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Tomorrow is the anniversary of 9/11, which makes it a special day on the calendar for ISIS and other Jihadists. For them, it’s their 4th of July, signifying their victory over Satan—the United States of America. This means we must be particularly vigilant, which we have not been.

Because President Obama and Attorney General Holder have been unwilling to face the reality of the Islamic threat from day one, we are more vulnerable than we have ever been to this insidious, encroaching Evil. By Calling Nidal Hasan’s attack at Fort Hood “workplace violence,” when it was obviously a terrorist attack, Obama and Holder sent a message that their ideological beliefs would trump what was actually happening, and neither has been willing to deviate from their flawed thinking since then.

Now, we are paying the price for their foolishness. None of us are safer than we were before they took charge, and anybody who believes they are, is living in a Fool’s Paradise, sustained by a plentiful supply of Kool-Aid.

Jack Watts

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