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In preparation for her 2016 Presidential bid, Hillary Clinton is purportedly coming out of the closet to admit she is bi-sexual—and has been for decades. By doing this, the Left will champion her for being so brave, castigating criticism as being cruel, ignorant, and homophobic. I can already see it coming. Others will say, “Who cares?” or, “What difference does it make?”

These are some good questions, but I also have some of my own:

  1. For decades, she has presented herself to be one person, while actually being someone completely different. Can someone like this be trusted?
  2. She stood in front of the cameras, while also buying air time on Pakistani TV at our expense, and said Benghazi was caused by a “reprehensible” video “we hand absolutely nothing” to do with. She lied to us. Everybody knows that now. Can we believe her about anything she says?
  3. If the citizens of Arkansas knew about Bill and Hillary’s special arrangement decades ago, do you think they would have elected Bill to be their governor? Their deceit, which spans decades, indicates just how devious and deceptive they are.
  4. If Americans knew about this arrangement in 1992, do you think we would have elected Bill Clinton President?
  5. When the Lewinsky Scandal nearly resulted in Bill being forced from office, why didn’t she come forward then? Wouldn’t that have been far more honorable? Wouldn’t telling the truth back then have made it easier for us to accept her husband’s little problem? But she didn’t come forward, did she? Instead, she played the wounded martyr instead. Could you ever respect someone like that?
  6. Now, when she sees a political advantage to being forthright, she comes out of the closet. I don’t see anything honorable or noble in any of this. Do you?
  7. We will be told it is un-Christian to judge her, which is nonsense. She has deceived and manipulated the American people throughout her career, and anyone with a brain will be able to discern the truth about what’s happening here. Can you believe anything she says?
  8. Finally, I wouldn’t put it past her to use this as a way to avoid taking responsibility for what really happened in Benghazi. Have you considered that?

Haven’t we suffered enough? Isn’t it about time we has leadership that was fundamentally honest? Aren’t you tired of being called names, simply because you have common sense?

Finally, isn’t it time for America to wake up and put an end to being ruled by deviants?

Jack Watts

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