vietnam War was winding down, and the nation appeared to be getting back on track.

There was that pesky Watergate distraction, disrupting my tranquility, but that was nothing more than a trivial story. I was certain of it. Then, it began to gain traction, increased momentum, and finally a life of its own.

In its beginning stages, I tried not to pay much attention. The story was so negative, and I wanted to dwell on the positive—Nixon’s overwhelming mandate from the people. Because he won so handily, it seemed far-fetched for him—or for any of his surrogates—to engage in something as ridiculous as a bungled burglary at the Democratic headquarters at the Watergate. Everybody knew Nixon was going to win, which made it seem preposterous for his people to do something that foolish or risky. Besides, it was illegal, and the President would never be involved in anything that was criminal. What President would?

That was exactly the way I thought—just like millions of others. When the cover-up was exposed and Nixon was forced to resign in disgrace, I had to face reality, which was very difficult. I realized I had been on the wrong side. I had been for Executive Privilege and not for full disclosure. I had been for keeping things quiet, covering them up, and moving forward. Others called for the light to shine in the darkness, but not me. I was wrong—dead wrong.

It was a difficult time for me, requiring extensive, gut-wrenching introspection. From that experience, however, I became a different person. I promised myself to never champion the darkness again, regardless of what it might cost.

I also concluded several things about Nixon. I realized his narcissism wouldn’t allow him to just win. He needed to do more than that. He needed to subjugate and destroy his political opposition; just beating them wasn’t enough. Knowing what his opponents were doing became an obsession with Nixon—just like it has with our current President.

Now, forty years later, we have the same situation with President Barack Hussein Obama—the exact same situation. Like Nixon, Obama has a “we-they” mentality. Those who are not with him are his enemies, and destroying one’s enemies is what narcissists like Nixon and Obama do.

The concept of “loyal opposition” doesn’t exist for a narcissist. Opposition, by nature, means disloyalty. Because their way is the right way, lying to achieve victory is normal and praiseworthy. Neither would consider there was anything wrong with such an outlook. It’s why both of them seem so believable, even though Nixon wasn’t at the time and Obama isn’t now.

Being mistrustful, both were afraid power would be taken from them. In Obama’s case, he feared that if the truth came out about the Benghazi attack, he would lose the election. That’s why he engaged in a massive cover-up that has been ongoing. Just as Nixon did in Watergate, Obama has consistently stonewalled, refusing to disclose anything voluntarily. He never will. It’s not in his nature to do so.

Being somewhat paranoid, narcissists never reveal who they really are. To them, being candid and forthright would put them at a disadvantage to their opponents, and that’s something no narcissist would ever do voluntarily.

When you think of events from the perspective of a narcissist, their behavior makes sense. For Nixon, the Watergate break-in and cover-up was necessary. In the same way, for Obama, the bugging of the Associated Press’s lines, the complicity of the IRS to destroy his Tea Party opposition, and the Benghazi cover-up to ensure his reelection were all reasonable things to do. All of it makes sense from a narcissistic worldview. If you are not one, however, as most people aren’t, it doesn’t seem logical. Finally, because maintaining power is a consuming passion, Obama will hold on to power until the bitter end, just like Nixon did.

As Obama’s house of cards continues to collapse, millions of his followers will become disillusioned—just as I was when Nixon resigned in disgrace. Helping these unfortunates through the process of disenchantment to emotional health is something good men and women need to do. Ridiculing them for having been fooled is something that will not be helpful. They will just become embittered like I was forty years ago.

Jack Watts

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