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I like that President Obama makes his selections for the NCAA BAsketball Tournament each year. Like many, I make my selections as well, betting a lunch with my brother. Obama is picking Michigan State this year. I’m picking Florida. Picking the winners and losers is fun for millions of guys, and many women too. It’s a place where political differences cease to be important, which we all need.

Nevertheless, that our Commander-in-Chief has time to do this, but does not have time to attend his daily National Security Briefings is troubling. He is so busy he has skipped half of his briefings throughout his Presidency, including times of national crisis like the days before and after the attack on Benghazi, the Syrian crisis over the use of chemical weapons, and the current crisis in Ukraine.

Even worse, as our political influence in the world declines under his watch, he has surrounded himself with incompetent sycophants for advisers, while routinely snubbing our primary allies—the United Kingdom and Israel.

That he spends his time on the NCAA Brackets and not on American interests abroad is unacceptable. How anyone would think differently is beyond my comprehension.

Jack Watts

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